Best Value-Based Performance Management Analytics Software

Value-Based Performance Management Analytics software gives providers the data needed for value-based care and population health initiatives, equipping users with financial planning and modeling tools.

To qualify for inclusion in the Value-Based Performance Management Analytics category, a product must:

  • Integrate clinical with financial data
  • Sift through and analyze amassed patient data
  • Generate dashboards with integrated data analytics and modelling
  • Align with industry requirements and regulations
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    QlikView® is Qlik’s proven data discovery solution for creating rapidly developed, highly interactive guided analytics applications and dashboards, purpose built for business challenges. Built on the patented QIX engine, the unique associative model in QlikView allows everyone to freely explore all their data, across all their data sources, to see the whole story instead of just the partial views offered by query based or hierarchical tools. QlikView offers guided exploration and discovery, collaboration and mobility for sharing insight, and agile development and deployment that revolutionized the BI market. QlikView allows organizations to rapidly build and deploy analytic apps without the need for professional development skills, driving faster response to changing business requirements, shorter time to value, and more insight across the organization.

    Qlik Sense® is Qlik’s next-generation visual analytics platform. It supports the full spectrum of BI use cases including self-service visualization, guided analytics apps and dashboards, custom and embedded analytics, and reporting, all within a governed framework that offers enterprise scalability and trust for IT. Built on the patented QIX engine, the unique associative model in Qlik Sense allows everyone to freely visualize and explore all their data, across all their data sources, to see the whole story instead of just the partial views offered by query based or hierarchical tools. Qlik Sense offers unmatched self-service visualization, discovery, and data preparation for individuals, collaboration & mobility for groups and teams, and powerful developer tools, data integration, management, and governance for large organizations. It provides a cutting edge experience on any device through a smart, responsive, HTML5 client that allows people to quickly explore information and gain critical insights. With Qlik Sense, users of all types and skill levels get the most flexible, modern solution for visual analytics, and IT organizations no longer have to trade off governance to provide self-service flexibility. Whether simply consuming, exploring and analyzing, creating, or collaborating – Qlik Sense provides advanced capabilities that delight and empower everyone.

    Provides network-enabled services & mobile apps for medical groups & health systems.

    Epic gives you flexibility to support all your lines of business, including group, exchange, Medicare Advantage, Managed Medicaid, and delegated risk.

    Develop, extend, and embed visual analytics in your apps, portals, anywhere - all done within a common governance and security framework.

    Clinical Decision Support (CDS) system is a next-generation decision-support solution available to providers today.

    It can be difficult to find solutions developed with your needs in mind as a community hospital. You deserve a powerful EHR sized right for your unique environment.

    Enabling an analytics-ready data strategy for the enterprise

    The 3M(SM) Healthcare Transformation Suite combines payment-related methodologies, program design, reporting and analytics tools, and consulting services to support payers with the move from fee-for-service to value-based payment.

    Facilitates high-performing networks and align, engage and empower health care stakeholders through our industry-recognized platform, technologies and services.

    FOTO offers a web-based outcome measurement system that utilizes computer adaptive testing to provide condition specific functional measures.

    Assists your organization with clinical, financial and operational goals to drive improvement into the workflow. The solutions also leverage analytics, algorithms and models to empower users with intelligent data that enables them to impact care when it matters most.

    Cerner Corporation's HealtheRegistries solution allows EPs/ECs to attest to MU and ACI programs Clinical Data Registry option of the Public Health Objective. HealtheRegistries provides the technology to track and manage quality measures to improve population health outcomes. To meet the Public Health Objective, EPs/ECs are eligible to electronically submit data from a Certified Electronic Health Record Technology (CEHRT) to HealtheRegistries via HealtheIntent.

    Dimensional Insight offers a Diver software designed to build analytics tools that help businesses get information they need.

    The 3M 360 Encompass System lets you prioritize and automate CDI worklists so you can increase efficiency, with the same staff. With 3M's worklist prioritization technology, CDI specialists can spend their time focusing on top-priority cases for both initial and follow-up reviews.

    A real-time solution that provides patient profile and benefits insights at the point of service to ensure appropriate care delivery, as well as efficient and accurate reimbursement

    Secures short-term, sustainable financial improvements, while providing the adaptability, scalability and proven processes to help prepare your organization for value-based reimbursement.

    hc1's healthcare CRM helps outreach and service teams seamlessly join efforts through the combination of real-time clinical and business data.

    Hint Health is a membership management, billing, patient communication and engagement platform for healthcare providers.

    Oracle's Healthcare Analytics solution is powered with disruptive, decision-supported, outcome metrics that are critically important to organizational success.

    SAS Episode Analytics allows health care organizations to construct and analyze claims as episodes of care.

    Optum offers custom support for population health executives moving from volume to value

    An interactive data discovery solution for healthcare organizations that want to predict, model, and measure best practices to optimize outcomes under value-based reimbursement.

    A risk management analytics and advisory services package for ACOs, CINs, providers, and hospitals that want to improve resource utilization, reduce drug costs, and coordinate care for chronic patient populations

    HealthCollaborate is a software tool for automating health care coordination, health care transition, and patient engagement.

    Change Healthcare is inspiring a better healthcare system. Change Healthcare is a key catalyst of a value-based healthcare system working alongside our customers and partners to accelerate the journey toward improved lives and healthier communities.

    Check by SilverVue is the preventative care software platform that clinicians use to incorporate comprehensive wellness programs into their practice. As the healthcare industry continues to prioritize quality care over quantity, Check provides clinicians with the tools needed to be compliant and take advantage of revenue opportunities that exist for providing value-based care.

    A solution suite for providers that want to securely capture and share clinical information, improve hospital-physician alignment, coordinate care between providers, and streamline clinical workflow

    4CAST Analytics Platform is solution help hospitals and providers obtain actionable insights using real-time analytics to improve performance, manage variation and enhance patient outcomes.

    Unify your clinical and financial data to deliver better care at a lower cost.

    Expand your clinical knowledge. View, share, and discuss real-world medical cases from every specialty.

    Powered by a unique, metadata-driven ETL engine, the Health Catalyst Analytics Platform extracts data from a healthcare organization's many source systems and gathers them into Health Catalyst's Late-Binding Data Warehouse, where it binds the right data, at the right time, and at the right place.

    Indegene's SmartCare helps decision makers manage and execute on multiple business challenges including pay-for-performance, contract negotiations, clinical integration, resource utilization, provider profiling, and benchmarking, as well as tracking quality and core measures among other aspects of population health with ease, accuracy, and speed.

    Jiva is an integrated care management solution that includes EHR enabled careplans, point of care tools, and decision support tools.

    MemberPoint cleans and enhances your membership files with information from our vast public records repository which uses our proprietary LexID linking technology and HPCC computing platform.

    Navigating Cancer's oncology-specific software can help care teams stay connected to each other and their patients, improve productivity with streamlined workflows, and, ultimately, provide better care.

    Proskriptive utilizes advanced analytics to automate the identification of opportunities and the extraction of value.

    Strap is an analytics platform that draws actionable insights from human data.

    Payers and providers are learning that succeeding at value-based healthcare demands a market-wide view and understanding of participants, processes, and objectives, a perspective that Truven Health brings to our customers and builds into our services and solutions. Understanding the critical requirements of stakeholders and partners across the continuum, we help our customers design new programs for optimal effectiveness and satisfaction

    A partnership with Greenway Health gives you the resources, services, and confidence you need to succeed in the ever-changing healthcare landscape.