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Best E-Prescribing Software

E-prescribing software enables physicians to electronically generate and directly send a prescription order to a pharmacy. Use of this software reduces dosage error, enhances patient safety, simplifies the medication workflow, and increases patient satisfaction. E-prescribing practices result in automated refills, cuts down on paper prescriptions, decreases the number of unfilled prescriptions, improves documentation of patient medication histories, and strengthens relationships between medical practices and pharmacies. E-prescribing software is used by health care professionals, patients, pharmacists, and providers.

To qualify for inclusion in the E-Prescribing category, a product must:

  • Leverage EHR data to electronically transmit prescription data
  • Directly submit prescriptions to pharmacies
  • Facilitate communication between medical practice and pharmacy
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Results: 36
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    Micro Merchant Systems develops pharmacy software solutions, helping pharmacies, hospitals, and institutions fill prescriptions swiftly, securely and profitably while meeting the challenges of today’s pharmacy market. Our premier, PrimeRx™ pharmacy software quickly becomes an integral tool for the staff’s prescription workflows and features streamline daily processes. These features enhance pharmacies productivity with tools to simplify workflow, process claims, and managing inventory. PrimeRx interfaces with PrimePOS™ (Point of Sale), PrimeESC™ (Electronic Signature Capture), PrimeDMS™ (Document Management System), PrimeDELIVERY™ (Delivery Module), PrimeWEB™ (Customized Web Portals) and more.

    Cloud-based Prime Suite is a clinically-driven practice management system and EHR that connects your entire practice. From population health to revenue services to clinical connectivity, Prime Suite enables healthcare organizations to thrive in the world of value-based healthcare. This innovative platform allows you to manage chronic conditions, improve health outcomes, and increase profitability. It is the complete solution.

    Rcopia is the an e-prescribing, medication history and adherence monitoring solution.

    Simplify the prescribing process and reduce errors with E-Rx—Compulink’s E-prescribing system. Powered by NewCrop™ — a Gold SureScripts Certified Solution™— E-Rx is Web-based, secure and fully integrated with Advantage/EHR.

    The FollowMyHealth patient portal gives patients a single point of access regardless of an individual provider’s software. Plus, discrete patient-generated data flows directly back to the EHR to automatically populate the medical record, helping providers stay up to date on their patients’ progress.

    Lytec Practice Management is a web-based electronic health records software (EHR) and practice management (PM) solution. This software helps reduce costs, save time, and provides detailed reports on daily activities.

    Agastha EHR provides a powerful suite of electronic health record, practice management, and medical billing software and services that combine to maximize practice profitability and improve patient care.

    HIPAA compliant e-prescribing solution with real-time interaction tracking and medication histories for psychiatrists and therapists. OrderConnect allows clinicians to build customizable Progress Note templates and is certified for EPCS (Electronic Prescriptions for Controlled Substances).

    RxMaster is a developer of pharmacy management software, point of sale, and prescription processing solutions. We have over thirty years experience developing pharmacy software. RxMaster is focused on making independent pharmacies a success with an intuitive, efficient workflow system, business savvy features, and the best of pharmacy resources and integrations.

    E-Prescribing gives healthcare professionals in all care settings safer and more efficient electronic prescription management, which increases medication adherence and reduces prescription fraud.

    It's the HIPAA-compliant, user-friendly ePrescribing tool you've been looking for. No paper pads or data comparisons needed.

    Alleva is a top of the line mental health, behavioral health, and addiction recovery EHR/EMR software. Its features include appointment reminders, appointment scheduling, assessment and treatment plans, e-prescribing, progress notes, personnel management, IPAA compliance and more.

    Appointik is a cloud based lightweight Medical Practice Management app for Clinics and Practitioners/Doctors.

    Aspire HIMS is an web based end to end solution for hospital management with paperless HIMS & hospital analytics.

    Axial builds mobile software that helps patients, physicians and other health professionals engage jointly in the recovery plan and stay well between encounters.

    BDM IT provides innovative medication management solutions.

    E-prescribing integration platform that helps developers to create and embed e-prescribing UI within your application using robust API.

    DxScript is a Surescripts and EPCS certified, cloud-based ePrescribing solution that puts insurance, pharmacy benefits plan eligibility and formulary information at the provider fingertips at the point of prescribing. DxScript even suggests alternative drugs in the event there is a contraindication or allergy alert for a specific drug.

    Eazy HMS is an web based hospital management software developed for different sizes of hospitals from 30 to 150 beds.

    EndoVault Rx, a fully integrated e-prescription application.The application automatically imports a patient's medical and medication history (including active and inactive)for potential allergies and adverse drug reactions as well as checks insurance eligibility for appropriate coverage. Prescriptions and refills are routed safely and securely directly to a patient's pharmacy. All US pharmacies and mail-order companies are included in the system. EndoVault Rx is Surescripts certified.

    AppealsPlus is a denial management service that provides process and workflow improvement in identifying and appealing these underpaid and denied claims.

    GHealth Enterprise is a comprehensive healthcare ERP solution for the end-to-end management of large and medium hospitals providing standards based integration points to Patient Management Systems, Radiology Information Systems, Communication Systems (RIS/ PACS), and Patient Records .

    EMR that is fully integrated with practice management functionality, and free to offices with one to two providers.

    A certified e-prescribing system that can run stand-alone or integrate with EHR/PMs looking to add an e-Rx module.

    Web based EHR for ambulatory environments. Features include dashboards, e-prescriptions, and patient portals.

    MedicsRx improves patient care and practice efficiency by combining the robust features of comprehensive prescription and medication management along with the ability to electronically transmit prescriptions directly to the patient's pharmacy.

    Medinous CliniX is an integrated Clinic management solution built on the strong foundation of Medinous HMS and meets the requirements of both stand alone and chains of clinics.

    EHR and practice management system with flexible process modeling that offers clinical workflow, e-prescribing, and lab reports.

    PracticePro simplifies every step of the practice management and medical billing process, right from the initial scheduling of an appointment to the provision of quality service and remittance tasks following every patient's visit. These technologically advanced medical billing solutions automate your office's labor-intensive jobs, allowing you to focus more on patient care rather than administrative chores.

    System for management of transitions in care; accurate, secure tracking, monitoring and managing patient referral processes end-to-end.

    This software is designed to help optometrists better manage and analyze their business and clinical operations.

    Prescription Pad is a prescription writing medical software.

    RxGov consolidates disparate information representing treatment options, education, enforcement and regulatory requirements, and prescriber patterns and volumes.

    EMR software that includes e-prescribing and medical scheduling, Meaningful Use Compliance tools, online patient portal, and more.

    SecureRx is designed to print prescriptions that met the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) prescription security requirements. Since its launch, SecureRx has been the industry leader for secure prescription printing, used by 20,000 physicians across 5,000 facilities to output more than 250 million CMS compliant prescriptions.