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Check out our list of free Gym Management Software. Products featured on this list are the ones that offer a free trial version. As with most free versions, there are limitations, typically time or features.

If you'd like to see more products and to evaluate additional feature options, compare all Gym Management Software to ensure you get the right product.

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Zen Planner is a comprehensive member management software for affiliate gyms, yoga studios, martial arts schools and boutique fitness studios. The Zen Planner Suite provides everything necessary to turn your passion into a successful business. With payment processing and automated billing, lead-converting fully integrated websites, a self-service Kiosk iPad App, an engaging Member App for Android and Apple devices, easy-to-use Staff Mobile App, scheduling, automations, Workout Tracking, belt and

Lee P.
In short, all of the functionality of our CRM is tied directly to payments and attendance for customers. It is very easy to use. They take our... Read review
The integration of various tools into one single software package. Read review
(47)3.7 out of 5

Pike13 is a leader in mobile business management software. We help gyms, fitness studios, swim schools, music schools, and other class-based businesses simplify administration. Pike13 handles the details of check-in and attendance tracking, billing and recurring payments, payroll, merchant processing & reporting. With Pike13 you will be able to easily create passes, plans, and memberships. We also offer a staff app as well as a client app. Clients can check-in at the front desk kiosk or from

Keith C.
We use FrontDesk as the client management solution for our CrossFit gym. It has a great interface that works well on desktop, mobile/tablet and... Read review
Mac W.
Migrating to FDHQ, setting it up, and learning it was relatively painless. Their sales staff and development team were very helpful in dealing... Read review
(15)3.8 out of 5
Entry Level Price:149.00 Unlimited

RhinoFit is a powerful and easy to use gym management software designed for all types of gyms, boot-camps, and fitness studios. Gyms can now streamline operations without paying the big price tag of the large software providers. Our system offers scheduling, 24-hour gym access, member check-ins, workout benchmarks, reporting, and more.

Luke D.
I love the price of Rhinofit, but that's pretty much where it ends. Read review
I love how easy it is for staff and clients to use. Creating and configuring classes is easy and everything is relatively organized. Read review
(3)5.0 out of 5
Entry Level Price:99$ + 1% Monthly

Amilia provides online solutions to communities and businesses looking to increase engagement with their programs and generate more revenue through their classes, services and activities. Serving communities all over North America, we’re changing the way people do things like online registration, manage their memberships, collect information via forms, streamline their operations and even sell branded merchandise on their website. Amilia is all about helping organizations use cloud-based soft

There is a lot to like about the AMILIA software but so far the best part has been the attentive customer service and support. They have been... Read review
The friendliness of the staff and their constant support. Read review
(2)3.0 out of 5

Gym Assistant is Membership Management Software for Gyms, Health Clubs, Boxing & MMA Academies, Personal Training, Fitness, Recreation & Swim Centers, plus Wellness. See at a glance, member's registration details, payment status, & attendance. Run a variety of membership & revenue reports. Member check-in & 24hr Access Control. Integrated POS software & equipment. With Gym Assistant's intuitive user interface, you will register new members in minutes. No monthly fees. You

Easy to process credit cards and management memberships Read review
Tracking Ability to charge cards on file Ease of use and training Read review

It is Academy Management App for hobby and sports classes, coaching academies, fitness studios to manage and grow their business. *AcademyPRO Features* *Track Payments - View list of payments made and pending of your students/subscribers with details *Get paid in time - Send auto reminders with payment link. Make it super easy for parents to pay. Upon payment receipt, send invoice automatically. *Mark Student Attendance - and send notifications via email/app notifications to students/parents

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Entry Level Price:$63 /month

The Arbox management platform provides fitness studio and gym owners with a sleek and easy-to-use solution to automate their daily operational tasks. With Arbox, fitness business owners can save time every day by easily handling scheduling, task and staff management and payment processing, while also enjoying access to real-time insights and reporting. The Arbox platform is entirely cloud-based, enabling users to manage their gyms and studios no matter they are. By utilizing the Arbox suite of t

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Entry Level Price:$100 per month

Scheduling, memberships, punch passes, reliable POS, retail, payroll, and reports you can actually understand––all in one platform! You can backup, share, and store your data from anywhere. Use the software to create a personalized onboarding experience for your studio and, if you want, your own branded mobile and kiosk app–– all with your own personal customer service rep. Harness ultimate customer loyalty with easy, one-click sharing for your members to schedule, post, and message about their

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SPORTRICK is not just another gym-management software. A part from the main characteristics offered by other tools (access control, planning of activities…) SportRick helps you with the daily administration of your club in a more competitive and innovative way, thanks to its Social Business model, integration with workout-tracking tools, and cloud technology. A comprehensive and cutting-edge solution that not only involves an active participation of your club’s community, it also turns it into b

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Entry Level Price:£50 per month

TM3 is market leading business management software for the healthcare, wellbeing and wellness industries. With TM3, you'll have the tools needed to streamline your client journey from acquisition to delivery whilst improving engagement at every point.

Top 10 Free Gym Management Software in 2021

  • Zen Planner
  • Pike13
  • RhinoFit
  • Amilia
  • Gym Assistant

Learn More About Gym Management Software

What is Gym Management Software?

Gym management software is designed to help gym managers and owners organize and manage all the aspects of their business. From paperless onboarding for members and recurring payments to email campaigns, inventory management, and other administrative tasks, gym management software can do it all. Ideally, a gym management platform will be the only software tool a gym or fitness center needs to perform day-to-day operations.

Customer portals provided by a gym management software platform can also give gym members access to their own accounts, making it easy for them to make changes to their address, membership level, contact information, and payment methods. With web-based software, it’s easy to integrate the client-facing and back-end features to create a seamless user experience. Some software solutions may even provide an app for clients to use on their mobile devices. A personal trainer may be able to use an app for their personal training appointments to track progress and design workouts.

The primary function of many gym management software solutions is membership management. While there are likely some gym membership management software tools available, gym management software provides these features and more. Given the breadth of features, your staff can focus on customer service rather than the minutiae of day-to-day operations.

Why Use Gym Management Software?

Gym management software provides gym business managers with a variety of tools. Rather than spend a lot of money on multiple solutions to fulfill your business’ daily needs, gym management software can provide one tool to do the work of multiple products. You don’t need to rely on scheduling software to book appointments and classes, membership management software to organize memberships, and back-office tools such as accounting and employee management software to handle administrative tasks. All these functions can be performed within one gym management platform.

Features such as online booking and services that can be requested or performed within a client portal provide your members with the ability to save themselves time and frustration. Rather than having your employees spend their time answering the phone, they can spend more time running a gym. It’s much easier to send SMS and emails to a large number of members than it is to call each one individually, and many gym management platforms support these kinds of notification systems.

Who Uses Gym Management Software?

Gym management software can be used by anyone who owns or works for a gym. Because the software is designed to manage all aspects of a gym or fitness club, all employees use the tool. Those working the front desk check in guests and oversee the class schedule. Each sales specialist use the tool to sign up new members and track their sales goals. Trainers can use the tool to plan workouts and track the progress of clients. And business owners can use the tool to see how all these different facets of the business are working, as well as leverage the accounting, employee scheduling, and payroll features within the software to ensure that the business is working smoothly.

Gym Management Software Features

Scheduling — Scheduling: Members and visitors of gyms and clubs don’t want to waste their time when it comes to working out. If a class is full, they want to know. If a class is cancelled, they want to know. If the cardio machines are closed for carpet cleaning, members want to know. Gym management software can efficiently inform visitors of what’s going on and when, allowing them the opportunity to save a spot in a course or program.

Customer profiles — Customer profiles enable clients to take control of their own gym memberships. They have autonomy to update their home address, email, phone number, and credit card information. This allows gyms to more easily and accurately send out newsletters, gym promotions, and other pertinent gym information. Through these profiles, users can view and edit the classes they’ve signed up for. Some will let customers record their workouts to track progress and remain aligned with physical goals. Gym managers should consider the customer-facing side of management software and find a tool that is parallel.

Notifications — Gym managers are handling the personal and financial information of hundreds and, for larger gyms, up to thousands of people. This information changes constantly with moves, marriages, and time. Gym management software can automate notifications, reminding members to update certain aspects of their profiles. Most notable is the reminder for clients to update expired credit card information or otherwise rectify a failed payment. This helps managers obtain the money owed without having to physically track down members. It also saves members from an embarrassing or uncomfortable phone call.

Administrative tools — Gym management tools have a lot of features geared toward the administrator. The platform gives trainers and teachers access to appointments and other valuable information. Managers can use the software to organize financial information such as bills, payroll, and member payments.

Back-end organization — Gym management tools can develop reports that determine factors such as estimated revenue, total sales within a specified period of time, and member retention rate. This information helps gym managers budget and form trusted business plans. Prospective software buyers should understand what features a gym management tool can offer them for the administration of their facility.

Marketing — An integral aspect to gym management is attracting and maintaining new clients to grow your business. Some gym management software allows owners and administrators to be more readily searchable on the web. For example, a certain platform might offer features that make member gyms more likely to appear when prospective clients search things such as “yoga class near me." This is helpful because it appeals to clients who might not be looking for a gym membership per se, but who could land on a gym decision after taking a yoga class.

Client portals — Client portals provide members with the ability to access their personal information and other membership perks without leaving the comfort of their own home. Members can update their contact information and payment information, and even upgrade their memberships. Members may also be able to sign up for programs or classes and schedule personal training sessions.