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Medical transcription services provide medical practices and hospitals with an outsourced means of creating transcriptions of recorded medical data. Hospitals, clinics, ancillary care facilities, and health care professionals can solicit the services of a medical transcriptionist for a variety of reasons. In fact, the influx in medical transcription technology has created a need for outsourced medical transcription services to edit the transcripts generated by software. With medical transcription services, medical organizations can ensure HIPAA compliance, leverage the skills of a human, medical transcriptionist, and reduce the costs of clinical documentation processes.

If you are considering a software solution that will automate your transcription needs, take a look at the medical transcription software category.

To qualify for inclusion in the Medical Transcription Services category, a services provider must:

  • Coordinate and communicate transcription service requests between medical organizations, healthcare professionals, and third-party transcriptionists
  • Adhere to global and/or national medical standards and compliance regulations

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    Cybernation Infotech is a medical transcription service company that specializes in providing medical transcription service to hospital and clinic based physicians.

    Speech Motion is a product suite that has voice capture, speech recognition, automatic distribution, and e-signature applications for healthcare documentation.

    Delivers affordable and accurate documents in 24 hours or less. Improves business processes and deliver maximum ROI by providing customized information management solutions that encompass dictation, transcription, speech recognition, EHR interfaces, and document management systems.

    CBAY Transcription Services, Inc. can help. Professional, quality and timely transcription services is at the core of our business. CBAY Transcription Services, Inc. provides an integration platform to help specialty and multi-specialty groups with a full adoption of a transcription system, while both protecting physician productivity and providing the organization with the many benefits expected from a transcription service. This can be particularly helpful for multi-site groups or a single doc

    Clinicspectrum Inc. provides Quality Medical Transcription Services, integrated with electronic health records (EHR) ensuring the highest level of accuracy, privacy and security, to the U.S. Healthcare service providers. Clinicspectrum is a healthcare services company providing outsourcing and back office solutions for medical billing companies, medical offices, hospital billing departments, and hospital medical records departments.

    Cornerstone Professional Services listen and meet clients' exact needs. Takes over the complete responsibility of transcribing your facility's medical records, or can supplement your staff and handle overflow transcription. Offers a variety of services to all of our clients.

    Provides transcription programs that relieve you from uncompensated tasks that weigh heavily on your day-to-day. With DataMatrix Medical's medical transcription services, we guarantee you and your staff will experience increased productivity, see more patients, and improve your overall level of patient care.

    Experienced professionals combine a perfect command of the language (or languages), with the ability to decipher difficult messages and the strongest of accents to create a flawless transcription for all your video and audio files. Not only will you reduce costs and avoid errors but you'll receive complete documents with no sections missing quickly and accurately.

    DoctorDocs Medical Transcription Services has been a High Quality, Reliable, Medical Transcription Provider, Since 2003. With more than a decade of experience in the industry, it has been providing Excellent Quality, and Accuracy offering Fast Online Medical Dictation and Transcription Services Nationwide, from the Florida Keys to Wasilla, Alaska.

    Transcribes your recordings and enter the transcriptions in your EHR so that your patient charts are updated for you - and we provide customized transcriptions to meet your exact needs and preferences.Overall, the goal of our transcription services is to ensure that you can focus more on what's most important: treating your patients.

    Enright Sten-Tel Transcription Services is a leading transcription service provider specialized in providing fast, highly accurate voice to text transcripts and reports to the medical, legal and insurance industries.

    Transcribing audio/video for attorneys and insurance companies as well as the medical field. We provide quick 8-24 hour turnaround with a 99% accuracy rate.

    Provides clients with fast, accurate and cost-effective medical transcription services, while maintaining the highest levels of integrity, compliance and ethics.

    Fast Chart is a medical transcription company that delivers innovative, accurate and affordable outsourced clinical documentation and technology solutions for hospitals, clinics and physician practices.

    Fenton Transciption is a provider of transcription services to a wide range of end users, including the medical industry, government and law enforcement, and private enterprises. Highly efficient and well trained personnel perform transcription services from within the United States of America.

    Provides professional and accurate online medical transcription services that make your life easier. Medical transcription expertise, combined with the latest secure technology, helps you manage your practice or department so you can take care of the people who need it most, your patients.

    Global Transcripts is dealing with hardcore finance of the healthcare industry in the United States. Its mission is to help the healthcare providers manage their revenue cycle and offer patients a convenient transaction with the doctors.

    Provides numerous dictation solutions, including free use of our digital dictation system that can be customized to mimic an already existing dictation system, eliminating physician transition concerns. In addition, we offer a free mobile device app and digital upload of hand-held recorders.

    JMS Transcription is a leading service provider of transcription, translation, captioning and subtitling services at affordable prices. We boast a proficient team of transcriptionists, captions, subtitling editors, and quality analysts that pays attention-to-detail towards each aspect to deliver 100% satisfaction to the customers.

    Most trusted transcription company by providing fast, accurate, flexible, and cost-effective transcription services with best-in-class customer service. The services satisfy audio to text transcription needs across industries, and we specialize in the medical field by delivering top-of-the-line EMR medical transcription and EMR chart abstraction for clients ranging from singular physicians to major regional hospitals.

    Med-Scribe's transcription solutions are customized to the way your workflow demands. Whether you're a health system, hospital, critical-access facility, multi physician clinic with multiple locations, or in private practice... Med-Scribe makes things easy. By offering multiple service delivery options that can be further customized, our feature-rich document management platform combines with the latest advancements in back-end speech editing and allows us to exceed your expectations and earn ou

    Provides extremely competitive pricing on our medical transcription services based and the scope of your individual medical transcription needs. Whether you need medical transcription services, medical digital transcription services, online transcription services, medical transcription of radiology reports, medical records, medical consultations, or medical records transcribed into your EMR system, MedTrans can help.

    Medical Transcription Service at a faster turnaround times and at an unbelievably low cost. MedVoice completely automates the entire dictation, transcription and documentation process. Our totally integrated web-based system interfaces with all the standard EMR systems.

    Mercedes Transcription provides medical transcription services to IDN hospital networks, acute care hospitals.

    Medical transcription outsourcing makes things immensely simpler and hospitals and healthcare centers by undertaking medical transcription in-house implying that the healthcare practices have to manage resources, technology, turnaround time and all other costs associated with the medical transcription

    Medical Transcription Services is a US-based medical transcription company, committed to providing HIPAA-compliant medical transcription services for healthcare providers in the US. Serving healthcare clients since 2002, Medical Transcription Services has streamlined the healthcare documentation process, cut down operational costs, and increased the ROI of our diverse client base including multi-specialty clinics, hospital-based clinics, hospitals, group practices, and management companies.

    Medical transcription solutions for health care providers help transform dictation into meaningful clinical information for enhanced patient care. Recognized nationally for setting new standards of excellence and integrity in the transcription community.

    Nuance Transcription Services will improve the flow of patient narratives through your organization. It is committed to improving quality, minimizing turnaround time, and speeding up revenue cycles. Most importantly, outsourcing to us will free up your department to focus on other priorities.

    Preferred Transcriptions is large enough to handle any transcription assignment, yet flexible enough to conform to your organization's needs. Preferred Transcriptions is one of the largest providers nationwide providing quality transcription services for states like Pennsylvania, New Jersey, Delaware, Maryland and New York, Arizona, Hawaii and California.

    RevenueXL's advanced, high-tech infrastructure and professionally trained staff combine to make your outsourced medical transcription services more affordable.

    Resource Providers offers transcription and records management solutions for individual and group practices, clinics and hospitals. Established in 2001, our company has achieved substantial annual growth while maintaining a small company approach to customer service. By investing in quality people and the latest technology, RPI offers our clients the best products and services in the marketplace.

    ScribeCare is that assists with medical transcription and also with outsourcing medical transcription services.

    ScribeOn Transcription is a rapidly-growing medical transcription service company which provides medical transcription services to physicians, medical practitioners, chiropractors, physical therapist, small clinics, hospice houses, etc. At the moment, it has reached the height of success in terms of consistency, quality, accountability & at the top customer satisfaction.

    Scribe notes directly into the patient's chart, saving everyone time and getting the most out of your EHR.

    SpectraMedi MSO has provided industry leadership in Medical Transcription Services with innovative, efficient, and complete solutions from dictation capture to document distribution and storage.

    Provides accurate, on-time reports that exceed our customer's expectations for service, reliability and quality.

    Medical dictation transcription services bring you the flexibility to dictate however it's most convenient. And as long as you're plugged in to the internet, you can securely access your reports. You can even fax them to your colleagues. Best of all, it's all HIPAA compliant.

    SyberScribe provides a secure, tailored, low-cost outsourced medical transcription service exclusively to the Australian Healthcare Industry that meets individual needs via our internet-hosted dictation and transcription platform.

    Web Dictation Genie is a web-based application that allows providers universal access to their work as well as e-signature and report management capabilities.

    Medical Transcription is an online medical transcription services that facilitate medical practitioners to keep their records safely. It works remotely from its unit and keeps preparing your transcription documents to assist you in your medical practice.

    Improve and enrich your recorded medical content by converting it into highly accurate text. Fast, accurate, and mobile transcription solution for every need. Search, share, and monetize your audio content with the click of a button!

    Transcription HUB is a new-age transcription services company dedicated to providing cost-effective, accurate and secure audio/video transcription and translation services. Leverage advanced technology and intelligent manpower to deliver value to our clients across the globe.

    Transcription Outsourcing, LLC is a US medical transcription company that has a broad, practical and in-depth knowledge of how physicians and health facilities work. This knowledge enables us to combine advanced technology with our personal expertise to deliver comprehensive documentation solutions.

    Voxtab's transcription and quality control team is comprised of language experts who are qualified in fields from academia to medicine to business. Its experts, along with our 3-Tiered Quality Check process, ensures that your transcript will be delivered at a 99% accuracy rate by your specified deadline.

    Transcribes legal documents, interviews, depositions, medical (specializing in physical therapy, occupational therapy, general patient notes), also do a lot of transcriptions for the entertainment world, interviews, scripts. Can transcribe from audio files as well as video file. WeScribeIt stores your completed documents for 1 year and the audio transcription files for 15 days for your convenience.

    ZyDoc Transcription cloud platform provides a complete dictation generated, HIPAA-secure clinical documentation workflow for doctors, large medical groups, and hospitals with leading EHR systems.

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