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(606)4.6 out of 5
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Entry Level Price:$9 per user/month

Front powers the heart of business — the meaningful connections between teams and customers that lead to lasting relationships. Bringing email and apps together in a collaborative customer communication platform, Front drives business impact by scaling the natural conversations that create customers for life. More than 6,000 businesses are using Front today to cultivate personalized customer relationships at scale and transform their work into impact. Learn more at

It is a simple to use application with many great features. It gives our team the opportunity to share and track customer interactions, work on... Read review
Canned Responses, Rules and the overall layout are my favorites. I also enjoy all the integrations offered. All the content produced are great and... Read review
(53)4.0 out of 5
Entry Level Price:$39 Annual

Mailbird is an award-winning desktop email management client for Windows 7, 8 and 10. The email client works seamlessly with any IMAP, POP3 or Exchange email provider, and is ideal for G-Suite (now Google Workspace) and Outlook users, with Mailbird for Mac coming up next. Mailbird users can manage all their email accounts from a single pane of glass, keeping personal and business emails separate, while managing them both from a unified interface. Mailbird distinctively enhances the end user expe

Jason M.
I really like how the interface looks like. It’s very simple, it makes me feel calmed, and yet it's robust, as it can handle several email accounts... Read review
Quentin D.
Mailbird is an incredibly powerful tool for my company. It s now my CRM, i can check my trello, my calendar, feedly for the most recent news,... Read review
(57)4.8 out of 5

Spike brings notes, tasks, and real-time collaboration right inside of your email Inbox. Instead of switching apps to check off a task or create a meeting agenda, Spike's powerful Inbox gives you a single place and a single feed in which to work. Manage your Email, create tasks, personal Notes, Group Chats, and collaborate in real-time on documents all without leaving Spike. Everything you need to get your work done is in a single feed, so you can finally give the app-switching a rest. Spik

Isaac R.
I love how Hop gives me a tool for managing everything i need to do right on top of my existing email. I love how it is free, lets me create... Read review
(41)3.9 out of 5
Entry Level Price:Free User / Year

Shift is where work gets done. It’s all of your apps, accounts, and workflows in one beautiful desktop workstation, designed for focus and efficiency. Shift is the desktop app for streamlining your accounts, apps, and workflows. Tired of switching between accounts, and logging in and out? Shift is a logical and beautiful solution for managing everything better. Toggle between multiple Gmail, Outlook & Office 365 accounts without the hassle. Connect all of your favorite apps (1,200+ to choos

Rachel G.
Every day I need constant access 4 email inboxes and calendars, 5 Slack workspaces, Evernote, Toggl, and ClickUp - Shift has made it possible to... Read review
Gregory J.
I really appreciate how easy it is for me to switch between key apps such as Gmail, Slack, Trello, etc. It's a small thing you don't think about,... Read review
(10)4.9 out of 5
Entry Level Price:12£ user/month

Its hard being productive when you spend half your time reading emails, and the other half flipping between platforms to tell your team about said emails. You need a single app thats going to help you move faster and keep everything and everyone on the same page. As a collaboration hub, Loop Email connects your team so you can chat, exchange files, and manage shared inboxes easily. It brings messages, emails and files in one app.

Paul S.
I'm a firm believer in automating as much as possible, and when things can't be fully automated then having the smoothest and most trouble-free... Read review
I love how I can chat directly or within teams in the same app as I can do my usual email, plus I can have internal discussions around emails. The... Read review
(6)4.3 out of 5
Entry Level Price:12.50 user/month*

Streamline your shared email inbox with Outpost. Easily track, collaborate, and respond to messages sent to catchall email addresses like info@ or support@. Everyone can work in the same inbox without stepping on each other's toes. - Assign emails to colleagues or subject matter experts to ensure your team knows who's doing what. - Real-time collision alters ensure no two team members are working on the same email response. - With dynamic email templates, custom routing rules, tags, and fi

The ease of use for my email team is top notch! The design of it enables the team to navigate it quickly while handling many different types of... Read review
(3)4.5 out of 5
Entry Level Price:$84.00 User/Year

Developed by a close partner of Google and now used in hundreds of Google's large enterprise clients and consumers across 120 countries, Kiwi takes all of Gmail and Google Docs and puts it on the desktop as a robust, standalone application outside the browser. Kiwi provides an even better way to use Google's products on your Mac or PC by adding powerful new features and letting you tailor them to the way you work - saving time and making everything you do a little easier.

Kiwi does a great job at creating a desktop app that links all emails into one place without having to log into web. Read review
Ability to have multiple gmail accounts, and google drive folders at one time. I am a virtual PA so work in various accounts and before using Kiwi... Read review
(1)5.0 out of 5 Mobile brings all your favorite Microsoft collaboration tools into a single screen, on all your mobile devices.

The mobile app works great for working with SharePoint content Read review

Top 8 Free Email Client Software in 2021

  • Front
  • Mailbird
  • Spike
  • Shift
  • Loop Email