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Infosec Skills is the only cybersecurity training platform that moves as fast as you do. Train on your schedule with unlimited access to 100s of hands-on cybersecurity courses and hands-on virtual labs — or upgrade to an Infosec Skills boot camp for live, instructor-led training guaranteed to get you certified on your first attempt. Whether you're seeking training for yourself or your team, Infosec’s deep bench of cyber expertise and award-winning training platform provide the resources and guid

There are lot of training options available. It covers lot of different technologies in IT and Security domains-pretty much everything. Updates are... Read review
Naveen K.
i like that i have prepared for my ceh v10 exam from here is more helpful Read review
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Entry Level Price:$59.00 1 user/month

Learning IT doesn’t have to mean boring lectures, the frantic pace of bootcamps, or lots of time away from your job or family. With CBT Nuggets, you can train 24/7 anywhere on a variety of devices, from the comfort of your office chair or living room couch. Our world-class team of trainers are industry experts who enjoy teaching people IT. Their training is informative, relevant, and engaging — and because most videos are 10 minutes or less, it’s easier to retain information. Choose from a trai

Paul David S.
I purchased CBT Nuggets monthly subscription in hopes of obtaining a refresher on networking. In particular, the Cisco Certified Network Associate... Read review
Usman Lawal A.
The trainers have an infectious enthusiasm and make me want to learn even more. I like the reviews at the end of sections that help reinforce what... Read review
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A Cloud Guru (ACG) is the leader in cloud learning and has helped 2,000,000+ people and more than 4,000 organizations level up their cloud skills. Founded in 2015 by brothers Sam and Ryan Kroonenburg, ACG began as one cloud certification course and has grown into the world’s most effective, hands-on, and comprehensive skills development platform for cloud learning! ACG helps novices, gurus and everyone in between advance their career in the cloud, prep for certification exams, and progress thr

Chad S.
There is so much content and pathways that I know I can learn anything I need to stay relevant in the workforce. With their year subscription price... Read review
Updates about AWS made by Faye Ellis The A Cloud guru mission and the recent join with Linux Academy Read review
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Entry Level Price:$349 per user/per year

Ditch the boring slide shows and start really learning IT with ITProTV. With training that’s more like a talk show, you’ll watch your ‘edutainer’ engage with a host and an online audience to create a better-than-classroom experience that you and your team will look forward to watching. New content is added every day and the course library has more than 5,800 hours covering all of the major certification courses (e.g. CompTIA, Microsoft, Amazon, ITIL, Apple, Cisco, GIAC, EC-Council) and non-certi

The selection of courses are very vast and this allows your mind the freedom to start exploring previously unexplored courses. The labs are also... Read review
olletippaz Z.
There is more than one way to learn: Lecture, flashcards/practice exams, hands-on practice modules. Though flashcards and practice modules are not... Read review
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Cloud Academy is the leading enterprise digital skills development platform accelerating innovation through guided Learning Paths, Hands-on Labs, and Skill Assessment. Companies trust Cloud Academy to deliver role-specific training on leading clouds (AWS, Azure, Google Cloud Platform), essential methodologies needed to operate on and between clouds (DevOps, security), and capabilities that are unlocked by the cloud (big data, machine learning, IoT).

Jeremy S.
Labs and quizzes are very helpful consolidating learning Read review
Hands-on lab experience and well structured course curriculum Read review
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LinkedIn Learning, the leading online learning platform, helps organizations increase learner engagement and develop the skills they need today and tomorrow. With over 16,000 courses taught by real-world experts from—and more than 50 new courses added every week—the library is always up-to-date with the most in-demand business, technical, and creative content. Drawing on insights from 600+ million LinkedIn members, LinkedIn Learning also delivers personalized recommendations that co

LinkedIn Learning provides an outlet to learn more about professional, business, and other skills to succeed in your career. It is free, accessible... Read review
Umer R.
Unlimited courses and skills just in 30$ unlike other platforms. Read review
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GoSkills helps you learn essential business skills to achieve your full potential. is an online learning company that helps anyone learn business skills to reach their personal and professional goals. With a subscription, members receive personalized courses consisting of bite-sized and interactive content. For businesses, GoSkills provides a flexible learning platform for training teams of any size. Business can seamlessly manage, track, and assign in-house and third

Mc Lein L.
Low price for all bite-sized lessons per course is what I liked with GoSkills. I took Lean Six Sigma Black Belt course and felt I needed more... Read review
Daniël T.
The lessons are short and easily digested. The material is very well presented and easy to understand. Read review
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Founded in 1998, Skillsoft has grown rapidly to become the global leader in corporate learning. With 2,300 employees across multiple locations in North America, EMEA and APAC, Skillsoft trains more professionals than any other company in the world. We are trusted by the world’s leading organizations, including 65% of the Fortune 500. Today we train over 45 million users and our content is accessed more than 130 million times every month. Over the last 20 years, we have trained more than 400 mi

Fritz C.
A wide range of courses and books that will help me to improve my professional skills. I liked the video courses. Convenient mobile client. Read review
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Nicely presented material through audio and video. Option to display combination of audio/video and text/images. Display nice related questions in... Read review
(43)4.9 out of 5

101 Blockchains is a professional and trusted provider of enterprise blockchain research and training. Our core mission is to train leading enterprise professionals to become global blockchain experts by providing them practical up to date knowledge and up-skilling.

Amar M.
I enjoyed the explanation of technological aspects of blockchain and its real world implications. The section on the various implementation... Read review
The course material and the applicable use cases of the Enterprise aspect of Blockchain Read review
(46)4.7 out of 5

CXL teaches you advanced level skills in customer acquisition, analytics, and conversion optimization. Get the world's top practitioners as your instructors. Study on-demand or engage in live trainings to become great at marketing.

This is coming from someone who was a 6 figure ecommerce store owner, and now am a 7 figure store owner thanks to CXL institute. As an ecommerce... Read review
Nancy N.
The course material is constantly updated. The instructors are renowned in their respective industries. There are tailored lessons relevant for... Read review
(41)4.7 out of 5

Learn Data Science in your browser using Python, R and more! Signup for free and start learning today at Our practical approach teaches you Data Science using interactive coding challenges. Unlike other courses, we don't use videos of lectures. Watching videos doesn't help you learn. Instead, you'll be writing code and working with real-life data sets from your browser. We'll check your code, give you hints along the way, and give you help and support as you learn. W

Kyle S.
I've used multiple platforms of learning for to understand data science, such as online courses through Udemy and Dataquest. I quickly discovered I... Read review
- Covers a lot of material - In-browser experience - Reactive support - Quite a lot of free content - Excellent blog posts Read review
(20)3.8 out of 5

CyberVista is a cybersecurity workforce development company. Our mission is to build and strengthen organizations by providing cybersecurity professionals with the knowledge, skills, and abilities needed to drive growth and defense. CyberVista offers a diverse portfolio of workforce development solutions designed and built to upskill a global workforce including: • Role-Based Training: Upskill, cross-skill, and retain cybersecurity and cyber-enabled team members across your organization. •

I'm in it, and when it comes to getting certified it need all the help I can to prepare. With this website, I like that I can get help with getting... Read review
It doesn’t just Function For IT professionals looking to relearn or review software specifications or languages, but it also works for beginners... Read review
(12)4.6 out of 5

We provide the best machine learning exam preparation for technical certifications. Looking to practice with CCNA exam questions? Perhaps you are more interested in a CompTIA video course? Regardless of your needs, we have you covered when it comes to technical exam preparation. Experience what it's like to work with thousands of test questions that fit your study style. Receive help from live instructors and more. Start a free trial today and get one step closer to passing your test. Let’s get

The videos seems pretty strong, ....... Read review

Top 10 Free Technical Skills Development Software in 2021

  • Infosec Skills
  • CBT Nuggets
  • A Cloud Guru
  • ITProTV
  • Cloud Academy

Learn More About Technical Skills Development Software

What You Should Know About Technical Skills Development Software

Technical skills development software delivers online courses designed to build a user’s skills in technical fields such as software development, data science, IT support, cybersecurity, and artificial intelligence (AI).

Similar to online course providers, which cover a broader range of topics, these products are specifically focused on helping employees acquire new skills or refine existing skills in highly technical subjects. Courses in technical skills development software typically include interactive course content like videos and exercises, plus assessments for users to demonstrate what they learned. Employees can pursue personalized learning paths based on their interests and the company’s needs. These products can be used for upskilling, or employees improving their skills to help them perform better in their current role, as well as reskilling, which is when employees learn new skills so they can do a different job.

For business leaders, technical skills development software products provide a streamlined way to keep their teams updated on technologies as they change so employees are better equipped to perform in their roles and move the business forward. These platforms can scale their educational offerings depending on the needs of the customer, from a single user taking courses in one subject area to a large company with a variety of different roles across thousands of employees. For individual workers, technical skills development software provides an opportunity to brush up on in-demand skills, potentially opening the door to new career opportunities.

Key Benefits of Technical Skills Development Software

  • Help employees refine or acquire technical skills
  • Increase worker productivity and performance
  • Boost employee engagement and retention
  • Speed up onboarding for new employees, especially those with skill gaps

Why Use Technical Skills Development Software?

Technical skills development software solutions have benefits for both businesses and their employees. Staying on top of emerging tech trends is crucial in the evolving technology industry. A company that doesn’t prioritize its workers’ skills will fall behind. With technical skills development platforms, business leaders have a streamlined way of helping employees get the skills they need to continue developing innovative products and advancing the company’s goals, whether employees are software developers, data scientists, or in some other technical role. Employees will be more productive if they can build relevant knowledge and put it to practice in their daily work. For company leaders, these platforms often offer tracking features so managers can monitor how their employees use technical skills development software and tailor how they use the software to achieve the company’s employee development goals.

For employees, access to technical skills development tools is a great way to stay engaged at work and feel like their employer values their professional development. Some of the top reasons employees leave jobs is because they don’t feel challenged or they think there’s no room to develop new skills and grow in their organization. Technical skills development software platforms often offer personalized learning paths, so individual employees and managers can choose the courses most relevant for their specific role or career path. Employees that feel like their company is invested in their career development are more likely to stay and be productive contributors. Retaining those workers also saves the company thousands of dollars in recruiting and hiring costs. Technical skills development software solutions benefit new employees as well. They offer a way to streamline training so new hires can quickly acquire the necessary skills to succeed in a new role.

Who Uses Technical Skills Development Software?

Any company or organization with employees who work in technical roles like software developer, database administrator, or data analyst could use technical skills development software as one piece of their training program. Within those organizations, the main users of the software will usually be company leaders, team leaders, and employees.

Company executives — Based on a company’s needs and goals, corporate leaders can determine what skills their employees need to master in order to move the business forward. Technical skills development platforms enable companies to set company-wide learning strategies based on the areas they want to focus on. Leaders can analyze company-wide metrics about how their teams use technical skills development software to maximize the use of the courses and make adjustments to the company’s training plans as needed.

Managers and team leaders — Tracking features in many technical skills development software products allow managers to keep tabs on how much progress their direct reports have made on their learning paths. That insight can provide opportunities for collaborating and coaching to ensure employees receive the most guidance. Managers also benefit from taking the same courses as their employees to keep their skills sharp.

Employees — Individual contributors in technical roles are the primary users of technical skills development software, since they are the ones taking courses and completing assessments that show they acquired the necessary skills. Personalized learning paths give individual employees a chance to shape their own learning journeys.

Kinds of Technical Skills Development Software

Technical skills development software products are often targeted to either individuals or corporate teams. While the course offerings are often similar in both types of products, some of the features vary.

Individuals — The personal versions are generally geared towards individuals looking to develop their skills outside a specific job. These might be career changers who want to pick up skills to make themselves more attractive to employers in a certain industry. It could be a software developer who wants to stay in the same industry but pursue a different role that requires skills that they don’t have.

Corporate teams — Enterprise versions of technical skill development software platforms typically come with additional features aimed at deploying courses and learning programs on a large scale. This might include curriculum planning functions that map out multiyear learning strategies for a company and analytics dashboards that show how employees use the courses. Enterprise versions of technical skills development software typically include integrations with other software, such as corporate learning management systems, human resources software, and single sign-on (SSO) software.

Aside from the individual or enterprise distinction, there are a wide array of topics covered in technical skills development software. Some course and topic offerings include:

  • Programming and software development
  • Web development
  • IT operations
  • Cloud computing
  • Data science
  • AI and machine learning
  • Cybersecurity
  • DevOps

Technical Skills Development Software Features

In addition to the content in the courses, technical skill development platforms typically come with a range of other features to improve the learning experience for users.

Course library — Most tools have a library function that allows users to browse different courses. Courses are often grouped into paths, with several courses about the same topic bundled together.

Customized learning plans and curriculum — Depending on the needs of the organization, the creation of personalized learning plans can be driven by company leaders, employees, or both. Technical skills development software platforms allow for individualized course sequences, which can be influenced by the employee’s interests or by the company’s needs. These custom course maps might mix in lessons from more than one discipline. In some cases, employees might be able to skip courses if they prove they have the skills by passing assessments.

Pre-assessments — Users take a test before starting a course or a learning path to determine what they already know and what they need to learn. That information can be used to craft an individualized learning plan for each user. Some of these pre-assessment tools can assign scores to learners for each of their competencies, giving company leaders a high-level view of skills across the workforce and a better sense of where they need to invest in additional training.

Usage dashboard and analytics — Most technical skills development solutions have a way of tracking employees’ usage of the software. Managers can see which staffers are enrolled in courses, completion rates, and scores on assessments. This data can be compiled on a dashboard or in a report, giving leaders insight into which skills employees acquire or insights into employee engagement. Company leaders can use this data to coach employees or adjust their training priorities.

Exercises and projects — In addition to lectures and other course content, many products include exercises or projects designed that encourage users to practice whatever skill they learn in the course. Some courses include projects resembling real-world challenges. For example, a software developer’s course on Javascript might include an exercise about how to debug a button that isn’t working or how to write code for a math formula.

Video — To make content more engaging, technical skills development products incorporate video segments with instructors explaining course content or demonstrating a technique. These videos often include screencasts so users can follow along with the steps on their computer.

Discussions — Some platforms have discussion forums, where students can leave questions for the instructor or ask other learners questions.

Mobile and TV apps — With mobile devices overtaking computers as many peoples’ device of choice, mobile compatibility is an important factor in driving engagement. Many platforms offer apps for mobile phones that allow users to stream or download course content. Some offer TV apps so users can pull up the course on their connected TV.

Offline viewing — This feature enables users to download courses onto a computer or mobile device, letting them continue learning even when on an airplane or in another place without internet access.

Assessments and quizzes — Designed as checkpoints partway through or at the end of a course, assessments are a key part of measuring the user’s learning. Users can accumulate badges or certifications by passing assessments. That assessment data can be aggregated into reports to give company leaders insight into employee performance on the courses they are taking.

APIs — The inclusion of API (application programming interface) integrations allow technical skills development platforms to connect to other software that a company uses, such as a learning management system or a reporting tool. Data integrations make courses more accessible and allow managers to effectively track and analyze data generated by employees completing learning activities.

Career coaching — As part of some technical skills development products, users can access human coaches to help with topics like interview preparation or career counseling. For example, coaches could review a cybersecurity analyst’s resume or give a software developer feedback on their coding portfolio.

Potential Issues with Technical Skills Development Software

Financial constraints — While investing in employees’ skills can pay dividends down the line, technical skills development platforms require an initial cost. Plans can cost hundreds of dollars per employee per year for enterprise-level plans—this quickly adds up for larger organizations. Individual plans also cost hundreds per year. Skills platforms often promote the ROI their customers have when employees take their courses, however, it’s crucial for companies to fully engage their employees to maximize their subscriptions’ value.

Lack of engaging content — Just about everyone knows the feeling of sitting through a boring lecture, struggling to pay attention as a presenter reads off PowerPoint slides. That isn’t a great learning experience and the material likely won't stick. Technical skills development providers are increasingly building interactive content like videos and practice exercises, but not all courses have those elements, causing user engagement to plummet. If employees aren’t completing the course or aren’t retaining the material because the course isn’t engaging, they won’t walk away with the skills they set out to acquire and the business won’t benefit.