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On-demand staffing services, commonly referred to as mobile marketplaces, allow businesses to hire temporary workers for single shifts or short-term positions. Mobile marketplaces let job seekers create online profiles, share work portfolios (if relevant), and search the available job openings based on filters and qualifications.

Some on-demand staffing services partner with staffing agencies, while others provide direct connections between job seekers and employers. Once job seekers apply for a gig or shift, employers can approve or deny the job or shift on their end. Beyond the gig they are hired for, applicants typically do not need to sign any extensive paperwork or make any additional commitments. Following a completed shift or one-off task, both the worker and the hiring company can review their experience, and this data will affect the search placement and reputation of both parties for future users.

Sourcing job seekers through mobile marketplaces differs from sourcing through freelance platforms in that these positions are often one-off projects or shift-based. On-demand staffing platforms are commonly leveraged by hospitality businesses and can also be used for entry-level office work and general labor tasks.

To qualify for inclusion in the On-Demand Staffing category, a services provider must:

  • Provide a portal for companies to post their labor needs and for job seekers to create profiles
  • Allow companies to search, filter, and compare job seekers to select the best choice for their labor needs
  • Enable job seekers and companies to collaborate directly with each other without third-party intervention
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    Shiftgig is the smartest and easiest way for businesses and the on-demand workforce to connect. We're a mobile marketplace that fully vets and background checks workers, which we call Specialists, who can then pick up shifts on our mobile app and work when, where, and for whom they want. Our clients love our platform because they can manage their temporary labor directly from the Shiftgig Business app. We're currently working with the biggest brands in the food service, hotel, retail, warehou

    Amazon Mechanical Turk (MTurk) operates a marketplace for work that requires human intelligence. The MTurk web service enables companies to programmatically access this marketplace and a diverse, on-demand workforce

    Taskrabbit is a task managment application that allow user to choose from a list of popular chores and errands, connect you with a skilled Tasker and Tasker arrives, completes the job and bills directly in the app

    Thumbtack is an online service that helps people find handymen, housekeepers, tutors, photographers, wedding planners, and others for temporary employment.

    99designs is the world’s largest on-demand design marketplace, connecting a global community of freelance designers with businesses of all sizes to complete their design needs.

    DesignCrowd is an online marketplace providing logo, website, print and graphic design services by providing access to freelance graphic designers and design studios around the world.

    Wonolo provides a B2B marketplace that allows businesses to find vetted talent immediately, it removes the friction for companies to find talent for on-demand hourly or daily job needs, while creating freedom through flexibility for job seekers.

    Agent Anything is a platform that allow people and companies post small jobs, tasks, and errands to a skilled but student workforce.

    Fusion Event Staffing is a service that serving marketing agencies nationwide by providing experienced event brand ambassadors for marketing programs.

    Jobble is an on-demand workforce marketplace & management platform.

    Fancy Hands provides virtual assistant service that allow user to hire people for small one-time tasks, like restaurant reservations, online research, and quick event planning.

    Work Market is an online platform and marketplace that work with and leverage freelancers, contractors, and consultants as part of talent strategy.

    Staffy is an app that help to solve staffing challenges within the hospitality sector, businesses can quickly and efficiently connect with skilled contractors to meet their immediate, short-term or long-term staffing needs, contractors provides the opportunity to instantly pick up shifts tailored to their experience and schedule.

    Zaarly is a home services platform for homeowners looking for home services and great referrals.

    Smartest collection of apps that bring job seekers and businesses together, giving people access to more flexible work, and helping companies grow and stabilize their day-to-day operations.

    Achieve your goals faster with a team of dedicated developers in the Philippines.

    BidWilly is a task management website for homeowners finding guaranteed quality and low cost services for handymen, maids, and lawn care services.

    Boon provides a mobile staffing application that for businesses with reliable clerical workers at a moment's notice, it matches hiring businesses with local office help by providing workers that are high-quality, pre-qualified and ready to work.

    Broxer provides the platform for freelancers to buy and sell digital services.

    Catapult is a staffing platform for retail and hospitality that enable businesses to book agency staff.

    Coople is staffing platform that connects people and companies to find qualified, available employees in the hospitality, events & promotion, retail, logistics, business services and commercial sectors.

    FlexShift is a scheduling software that helps identify staff shortages and connects companies with the staffing agency to get temps.

    Wolf is revolutionizing the temp staffing industry. We are building the world's most advanced staffing platform that allows any temporary staffing company to become 'On Demand staffing'.

    Gentask to build an on-demand service marketplace business for connecting service providers like plumbers, carpenter, and service seekers such as home requirement, and business needs.

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