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Workload automation software is used to streamline and automate IT processes related to job scheduling, batch processing or other repetitive tasks. These tools centralize control over business processes across mainframe, cloud, and and cloud computing systems. Companies use workload automation software to manage, schedule, and optimize workload processes. These tools can streamline business processes and, in effect, simplify planning, increase efficiency, and cut costs.

There is relation between workload automation and robotic process automation software. While the concepts seem similar, the two solutions typically function in tandem. RPA tools are used to build workflows and deploy bots to automate workflows across third-party applications. Workload automation typically does not support the development of workflows, they simply run the designated actions.

To qualify for inclusion in the Workload Automation category, a product must:

  • Manage automated and scheduled IT workload tasks
  • Utilize event-triggers to automate business processes
  • Execute and monitor business processes across distributed systems
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    Launched in 2009, Turbonomic is one of the fastest-growing technology companies in the virtualization and cloud management space, trusted by thousands of enterprise organizations to maximize the value of their IT investments. Turbonomic workload automation for hybrid cloud environments delivers enterprise organizations with automation that enables on-premises and public cloud to self-manage in real-time, thereby assuring application performance while lowering cost and maintaining compliance wit

    Control-M, a digital business automation solution, simplifies and automates diverse batch application workloads while reducing failure rates, improving SLAs, and accelerating application deployment.

    The VMware vCloud Suite is a complete cloud infrastructure solution that simplifies IT operations while delivering the best SLAs for all applications.

    IBM Workload Automation is a complete solution for batch and real-time workload management, available for distributed mainframe or hosted in the cloud. Use it to drive workloads on hosted servers, at low costs for your central server.

    SaltStack event-driven automation software helps IT organizations manage and secure cloud infrastructure at massive scale while automating efficient orchestration of enterprise DevOps workflows.

    Instantly scale resources up or down in response to changing demand assuring workload performance. Drive up utilization and workload density. Reduce costs with accurate sizing and forecasting of future capacity. Your business experiences increased performance across on-premise and public clouds.

    Pure1 Meta is global intelligence built from a massive collection of storage array health and performance data. By continuously scanning call-home telemetry from Pure’s installed base, Pure1 Meta uses machine learning predictive analytics to help resolve potential issues and optimize your workloads.

    A-AUTO is a task management software that helps workers to manage their job and workload automation. It helps businesses to run in a more efficient and productive speed.

    Micro Focus Operations Orchestration (HPE OOO) is an IT process automation and runbook automation solution.

    Tidal Workload Automation is today's industry-leading enterprise-class single pane-of-glass product to help manage, automate, and orchestrate business processes, applications, data, middleware, and infrastructure in the data center and across the enterprise.

    ActiveBatch® by Advanced Systems Concepts is redefining the way organizations approach IT Automation with an architectural strategy that minimizes the complexity and expense of developing and maintaining custom scripts. Analyst research states that most organizations have 3-8 scheduling and automation tools in place. ActiveBatch breaks down these silos of automation by providing one single, coordinated solution with integrations for key applications, platforms, and technologies, as well as autom

    ASG-TMON® PA allows you to collect both physical and virtual performance and capacity data across the enterprise and analyze it automatically—making it easy to see where your problems are, where you can improve performance, and to assess what needs to be done to improve your overall IT utilization.

    CA Automic Workload Automation gives you the agility, speed, visibility and scalability needed to respond to the constantly changing technology landscape. It centrally manages and automates the execution of business processes end-to-end; across mainframe, cloud and hybrid environments in a way that never stops even when doing an upgrade to the next version.

    CA Workload Automation CA7 is a workload automation solution, by automating many of the labor-intensive tasks associated with workload automation and monitoring for z Systems. It helps to development from existing processes, and automates complex performance management to respond faster to changing SLA requirements.

    JAMS is an enterprise job scheduling and workload automation solution, designed to automate IT tasks that businesses need to run on a regular basis and with a high degree of certainty.

    Oracle Autonomous Transaction Processing delivers a self-driving, self-securing, self-repairing database service that can instantly scale to meet demands of mission critical applications.

    Stonebranch is a modern, efficient automation solution to drive immediate business processing manageable from any web-enabled device.

    ASG-Zeke provides wide ranging functionality, including system command scheduling, automatic variable calculation and substitution, step-level condition code validation, workload balancing, schedule forecasting and simulation, SAF security, optional SMP/E support, simultaneous support for multiple JCL libraries, electronic vaulting capabilities, pre-built calendars, and other utilities.

    Get Back to Strategic Initiatives: When you’re able to automate all your workflows across your Windows, UNIX, Linux, and IBM i systems with a job scheduler, your IT team has more time to tackle more strategic projects that impact the bottom line. Simplify Job Schedule Management: Bring isolated job schedules from cron or Windows Task Scheduler enterprise-wide. When your job scheduler integrates with your other key software applications, it’s easier to see the whole picture, leverage data acro

    Automate Schedule, formerly known as Skybot Scheduler, is powerful cross-platform job scheduling software that automates complex business processes. Automate Schedule eliminates the need to maintain multiple job schedules, integrating your workflows across Windows, UNIX, Linux, and IBM i systems from a central console.

    Achieve a scalable, predictable, automated infrastructure. Build a next-generation data center with a software platform that's as agile as your business demands.

    IBM Spectrum Scale is a multi-protocol, high-performance, highly available, clustered file system and associated management software. IBM Spectrum Scale can scale in several dimensions, including performance (bandwidth and IOPS), capacity, and number of nodes (instances) that can mount the file system. IBM Spectrum Scale addresses the capacity and performance requirements to support modern scale-out applications such as AI/ML/DL with multi-cloud support. The latest version of IBM Spectrum Scale

    IBM Spectrum Virtualize provides an ideal way to manage and protect the volumes of data organizations use for big-data analytics and new cognitive workloads.

    Oracle Orchestration Cloud Service enables automation of tasks executed at hyper-scale by calling REST endpoints, scripts, or 3rd party automation frameworks. Oracle Orchestration Cloud Service seamlessly executes these tasks on-premises, in the cloud, or across hybrid cloud environments. This service is built on Oracle Management Cloud's secure, unified big data platform.

    Robot Schedule is IBM i batch process automation software that uses event-driven job scheduling to streamline job flows and make processing more efficient.

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