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Referral management software provides health care organizations with a system to keep track of patient referrals and decrease out-of-network referral practices. A few benefits referral management software brings to the patient, physician, referral networks, and health care administrators include: reduced leakage, increased completion rates of referrals, and improved utilization.

Referral management software supports and streamlines the entire referral process, minimizes human error, increases patient satisfaction, and facilitates the accurate sharing of patient information across organizations and networks. Hospitals and practices can also leverage the analytics capabilities within referral management software to discover actionable referral pattern insight.

To qualify for inclusion in the Referral Management category, a product must:

  • Leverage information that exists within an EHR and other patient data sources
  • Keep track of and consolidate existing and historical patient referrals into a central database
  • Develop referral workflows

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    CareConnect is an interoperability engine that allows organizations to connect with referral network/partners including acute and primary care providers, laboratories, public health reporting agencies, health information exchanges (HIEs) and more.

    Cerner Direct Referrals is an interoperable, secure referral management solution that enables electronic communication of key clinical information, facilitates referral tracking and ensures a closed loop process.

    Electronic medical records (EMR) software with administrative features to provide a total solution that adapts to any practice.

    ABILITY | ILLUMINATE “lights up” the care transition process to make faster, easier, more informed connections among patients, acute and post-acute providers.

    Physician order management software that creates efficient, compliant workflows and fax exchanges across hospitals and health systems.

    Besolve Solutions HMSis a solution with modules such as an appointment scheduler, patient registration, consent forms, referral management, and more.

    Blockit is a medical scheduling software that is a platform technology that delivers real-time calendar availability and scheduling collaboration for patients and other partners in care.

    Careport Health is an online booking engine for post-hospital care.

    Conifer Referral Management helps health systems build and maintain key relationships with consumers, patients and physicians to drive satisfaction, awareness, and profitable growth.

    CS R4+ provides an ideal combination of power and simplicity, helping you deliver the perfect service in a way that works for you, your practice and your patients.

    Eceptionists Triage and E-Referral Manager facilitates the transmission of electronic medical information in conjunction with the referral documentation. E-Referrals are automated, simplified, and distributed to all available resources and specialists involved with the patients circumstances. The solution is completely Internet-based, and referrals can be accessed every hour of every day.

    The companys eHealth Connect solutions enhance patient and physician satisfaction by streamlining care transitions and assuring physicians have the right information to care for their patients.

    eKlinik is supplied as Private Hosted or optionally Private Cloud configured; mobile wireless realtime access to information; telemedicine + health tourism.

    Enablemyhealth is a cloud-based platform that provides a suite of services including nationwide provider directory, patient appointment requests, referral management, an ONC ARRA certified electronic health record (EHR), practice management solution (PMS), appointment reminder service, secure messaging, patient portal, collaboration portal, Internet Fax, credit card processing, rules-driven care notifications, labs, eprescribe, and task management.

    ezReferral is a health care management software designed to help prevent lost, misplaced and misdirected health records.

    Fibroblast is a mission-driven company, built to ensure that no patient slips through a crack in the healthcare system.

    forIndex is designed to simplify the care professionals workflow by providing one interface. This allows for the discovery of all clinical information regardless of where that information is stored, internally or externally.

    EHR solution to help you engage with your patients, collaborate with your coworkers, and discover patterns with big data and analytics.

    HousingTree allows you to work with your leads, clients, facilities and referrals providing a high standard customizable platform to interact, keep track and invoice within minutes. Increase your revenue with our platform. See why Top Referral Agencies have been using HousingTree for over 9 years. Schedule a free, no obligation software demo today!

    Senior Referral Management is a web based application designed for senior referral tracking and placement to Assisted Living facilities. HousingTree is a facility referral network.

    Jiva is an integrated care management solution that includes EHR enabled careplans, point of care tools, and decision support tools.

    KwikConsult is software for medical practices that sends, receives, and tracks referrals.

    Kyruus delivers provider search and scheduling solutions that help hospitals and health systems match patients with the providers best suited to care for them. The ProviderMatch suite of cloud-based applications--for access centers, consumers, & referral networks--enables a consistent patient experience across multiple points of patient access, while helping health systems align network capacity with patient demand. Kyruus’ provider data management platform, KyruusOne, forms the foundation o

    Lightbeam's Referral Management solution makes referring easy and efficient by visually matching patients to the ideal provider based on 6 essential data points and automating communications between the initiator, recipient, and patient.

    The MDfit software platform enables provider directory data validation to better align patient conditions and preferences with availability, location and medical equipment for optimal scheduling and referring. By connecting the right resources to the right patient, MDfit helps healthcare organizations strengthen the patient-clinician connection, promoting greater patient satisfaction, loyalty and quality of care.

    Medcohere is a service provider that offers paper less solution and efficient referral management system for dentists and dental specialists. Its end-to-end referral management systems are aimed at improving communications, transparency, patient care and overall quality in everyday operations.

    Makes it easy to search providers by specialty/subspecialty, insurance payer and plan, location, practice name, languages spoken, conditions and procedures and more. You can make referrals automatically and securely online to providers you already know. The system makes it fast, efficient and simple.

    EMR and practice management software that includes patient portal, lab results management, e-prescribing, and referral management.

    OD Link is comprehensive practice management and EMR/EHR software for maintaining patient records, exams, appointments, inventory and dispensing for retail, billing and insurance information, recalls, referrals, and more.

    par8o helps primary care providers and specialists refer patients to in-network providers based on your preferred networks, insurance acceptance, proximity, and more.

    Pariox is an all-in-one software for home health therapy companies with features integrated to help you manage your time and money such as, electronic documentation, scheduling, medicare compliance, referral management, billing and payroll, and more.

    The Referral Management App is a turnkey, pre-configured work ow solution that gives you the tools you need to properly handle referrals and ensure a healthy pipeline for your business.

    ReferralMD's cloud-based web app aims to standardize referral network communication between primary care physicians and specialists. Capable of integrating across EMR platforms, the app provides real-time status updates, business intelligence, and performance measurements to complete referral exchanges quickly and efficiently. ReferralMD improves collaboration and patient access between health systems by providing communication tools.

    Anytime, anywhere information access. Get patient information quickly and reliably. As a web-based patient access software platform, SCI provides a single, integrated view into all electronic, EHR, and fax-based communications that can be accessed across all your devices, anytime and anywhere you have a data connection.

    SMARTMD's dictation apps, medical transcription, billing & EHR integration save physicians hours & produce reports that get you paid faster.

    Practice management system that includes referrals/recalls tracking, dental accounting, remote diagnostic support functionality.

    Treatspace is an award-winning, multi faceted healthcare platform that enables high-performance referral management, powers online patient engagement, and facilitates clinical collaboration. Since its inception in 2012, Treatspace has been disrupting and improving critical healthcare processes that no longer work in a rapidly changing regulatory and reimbursement landscape.

    Unite US Care is a coordination software for health care organizations.

    Ditch the fax, quit playing phone tag, stop referral leakage, - connect, collaborate between offices in/out of network to get work done in real time. Our HIPAA secure software allows you to manage physician referrals, chat with healthcare providers and staff in real time.

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