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Check out our list of free Push Notification Software. Products featured on this list are the ones that offer a free trial version. As with most free versions, there are limitations, typically time or features.

If you'd like to see more products and to evaluate additional feature options, compare all Push Notification Software to ensure you get the right product.

Top 10 Free Push Notification Software in 2021

  • OneSignal
  • MoEngage
  • CleverTap
  • iZooto
  • Omnisend
  • Truepush
  • SALESmanago
  • PushEngage
  • eSputnik
  • Vizury Engage360

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(122)4.7 out of 5
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OneSignal is the market-leading customer messaging and engagement solution, offering mobile and web push notifications, in-app messaging, SMS, and email. Our powerful multi-channel platform enables one million businesses to deliver over 8 billion messages daily. Powered by superior architecture, OneSignal is designed to scale with your business and deliver messages more quickly and reliably than the competition. By providing an open API, extensive documentation, free accounts, and intuitive pe

The only way we have to achieve success in sales is OneSignal, we are a small company and day by day we are growing much more with the positive... Read review
Angela Alessandria O.
OneSignal is a reliable and easy-to-use product on any platform as it has a familiar and very intuitive interface. It is the best system that we... Read review
(111)4.4 out of 5
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MoEngage is an intelligent customer engagement platform for the customer-obsessed marketer. We help you delight your customers and retain them for longer. With MoEngage you can analyze customer behavior and engage them with personalized communication across the web, mobile, and email. MoEngage is a full-stack solution consisting of powerful customer analytics, AI-powered customer journey orchestration, and personalization - in one dashboard From Fortune 500 enterprises such as Deutsche Telekom

Febriyana .
Love how easy Moengage do targeting and personalize our costumer. The dashboard also quite help marketers doing marketing automation seamlessly. We... Read review
MoEngage has given us a great platform to automating campaigns and enabling superior customer engagement. We were never able to do this as... Read review
(156)4.5 out of 5
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CleverTap is an extremely powerful, comprehensive, user-friendly solution used by top mobile brands to build valuable, long-term relationships with their users. CleverTap provides two things: access to real-time behavioral analytics, so our customers can better understand who their users are; and a platform with which they can engage users on the right channels, at the right time, and with a message that resonates. With CleverTap, you can - Build an omnichannel customer experience that supports

Isabella M.
Clever tap helps you track your customer value towards your application. It is very cheaper in price. Easy to understand and use. It provides you... Read review
Jason F.
CleverTap is an amazing authoritative, incorporated, and wide-ranging tool that provides actual performance analytics and user involvement, that... Read review
(94)4.5 out of 5

iZooto is an owned audience marketing solution that leverages push notification as a channel to help publishers build, own, and engage their audience. iZooto enables publishers to take charge of their audience and reduce their dependence on Google and Facebook. Publishers engage their audience with personalized and automated notifications to build repeat traffic and earn more from their current display ads. Publishers can also push ads to their audience using notifications and generate increment

Pretty easy to use. I like the ability to schedule and to create audiences based on custom events. I like that you can create recurring automated... Read review
pushing web notifications wasn't such easy b4 izooto. its kinda plug and play... and wait for magic to happen Read review
(564)4.6 out of 5
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Entry Level Price:0 USD/ Mo

Join fellow ecommerce businesses who choose Omnisend’s email & SMS marketing to increase their sales, not the workload. Full integration with ecommerce platforms, pre-built automation workflows, and intuitive, no-code editing make it easy to get up & running without diving into the gritty details - unless you want to. More than 50,000 ecommerce brands use Omnisend to grow their businesses on autopilot, converting their customers with quick-to-build, highly-relevant emails & texts.

The automated emails that help boost e-commerce sales with a one time setup only. You can create using the templates provided as well as the value... Read review
Megan S.
How easy it is for me to create new forms and run the app. It's very price competitive and has great features. My favorite feature is that I can... Read review
(54)4.7 out of 5
Entry Level Price:$0.00

Truepush is a free-forever Push Notifications company for both web and mobile. Truepush is working closely with 20,000+ developers/marketers globally. Bloggers, Marketers, App owners & developers from varied industries including Media houses and E-Commerce websites are sending millions of notifications every day. Trupush has advanced features like Segmentation (Pre-defined and custom segments), RSS-to-Push, Project duplication, Triggers & Templates that make it a user-friendly tool.

Sanjeev N.
Free of cost, simple implementaions and a good UI Read review
Truepush is an easy-to-use notification platform that makes marketing easy, I love it because it is easy to install, easy to set up, and free. Read review
(162)4.4 out of 5

SALESmanago is the only no-code, AI driven CDXP (all in One Customer Data Platform & Customer Experience Platform) used by 2000+ midmarket and large Enterprises in 50 countries including Starbucks, Vodafone, Lacoste, New Balance, Victoria’s Secret and many other global brands. Financial Times ranks SALESmanago as the fastest growing marketing automation platform in Europe. SALESmanago is harnessing the full power of first- and zero-party data, combining advanced analytics and AI Hyperperson

Erika G.
It is very complete and while others charge for each functionality, at SALESmanago we have all the tools and functionalities available to enhance... Read review
This platform allows you to improve the entire process and development of email marketing through the creation of dynamic content for marketing on... Read review
(42)4.8 out of 5
Entry Level Price:$0/Month 2,500 Subscribers

PushEngage offers personalized web push notifications using the automatic segmentation of your subscribers and auto-responders to send them notifications. We support triggered and personalized campaigns like Cart Abandonment, Price Alerts, Browse Abandonment based on user behavior. Some features that will help you to outperform are Dynamic Segmentation, Advanced analytics, Send in Customer Timezone, Multi-Site/Multi-User Support, A/B Testing, Revenue Tracking, and Inventory Alert, etc We sup

Harsh A.
Have been looking for a push notification service for my award-winning blog "ShoutMeLoud" and discovered PushEngage. They had a free trial so I... Read review
Mohammed A.
The reason why a lot of users over any similar service, PushEngage is one of the popular quality Push Notification service that offers a huge 2500... Read review
(50)4.7 out of 5
Entry Level Price:0

eSputnik is a web-based Marketing Automation Service that allows you to manage cross-channel messaging campaigns via Email, SMS, Web Push, Viber and other instant messengers. Features for advanced eCommerce projects: - dynamic content depending on stock availability, geo, browsing history or by feed - conditional dynamic blocks targeted on additional data enrichment - dynamic message content queue prioritization based on previous behavior - messaging frequency control - high server/ip reputati

Liubov Z.
We have been using eSputnik for more than two years and can safely say: this tool includes everything you need to launch your email campaigns the... Read review
Anastasiya M.
There are lots of cool features I like in eSputnik. Primarily it should be mentioned that this system allows to launch advanced and personalized... Read review
(22)4.2 out of 5

Vizury Engage360 is a comprehensive omnichannel marketing platform that empowers marketers to craft truly personalized 1:1 customer journeys across all CRM channels — digital (web, mobile, push, email, and ads) and offline channels (stores, outlets, showrooms, etc.). What makes Vizury different? It is the capability to tie digital engagements with real-world interactions, whether it’s the web, mobile, and ads, or real-life retail outlets and showrooms. Vizury is one of the few platforms tha

Vizury allow businesses to create a multi channel experience via retention tools. We in GlassesUSA are using the browser notification tool with... Read review
Akshay K.
Push notifications can be designed for both ios and android based phones, can be rescheduled on multiple funnels. Read review

Experience Marketing Automation Powered With Actionable Artificial Intelligence - Get AiTrillion! AiTrillion is the first ever SaaS-based Artificial Intelligence enabled – all-in-one marketing platform for eCommerce sellers. It’s 8+ customer engagement channels integrated with analytics built for the eCommerce industry, we at AiTrillion specialize at connecting the dots between millions of customers across 175+ countries. Everything you are looking for is packed under one roof with its Integr

Naser E.
It looks super app, thank you. I really recommend it's amazing. This app has multi services like multi apps in one app with a really beautiful... Read review
Excellent platform. I'm literally saving $400 per month utilizing all the amazing apps and services this platform provides! I am so grateful to... Read review
(19)3.5 out of 5

Thousands of the world’s leading brands rely on Airship to spark closer connections with their customers through highly contextual and relevant interactions. Only Airship’s Customer Engagement Platform takes a mobile-first, data-led approach that enables brands to focus on individuals and their needs, not which marketing channels to use. Airship makes it much simpler and more effective to grow customer lifetime value in the omnichannel era. With trillions of interactions intelligently orchestr

Their API was actually nice and batch sending notifications. Read review
This really was an all-in-one, one-stop-shop tool for optimizing push notifications to best suit our goals for company growth and maintenance. It... Read review

VWO Engage is the most popular web push notifications platform in the world. With features like audience segmentation, smart campaigns, multi-website support, custom images, cart abandonment, Facebook Messenger campaigns and so on, VWO Engage has everything a business needs to reach out to its customers, real-time. With more than 6,000 customers, VWO Engage customers include Lenovo, Vistaprint, Ashley Furniture, Dominos, Ubisoft, Claire's Stores, and College Humor.

Mohammed A.
PushCrew is one of the popular Web Push Notification service providers that comes with a free plan allows 2000 subscribers for absolutely free.... Read review
The best features of Pushcrew is the free plan, up to 2000 subscribers free for ever Read review
(17)4.9 out of 5

Kumulos is the easy to use omni-channel user engagement platform that offers a 360-degree view of user experience, user sentiment and user behavior to provide a holistic view of mobile app performance. Kumulos gives you all the tools you need to connect with, and create long term customers. Key features of Kumulos include rich, interactive mobile push notifications, web push notifications and in-app messaging. These features can be used separately or you can create omni-channel campaigns and ope

Ease of use, breadth and depth of feature sets, cost, all amazing. Read review
How easy the platform is to set up and use. We consolidated the technology we had on our mobile apps. Previously we have 7 services integrated into... Read review
(14)5.0 out of 5

Frizbit is a multi-channel Marketing Orchestration Platform helping marketing teams of transactional internet businesses to bring their customers back to their websites Via Frizbit, internet companies can deliver optimised and personalised engagement experiences to their users by sending automated and hyper-personalised messages based on user behaviour on both desktop and mobile devices. It allows marketers to create automated campaigns for each stage they abandon their journey such as cart a

It is quite easy to install and start using Frizbit. You can install the solution simply by adding js codes to your website directly. Even for... Read review
(23)4.7 out of 5

Smartech is an AI-powered omnichannel personalization and marketing automation platform that serves as a strategic growth tool for data-driven marketers and product managers. Smartech enables website and mobile app brands to deliver hyper-personalized and differentiated customer experiences at scale. Fuelled by a KPI-focused approach, Smartech bridges the gap between behavioral analytics and customer engagement. Powered by our AI Engine, Raman, Smartech helps brands to send the right message to

Lee G.
Smartech is used by marketers and is an email integration tool. It saved us a lot of money and within just few days of using you can see the... Read review
Sakun S.
The support team and the user friendly UI. Read review
(12)5.0 out of 5

Pushnami is the leading push notification platform built for marketers. Our easy-to-use platform takes less than 5 minutes to set up -- yep, you can capture a subscriber and send a notification in less than the time it takes to make a pot of coffee. Pushnami supports mobile and web push notifications, email marketing, and we offer our own native push ad network, allowing businesses to capture subscribers (with no email address or phone number required by the user), intelligently market to them

Rosie M.
Pushnami gives you the chance to connect and get your messaging to thousands of your website visitors instantly. It's easy to use platform is clear... Read review
(8)4.6 out of 5

Batch provides the most specialized push notifications engagement platform on the market for mobile & web, combining high-volume throughput and advanced targeting options. Batch offers 3 main USPs for marketers: 1. A complete and user-friendly interface to create, automate and analyze push notifications campaigns. (Multi-level segmentation, AB testing, notifications inbox, in-app messages and theme editor, custom landing pages, marketing pressure management, retargeting, scheduled and trigg

Paul G.
We have been working with Batch for 4 years now. Their sending method for both mobile and web push; the automatic detection of users through... Read review
I appreciate the support team : thanks to the chat I can interact easily and quickly with them on technical and marketing issues Read review
(17)4.1 out of 5
Entry Level Price:Free forever

Countly is a product analytics solution and innovation enabler that helps teams track product performance and customer journey and behavior across mobile, web, and desktop applications. Ensuring privacy by design, Countly allows you to innovate and enhance your products to provide personalized and customized customer experiences, and meet key business and revenue goals. Countly empowers companies of any size or location to grow their business by helping them securely process billions of data po

Hammy H.
Really intuitive UX with easy-to-read display of complex information. Easily implemented solution, whether you're aiming to integrate it into a... Read review
Ajit P.
Countly is an enterprise mobile analytics and marketing platform. It provides tons of features: push notifications, realtime dashboard, session... Read review
(26)4.6 out of 5

If you’re looking for a personalisation solution to increase sales, boost customer engagement and provide better insights into your customers than other solutions then look no further. Imagine a tool that already knew your customer's preferences before they landed on your site, and was able to recommend the right products to the right customer at the right time. Segmentify creates a personalised shopping experience across every customer touchpoint in real-time, giving you the best advantage ov

The feedback and help from the account managers assigned by segmentify means we are constantly being updated with how to best take advantage of the... Read review
They work with us as a team member and we improve customer experience together. Their solution is flexible, such as we can use the necessary... Read review
(28)4.4 out of 5 is an all-in-one Marketing Automation platform aimed at boosting engagement and improving conversion by using a single data source for your customers. Reach clients through a wide range of communication channels: email, live chat, chatbot, push notifications, dynamic page content, and many more - all available in one place. Interested in Marketing Automation? Grab our free 14-day trial with no upfront payment: We offer various integrations - Easily connect to Go

Guntis C.
Simple interface, good functionality, cost-effective and customer support is very quick and good. Read review
Marc-Antoine C.
UserEngage provides a lot of features (chat, visitor tracking, forms, email campaigns, marketing automation, etc.) for the price. It is definitely... Read review
(12)4.1 out of 5
Entry Level Price:29 Euros

Key strengths of Sender are high email deliverability, award-winning user friendliness and unparalled affordability. Sender is tailor made for ecommerce and bloggers with lots of additional features, but perfectly fits all kinds of businesses - from 1 person companies to medium and large corporations. With custom made integrations for ecommerce platforms you can simply add products to your newsletters by simply copying and pasting URL of a product, and Sender will automatically extract product

I like about Sender that it is easy to use. It has user-friendly interface. It has clear design. Some useful functions like aouto resend function.... Read review
I like the price of the product, it is cheap solution. It is very easy to use sender. Has good support. It helps its use to send multiple meils,... Read review
(1)5.0 out of 5

Boostools is the unique platfom to set the powerful on-site marketing campaigns to boost the convertion rate: -on-site messages -web-push notifications -nudge notifications Competitive Advantages of Boostools over the compatitives: -ONE platform with several marketing tools -ONE user-friendly interface -ONE universal code -ONE price for all three tools We offer a FREE Trial for 1 website to connect up to Custom Packages with individual prices for agencies who wish to connect more websites.

We were looking for the Push Notification solution to add to our marketing strategy and have got ONE tool with 3 different services: Push... Read review
(100)4.2 out of 5
Entry Level Price:$150 0 to 12,000 profiles is a marketing platform for sending targeted and automated emails, push notifications, and SMS messages to engage and retain an audience. is a marketing platform for sending targeted and automated emails, push notifications, and SMS messages to engage and retain an audience. Harnessing real-time behavioral data and advanced segmentation across web and mobile channels, empowers marketers to send contextually-relevant communication that creates a great customer

Amy B.
With I have automated the sending of emails, achieved more subscriptions to my list and my social networks YouTube, Instagram and... Read review
WL is a great software, in a very practical way it automates the sending of emails, being very flexible its use. Another feature that I... Read review
(1)5.0 out of 5

Send quick and efficient web push notifications to your readers with There are advanced features for subscription prompts, automated notification based on RSS feed, drip campaigns to introduce new subscribers to your site, and a unique push digest of your popular news. And since works great on any desktop or mobile device you can be confident that your readers are seeing your push notifications. provides support for all popular Browsers and OS - Chrome, F

An effective system for push notification, I have more traffic to my Website. Gravitec works better than other push notification than I ever used... Read review
(2)4.5 out of 5

Hengam makes it easy to identify and reengage your app's inactive users to reduce churn and increase happy customers through crucial insights and smart automated data-driven messaging.

When it's not just a simple tool. It seems to be a very complex knowledge. But working with it seems so easy. In my opinion, every application... Read review
Mehdi S.
• Trivially easy to setup • Top-notch support • Useful insights and data analytics • Open source client libraries • Fair pricing policy Read review
(2)4.0 out of 5

Repro is a Customer Engagement Platform in Tokyo, Japan, on a mission to maximize communication between companies and their customers. Repro enables companies to create lasting customer relationships by sending the right content to the right person at the right time. This personalized communication is achieved through the platform's easy-to-use features, which include automated data tracking, AI analytics & segmentation, and cross-channel messaging.

Praxant P.
Repro app manages to create a dynamic work environment for large-base business. It has inbuilt task monitoring tools, which aids for consistent... Read review
Larnell M.
I like the fact that this software allows you to reproduce almost anything, its brilliant to the maximum, I would recommend its usage. Read review
(1)4.0 out of 5

Routee is a cloud based communication solution that allows Marketers and Software Developers generate leads with lower digital costs and improved ROI. Services available are: - SMS - Email - Voice - Phone Numbers - Validation/Authentication - IVR - Push Notifications - Messaging Apps

Service quality is decent. Customer support is responsive and the services are reasonably priced. Variety of features. Read review
(1)5.0 out of 5

Altcraft Marketing is an omnichannel Marketing Platform distributed as a private cloud or on-premise software. - On-premise deployment allows to customize the software to fit exact business needs. - Cloud offers an account with tariffs based on the number of customer profiles. FEATURES Digital customer profiles: - Full history of actions - Multiple resource subscriptions - Location & device information - CRM & SQL data integration - Customer profile 360 analytics Marketing automa

AIcraft has been fundamental to our marketing operations. With the help of the AI-driven tool, we have better and smarter ways to make meaning of... Read review
0 ratings

Appgain is a Full-stack Web & Mobile Marketing Platform, Helping Mobile and web apps to get more users and improve engagement in one single platform. 200 Billion Dollars Spent by 2020, just to get you to download apps, And 75% of them, never open the app! is focused on re-engaging with the lost 75% of app users. Our platform will empower you to: - Connect with your users over the omnichannel by sending them SMS, email, push notifications, etc. - 10x your engagement rate b

Learn More About Push Notification Software

What is Push Notification Software?

Push notifications are messages sent directly to a user’s mobile device, computer, or web browser. There are a variety of ways for companies to communicate with their customers through push notifications. Most people are familiar with the push notifications they receive from apps on their mobile phones that alert them when they receive a new email or engagement on a social media post. Businesses with their own mobile apps use push notification software to create and schedule messages as well as analyze the performance of these messages. App push notifications are delivered to a user’s device regardless of what the user is doing.

There is a second type of push notification known as web push notifications. These differ from mobile app push notifications in a few ways. First, web push notifications work within web browsers instead of applications. Users do not need to download and install an app to receive the notifications. Second, because they work on browsers, web push notifications can be delivered to all devices, including laptops, mobile phones, and tablets. Web push messages typically appear in the right-hand corner of the browser or in a notification center, depending on the user’s device and browser.

For a user to receive a web push notification, they must first opt in. Once a user subscribes, they will receive push notifications as long as they have a browser running—even when they are not actually on the site.

Marketing teams use push notifications to grow, engage, and retain their subscriber base. Push notifications can be used to deliver marketing messages about new content, products, events, or promotions, as well as informational messages like traffic or weather alerts, flight changes, breaking news, and more.

Key Benefits of Push Notification Software

  • Send messages to customers even when they aren’t using your app or website
  • Reengage customers who haven’t visited your app or website recently
  • Personalize messages and target users based on their location or previous behavior
  • Analyze the performance of push notification campaigns

Why Use Push Notification Software?

User engagement — Push notifications are highly valued for their ability to reengage customers. These tools are designed to reach lapsed customers and bring them back to a company’s website or app. Unlike emails or social media messages, users receive these notifications in real time, which can help improve conversion rates.

Targeted messages — Push notifications can be used to target users with personalized messages based on the user’s previous behavior. For example, a marketer may send a discount alert to a group of customers who have viewed a particular product that has dropped in price. Notifications can also be used to target and reengage users who haven’t visited the website recently.

Easy to implement — While it is possible for a company to build their own push notification service, the platform’s development would require a significant amount of time and resources. Push notification software makes it easy for non-developers to implement these tools and align them with a broader digital marketing strategy.

No app required — Before the development of web push technology, a company would need to build a mobile app to deliver push notifications. However, developing and maintaining a mobile application is cost-prohibitive for many companies. Web push notification software allows businesses to harness the power of this notification service without the costly investment of a mobile application. Web push notifications also have the added benefit of delivering alerts directly to a user’s browser on any device, including desktops.

Data privacy — An additional benefit of web push notifications is that no personally identifiable information (PII) is required to opt in, so anonymous visitors who don’t wish to give away their email address or phone number are more likely to become subscribers. This makes web push notifications a useful tool for marketers seeking to combat data privacy concerns.

Who Uses Push Notification Software?

Businesses use push notification software to build and engage their online or mobile audiences. Since these messages can easily be customized to suit a company’s specific industry and marketing goals, push notifications are considered an efficient and flexible tool for converting customers, boosting traffic, and increasing sales.

B2C marketing — Business-to-consumer (B2C) marketers primarily use push notification software to improve customer engagement and conversion rates. Push notifications can be used to create an ongoing channel of communication with customers in order to increase repeat traffic, encourage purchases, and engage users at the top and middle of the marketing funnel.

E-commerce — E-commerce companies use push notifications to send customers sales alerts, reminders, and incentives. If a user has abandoned their shopping cart, a push notification can be delivered to draw the user back to the app or website to complete their purchase. E-commerce sites can also use push notifications to send their customers order confirmations, shipping updates, and limited-time special offers.

Digital publishers — Publishers of digital content such as news sites, blogs, and online magazines use push notifications to alert their subscribers when new content is available. Push notifications allow publishers to build their audience, boost traffic, and deliver important or breaking news directly to their followers’ devices.

Travel and hospitality — Companies in the travel and hospitality industry can use push notifications to send their subscribers deal alerts, booking reminders, flight updates, travel tips, and more. Push notifications help these businesses improve their conversion rates and boost customer satisfaction.

Kinds of Push Notification Software

There are two kinds of push notifications: messages sent through an application on a user’s desktop or mobile phone, and notifications delivered through a user’s web browser.

App push notifications — App push notifications are the messages users receive from apps on their computers or mobile devices, although mobile app push notifications are more commonly used. On iOS, users must grant permission for an app to send them push notifications. On other mobile operating systems such as Android, users are automatically opted in to receive push notifications.

App push notifications support rich media and interactivity, which means companies can include content such as animated gifs, videos, and audio in their messages. Messages are delivered to a user’s device whether or not the customer is using it. Unread messages will appear on the user’s lock screen or in a notification center, increasing the likelihood the user will engage with the notification.

Web push notifications — Web push notifications are messages sent directly to a user via their desktop or mobile web browser. Users do not have to download a special app to receive these notifications. Instead, they are prompted to opt in when they visit a company’s website. Web push notifications will be delivered to the user’s browser even if they do not have the company’s website open. These kinds of push notifications are ideal for companies that don’t need a mobile app or do not have the resources to develop one.

Push Notification Software Features

Push notification solutions provide different combinations of features at varying price points. When selecting push notification software, you should consider which features will most benefit your business and marketing goals.

Personalization — Marketing messages are more effective when they’re tailored to specific users. Personalization features allow marketers to send customers push notifications about products, sales, or content that will interest them most.

Scheduling — Scheduling enables marketers to create a push notification and schedule it to be delivered at a later date. This feature can be used to schedule multiple or recurring notifications so you do not have to be present to send the messages in real time.

Segmentation — The segmentation feature provided by push notification software enables marketers to segment their audience based on certain criteria, such as device type, location, time zone, site actions, and subscription date. With segmentation, companies can develop targeted marketing campaigns and increase click-through rates by delivering the most relevant messages to subscribers.

A/B testing — A/B testing allows marketers to test different push notifications and determine which message was the most effective. Variables that can be tested include the notification title, the content of the message, emojis, images, and the call to action.

Analytics — Analytics features provide marketers with the ability to measure and analyze the performance of their push notification campaigns. Analytics and reporting tools can track metrics such as opt-in rates, delivery rates, click-through rates, and conversion rates.

Browser support — As of 2019, Chrome, Firefox, Opera, and Safari web browsers all support web push notifications. Most web push notification software should support these browsers. However, buyers should confirm browser support before purchasing a product for web push notifications.

Potential Issues with Push Notification Software

Oversending — Because push notifications are so quick and easy to send, some companies may overdo it by sending too many messages. However, push notifications work best when they are used in moderation. Users who are annoyed by multiple push notifications every day will inevitably opt out of the service or even uninstall the app altogether. To maintain high opt-in rates, businesses should make sure they are only sending relevant and timely messages that provide real value to their customers.

Opt-in rates — For app push notifications on iOS and for web push notifications, users must opt in to receive messages. Some companies use a generic request for permission, which can discourage users who don’t understand the request or do not immediately see the value in subscribing to a business’ push notifications. To avoid this drawback, companies can use messaging that explains what push notifications are and what kinds of benefits they will provide the user.

Rich media — Although some app push notifications support rich media like videos, animated gifs, and audio, web push notifications do not yet support this interactive content. Web push notifications can display icons, large images, and badges, although the level of support varies depending on the user’s device and browser. As web push gains popularity, however, browsers may expand support for rich media.