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Foodservice management software is designed to help commercial food businesses such as cafeterias and food factories manage their operations. These tools may help with smaller-scale tasks such as recipe creation and inventory management but they may also help facilitate large-scale tasks such as business management and pricing. Foodservice businesses and those who run their operations or kitchens may use certain foodservice management tools to run their entire business, while others will need to supplement the software with additional tools.

Foodservice management software may be used in conjunction with food traceability software, foodservice distribution software, or catering software. Other business management tools such as accounting software, workforce management software, and business intelligence platforms may also integrate with these tools.

To qualify for inclusion in the Foodservice Management category, a product must:

  • Provide features to help foodservice businesses manage recipes, inventory, operations, finances, or a combination of the former
  • Cater specifically to the commercial food industry
  • Organize the production, procurement, or creation of food products for sale
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    Foodservice Suite by CBORD makes data driven decisions to energize your foodservice operation.It allows you to control inventory, boost efficiency, increase satisfaction.

    ChefTec is a Recipe & Menu Costing, Inventory Control, Purchasing, Ordering, and Nutritional Analysis software.

    Computrition has set the industry standard by offering a wide array of enterprise-level software features and services that help you efficiently plan, organize, and manage your production, inventory, and ordering operations.

    OneLink works with any ERP system. So whether you are researching a new ERP system to manage your warehouse or want to expose web order entry to your customers with your current system, OneLink easily attaches to your system.

    xtraCHEF is a cloud-based restaurant management platform that enables foodservice operators to maximize profits and productivity. By automating time-consuming BOH tasks related to ordering, accounts payable, budgets, and cost management, xtraCHEF helps restaurant groups to build back-of-house operations that can scale. We've combined the power of mobile, machine learning, data science, and quality control to provide restaurant operators with the power of data to optimize their supply chain.

    Orissa's CampWare suite of productivity tools provides an scalable software solution tailored to the accommodation management, food service, and guest management needs of workforce housing facilities.

    The ConnectSmart kitchen display system helps you achieve your goals through great features like kitchen video, customized viewing options, advanced diagnostics, and an array of routing options for your specific restaurant.

    Dietech is an all-encompassing software program for the Dietary department. The user friendly program gives you control of your purchasing, expenses, production, labor and clinical needs.

    Helping Restaurants, Bars, Tap Houses & Growler Stations Maximize Sales And Profitability With A Customer Facing Digital Beverage Dashboard Driven By A Powerful Back-End System With Robust Analytics, Reporting And Social Media Integration.

    FoodCo offers a suite of professional food-costing software designed to maximize food service profits.

    The FOOD-TRAK system is a comprehensive, proactive solution that includes consulting services, new processes, individualized training, project management and oversight.

    Bring your lunch and fundraisers into the 21st century with online ordering, menu planning, and tracking.

    Lunch Cashier System is a breakthrough system that works on all HTML5-compatible devices with zero compatibility problems. It has Point of Sale which is Intuitive and User Friendly, Robust Reporting, Fast Lunch Lines, Integrates with any SIS.

    MenuCalc provides restaurants and cafeterias, an approved web-based online software for calculating the nutrition results of your restaurant's menu and recipes.

    Oracle F&B provides the tools your senior living community needs to handle resident reservations, seating, ordering, and delivery with ease.

    QADEX Vision brings every aspect of food safety, quality management systems, compliance, customer complaints and new product development together in one simple dashboard.

    Sentry 9000.SFA is a school-specific, secure Internet site where the data is available for review. As soon as the data is collected from the SFA, it is presented on the web site.

    ThreeSquares SureQuest's OnDemand Dining Management Software System enables smart companies to deliver person-directed care and a unique dining experience that brings compliments from your Clients and their loved ones.

    With Visual Produce Business Status Report, you can check vital company measurements in real time. Visual Produce also provides browsers that give you unlimited data access the way you want to see it.

    Our ERP manufacturing software helps you keep an eagle eye on your entire food or beverage business, from your raw materials, work in progress and finished goods inventory to all your batch lots, customer shipments and vendor purchase orders. Its a complete system for running your food or beverage business efficiently and easily.

    bcFood is a complete ERP system designed specifically to support the unique needs of the food industry, including processors/manufacturers, distributors and brokers, both large and small. It is a fully integrated application built entirely on Microsoft technologies and Microsoft Dynamics NAV, the world’s best-selling small-to-midrange ERP application. bcFood expands upon NAV’s functionality, offering quality control features, trade management, advanced notifications, workflow capabilities, recipe definition, EDI, process manufacturing, mobile warehousing, and more. The application supports real-time visibility into all transactions, and the ease with which information can be retrieved results in a truly relational data model with completely paperless functionality. The software's inherent flexibility and scalability provides a cost effective, organization-wide solution. Its solid stability and minimal maintenance requirements make it an excellent choice for any company that wants to minimize IT overhead while demanding accurate, real-time information. For over 30 years, Beck Consulting has served all facets of the food industry, including growing, processing/manufacturing, packing, shipping and distribution, brokers, and retail. We help our clients and partners by providing a feature-rich, highly configurable ERP software solution designed to meet their unique business needs. bcFood ERP Key Features: Compliance • Traceability throughout all inventory/ingredient activities • Recall protection/risk mitigation • Unlimited customer specifications that are matched to shipments • Quality control/assurance with unlimited definable properties and parameters • Extensive product hold management • Full audit trail of all transactions Control • Expanded lot tracking • Business process management • Monitor processes and exceptions • Workflows and approvals developed around business rules/logic • Trade management (commissions, bill-backs, royalties, promos, etc.) • Notifications and alerts • Warehouse management • Full GAAP, IFRS, and Basel II compliance Visibility • Online real-time data throughout the system • Reporting by any date span • Related data always linked to the relevant records and available at the click of a mouse • SQL-based business intelligence Efficiency • RoleTailored Client provides ease-of-use and full security • Online context-sensitive help and tutorials/eLearning • Low cost of ownership and high reliability Technology • Latest Microsoft platforms and infrastructure • Document management • Wireless data collection • True relational data model • Scalable to 1500+ users Flexibility • Open connectivity through industry standard methods • User definable screens • Built-in development environment

    BC Resto is a POS computer system (compatible with both PC and Mac), a fully downloadable point of sales system made specifically for independent restaurants and cafes.

    Canopy is an entirely Windows-based suite of application modules designed specifically for the Food Industry and by Food Industry professionals, used for the purpose of satisfying each of your business Information Technology needs.

    Chalkable Cafe integrates with InformationNOW, so all student data is in one place.

    Chefexact Buffet Professional is a software to control the food cost for all buffet, menus, banquets in hotels ans restaurants.

    Chefmax is a state of the art food services management solution designed & developed by Softlogic Australia.It includes comprehensive suite of functionalities that address many aspects of food services ranging from Menu Management to Inventory Control.

    A simple online ordering system and mobile app designed for schools and parents who care deeply about food and nutrition, but don't have a lot of time to spend figuring out how to order lunch.

    Clearview offers a complete suite of integrated applications for your back office needs. It integrates seamlessly with multiple POS systems, accounting packages, payroll vendors, and suppliers to create a sophisticated yet easy-to-use consolidated dashboard for complex multi-unit operations.

    ComplianceMate offers HACCP compliance and temperature monitoring solutions.

    CostGuard software helps you manage a more successful food service business by controlling costs, saving you time and maximizing profit.

    CostGuard delivers software for restaurant management (independent and multi-unit), retail and production kitchens, hotels and banquet halls, casinos, caterers,bakeries, delis, corporate, commissaries and institutional foodservice.

    Crescent is a custom line of food based accounting and ERP solutions tailored for Growers, Packer/Shippers, Manufacturer/Processors, and Distributors. is the one stop resource center for the tools you need, to run a successful Dietary Operation, without having to re-invent the wheel all the time.

    DigitalSchoolMenu is an easy-to-use, full-managed, web software suite for helping school districts and schools disseminating lunch menu information to children, parents and other stakeholders.

    Diomac is an all-in-one management information system is suited to a wide range of industries including food and dairy products, packaging, chemical and heavy process industries.

    distrib-u-tec is a fully integrated ERP accounting system. Information is easily accessed directly from other open protocol applications.

    Eclarion makes recipe management controllable. Eclarion delivers product specifications on demand easily.

    FoodBank Manager has an ultra-responsive design so you can locate your clients fast and manage projects easily.

    Production planning, recipe management, and stock control for food industry.

    The Softengine's Food One solution optimizes business and compliance processes for the food Industry.make it easy for you to track inventory movement, make informed purchasing decisions, and streamline the food production process.

    The GEMserve solution offers a level of control, safety and efficiency that satisfies everyone working toward higher patient satisfaction and improved operating performance.

    Gorilladox Audit Software Suite, a revolutionary and vastly superior alternative to current Q.A. documentation and approved supplier management practices.

    GoSimple is designed for small to medium foodservice and consumer goods manufacturers that need a straightforward, end-to-end foodservice trade promotion management solution. Get set up in the system quickly and begin optimizing your trade dollars.

    Ideal Stock Control is a comprehensive food service cost accounting software package designed to isolate losses due to theft, shrinkage, over portioning, incorrect purchasing, poor yields, over production and a host of other mistakes that affect the bottom line.

    Innatrack is designed to be a flexible solution that can be modified to meet the unique requirements of your business.

    iRely Process Manufacturing focuses on production and inventory management with lot tracking and quality management.

    Minute Menu CX is a comprehensive CACFP management system for sponsors of centers. Minute Menu CX's helps you manage claim files, enrollment, menus, milk audits, payments, and more.

    NuPro Vision's Food helps your organization to achieve operational excellence in all key areas -- by simplifying, standardizing and automating business processes.

    A complete online ordering (digital ordering) solution for restaurants, that allows independent or chain restaurants to accept orders via: mobile application, your website, an optimized standalone site, and Facebook. With highly simplified, monthly subscription pricing, you don’t give up a percentage of your online sales revenue or number of notifications. Packages start at $65/location per month and go down from there based on the number of locations. Placebag’s online ordering is designed to work with a host of POS solutions, including Micros, Revel, Aldelo, Lavu, Focus, Positouch, Speedline, and more. It also integrates with a long list of payment options, so you're not locked into any particular processor.

    Price-Cracker is a quick, easy and accurate way to record changing costs of ingredients for measuring against your current sale prices, highlighting your recipe's profitability.

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