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The Vision Lab Alternatives & Competitors

(1)5.0 out of 5

Looking for alternatives to The Vision Lab? Tons of people want HR Analytics Software. What's difficult is finding out whether or not the software you choose is right for you. ADP Workforce Now, UKG Dimensions (formerly Kronos Workforce Dimensions), Oracle Global Human Resources Cloud, and cube19 are the most popular alternatives and competitors to The Vision Lab.

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Top Alternatives to The Vision Lab

  • ADP Workforce Now
  • UKG Dimensions (formerly Kronos Workforce Dimensions)
  • Oracle Global Human Resources Cloud
  • cube19
  • Flock (

Top 20 Alternatives & Competitors to The Vision Lab

Browse options below. Based on reviewer data you can see how The Vision Lab stacks up to the competition, check reviews from current & previous users in industries like Hospital & Health Care, and find the best product for your business.
  1. ADP Workforce Now

    (2,898)4.1 out of 5
    Optimized for quick response
  2. From basic payroll and helping with Affordable Care Act (ACA) compliance, to managing employees across borders, ADP Workforce Now is a simple, powerful solution that helps companies with 50 or more employees improve their business performance.

    Categories in common with The Vision Lab:
    It serves the purpose we need and when it's working correctly, then all is good.
  3. UKG Dimensions (formerly Kronos Workforce Dimensions)

    (112)3.9 out of 5
  4. Powered by our intelligent Kronos D5 platform, Workforce Dimensions offers a breakthrough employee experience and unprecedented levels of operational insight into managing your workforce.

    Categories in common with The Vision Lab:
    Ease of sign in, and ability to navigate quickly
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  5. Oracle Global Human Resources Cloud

    (65)3.7 out of 5
    Optimized for quick response
  6. Oracle Global Human Resources Cloud solution engage your employees, aligns common HR processes, and promotes a culture of compliance.

    Categories in common with The Vision Lab:
    Of all the CRM software On Demand has been my favourite despite on the surface of it appearing cluttered and difficult to navigate. For my role in sales it linked together opportunities, tasks and...Read more
  7. cube19

    (77)4.9 out of 5
  8. cube19 is a business intelligence and performance management platform built specifically for the global staffing industry.

    Categories in common with The Vision Lab:
    Matthew A.
    Having trailed multiple providers, we chose Cube19 for the following reasons; 1. Fully integrates with Bullhorn 2. Specialise in data analytics & insights for the recruitment industry 3. The...Read more
  9. Flock (

    (69)4.9 out of 5
  10. Flock is a software platform that manage HR, Benefits, and Compliance for free.

    Categories in common with The Vision Lab:
    Simple, easy to use interface. I am able to see all of my benefits in one place, without additional clutter and noise.
  11. League

    (37)4.4 out of 5
    Optimized for quick response
  12. League is the new digital alternative to traditional health insurance that connects employers and employees to a comprehensive network of health services and benefits, giving them unparalleled choice, convenience and value. League unlocks employee benefits to give everyone the power to act every day and live longer, healthier, happier lives.

    Categories in common with The Vision Lab:
    Our account managers are great! They respond to inquiries promptly and always provide a great customer service experience
  13. Sense

    (35)4.9 out of 5
  14. Recruit, retain, and redeploy top talent with robust communication and analytics tools. Outsmart, outperform and outdelight the competition.

    Categories in common with The Vision Lab:
    It's been very effectual in getting feedback from our providers that we normally wouldn't get.
  15. PageUp

    (30)3.9 out of 5
    Optimized for quick response
  16. PageUp is a talent management software that allows you to recruit, engage, develop, and retain the right people within a single platform.

    Categories in common with The Vision Lab:
    It does the basics of recruiting via job boards very well.
  17. Visier

    (30)4.5 out of 5
  18. People Analytics - designed to know the right questions to ask, take confident action, and have the agility to always improve.

    Categories in common with The Vision Lab:
    Bardo K.
    Visier is excellent to know the status of the personnel of any company. I find it very functional to be able to have all the staff in the same system and that all the people who need to obtain some...Read more
  19. talentReef

    (27)3.9 out of 5
  20. talentReef provide a Social Recruiting and Talent Management Systems built for the hourly workforce that streamlines how fast-paced operators find, hire, train, and manage most valuable asset - talent, it has a mobile-optimized HR platform (Social Recruiting, ATS, Onboarding, Training and Development, Performance Management, and Analytics) optimizes Operational and HR functions on a daily basis.

    Categories in common with The Vision Lab:
    Mobile friendly makes things much easier due to the day and age, most people have smart phones and not computers. Therefore making it easier to obtain applicants.
  21. Hireology

    (25)3.8 out of 5
  22. Hiring the right people matters. Hireology takes the manual and disconnected recruiting and hiring steps and gets everything into one platform. We help 6,500+ companies attract and hire their best teams and quickly integrate them with the rest of the organization. With Hireology Attract, Hire and Integrate solutions, organizations of all sizes can manage all recruitment marketing and hiring activity from one intuitive platform and securely share data with other existing HR systems. Our customers can hire faster thanks to built-in tools like text messaging and automation to speed up admin-intensive tasks, drive more revenue by helping teams be fully staffed, and get a better understanding of their process health and recruitment ROI with our analytics platform, Insights. Hireology helps establish your employment brand with a dedicated career site, finds applicants across multiple sources automatically with Applicant Engine, and keeps the process moving with our integrated CRM and ATS. Hireology has been recognized by the Inc. 5000 as one of the fastest growing U.S. companies for the past three consecutive years with an award-winning company culture and an incredible focus on driving results for our customers. We’re a 2019 Crain’s Best Places to Work company, and have been recognized by Entrepreneur for our company culture and have been a recipient of the HRO Today award for driving customer excellence for the past six consecutive years. Our success is thanks to our dedicated customers and by putting our own process in place to build our best team and drive incredible results.

    Categories in common with The Vision Lab:
    Aaron B.
    The ease of use as well as the templates that are avalable.
  23. Talentsoft

    (24)4.6 out of 5
  24. TalentSoft is the European leader in cloud-based Talent Management software. Its solution efficiently manages employee recruitment, learning, performance, competencies, careers and compensation.

    Categories in common with The Vision Lab:
    Everything is in one product customisable to your needs
  25. IntelliHR

    (23)4.7 out of 5
    Optimized for quick response
  26. The only people management software you need to analyse data, automate administration and engage your people. Explore intelliHR – the analytics-first, cloud-based, SaaS people management platform

    Categories in common with The Vision Lab:
    The system was very easy to set up, as we were assigned a IntelliHR expert (Alex) to help us through every step. Team found it easy to use too, with one training session they had jumped in and...Read more
  27. Sift

    (20)4.8 out of 5
  28. Sift is an employee insight platform that allows for instant connection and collaboration across your entire organization. Sift integrates with existing HR data systems, collects additional information from team members, allowing you to leverage the power of your workforce by making anyone and anything searchable.

    Categories in common with The Vision Lab:
    the ability to customize my page is done well
  29. Viventium Software

    (20)4.7 out of 5
  30. Viventium Software is a transformative, living, and purely cloud-based HCM solution that provides a remarkable user experience and design that is enjoyable, personable, and intuitive, complete with unbeatable analytics and actionable insight into the business.

    Categories in common with The Vision Lab:
    The system is very user friendly and the client support team are all amazing.
  31. Hibob HRIS

    (17)3.8 out of 5
  32. Hibob is a HR and employee benefits platform for small to medium-sized businesses.

    Categories in common with The Vision Lab:
    Helen N.
    The service that we have received from HiBob's support team has been outstanding. Speedy responses, useful screenshots or step-by-step instructions for more complicated questions, and always a very...Read more
  33. Humantelligence

    (14)4.3 out of 5
  34. Humantelligence is a Culture Analytics platform that uses AI and people analytics to measure Team Culture and to hire for Culture Fit and predictive performance

    Categories in common with The Vision Lab:
    Helping to close the gaps between current culture and the desired culture. The assessments were quick and easy as well, which gave us more time to focus on the stuff we do best which is sales. By...Read more
  35. Oracle Human Resources Analytics

    (14)3.8 out of 5
  36. Oracle Human Resources Analytics provides the workforce information your HR professionals and front-line managers need to analyze workforce staffing and productivity, and to better design compensation that rewards performance.

    Categories in common with The Vision Lab:
    Oracle is reliable however it was very hard to integrate with other systems
  37. Cornerstone HR

    (14)3.8 out of 5
  38. Manage workforce data across the globe and extend legacy HR with a single, modern experience. It is a flexible, cost-effective alternative to rigid, expensive human resource systems.

    Categories in common with The Vision Lab:
    Francis F.
    Streamline the processes, simple tools using different offer
  39. Workday Prism Analytics

    (13)4.0 out of 5
  40. Workday Prism Analytics extends the core capabilities of Workday. Now finance and HR insights can be generated from any data source, all within Workday, and securely distributed to your entire organization. Workday Prism Analytics includes data preparation, data management, and data discovery tools.

    Categories in common with The Vision Lab:
    Workday is used by my company for data analytics. I like how it is very high tech and allows us to bring data in at scale from any source that our company uses and prepare, analyze, and securely...Read more