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Foreign exchange (FX) software enables companies to buy and manage foreign currencies to support their international operations. FX software is mostly used by companies with a multinational presence and businesses that have international partners. The main benefit of FX software is that it helps companies limit the potential losses caused by fluctuations in exchange rates. This type of software can be used by accountants and treasury professionals who are in charge of buying and selling foreign currencies. FX software can also be beneficial to FOREX traders and exchange offices.

FX software usually integrates with banking software since companies typically buy and sell currencies through banks. Integration with accounting software and ERP systems is also essential to manage financial transactions in foreign currencies.

To qualify for inclusion in the Foreign Exchange category, a product must:

  • Track FX payables and receivables transactions
  • Automatically update exchange rates for currencies
  • Comply with regulations such as FINTRAC or OFAC
  • Support currency services such as check clearing
  • Capture FX payment confirmation documents

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    All in one secure solution for your Exchange & remittance solution

    Thomson Reuters is the leading provider of foreign exchange trading, data and analytics platforms for the institutional FX community.

    AFEXDirect is our online solution for managing global payments. It provides peace of mind by giving you access to your foreign currency balances 24/7, from practically any location. Free, flexible and easy to use, AFEXDirect puts you on top of changing conditions in the market.

    Banking Circle Real-time FX gives businesses a banking platform that enables them to trade foreign exchange more efficiently as well as make international payments on behalf of their clients. It gives them a real competitive advantage over the mainstream banks enabling them to build new revenue streams and add value by providing international payments as an add-on' service for their customers.

    Biz4x is an integrated platform that provides business management, compliance, real-time market data, customer acquisition and wholesale trading features for money services businesses. The platform is currently being used in more than 20 different countries globally.

    Real-time front-to-back global solution for foreign exchange.

    The CEIFX software system is at the heart of Currency Exchange International, Corp's continued success. The web-based software is viewed as a leading application in foreign currency exchange based on its highly-customizable features and compliance functionality. The core features allow for fully customized customer setups, compliance integration, instinctual user interface, user management, and robust reporting capabilities.

    Save time and money. Use our convenient currency solutions.

    Datasoft FxOffice is a foreign exchange and global payments software platform that offers financial institutions a completely integrated forex, treasury, compliance and payments platform.

    The DCS Foreign Currency Exchange Software takes the headache out of buying and selling foreign currency. Integrated into the DCS point-of-sale system, ATS, our foreign currency exchange module allows tellers the ability to automatically convert many types of foreign currency.

    The FX Payments Management Platform for Financial Institutions and Foreign Exchange Specialists. Streamline trading with your back office processes, do more with less resources and grow your FX business

    EGAR Focus is a modular, fully integrated position keeping system with pricing, reporting, asset and risk management features supporting trading of over-the-counter and exchange-traded derivatives.

    Instantly detect gateway health issues impacting FX broker profitability. Assess the live performance of price information sent between FX brokers and trading partners via FIX and other protocols.

    FxPro offers web and mobile based online trading platforms and tools.

    FX STAR Web is SwapsTech's state of the art online trading and payment platform, providing clients with the tools to manage payments, monitor positions, hedge risks and monitor activity across the full range of FX payment and FX derivative products including Window Forwards.

    Reduces the time and cost for businesses that have a FX program, through the ability to determine in real time net exposure and hedges.

    Kantox is a fintech company offering FX management solutions.

    Aphe_lion was founded in 2006 in Sweden by a team of FX spe_cial_ists with deep exper_tise in elec_tronic trading. In 2018, Aphelion became a fully-owned subsidiary of the ION Group.

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