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Medical transcription software processes, interprets, and converts digital voice recordings into text to be used and accessed by medical professionals. Medical transcription software leverages speech recognition, AI, machine learning, and natural learning processing (NLP) technologies to effectively and efficiently translate from speech to text, as well as store recorded dictations.

Medical transcription software reduces both time and errors in clinical documentation workflows, so doctors can focus on delivering patient care. The software can help alleviate the workloads of physicians and ultimately prevent burnout. Nurses, physicians, and doctors dictate or feed voice recordings into the medical transcription solution and the solution produces text and reports that can be stored within a patient’s digital files.

Some medical transcription solutions include a digital recorder, simplifying the transferring of a voice recording into the computer where the transcription tool is stored. Other solutions can be used with specific hardware, allowing users to speak directly into a computer or text editor via a microphone.

If you are looking for human transcriptionists to manually listen to and transcribe digital recordings, take a look at the medical transcription services category.

To qualify for inclusion in the Medical Transcription category, a product must:

  • Convert audio recordings into text
  • Support charting, clinical documentation, and clinical workflows
  • Include a database of medical terminology to reference
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    MModal Fluency for Transcription is designde to use speech recognition to optimize clinical documentation workflow, speed up revenue cycle and meet use and EHR requirements.

    Dragon Medical Direct is a professional server based medical speech recognition solution.

    Nuance Transcription Platforms typically double MT productivity. Meanwhile, administrative staff have visibility into the entire transcription workflow—from dictation to document distribution

    Winscribe's Digital Dictation Software is a world-renowned workflow and speech productivity solution that enables users to efficiently manage their dictation and speech-enabled documentation processes.

    ASP web-based dictation and transcription workflow solution for hospitals, MTSOs, clinics, physicians, of any size.

    Winscribe Text is an integrated, end-to-end medical report and documentation management solution for healthcare organizations that handles all steps in the documentation process , from creation to distribution, and every step in between.

    Accuro Voice is now powered by M*Modal, an industry-leading dictation and transcription technology platform.

    ChartNet Transcription is a flexible system for medical transcription designed to handle the requirements of medical records, radiology, cardiology, pathology, and all other types of medical transcription.

    CLIN1 Transcription is a fully integrated Transcription System tied directly to your Patient Clinical Database.

    Fusion Speech EMR is designed to offer physicians the ability to utilize speech recognition within any EMR or third party application.

    eCareNotes provides back-end speech recognition service designed to help transcriptionists and MTSOs to significantly reduce their transcription cost.

    eCareNotes is a cloud-based speech recognition solution for physicians. This solution helps doctors to simplify patient documentation.

    ezMediscribes is a Medical Transcription Platform that provides benefits to hospitals, Health Systems, Clinics, and Physician groups. Complete, end-to-end medical transcription technology and services that improve accuracy, ensure timely reports and save your organization money.

    Greenway Speech provides an integrated dictation solution that maximizes your electronic health record system — and minimizes frustration.

    InfraWare 360 is a specialty documentation platform designed to support an ecosystem of physicians and documentation specialists.

    Lexacom for healthcare is an advanced digital dictation and document creation system designed with the medical user in mind. With an easy to use work flow management, Lexacom helps you and your team work together, smarter, and is the ideal solution for organisations looking to replace traditional tape-based dictations or evolve current working practices.

    HIPAA compliant loud based EHR designed to accelerate the exchange of up-to-date medical records throughout the medical community.

    MedRite XL is a complete and modular network solution dedicated to the specific needs of the healthcare environment, from transcription to report distribution. The most advanced transcription system on the market, MedRite-XL allows thousands of healthcare facilities worldwide to streamline internal processes and improve transcription productivity regardless of the complexity of the documentation workflow.

    The world's most reliable speech-to-text medical dictation -- with deep learning/neural net technology that adapts to your voice patterns -- is now instantly available on the Mobius app at half the cost of any other leading transcription service. Scribe not only makes it faster to dictate, charts that took hours to transcribe and close are now done in minutes. Dictate using Mobius Scribe with unlimited usage for a flat monthly rate.

    Emdat supplies internet-based medical documentation solutions.

    NuScribe is a EMR designed to offer speech recognition driven medical documentation.

    Olympus Dictation Management System (ODMS) Release 7 Software is the virtual coordinator at the heart of an Olympus Dictation Solution.

    Medical dictation and transcription have never been easier and more secure, than with the Quikscribe digital dictation system. Dictation files can now be easily created from a computer, or a third party hand-held digital recorder, and then sent internally, or encrypted across the Internet for transcription.

    BayScribe is a user-friendly software platform, drives the entire sequence of activities in the medical transcription workflow , from the moment a voice dictation is captured until the report is returned to your facility.

    Cloud-based voice recognition that just works right from the start. Save 25% or more charting time daily and watch the bottom line grow. Minimize errors and accelerate time to reimbursement. Get quality hours back in your day.

    SMARTMD's dictation apps, medical transcription, billing & EHR integration save physicians hours & produce reports that get you paid faster.

    Smartype is designed to help increase a medical transcriptionists productivity.


    Hospital Direct is a transcription platform that is integrated with speech recognition technology to deliver a comprehensive and adaptable solution for accurate, structured, encoded, sharable clinical documents.

    The Philips SpeechLive service is, essentially, a web-based management system for dictation storage, playback, and delivery.

    VoiceboxMD is an advanced medical dictation software is built for physicians and practitioners that works on all EHR platforms and mobile.

    VoiceSys is a medical transcription management system that can control all the medical records documentation process. VoiceSys can manage the whole end to end transcription process. It can be operated in different geographical locations.

    The perfect solution for managing every aspect of your dictation and medical transcription workflow.

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