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Virtual waiting room technology is used to prevent sites from crashing during periods of unexpected traffic spikes. These tools detect abnormal traffic increases and provide a waiting page where users can wait until the site is able to handle additional visitors. Companies use these tools to ensure their site is capable of maintaining availability in unexpected situations or during special events such as an online sale or breaking news story.

Some of these tools come as a feature within a content delivery network (CDN) . Those tools also help to increase site availability and speed, but provide an increased ability to control visitor and traffic management

To qualify for inclusion in the Virtual Waiting Room category, a product must:

  • Monitor sites for spikes in traffic
  • Control site availability and prioritize users
  • Provide a waiting room page to inform users of the situation

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    Queue-it is the leading developer of virtual waiting room services to control website and app traffic surges by offloading visitors to an online queue. Its powerful SaaS platform enables online ticket vendors, ecommerce companies, educational institutions, and public-sector services around the globe to keep their systems online and visitors informed, capturing key sales and online activity on their most business-critical days. The use of Queue-it has ensured online fairness during high-demand si

    Fastly helps the world’s most popular digital businesses keep pace with their customer expectations by delivering fast, secure, and scalable online experiences. Businesses trust Fastly’s edge cloud platform to accelerate the pace of technical innovation, mitigate evolving threats, and scale on demand. Founded in 2011, Fastly powers online destinations including Airbnb, GitHub, Alaska Airlines, Pinterest, Vimeo, The Guardian, The New York Times, and Ticketmaster.

    Netacea's Virtual Waiting Room is a cloud-based service that sits in front of your website, mobile app and APIs, controlling the flow of visitors. Guarantee a positive customer omni-channel experience even under extreme conditions such as Black Friday.

    CrowdHandler protects your website during periods of heavy traffic, preventing your servers from becoming overwhelmed and allowing your customers to continue processing transactions with confidence.

    PeakProtect manages overload traffic for more than 50 websites for fairs, music festivals, stadia, live events, retail and sports tournaments.

    Section's industry-leading Edge Compute Platform gives engineers the flexibility and control to run any workload, anywhere, underpinned by modern DevOps principles. With its container-based (Docker/Kubernetes) approach to HTTP traffic delivery, the platform includes an extensive library of highly available and highly performant edge compute modules that can be deployed anywhere along the edge continuum, including the ability to build/bring your own edge containers. Section operates across the HT

    Simple Queue is a virtual waiting room system designed to manage website overload during extreme end-user peaks. It fully coexists with CDNs and works with native mobile apps.

    Visitor prioritization is designed to decrease abandonment by providing a user friendly waiting room experience when your back end application becomes overloaded by providing granular control of traffic accessing your resources and bandwidth without abandoning the branded experience.

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