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Best Disease Management Software

Disease management software, also known as care management or chronic disease management software, optimizes and connects care processes to effectively manage ongoing health conditions. Disease management software is built to connect to EHR and other health care data sources to manage, monitor, and process patient data. Disease management software is used by hospitals, clinics, and other health care practices to engage, educate, and treat patients. Disease management software automates and simplifies complex tasks such as follow-up care authorization, lab test review, and treatment planning.

To qualify for inclusion in the Disease Management category, a product must:

  • Unify EHR data with data pulled from aggregate sources (e.g., lab results) to create a complete picture of patient health
  • Analyze patient data for optimized care coordination and patient engagement
  • Leverage and engage with patient experience software, telemedicine, and other relevant pieces of technology

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Results: 27
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    Web-based EMR that comes with bi-directional lab interface, automatic charge capture, health maintenance & disease management module.

    American HealthTech provides post-acute care clinical and financial for the long term care industry. The clinical and financial is designed for nursing homes, skilled nursing facilities (SNF's), assisted living facilities (ALF's) and is appropriate for the independent nursing facility or the multi-facility chain.

    GuidingCare is a complete platform for patient-centered care, offering health plans and provider organizations easy-to-use, next-generation data integration and workflow management tools

    HUMHEALTH assists physicians in providing effective care management to patients with chronic conditions and increase their revenue through Medicare's CCM program.

    ACUITY Advanced Care is an integrated care management software application that robustly supports case, utilization, disease and population health management programs. The ACUITY suite offers a user-friendly experience with full flexibility to support even the most challenging case management workflows

    The AveCare Software platform enables collaborative care through integrated solutions for: Case Management, Disease Management, Utilization Management , Patient Advocacy. AveCare Care Management Software enables Health Plans, Third Party Administrators (TPAs), Independent Review Organizations (IROs), Physician Networks and other Healthcare Delivery Organizations to optimize clinical and financial resources while improving patient outcomes.

    AviTracks-DM is a web-based clinical decision support system for managing patients with multiple chronic diseases. With automated workflow and real time EMR and lab interfaces, AviTracks-DM is used by hospitals, health systems and large specialty clinics that manage high acuity patients where up to the minute information is vital to patient outcomes.

    Ayogo Empower is a patient engagement software that uses behavioral economics, social psychology, and patient-centered software to identify specific disease management domains.

    ChronicWatch is an exception-based patient engagement system that allows physicians to remotely monitor patient's progress and adherence to prescribed treatment plans and medications.

    The CDMS enables health data analysis, alerting and processing information (by sending notifications to patients and receiving their messages). It is a central system that can be built to fit a number of chronic conditions and support particular mobile apps for each separate disease.

    COMS helps standardize care and documentation, proactively manage chronic diseases and identify changes in patient condition which result in improved clinical outcomes.

    Midas+ Care Management is a quality control software for healthcare providers to manage risk, track cases, create compliance reports, and collect patient data.

    Easily Manage Medications and Insulin, Heath Monitoring, and Treatments in one place. Designed specifically for Assisted Living Facilities. Customizable medication frequencies (Daily, Weekly, Monthly). Customizable, related-evaluation tasks (Blood Pressure, Respiratory, Pulse). Electronic signature feature ensures care givers are accurately administering medications and treatments. Customizable MAR and profile printouts Maintain historical records of electronic signatures.

    F1RSTAnalytics is a suite of dashboards, analytics, and reports designed to give users actionable insight to operate their anesthesia practice both as an effective clinical organization and a successful business.

    Health Catalyst's Care Management Suite delivers on care management's five competencies: data integration, patient stratification and intake, care coordination, patient engagement, and performance measurement. Unlike patchwork care management products that require you to fill in gaps with manual workarounds, the Care Management Suite provides you with five integrated products to identify the right patients, get them the right care at the right time, and deliver the savings you need to realize value-based care.

    Health Dialog's Chronic Care Management solution addresses the problem with a NCQA-accredited Disease Management program that provides personalized interventions to help individuals better manage chronic diseases and reduce costs. Health Dialog has years of experience implementing care management programs that get results.

    Graham Healthcare Group's Home Health Utilization Management solution empowers health plans to better manage their home health utilization and network of providers by leveraging quality, utilization, and cost data from the health plan's existing home health providers.

    Socioeconomic Health Attributes consist of clinically validated social determinants of health that when addressed correlate to better care management outcomes.

    Envolve MSO services provide organizations with the strategies, people and processes necessary to provide value-based, affordable care and drive real healthcare transformation.

    Web-based solution that offers online access to health information; allows to give proxy access to the patient's legal representative.

    Palash Practice is a HIMS comprehensive application that integrates various functions to enhance the operational efficiency of medical practices.

    Full spectrum of pre-hospital emergency treatment and support tools in one application for instant access.

    Web-based clinical solutions for disease management, patient records keeping, nursing care planning, and lab results management.

    Easy-to-use interface designed for dermatologists to record patient history, examinations, assessments and plans.

    Swift Skin and Wound is a wound management system that includes point-of-care precision imaging, measurement and analysis tools, real-time EMR integration, and advanced remote collaboration capability.

    Emergency department information system that enables you to chart, report, and store records.