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    The Food Corridor is a web-based software built specifically for shared-use kitchens to simplify their scheduling, billing, and food business management. The Food Corridor saves kitchen operators on average 45 hours each month while also helping them grow their revenue. Check out video:

    eHungry is an online ordering system for restaurants.

    Cook'n empowers the customer by helping them get organized with its easy-to-use meal planning features.

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    Optimized for quick response

    Jolt helps companies improve day-to-day operations and increase store profitability. Typically, companies operate using paper and waste time repeating themselves to employees. Jolt lets you use a web portal and mobile apps instead. Our operations platform frees you and your managers from low priority tasks, so you can focus more time on increasing revenue. Think of Jolt as the most reliable assistant manager you have ever had. The platform helps in three ways: 1. We communicate your vision to front-line employees, organize all their work, and manage the day-to-day operations, so you don’t have to be at the location 24/7. 2. We hold your employees accountable and report critical insights back to you, so you have confidence that things are getting done the right way every time. 3. We update your entire organization with the click of a button--simplifying consistency and encouraging continuous improvement. You benefit because your happy customers speak well of you on social media and they keep coming back. You also enjoy lower operational costs and increased employee job satisfaction. Some clients include McDonald's, Legoland, and Chick-fil-A.

    5 of the largest worldwide regulatory agencies use MasterControl. Their Quality Management software enables your company to get your products to market faster at reduced cost, and increased efficiency. Average estimated first year savings for a complete QMS reported at $248,565. As the only automated TOQ provider MasterControl has deployed their software across 1,000 customers and 30 countries. Discover how you can automate your CAPA, Document Control, Training, and other QMS processes.

    Provides everything you need to make informed decisions about food and nutrition from one convenient location. Creating healthy meal plans and grocery lists is now a breeze and can be done in half the time it took you before. is a world class meal planning platform.

    PRIMS is a recipe software for PLC controlled ingredient batching systems.

    AFS Bakers Dozen is a comprehensive ERP/Direct Store Delivery (DSD) application which is capable of configuring a solution for any and all bakery types, addressing specific business challenges such as Safe Quality Food (SQF) compliance, waste by forecasting, end-to-end lot tracking, production planning, scheduling, and reconciliation.

    AFS Direct Store Delivery supports pre-sales, distributors, sales agents, delivery and van sales teams.

    AFS Order Management System centralizes processes and critical information to maximize sales while increasing account and line item penetration.

    ALFA21 for Clinical Analysis Laboratories is a comprehensive software solution that allows you to fully manage the laboratory and is totally compatible with its environment.Its modular structure allows you to evolve according to your needs and budget.

    bcFood is a complete ERP system designed specifically to support the unique needs of the food industry, including processors/manufacturers, distributors and brokers, both large and small. It is a fully integrated application built entirely on Microsoft technologies and Microsoft Dynamics NAV, the world’s best-selling small-to-midrange ERP application. bcFood expands upon NAV’s functionality, offering quality control features, trade management, advanced notifications, workflow capabilities, recipe definition, EDI, process manufacturing, mobile warehousing, and more. The application supports real-time visibility into all transactions, and the ease with which information can be retrieved results in a truly relational data model with completely paperless functionality. The software's inherent flexibility and scalability provides a cost effective, organization-wide solution. Its solid stability and minimal maintenance requirements make it an excellent choice for any company that wants to minimize IT overhead while demanding accurate, real-time information. For over 30 years, Beck Consulting has served all facets of the food industry, including growing, processing/manufacturing, packing, shipping and distribution, brokers, and retail. We help our clients and partners by providing a feature-rich, highly configurable ERP software solution designed to meet their unique business needs. bcFood ERP Key Features: Compliance • Traceability throughout all inventory/ingredient activities • Recall protection/risk mitigation • Unlimited customer specifications that are matched to shipments • Quality control/assurance with unlimited definable properties and parameters • Extensive product hold management • Full audit trail of all transactions Control • Expanded lot tracking • Business process management • Monitor processes and exceptions • Workflows and approvals developed around business rules/logic • Trade management (commissions, bill-backs, royalties, promos, etc.) • Notifications and alerts • Warehouse management • Full GAAP, IFRS, and Basel II compliance Visibility • Online real-time data throughout the system • Reporting by any date span • Related data always linked to the relevant records and available at the click of a mouse • SQL-based business intelligence Efficiency • RoleTailored Client provides ease-of-use and full security • Online context-sensitive help and tutorials/eLearning • Low cost of ownership and high reliability Technology • Latest Microsoft platforms and infrastructure • Document management • Wireless data collection • True relational data model • Scalable to 1500+ users Flexibility • Open connectivity through industry standard methods • User definable screens • Built-in development environment

    BESTMIX Feed Formulation is a software gives users full control to produce at the lowest cost, increase efficiency and provide the best customer service.

    Compliance Cops is a subscription-based, online tool that simplifies the management of the documentation that is required to accompany food products as they move from the field to the consumer.

    With Crescent WMS, users can streamline distribution operations from receiving all the way to shipping.

    ESHA Research offers food formulation and labeling software solutions.

    Food safety risk estimation as easy as ABC

    The spoonacular Food and Recipe API allows developers to tap into resources of over 360,000 recipes, 2,000 ingredients, 80,000 grocery products, and over 100,000 menu items from restaurants.

    Food Safety Plus is a food safety management system designed to bring all the required Food Safety programs into one easy-to-use software.

    Foodsoft is web-based software to manage a non-profit food cooperative (product catalog, ordering, accounting, job scheduling).

    LabelCalc is an online nutrition analysis software designed for food manufacturers.

    The collaborative PLM software that drives innovation, regulatory compliance and globalisation

    ERP system that allows food manufacturers and distributors to manage financials, HR, compliance, inventory, food safety, and sales.

    All-in-one software tool to plan, shop, and prep efficiently. Determine nutrition goals, monitor intake, build custom plans, grocery lists & prep summaries

    Mess Management System is designed for better interaction between Management, Staff and Customers. Mess Mgmt System handles all the requirements for easy Mess Management.

    Mighty Oaks creates and manages technology that enables collaboration, engagement and innovation.

    nutraCoster is a powerful tool for analyzing recipes and formulas. It allows you to precisely calculate nutrition, materials costs, labor costs, packaging costs and overhead costs.

    Practical Operations and Maintenance App for Multi-Unit Restaurant Operators

    A complete food ordering software to manage single or multiple chains of restaurants.

    PAR's SureCheck solution is helping business owners ensure they are meeting FDA regulated standards. This innovative device reassures that restaurants, grocery stores, and food distributors are in consistent compliance and eliminating procedural risks.

    For your fresh produce company: simple inventory, sales, traceability

    Encompass software has evolved into a comprehensive, all-in-one solution for direct-store delivery distributors.

    RoutEX/400 is a solution that designed to run on IBM mid range computer systems. This includes the IBM AS/400, IBM System I, and IBM I Series.

    Founded in 1985, Ridium Technologies, Inc. supplies the seafood industry with cutting edge, Touch Screen based, perishable food software.

    Diet plan, communication and client progress tracking done smart.

    Focus 100% on helping business's comply with FDA HACCP food safety regulations.