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    This industry-leading solution enables you to custom-tailor your merchandise, even by size, based on the way customers are actually shopping your stores. Even your toughest merchandise planning challenges, such as new stores and promoted items — can be conquered with JDA Allocation.

    Looklet provides retailers with an efficient in-house studio and creative styling tools to produce high quality dynamic fashion images.

    Trailblazer is a web based Repair shop tracking and management tool with intuitive workflow, stock management, automated messaging, and other great features that make running your repair shop a real breeze.

    3DVIA provides enterprises and consumers, smart 3D space planning solutions that enable new ways to engage, consider, and make the best choice.

    Understand who your customers are by offering one-click guest WiFi access via social media accounts. Conduct targeted digital advertising for select customer groups. Use rule-based marketing platform for real-time personalized communication.

    Antique Mall Accounting System is a consignment inventory software for independent dealers or consignors and the weekly or monthly distribution of sales revenue less commissions, rent, credit fees and sales taxes.

    OpenRMA is a computer and any Repair Shop Repair Tracking for Computer, Mobile Phones Technicians and Repair Centers. Mobile repair, laptop repair computer repair tracking.

    Capitalize on opportunities for growth in the grocery retail sector by expanding private label, optimizing inventory, creating innovative formats, increasing gross margins, and driving customer engagement.

    Repair Pilot is a customizable designed to track repair orders, manage customers and jobs, print labels, upload images and signatures.

    Sellpoints is an e-commerce optimization platform that enables brands and retailers to engage consumers with targeted shopping experiences that help them make their desired purchase decision. Sellpoints enables brands to share their product stories on retail websites through interactive content experiences that engage, inform, and inspire shoppers. In addition, Sellpoints provides robust data and insights to help our clients make informed business decisions on how to optimize their product pages

    ServiceDock offer customer service via messaging apps, social and web chat in one easy-to-use dashboard.

    Simple, easy to use Collaboration and Marketing Planning Software for Retailers, Manufacturers and Marketing Agencies

    Retail solution that supports item level inventory tracking for petroleum convenience stores.

    TXT Retail is a leading provider of end-to-end Merchandise Lifecycle Management solutions for luxury, fashion and specialty retail sectors.

    Alkemics is an intelligent platform that connects brands and retailers to help them market and sell their products everywhere.

    AspenCX helps retailers transform their post-purchase customer service quality, while delivering responsive, convenient and high efficiency service to their customers. AspenCX packs within itself an end-to-end post purchase solution and features powerful shipment visibility, returns & exchange management system that can plug into your online and offline store, harmonizing the shopper experience across all retail touch-points. Contact us to try AspenCX today.

    Auror is a retail crime intelligence platform that helps report, solve and prevent crime in stores.

    Automated retail solutions deliver self-service machines with on-demand access to popular products—throughout your store and other high-traffic areas. The Internet of Things (IoT) makes it all possible—simply and securely.

    Bar & Club Stats ID Scanner is a smartphone, iPod or iPad ID scanner app for bars, restaurants, clubs, dispensaries, vape shops, casinos, etc.

    Beaconic enables the use of iBeacon technology for any business located in Europe or the United States.

    Big Store Inventory Software is inventory software that designed specially to meet the requirements of small and medium sized enterprises (SME), such as computer stores, departmental store, general store, bookstore, boutique, shoe store, antique store, grocery store, retail stores, online shopping malls or home business etc.

    BloomyPro visualizes and integrate the creation and sales of bouquets up to managing eCommerce or shop displays for the floral industry.

    Bravo Pawn Systems is a POS software that offers an affordable option while providing innovative software, integrated eCommerce, powerful mobile applications, and out of this world customer support.

    Breinify is a time-driven AI engine to drive sales.

    CASA is an intelligent retail marketing and CRM software with a host of features that will help you acquire more customers and engage in a more personalized manner for delightful customer experience.

    The Most Comprehensive Cell Phone Repair Shop Management Software Available!

    Cinch, the neighborhood app, creates a network of local neighborhood businesses that tailor customized offers to local consumers according to their wants and needs. Cinch is a smart payment platform that promotes long-term sustainability, and enables communities to move forward and grow.

    The Collaborative Channel Commerce (C3) Software-as-a-Service solution mitigates channel conflict, guarantee complete brand control, and enhance the relationship between manufacturers, distributors, retailers, sales associates and the end user.

    ConsumerLink Pro® is a comprehensive, turnkey solution that enables your dealership to sell OE parts to online shoppers.

    Cosmetri is a simple to use, affordable and secure web-based software for businesses who design and develop their own cosmetic and personal care products.

    CrossCap Store Profile and P.O.P Management Software gives marketers the ability to efficiently manage all in-store marketing projects and optimize the distribution of their visual elements, ensuring the right signs get to the right stores in the most cost-effective manner. The software allows store profiles & groupings based on configurable attributes such as format type, fixtures, climate, and demographic All features are now available on a mobile app.

    Digital Midmarket Platform aggregates and analyzes data from your retail, energy, security and fire systems and presents it in an easy-to-understand and easy-to-action interface. Your building – and non-building – systems are generating data from equipment and systems, enabling new insights and informed decision making. With the right platform to collect, process and display the data in an actionable way across your entire portfolio of buildings, you can make data-driven decisions to enhance you

    Bring more qualified shoppers to your dispensary and dominate your local market with the best marketing tools and expertise.

    DISTRIBUTE is a software platform dsigned to connect wholesalers with retailers, allowing for easy discovery and purchase of wholesale products.

    DTT provides a comprehensive set of loss prevention and surveillance tools to maximize operational efficiencies throughout your stores. Save time and improve profits with a 24/7 set of virtual eyes and ears that capture irrefutable evidence, accessible anytime on our cloud-based portal.

    Envoy B2B is a wholesale content and eCommerce platform for your entire team. Our tools and services are designed to help you create dynamic content, increase your speed of sale, and bring you closer to your retailers. Envoy B2B provides the technology you need to empower your team and support your retail channel.

    Essence Manager is a specific ERP software for chemical industries (Flavor and Fragrance, Cosmetic, Health Care) for dealing with their stock and helping them with the plan. Generation Cost Calculation, unit change, and IFRA coordinating are incorporated.

    Floori uses a special device called a Structure 3D sensor, which has possibilities to transform your iPad or iPhone's functionality

    FluentCRM is a comprehensive, web-based Loyalty CRM application for the Retail segment.

    Fusio by S4M provides a holistic view of campaign data from impression to conversion.

    Plug and play white label wifi marketing. No technical knowledge required.

    Hisably offers an immediate, complete set of controls for managing a convenience store's bookkeeping. Instead of taking notes in a ledger and then comparing them at the end of the month (or sending them off to an accountant) is possible to get important information about the store instantly.

    i.LEVEL is a fashion software solutions covering wholesale, concessions, Epos, and much more.

    inMarket is a beacon media platform enabling brands to connect with consumers via mobile at the right time and right place.

    intelloBuy is a software that estimates bulk fabric requirement on the basis of real time markers, which helps factories to get real time money saving.

    IRI Audiences provides data assets at scale, including anonymized data from 500+ million national shopper loyalty cards from multiple leading retailers to help marketers to improve targeting and activation.

    JDA Category Knowledge Base, a powerful relational data repository, puts all your critical information at your fingertips. Your team can easily transform numerical data into actionable plans that drive revenue growth. An added benefit of JDA Category Knowledge Base is that it enables collaboration, internally among departments and between you and your trading partners

    To emerge as a leader, you need to provide your retail partners with revenue growth. Today, that means understanding and meeting consumer needs at the local level. While you have a wealth of data abou t regional shopper preferences, you need to translate that data into actionable merchandising plans and profitable assortments. Your secret weapon? JDA Channel Clustering. This hardworking solution helps you segment stores and develop micro-level merchandising strategies that fuel sales and add ret

    Only the best suppliers are chosen by their retail partners for aisle management — which means you need to produce accurate plans that drive revenue growth. You need the right tool for the job: JDA Floor Planning. This innovative solution matches diverse retail layouts with insights about local demographics and consumer preferences to create winning aisle-management plans. Supported by 3D models and an intuitive user interface, JDA Floor Planning is the industry’s leading aisle-management soluti

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