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Check out our list of free Productivity Bots Software. Products featured on this list are the ones that offer a free trial version. As with most free versions, there are limitations, typically time or features.

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(674)4.5 out of 5
Entry Level Price:$0 per month

Zapier empowers anyone to integrate their apps and automate work, without writing any code. For growing businesses that want to make the most of their time, Zapier offers an easy, powerful, and cost-effective automation solution.

Mindy H.
I love how Zapier can integrate with Wufoo to create useful documents. Read review
Zapier is like having magically added a community of very intelligent people. Probably it happens here if you thought of an integration. It's... Read review
(82)4.3 out of 5
Entry Level Price:Free

Obie is the fastest way to capture and access knowledge at work. Individuals that use Obie: - Find documents, notes and wiki articles, faster - Easily capture text snippets for faster reuse - Share documents with colleagues quickly Organizations that use Obie: - Dramatically reduce frequently asked questions - Streamline onboarding and enablement - Decrease time to response and resolution - Experience the fastest way to find knowledge at work

Alexis T.
I love the ease of use with confluence, and the ability to put in manual responses. Read review
Whitney B.
I love that I can keep all the info for our company in one spot and easily search from slack. It is helpful because you are able to share this with... Read review
(40)4.5 out of 5
Entry Level Price:Free Up to 10 participants

Geekbot is a slackbot assistant that helps users set up real asynchronous stand up meetings within Slack. The solution helps staff stay organized, up-to-date and aligned with the rest of the team. It only takes a few minutes to set up an initial standup with your team. Geekbot creates a non-intrusive process to help teams stay focused on tasks. Each department can have its own timeline which is helpful for complex projects.

Alex B.
The interface is incredibly easy to use and the onboarding/setup was super clean. I have used other players in the space like Standuply and felt... Read review
Rome C.
I really like the simplicity for setup and the speed for getting started/educating my team Read review
(409)4.4 out of 5

Qlik Sense is a platform for modern, self-service analytics, driving discovery and data literacy for all types of users across an organization. It supports the full range of analytics use cases - from self-service visualization and exploration to guided analytics apps and dashboards, custom and embedded analytics, mobile analytics, and reporting. And, it does this within a governed, multi-cloud architecture that delivers maximum trust, scale, and flexibility for the organization. Qlik Sense pro

- AI fonctionalities - New visualizations - Data preparation Read review
Dan B.
It's quick and easy to stand up an application in Qlik Sense, and there are a number of interactive ways to share widgets with my team and allow... Read review
(27)4.8 out of 5
Entry Level Price:0

Peer appreciation and recognition system for business chats. It takes less than 5 minutes to set up. No need for staff training.

We wanted a way for employees to give quick, easy but officially recognized notes of gratitude. There is no such thing as too many 'thank you's. Read review
(27)4.8 out of 5
Entry Level Price:Free Forever

"A team that plays together, bonds better." Slack, Microsoft Teams and Google Chat may be for work but with remote teams, they are the only source of camaraderie and team-building. With Trivia's suite of games, you can bring Social & Fun back to your workspace (right inside Slack, Microsoft Teams and Google Chat) even while working remotely. Trivia games are fun, easy to launch and provide a quick 5-minute break to your workday. And they're real-time, meaning the team comes together to

This app has brought back the banters and playful competition that we once had before the pandemic. I love that it offers such a wide variety of... Read review
I like that it is a fun and easy way to bring work teams together and provide fun activities. Read review
(513)4.7 out of 5
Entry Level Price:$0 per month

Integrately is a 1 click automation software which enables you to connect multiple apps with amazing ease. Using Integrately you can create simple one-to-one workflows or create complex workflows with just a few clicks. You can also choose from our ready to use automations and set up your workflow in just a click. Integrately also has the feature to share your automations with your peers or clients.

How easy it is to use compared to other competing products. You would think that using services like Zapier and Integromat would make it easier to... Read review
Julian I.
Price! I was able to get in early and lock in a good rate. Support and product team is responsive. Seems like a lot of progress has been made in... Read review
(41)4.5 out of 5

Instabot is a conversational marketing platform that allows you to create and launch chatbots that understands your users, and then curates information, answers questions, captures contacts, and books meetings instantly. This is proven to increase conversions and reduce costs. Build, integrate, and launch Instabot on your website, or as a landing page in 20 minutes or less. Quickly leverage data collected by Instabot by porting it over to your CRM, marketing automation, e-mail platforms, or int

The intuitive interface of instabot makes it simple to get a bot ready for action. The script node offers a huge amount of customizable power in... Read review
Pavel M.
The chatbot platform works as promised. It is simple enough to create powerful chatbots including meeting scheduling. Combined with Zapier you can... Read review
(22)4.5 out of 5
Entry Level Price:0

Jira Integration Plus for Slack supercharges the speed at which you create, assign, and transition work in Jira—without ever leaving Slack. The solution works for Jira Server and Cloud and a one time setup process enables the integration for all of your channels. Get more done in Slack with Jira Integration+

A conveniência é excelente Já que nossa equipe usa o JIRA para gerenciamento de projetos, precisamos constantemente nos referir a tarefas que eu... Read review
Liubov P.
Slack Integration+ for Jira is a real treasure! To be fair, not everyone likes to use Jira - it's heavy, overwhelming and slow sometimes. It can... Read review
(19)4.3 out of 5

Polly empowers teams with the data they need to improve work processes and make better, faster decisions by measuring and connecting their most critical workflows in Slack, Microsoft Teams, and Google Hangouts Chat. Increase survey participation by reaching your team where they already are with simple, yet powerful polls and surveys.

Polly allows me to get feedback from my team easily! Read review
Really simple to use and easy to learn for new users Read review
(19)4.2 out of 5

Workast is a project management app that helps teams track daily work, manage projects, monitor to-do lists and get more work done. Workast integrates directly with Slack so you can create tasks when you are having your conversations. Projects can be managed within Slack channels so that all team members know exactly what needs to be done. Workast is the best project management app for Slack teams. Never miss another task with Workast project management app.

Audrey H.
The notifications were as persistent as I had expected them to be. The interface is light, friendly and somewhat customizable. Among the free... Read review
Ryan N.
The overall task-navigation system is convenient to work with. I enjoy the fact that I can make task & subtask operations. This helps me narrow the... Read review
(22)4.3 out of 5
Entry Level Price:$25 per user/month is the AI-powered Meeting Assistant built to help teams across industries like sales, customer success, marketing, and recruiting automate meeting scheduling. From 1:1 to group and remote meetings, makes it easy to schedule any meeting in seconds. With, teams get to win back time and mental space for more meaningful work like supporting customers, hiring the best people and growing your company. supports unlimited calendars from Google and Microsoft and integrat

I love who is feature. It can find a lot of useful information about people. Read review
Katia Z.
AI Assistant, free version that helps you with scheduling, nice interface, easy to use and navigate Read review
(22)4.3 out of 5
Entry Level Price:$25 per user/month is the AI-powered Meeting Assistant built to help teams across industries like sales, customer success, marketing, and recruiting automate meeting scheduling. From 1:1 to group and remote meetings, makes it easy to schedule any meeting in seconds. With, teams get to win back time and mental space for more meaningful work like supporting customers, hiring the best people and growing your company. supports unlimited calendars from Google and Microsoft and integrat

I love who is feature. It can find a lot of useful information about people. Read review
Katia Z.
AI Assistant, free version that helps you with scheduling, nice interface, easy to use and navigate Read review
(31)4.6 out of 5
Entry Level Price:$0/user Up to 10 users

Range is the team effectiveness platform that keeps teams connected, focused, and productive no matter where they’re working. Our Check-ins feature helps individuals plan their day and share progress in minutes. Managers and teams use Range to run asynchronous standups, keeping everyone on-track and in-sync each day. – Know who’s working on what, who needs help, and how they’re feeling – Answer daily team questions, share moods, and give thanks to build trust and strengthen the foundations of

Mutale C.
Able to see other teammates progress on projects, works as a checklist too for work activities Read review
Shane M.
Range provides an excellent tool to allow remote teams to collaborate in a single place. It allows teams that don’t proactively work together to... Read review
(8)4.9 out of 5
Entry Level Price:$15 agent/month

Pythia is a one-stop-shop of affordable AI tools for scaling the productivity of your Zendesk. – Advanced Macros helps to utilize macros in Zendesk Support. – Advanced Shortcuts helps to utilize shprtcuts in Zendesk Chat. – Macros Reporting provides an in-depth view of macros usage trends. – Pythia Classifier categorizes incoming tickets automatically.

Pithya seems like our right hand! With Pythia we handle the queries much faster as she knows the answers already and this is awesome. Our clients... Read review
Karoliina K.
We are working with multiple brands and therefore it is important to have all the email and chat templates available only for specific brands.... Read review
(8)4.8 out of 5

Optimize your teamwork by collectively managing your external communications directly in Slack or in Microsoft Teams MailClark is a Smart Messaging Assistant, enhanced with AI, helping everydays 12 000+Teams from more than 70 countries. This solution optimizes teamwork by collectively managing external communications directly within their daily workspace Slack or Microsoft Teams. MailClark is made for Support, IT, Marketing, Sales or Management teams.

Timothy Z.
I'm glad they have a free option for people like me who love the app but only use it for one inbox in one channel in Slack. The paid plans seem... Read review
Brian S.
We had a problem at Orlando Fringe. We couldn't spread the word to all of the people that needed to know when a show during our festival was sold... Read review
(4)5.0 out of 5
Entry Level Price:$4.00 user/month

DailyBot reduces the need for meetings by automating standups, daily status reports, retrospectives and periodic check-ins. It tracks team motivation and promotes positive feedback.

Alfonso R.
I love the fact that there's a written trail of daily standups that I can navigate through, apply filters, etc. This allows me to take a step back... Read review
Hector S.
What I like that most about DailyBot are that it has a good user interface, it is compatible with Slack, Hangouts and MS Teams. Also, DailyBot... Read review

Get to know your company one Donut at a time. Strengthen relationships, collaboration, and learning for your team by building bonds across departments and distances. Introduce colleagues for coffee meetings, job shadowing or peer learning opportunities, mentorship programs, new hire lunches, and more. Donut has made millions of introductions, and helped thousands of co-located, partially remote, and fully distributed teams create authentic relationships for their teammates including IBM, Cultur

The simplicity and ability to easily connect and integrate with slack. Its great to automate the team getting to know each other. Read review
(9)3.9 out of 5

Participate in asynchronous Standups, Check-ins, and OKRs with customizable questions. Integrate with Slack, MS Teams, JIRA, Trello, and more! Are you ready to Jell? See more on our YouTube channel:

Ryan L.
Great as a task list and sharing with your team what you are working on plus managing what your staff are doing. Read review
Its very easy and quick to use, task can easily be added and ticked off then are forgot about. It's useful to go back in time to see tasks... Read review
(2)5.0 out of 5
Entry Level Price:$3 / User / Month

People Alignment Platform. With OKRs (Objective Key Results), achieve measurable outcomes and impact-driven work culture, even if it’s remote. Amby focus on following - Easy to use. As easy as using excel and word document. - Robust OKR software. Not messy as excel and word document and with a whole lot of features around progress tracking, different types of metrics ( increasing, decreasing & maintainable ), collaboration features - Free for 5 users forever. We understand the importance o

Amulmeet C.
We have been using Amby for our team and found it really useful for mapping out our OKRs plus tracking their progress. It was nice to see that you... Read review
Sahil A.
We used to do OKRs on Google sheets which worked well at the beginning but then wasn't helpful as the team started growing and objectives became... Read review
(2)5.0 out of 5

Instant helpdesk Transform any Slack thread, Teams chat, or support email into a trackable ticket. Triage requests, automate responses and resolve tickets faster. Customer Support Ticketing Manage requests from multiple clients in one user-friendly channel. Review ticket history, resolution times, and agent performance to create a more delightful experience for your customers & support team. Smart Office Modernize your workplace with enhanced features that are quick to implement and easily

Patrick Y.
I like Roby a lot because there's not a lot of setup required to start using the product. It's literally as simple as installing the app to your... Read review
The app is easy to use and seamlessly integrates into our Slack. I like how simple and natural it is to manage my requests and make/delegate tasks... Read review
0 ratings

EventOnBot+ is a Slack Integration Chatbot capable of handling team events, polls, and daily To-Do lists by automating the process. The idea is to eliminate the use of documents and heavy spreadsheets for organizing the events and automate the functionality on Slack platform itself.

(1)0.0 out of 5

Fireflies is a conversation tracking platform that can automatically record, transcribe, and analyze customer calls. There is gold buried inside customer conversations. Quite specifically, audio calls have tremendous amount of data that cannot be unlocked till today. We're using the latest tools and processes in machine learning, neural networks, and voice analytics to help large scale organizations unlock value from calls. Fireflies is partnered up and integrated with large scale CRM system

FireFlies AI records and transcribes all meetings, allowing you to search specific topics, as well as action items. It can also route all... Read review
0 ratings
Entry Level Price:29.99 1

FreJun is an AI system that extracts and summarizes the minutes of meeting and action items from the business conversations using the Natural Language Processing (NLP) and the speech processing tools. Thereby, saving time and valuable resources of the company in data entry and other mundane activities.

0 ratings

Want to increase meeting engagement, company transparency & fuzzy feelings? - Jellyfish lets you host AMA Q&A sessions where your employees already are, in Slack.

0 ratings

TaskOnBot manages team tasks in a systematic way such that no loophole is ever created in your workplace. If you have TaskOnbot then you don’t need to leave Slack or any external app to manage your employees’ task & fulfill your project requirements.

0 ratings

Jira Slack Integration by Troopr. Easy, secure and most comprehensive Jira integration for Slack. Automate your Jira workflows and save upto 90% of your time working with Jira. Automate your Jira updates, reports and standups in Slack.

Top 10 Free Productivity Bots Software in 2021

  • Zapier
  • Obie
  • Geekbot
  • Qlik Sense
  • Karma