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Technical skills development providers give users an end-to-end learning experience designed to teach and hone technical skills. Companies can leverage technical skills development providers to train employees on entirely new skills and upgrade the existing skills of incumbent employees.

These programs typically work by having users take a skill assessment to begin. The assessment is graded according to demonstrated proficiency, and the program recommends modules for the users to take. These modules include videos, interactive content, and projects designed to have users actually create something and demonstrate their skill level after taking the course. Technical skills development providers also usually have role-based modules and engage in skill gap analysis so that an employee in a given role can assess exactly what it is they need to improve and then take the course designed to impart that skill.

Technical skills development providers are similar to online course providers, and many online course providers also offer technical skills development. The difference lies in how robust the technical skills development provider courses are, with each skill being built and demonstrated via various projects.

To qualify for inclusion in the Technical Skills Development category, a provider must:

  • Offer a course of study online
  • Be designed for acquisition technical skills in coding, IT operations, database management, cyber security, and more
  • Offer skill gap analysis
  • Assess student skill proficiency via projects and exams
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    What is Pluralsight? As your industry and business model evolve, you need a learning solution that helps you deliver key innovations on time and on budget. With our platform, you can evaluate the technical abilities of your teams, align learning to key business objectives and close skills gaps in critical areas like cloud, design, security, mobile and data. How we do it? Businesses can evaluate the technical abilities of their teams through skill assessments and analytics, align learning to key objectives with custom plans, and close skills gaps in critical areas like cloud, mobile, security, design and data with 6,950+ on-demand courses from the largest network of technology experts in the world.

    Udemy for Business helps companies stay competitive in today’s rapidly changing workplace by offering fresh, on-demand learning content through a powerful content marketplace. Our mission is to help employees do whatever comes next- whether that’s the next project to tackle, skill to learn or role to master. We do this by curating a collection of 2,500+ of Udemy’s top-rated courses taught by the world’s leading experts. Our content covers a variety of key business and technical topics ranging from development and IT to leadership, marketing, design and stress management. In addition to a curated content collection, organizations can also host and distribute their own proprietary content on Udemy. Leading organizations including PayPal, Lyft,, Pinterest, Capgemini, and HSBC choose Udemy for Business to upskill their workforce and drive learning forward.

    Infosec Flex
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    As the trusted training provider of more than 160,000 security and IT professionals, Infosec provides award-winning security skills training and certification preparation courses. We relentlessly pursue the best information security instructors and resources to help you advance your career and keep your organization secure, and take pride in having the highest exam pass rate in the industry at 93%. There are three ways to train with us: 1.) Infosec Skills: Learn at Your Own Pace Infosec Skills keeps your security skills fresh year-round with over 270 courses mapped to the National Initiative for Cybersecurity Education’s CyberSeek model. Master a new skill for an upcoming project or follow one of 40+ learning paths to guide you through your next big career move. Whether you’re just getting started in cybersecurity or are an established professional, we’ll help you gain the skills to achieve your next goal. 2.) Infosec Flex: Get Certified Now Infosec Flex security and IT boot camps help you pass your certification exam the first time, guaranteed. With over 100 courses to choose from, Infosec Flex makes expert, live instruction convenient with online and in-person formats tailored to how, when and where you learn best. Across multiple disciplines and vendor certifications, Infosec students consistently achieve an industry-leading exam pass rate of 93%. 3.) Infosec Flex Enterprise: Close Your Team’s Skills Gap We’ll help upskill your entire team to fill talent gaps. Brand our platform as your own or integrate Infosec Flex training into your existing LMS to give your team convenient access to training any time, anywhere.

    DataCamp is an online learning platform that provides courses teaching everything about data science.

    CodeGym is an interactive practice-oriented programming course. This learning course suits for absolute beginners as well as software developers who want to extend their skills.

    Udacity provides online courses & credentials, built by AT&T, Google, etc. to teach skills that industry employers need today.

    Treehouse is an online technology school that offers beginner to advanced courses in web design, web development, mobile development and game development taught by a team of expert teachers. Its courses are aimed at beginners looking to learn coding skills and embark on a career in the tech industry. In May 2016, Treehouse launched the Techdegree program, a comprehensive learning program focused on helping people learn the skills they need to start a tech career. Through earning a Techdegree certification, a student will challenge themselves, deepen their skills, and prove their knowledge to potential employers. All in 6-12 months, on their own schedule. Treehouse believes that understanding, communicating with and controlling technology is a fundamental skill that everyone should have the opportunity to learn. Through learning with Treehouse, each student is given the opportunity to learn the valuable skills they need — whether they have existing, little or no previous experience — to confidently take control of their future.

    CBT Nuggets provides innovative IT training that is informative, meaningful, and engaging.

    O’Reilly learning provides individuals, teams, and businesses with expert-created and curated information covering all the areas that will shape our future—including artificial intelligence, operations, data, UX design, finance, leadership, and more.

    Founded in 1998, Skillsoft has grown rapidly to become the global leader in corporate learning. With 2,300 employees across multiple locations in North America, EMEA and APAC, Skillsoft trains more professionals than any other company in the world. We are trusted by the world’s leading organizations, including 65% of the Fortune 500. Today we train over 45 million users and our content is accessed more than 130 million times every month. Over the last 20 years, we have trained more than 400 million users with over one billion learning modules. With a library of more than 500,000 assets that enable learners to Watch, Read, Listen and Practice, Skillsoft offers unrivaled access to the largest and most comprehensive set of corporate training assets in the world. Technology & Developer Skillsoft delivers training to more technology professionals than any other corporate learning company. Every year, we deliver 26 million hours of learning content to more than 5 million learners worldwide. Continual learning is an organization’s most important tool in adapting to this unprecedented technology transformation where new roles are rapidly evolving, new skill sets are required and business and technology sides of the business are increasingly converging. To ensure they can retain talent, organizations need to provide enterprise technology professionals and software developers with access to an abundance of multi-modal resources to prepare for certification exams, trouble-shoot on demand, or acquire new technical skills. Finally, an area often overlooked for technology professionals is soft skills – these are crucial for developing effective leaders and communicators. Skillsoft offers an unparalleled solution, developed in conjunction with our industry-leading experts who carefully curate multi-modal resources into hundreds of learning channels. These channels incorporate several learning modalities including video learning, hands-on practice labs, virtual mentoring and access to the largest library of leading certification prep books and audiobooks. Leadership Development The Skillsoft Leadership Development Program addresses the changing way in which organizations need to develop their leaders by providing a scalable, cost-effective, and engaging leadership development experience designed for the modern, digital learner. The courses support the following new competencies for leading in the digital economy, including: • The Agile Leader: Perseverance and Flexibility • Leading Virtually • Leading Innovation • Leading Through the Challenge of Change • Embracing Diversity in Leadership • Leading with Digital Technology • Leading Through Disruption • Leading a Customer-Centric Culture • And more A unique learning design and scenario-based pedagogy set the Skillsoft Leadership Development Program apart in the market. Skillsoft’s unique approach leverages a common set of characters throughout the curriculum, including a “leader mentor.” Through compelling drama and pragmatic storytelling, Skillsoft models the critical human-interaction elements of leadership and demonstrates effective implementation strategies within the team context, allowing learners to tie learning to on-the-job leadership behaviors. Learners also benefit from a wide array of tools and application resources, including reflection questions, knowledge checks, post-course assessments, facilitation guides, leader-led activities and exercises. Additionally, close to 800 carefully curated video-based assets, books, book summaries, audio books and expert-authored content extend the learning. Business Skills High-performing organizations know their competitive advantage is directly tied to their ability to develop and deploy their talent effectively, reinforced by access to training programs that not only align to business objectives but support project execution. Today execution happens in mission-based teams, with a rate of change that requires individuals to be nimble and prepared for a new responsibility at any time. A learning solution must have a broad base of content topics and modalities and be available when needed. Skillsoft’s business skills courses are designed for modern learners. We’ve created fresh, new business skills videos in a variety of formats including scenario-based storytelling, animation, and panel discussions with subject matter experts. Digital Transformation Digital transformation is driving a convergence of business and management skills with traditional IT skills. This convergence is causing companies to rethink existing organizational structures, create new roles and recruit and develop new skill sets and competencies among their workforces. Primary research with Skillsoft customers highlights that more than two-thirds of all organizations believe they do not have the right skillsets, competencies or operating models to adapt in the shifting digital economy. Digital Transformation Fundamentals for Business features more than 50 video-based courses across seven competency domains: Essentials of Digital Transformation, Data Science, Digital Experiences, Agility for Digital Transformation, Digital Marketing & Communications, Virtual Work and Digital Soft-skill Competencies. Compliance Skillsoft Compliance Solutions provides legal, ethics and workplace safety training through a full suite of customizable compliance training options tailored around each customer’s unique, industry-specific requirements. With one of the largest selections of compliance topics available, Skillsoft Compliance Training Solutions ensure organizations effectively meet regulatory requirements and mitigate risk. To aid your organization in addressing global audience requirements, we include language and cultural considerations to promote awareness around critical risk areas—all while building a strong culture of compliance through a comprehensive suite of training, services and technology. Our compliance courseware and videos are developed in partnership with industry-leading subject matter experts to ensure customers receive up-to-date, relevant and reliable content. Courses are available in 30+ languages, each developed around key instructional design principles to better engage learners and accelerate ethical and safety workplace practices across the organization. Our approach focuses on business outcomes by aligning our tools with the organization’s objectives to ensure we not only address the challenges in training the workforce, but also incorporate training into the overall business strategy.

    Infosec IQ
    (6)4.7 out of 5
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    Optimized for quick response

    Infosec IQ awareness and training empowers your employees with the knowledge and skills to stay cybersecure at work and home. With over 2,000 awareness and training resources, you’ll have everything you need to prepare employees to detect, report and defeat cybercrime. Every aspect of the platform can be customized and personalized to match your organization’s culture and employees’ learning styles. With Infosec IQ, you can: ● Personalize employee training with role-based modules in a variety of themes, styles and lengths to engage learners ● Automate training cadence and delivery to keep lessons relevant, challenging and fun — and save you time ● Integrate with your endpoint protection, LMS and SOC to streamline program management, reporting and attack response ● Analyze employee risk scores, learning outcomes and reported phishing threats to anticipate — and remediate — cyberthreats ● Improve your program with actionable dashboard data, helping you fill compliance training gaps and educate high-risk employees

    CES EduPack is a unique set of teaching resources that support Materials Education across Engineering, Design, Science and Sustainable Development.

    Chilkat is a cross-language, cross-platform API providing 90+ classes for many Internet protocols, formats, and algorithms.

    Hands-on expertise in the ISC2 CISSP certification exam with CISSP course and performance-based labs. Performance-based labs simulate real-world, hardware, software & command line interface environments and can be mapped to any text-book, course & training. The complete study guide provides complete coverage of ISC2 CISSP exam objectives and includes topics such as business continuity planning, asset security, cryptography, PKI, cryptographic applications, laws, regulations, and compliance, and so on. The cert guide provides the required skills and knowledge for understanding and using all the basic and advanced security principles and methods.

    Web-based recruitment solution that helps hiring managers with candidate & interview management, assessments, and tests.

    Cognixia formerly known as Collabera TACT, is dedicated to delivering exceptional trainings and certifications in digital technologies. It provides interactive, customized training courses to individuals and organizations alike, and have served more than 100,000 professionals worldwide spanning over 37 countries.

    Instructional Coaching Platform is a platform that enables schools and districts to grow their teachers through feedback.

    With Learning Tree's Software Development training curriculum, you learn sound software development methodologies to help you deliver successful projects, including Agile, Lean IT, Six Sigma and DevOps. Gain skills spanning the full Software Development Life Cycle (SDLC), like requirements documentation, testing and User Experience (UX) design.

    NerdGeek Lab is a Student LaucnhPad platform created by SAPster for the aspiring job aspirants and internship platform, based out of Delhi, India.

    Pro Series blended courses give you an edge on mastering complex topics that matter to your career—in less than three weeks. With every Pro Series course, you get the best of both an online and in-person experience. Start with expert-led online sessions, and then put your new skills into practice with in-person instruction alongside a small group of your peers.

    ROI delivers customized technology and management training solutions to large corporations and government agencies around the world.