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Clarizen One is enterprise project and portfolio management software that helps you get work done. Clarizen connects work across the enterprise by bringing together project management discipline, workflow automation and collaboration to turn ideas into strategies, plans, and action. With Clarizen, organizations can work the way they want to work and have real time-visibility into all their workstreams. Clarizen helps keep teams focused on the things that matter and deliver results faster so th

I have been using Clarizen for almost 2 years for workflow automation and project management of my company. This software is enriched with features... Read review
Software is very customizable. Service is really good - quick and responsive. It stuns me sometimes how quickly the support team responds, even to... Read review
(201)4.5 out of 5
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Entry Level Price:$26 user/month

Scoro is an award-winning end-to-end business management software loved by agencies and consultancies around the world. With Scoro, you can manage your entire workflow all in one place, from the first hello to the final invoice. By combining a robust suite of project management, CRM, billing and reporting tools all in one place, Scoro enables you to streamline work, automate routine tasks and ensure a business runs as smoothly and efficiently as possible. Powerful API integrations connect Scoro

Scoro is one of the most robust business management tools in the market with a large number of mergers such as business dashboards, task... Read review
Easy to navigate database for all users. Read review
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Mavenlink's purpose-built cloud software for professional services takes PSA software to a new level, one that optimizes resources and elevates operational performance to build thriving businesses. A resource-first architecture, enables resource managers to field the best team, every time and see up-to-the-minute progress against timelines and budgets so projects run smoothly, predictably, and profitably. Visit to learn more.

Gianna K.
Analytics and reporting in Mavenlink is great, once you know how to take advantage of the functionalities and learn the system. We appreciate how... Read review
Mavenlink consolidates many tools/functions, including project management, internal communication, resourcing, trafficking, revenue and cost analysis. Read review
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Entry Level Price:$24 user/month

Easy Projects is an award-winning project management platform designed for fast-moving midsize to enterprise-level teams. Our flexible solution includes visual project planning, resource planning, beautifully designed reports, best-in-class security, and much more. We support 2,000+ integrations so your team can use the tools they love best. Customers who use Easy Projects report a 30% decrease in project duration and a 98% completion rate, leading to more projects and profits.

It organizes projects and automates a lot of changes and updates, and keeps the whole team in the loop. Read review
very intuitive, easy to learn , track and document work. lot of options for reporting, calendar view is great. project planning is easy and with... Read review
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Sciforma PPM's robust and easy-to-use platform supports PMOs with these very critical PPM capabilities: idea & demand, portfolio & program, planning, work and collaboration, resources, and time tracking. Flexible and functionally scalable, it accomodates various PMO maturity levels and fits many sectors: health care, manufacturing, public, finance, and more. Key customer partners include Netgear, NXP Semiconductor, Deutsche Telekom, EADS. ☑ Dynamic business case criteria and scoring ☑ R

Jonathan B.
Sciforma is easy to learn and configure to manage the projects. It has a lots of features to help you manage the risks, budgets, capacity... Read review
We choose Sciforma for many reasons which notably includes the possibility to easily fill timesheets and approuve or reject these improve from two... Read review
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Entry Level Price:Free for up to 4 Users

ONEPOINT Projects is the leading provider of hybrid project and portfolio management solutions for modern project organizations. Unlike traditional PPM software, ONEPOINT Projects integrates simple, traditional, agile and Jira projects into a single project portfolio and resource utilization database. ONEPOINT enables project-oriented organizations to increase project and portfolio transparency, shorten project lead times, better implement best practices and optimize resource utilization. By bui

Edgar G.
For us best feature is out of the box Jira integration. It has been difficult to find a mature PPM tool that has integration with Jira. The... Read review
Andreas L.
Very straight forward when it comes to portfolio & project management beside lots of other useful functionalities. Very intuitive handling compared... Read review
(25)4.8 out of 5

Meisterplan is a cloud-based project portfolio management and resource management software that can be set up quickly (even in just a few days!). It enables management to align the project portfolio to strategy, keep track of budgets, understand employee capacities and dependencies, and resolve resource conflicts in real-time. A key feature is scenario simulation, which allows you to react to changing circumstances, compare multiple scenarios and see the effect on the project portfolio. The intu

I signed up for the trial, went through the walk-thru and played with the system myself. It seems clear that: (a) it would be very easy to load... Read review
First, the product is really easy to provision online, no software to install. Just register and get started. I am very impressed with how easy and... Read review

Project Portfolio Office (PPO) helps small consultancies to global organisations achieve greater project success by implementing a simple to use, cloud based yet enterprise scalable project portfolio management application. With no long term contract, pre-configured solutions, free online trial & learning videos you can be running your projects within 30 days.

Retha S.
I was initially introduced to PPO when I was looking for a project reporting solution for our very new and immature PMO. The first things that... Read review
Barend C.
Ability to quickly mobilise & grow a projects environment at relatively low cost. Has all the key functionality to take you far on the maturity... Read review
(13)4.8 out of 5

ITM Platform is secure, confidential and reliable SaaS for Project Management at its best, combining the depth and strategic overview of your Portfolio with real-time management and execution of programs, projects and tasks. Ease of use, lack of installations and quick deployment guarantee that your organization will start taking advantage of its capabilities in no time and with no complex rollouts. Small and large organizations can benefit alike from ITM Platform thanks to the range of feature

Zoe B.
Great portfolio management and program/project prioritization, along with waterfall and agile methodologies built-in. I have experience with many... Read review
will c.
I find the platform of ITM platform quite nice, it has a lot of potential since I can customize almost all the fields of work and this facilitates... Read review
(11)3.9 out of 5
Entry Level Price:$19.95 / user, per month

Genius Project is designed to adapt to your organization’s business processes, and delivers a highly flexible and configurable portfolio and project management software allowing tailored feature sets for a wide array of project teams and project types.

Ari F.
Genius Project lets me do everything my boss requires of me. I'm able to log timesheets, do my expenses, and submit cost tracking right from one... Read review
Paola S.
Allows monitoring by Gantt Chart, has customizable templates according to the needs of your project, you can manage the budget and track costs... Read review
(3)4.5 out of 5

PROJECT in a box is methodology led PPM. You choose the methodology for your projects and programmes, either an off the shelf standard from us, your personalised version or any custom process structure you require. Your users then collaborate within this environment working on documentation, plans and other project controls to deliver your document. All the while PROJECT in a box is collecting your data for you, automatically assembling the information you need to monitor your projects, progr

Ely O.
It is a very flexible tool, it adapts to any type of circumstance, task, project and idea, whether professional or personal, it provides all the... Read review
I like the integration of the elements of the system. PiaB provides an overview tool for guiding your project management journey through a file... Read review
(3)4.5 out of 5

PROJECT in a box is methodology led PPM. You choose the methodology for your projects and programmes, either an off the shelf standard from us, your personalised version or any custom process structure you require. Your users then collaborate within this environment working on documentation, plans and other project controls to deliver your document. All the while PROJECT in a box is collecting your data for you, automatically assembling the information you need to monitor your projects, progr

Ely O.
It is a very flexible tool, it adapts to any type of circumstance, task, project and idea, whether professional or personal, it provides all the... Read review
I like the integration of the elements of the system. PiaB provides an overview tool for guiding your project management journey through a file... Read review
(9)4.2 out of 5
Entry Level Price:$10/user/month

WorkOtter is a simple, flexible, and scalable project portfolio management (PPM) solution for IT, Engineering, and Professional Service PMOs. The software manages the lifecycle of work from ideas through project planning, control, lessons learned, and close. Projects can then be rolled up to Programs (multi project efforts) or Portfolios (Roadmaps with What If Scenarios). All features were designed to support Project Teams with simplicity and usability in mind. WorkOtter offers Gantt, Kanban, a

Ashley S.
You can’t beat the price for the quality of software you will be receiving. The software is easy to use and can be customized to fit the needs of... Read review
(61)4.3 out of 5
Entry Level Price:$450 /user, one time

Celoxis' comprehensive features address the real-world complexities of managing projects across organizations and functions; it excels at planning, delegation, collaboration, tracking and reporting with great agility and user-friendliness. Celoxis help users plan and manage real-world, diverse project portfolios. It is highly customizable to suit a variety of business needs. Celoxis has a vast feature set that includes: - Auto and manual scheduling modes that accommodate geographically distribu

There comes a time when you need to use the more complicated features of the software. Celoxis provides me with a lot of functionality that I can... Read review
Kevin R.
The ability to host the data in-house and make customization. Read review
(3)0.0 out of 5

cplace is a powerful enterprise platform solution that supports leading high-tech companies across all industries in successfully managing and scaling highly complex projects and portfolios. The flexible cplace platform serves as the organizational basis for efficient cross-company collaboration between distributed teams. The ready-to-run apps and solution components can be directly used, combined and extended. A consistent database connects all cplace solutions in the company and ensures inte

No Code, low code and easily administratable features Read review
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Sem.Workboard classifies teams and projects into work streams and set activities, which can be followed according to former prioritization. The auto-archive-function supports you to follow a work stream process accurately and identify activity changes quickly.

Top 10 Free Project and Portfolio Management Software in 2021

  • Clarizen One
  • Scoro
  • Mavenlink
  • Easy Projects
  • Sciforma

Learn More About Project and Portfolio Management Software

What is Project and Portfolio Management Software?

As opposed to project management software which focuses mostly on execution, project and portfolio management (PPM) software helps companies create and implement strategies for project portfolios. A portfolio is a mix of interrelated projects, meaning they have a similar scope and shared resources. For instance, an architecture, engineering, and construction (AEC) company may have three portfolios: one for architecture and design, another one for civil and industrial engineering projects, and a third for residential and commercial construction. Each portfolio may include dozens or hundreds of projects which need to be managed and monitored as a whole.

The high number of projects that are part of a portfolio makes it difficult for companies to plan, allocate resources, execute, and monitor performance. Typical project management software is used to manage individual projects but usually doesn’t include robust features for portfolio management.

Key Benefits of Project and Portfolio Management Software

  • Customer experience and satisfaction are essential to companies focused on delivering projects. Customer loyalty is achieved only when the company constantly delivers good quality work at reasonable prices. Project quality is difficult to manage across multiple portfolios and PPM helps to address this challenge.
  • Project and portfolio visibility allow stakeholders across the company as well as partners and customers to track milestones, deliverables, and identify potential issues. While tracking individual projects is relatively easy, only PPM software is able to monitor hundreds of projects simultaneously. Also, since the projects in a portfolio are interrelated, unexpected changes in one task may propagate across multiple projects and harm the entire portfolio.
  • Tracking costs and profitability avoids unnecessary spending, compares estimated and actual costs, and provides insights on how to improve revenues. There are many costs related to project portfolios (resources, contractors, labor, etc.), and each one of them needs to be monitored closely. At the project level or for each task, the expenses may seem insignificant; but when analyzed by portfolio, they may accumulate into a noteworthy amount.
  • Improves business agility and accelerates project delivery across a company or group of companies. Agility helps companies adapt to customer demand and market changes, and improved deliverability makes the business more efficient.

Why Use Project and Portfolio Management Software?

The main benefit of PPM platforms is their ability to manage portfolios of numerous projects and maintain the relationships between them. This helps companies plan and execute dozens or hundreds of projects simultaneously. Additional benefits of PPM software include the following:

Collaboration across projects and portfolios — Collaboration between multiple teams and external stakeholders is difficult without robust software. PPM systems allow everyone involved in projects to communicate and share data without overwhelming them with unnecessary information.

Analytics and performance — Portfolios of projects are the main revenue driver for many professional services providers and their performance directly impacts profitability. It is therefore essential that companies use analytics to track portfolio performance, identify bottlenecks and risks, and find opportunities for improvement.

Strategic alignment across the company — Medium and large companies tend to be bureaucratic and rigid, negatively impacting the performance of the business. PPM provides features to define and monitor common goals which improves business alignment and company performance.

Who Uses Project and Portfolio Management Software?

PPM software can be used by anyone in the company and even by external users such as partners and customers. It is therefore critical to clearly define user roles and access rights to protect intellectual property, confidential data, and the privacy of all the parties involved.

Head of project management office (PMO) — A PMO is a team or department within a company that defines and implements standards for project management. For large companies, PMO employees also need to create standards for project portfolios. Once created, the standards are enforced across the company to ensure compliance and communication with customers and partners. PPM standards need to be updated regularly to keep up with changing regulations. PMO teams also use PPM software to monitor how standards are implemented and take corrective actions when required.

Project managers — Project managers use PPM to plan and execute projects that are part of various portfolios. They also need to ensure that everyone working on a project follows the standards defined by the PMO department. Project managers also use PPM to maintain direct communications with customers, identify risks, and escalate issues to managers and executives.

Executives — Managers and executives benefit from data analysis, reporting, and dashboards that provide information on the status of projects, associated costs, risks, and compliance. Data is also used to identify how to optimize portfolios as well as new business opportunities. Also, historical project portfolio information is the starting point of any budgeting and forecasting activity.

Partners and contractors — Large portfolios of projects often require the involvement of third-party companies, vendors, suppliers, and independent contractors. Companies are also partnering with freelancers increasingly when it is too expensive to hire and train employees for tasks that aren’t critical for project success. All these external stakeholders need to access project and portfolio information, ideally through a portal rather than documents and spreadsheets. Companies need to be careful to protect their intellectual property and customers’ privacy when sharing data externally.

Kinds of Project and Portfolio Management Software

There aren’t many PPM solutions available in the market and buyers only have a few delivery options to choose from.

Best of breed — Refers to a single integrated solution that delivers all functionality to manage portfolios and associated projects. While all best-of-breed PPM software delivers robust portfolio features, the level of support for project and resource management varies significantly from one product to another.

Suites — Includes multiple products, one of which focuses on portfolio management. The other products may be used for resource and project management. Companies may choose between buying and using all products together or separately. A PPM suite is advantageous because it provides comprehensive features and a single repository of project portfolio data.

Point solutions — Such solutions focus on creating and monitoring portfolios and do not include robust features for project management. Integration with project management software is therefore critical to plan and execute projects. It is also important to integrate with project cost management software when this type of functionality isn’t provided. Point solutions for PPM are beneficial for small and medium-sized businesses (SMBs) and small teams of large companies.

Industry-specific PPM — Includes best practices for complex industries such as energy, aerospace and defense, or for government contractors. This type of software ensures compliance with regulations and industry standards which isn’t always the case for most PPM products.

Project and Portfolio Management Software Features

PPM is more than advanced project management. Its focus is to identify business opportunities, match them with projects and portfolios, and ensure that the company adjusts its portfolios based on market changes.

Portfolio management and monitoring — Project portfolios are defined based on customer demand and the ability of the company to deliver projects. Since demand changes constantly, portfolios need to be updated to stay relevant. Changes to a portfolio may also be triggered by executive decisions to provide new services or discontinue unprofitable offerings.

Resource planning and allocation — Capacity planning allows users to identify which resources are available and when. This type of functionality is also leveraged to reallocate resources based on unexpected changes. Any changes must be reflected across the entire project portfolio so that everyone gets a clear picture of their work.

Project management and execution — Traditional project management software is used to execute individual projects, while PPM allows for the planning and management of portfolios. Ideally, PPM should provide functionality for both project and portfolio management. Project tasks, deadlines, and resources should be consolidated by portfolio.

Project and portfolio risk — Project risks tend to increase for complex projects and portfolios. PPM identifies and mitigates risk at the portfolio and project level. While some risks are preventable, others may occur unexpectedly, which is why companies define and implement corrective actions.

Collaboration — Collaboration features vary from simple chat to advanced document management and authoring. For portfolio management, collaboration should allow internal and external users to communicate and share information at each stage of the project. Executives and the PMO team need to work together on defining and aligning business strategies, or on creating budgets and forecasting finances.

Financial analysis — While PPM does not include accounting features, it provides options to create budgets and monitor project costs. The cost of the resources used to deliver projects represents the majority of the spending on professional services companies. Other costs are expenses for travel and consumables as well as indirect costs for utilities or administration. All these costs need to be allocated to projects and portfolios and analyzed by each team and business unit.

Additional Project and Portfolio Management Features

Project portfolio optimization — Like any other product or service, a project portfolio has a lifecycle that starts with inception, followed by testing, deployment, maturity, and ends with obsolescence. To remain competitive, a business should constantly evaluate and improve its portfolios. Even though the main goal is to achieve maximum profitability, decision makers also need to take into account market changes and socio-economic challenges such as automation or climate change.

Potential Issues with Project and Portfolio Management Software

Complexity — PPM includes many features and functions which are be delivered as one single product or as a suite of multiple solutions. As vendors acquired multiple products and tried to integrate them, the result was sometimes a system with inconsistent user experience and complicated workflows.

Cost — Due to its complexity, PPM software isn’t as affordable as project management. While the new cloud solutions are more accessible, there are extra costs for configuration or customization as well as professional services such as implementation and change management.

Compliance — Companies using PPM need to ensure that they comply with project management standards as well as regulations to protect privacy and prevent financial fraud.

Flexibility — While companies using PPM require robust and advanced features, they also need flexible systems that have the potential to adapt to their business. To address this challenge, vendors are trying to offer configurable user interfaces and the ability to modify workflows without disrupting work.