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Food service distribution software allows users the ability to schedule, track, and manage inventory related to food storage and distribution. Food service distribution companies use the software to plan shipments, manage customers, and maintain well-documented records of food orders. These platforms provide tools to process orders, manage payments, track deliveries, and manage inventory. One of the most common features is the ability to produce analytics reports to use in sales processes and retrospective performance evaluation. Many food service distribution products provide tools for analyzing performance, profits, and market prices to maximize sales effectiveness. Some food service management products contain tools for managing incoming distributions, but these products are geared towards managing outgoing shipments and orders.

To qualify for inclusion in the Food service distribution category, a product must:

  • Process food distribution orders
  • Schedule and track food distribution
  • Produce reports on inventory and sales effectiveness

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    Maintain visibility across your companys entire operation and extend your oversight beyond the walls of the warehouse.

    The Alpha Portal software package is a user friendly yet complex business tool which adds flexibility to many aspects of your company. We have designed systems for every type of food distributor (food service, retail, jobber, specialty) and have incorporated the best aspects of each system into our product. Alpha Portal was written by successful distribution entrepreneurs. In addition to our software package, we offer the capability for online order entry. As a Food Distributor you can provide your clients with a secure log-in, which allows them to submit their orders at any time of the day.

    eoStar Route Accounting Distribution Software combines state of the art forecasting technology, advanced inventory management tools, including voice picking, and the most powerful mobile sales and delivery applications available in today's market to help streamline your business.

    Simple web-based food pantry and food bank client intake and reporting database. Easily track pantry distributions and get feeding reports.

    Redzone Production System is an OEE software that improves manufacturing productivity and profits.

    VAI S2K Enterprise for Food was specifically designed to meet the requirements of the food distribution industry and to help distributors meet the challenges of today's economic environment by automating and integrating business processes across the organization.

    AFS Bakers Dozen is a comprehensive ERP/Direct Store Delivery (DSD) application which is capable of configuring a solution for any and all bakery types, addressing specific business challenges such as Safe Quality Food (SQF) compliance, waste by forecasting, end-to-end lot tracking, production planning, scheduling, and reconciliation.

    AFS ERP consolidates disparate, legacy applications and replaces manual processes, improving operational efficiency and increasing profits.

    Entree V4's industry-specific features include catch weight management, customer special pricing and standard orders, inventory lot control for food traceability, warehouse management, online order entry, and an iPad application for your DSR's.

    FoodCo offers a suite of professional food-costing software designed to maximize food service profits.

    Produce Pro Software provides a fully integrated, flexible ERP software solution, strategic business consulting and training to all perishable food businesses. Since 1990, Produce Pro has been supporting many of the best run companies in the fresh produce and perishables industry providing an end-to-end solution that includes: • Accounting • Business Analysis • Farm Tasks • Forecasting • Grower Accounting • Inventory Management • Lot Tracking • Packing • Picking • Pricing • Processing • Production Management • Purchasing • Repacking • Reporting • Routing and Logistics • Sales Order Processing • Shipping and Receiving Are you a distributor/wholesaler, foodservice supplier, grower/packer/shipper, processor/repacker or terminal market? Produce Pro proudly serves all business types throughout the supply chain. With nearly 200 customers and over 6000 end users, our powerful software solutions together with our perishable food industry experts and business consulting services allows our clients to take their company to the next level.

    Encompass software has evolved into a comprehensive, all-in-one solution for direct-store delivery distributors.

    AFS Direct Store Delivery supports pre-sales, distributors, sales agents, delivery and van sales teams.

    AFS Order Management System centralizes processes and critical information to maximize sales while increasing account and line item penetration.

    Give your drivers control of their routes and accounts, allow fluid and flexible dispatch and keep track of your operational performance with powerful reporting tools. You'll find everything you need to make your energy business more efficient, more intuitive and more profitable with Agvance Energy.

    bcFood is a complete ERP system designed specifically to support the unique needs of the food industry, including processors/manufacturers, distributors and brokers, both large and small. It is a fully integrated application built entirely on Microsoft technologies and Microsoft Dynamics NAV, the world’s best-selling small-to-midrange ERP application. bcFood expands upon NAV’s functionality, offering quality control features, trade management, advanced notifications, workflow capabilities, recipe definition, EDI, process manufacturing, mobile warehousing, and more. The application supports real-time visibility into all transactions, and the ease with which information can be retrieved results in a truly relational data model with completely paperless functionality. The software's inherent flexibility and scalability provides a cost effective, organization-wide solution. Its solid stability and minimal maintenance requirements make it an excellent choice for any company that wants to minimize IT overhead while demanding accurate, real-time information. For over 30 years, Beck Consulting has served all facets of the food industry, including growing, processing/manufacturing, packing, shipping and distribution, brokers, and retail. We help our clients and partners by providing a feature-rich, highly configurable ERP software solution designed to meet their unique business needs. bcFood ERP Key Features: Compliance • Traceability throughout all inventory/ingredient activities • Recall protection/risk mitigation • Unlimited customer specifications that are matched to shipments • Quality control/assurance with unlimited definable properties and parameters • Extensive product hold management • Full audit trail of all transactions Control • Expanded lot tracking • Business process management • Monitor processes and exceptions • Workflows and approvals developed around business rules/logic • Trade management (commissions, bill-backs, royalties, promos, etc.) • Notifications and alerts • Warehouse management • Full GAAP, IFRS, and Basel II compliance Visibility • Online real-time data throughout the system • Reporting by any date span • Related data always linked to the relevant records and available at the click of a mouse • SQL-based business intelligence Efficiency • RoleTailored Client provides ease-of-use and full security • Online context-sensitive help and tutorials/eLearning • Low cost of ownership and high reliability Technology • Latest Microsoft platforms and infrastructure • Document management • Wireless data collection • True relational data model • Scalable to 1500+ users Flexibility • Open connectivity through industry standard methods • User definable screens • Built-in development environment

    BlueCart for Sellers is a solution helps chefs to place all the orders in one click, and to automatically organize those orders.

    Biwer's solutions are focused on supply chain management and commodity procurement; specializing in the food, beverage and agricultural space. Biwer has experience in working with a wide range of commodities including fruits, vegetables, tree crops, rice, wheat, soybeans, livestock and dairy products. Biwer's solutions can stand alone or can be easily integrated to the existing legacy or ERP solutions.

    With Crescent WMS, users can streamline distribution operations from receiving all the way to shipping.

    The Dakota Series is a real time, bolt on/standalone warehouse management system, specifically designed for foodservice distributors.

    The Distributor Management software is built to dramatically increase functionality

    Has everything your operation needs to be successful and profitable. Its ideal for everything from full line distributors, to those specializing in meat, produce, cheese, seafood, dairy and beverage distribution, as well as food importers / exporters.

    Warehouse Management Software from FASCOR helps you gain control of warehousing and distribution systems to eliminate errors, automate inventory and order processing, save valuable resources and deliver the right product on time, the first time.

    Food Connex specializes in providing the food industry with innovative system and software solutions. Its offerings include Cloud and Premise based applications allowing food distributors and processors to choose the best fit for their business.

    Technoduce provides a readymade solution for food ordering and delivery system called FoodPurby. You can easily launch your own food ordering system like FoodPanda, JustEat, GrubHub, etc.

    Intelex provides a complete set of software solutions for managing EHS, quality and supplier performance across the food and beverage industry.

    FoodStorm is a web based software for the foodservice industry that is perfect for production, distribution, catering and care.

    Simple software that streamlines your whole delivery business

    Keep food manufacturing and distribution fresh, fast and safe with our food-specific solution

    ITrace Platform provides you with customer profiles, product profiles, order entry, order fulfilment and basic report functions.

    iTradeNetwork is a complete supply chain solution for companies in the retail and foodservice industries, combining the most widely used trading network with a broad range of cloud-based software modules and master data services that bring agility and simplicity to your supply chain.

    KegID, the keg management software for SLG, is a robust solution which was developed specifically for brewers to take control of their keg inventory.

    KegMetrics simplifies keg management while helping those who handle YOUR kegs to improve visibility of each keg's status. The result is you get your kegs back faster.

    Keyora is a software company that develops and deploys field sales and order entry solutions built specifically for beverage wholesalers.

    MILAS is an industry specific extension of Microsoft Dynamics AX and Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Finance and Operations.

    NuPro Vision's Food helps your organization to achieve operational excellence in all key areas -- by simplifying, standardizing and automating business processes.

    Provides distributors and process manufacturers with a software solution that helps them drive down costs and take total control of all aspects of their business; which includes not only the distribution side of the business but also the SalesForce Automation and the Customer Web Ordering .

    Produce Magic Software is for the Fresh Produce Industry and has over 1.7 million features to make sure your everyday business and all of the issues that get in your way, are covered. As co-owner of our family-owned Produce Magic Software (today in Arizona & California), I and my Team strive to aid & service all in Fresh Produce to have ALL tools necessary for real-time Inventory, Warehouse/Coolers, Shipping, Farms/Growers, Brokers, Packers/Repacking, Importers/Exporters, Fresh Cut/Food Processing, etc. Tools such as: EDI, GTIN bar-coding, automatic Pricing, COOL, iTrade/TruCommerce, Inspections, One Button Forward & Backward Recalls, Shared costs of Commodities/Lots or costing to a specific Line Item, thorough Profit and Loss Reporting, etc. Our software, Produce Magic, is highly flexible and customizable. We've found over the last 31 years, there is not one company that does business the same way, so our software can follow your 'flow'. Our personal goal & mission is to help one further their business by growing, buying, selling, or moving goods and get out of the "paper business" by being as seamless as one wishes, streamlined and with real-time information. As technology and regulations advance, we are there, for you! If we can be of service, please let us know!

    Fully integrated for Grain Accounting, Commodity Trading, Feed and Agronomy businesses including Accounting, Production Management, Mill control, Inventory Control, Commodity management, Trading, Feed Tags, Formulas and much more.

    Cloud-Based solution for wholesale food distributors enabling online ordering, invoicing, and real time inventory management.

    Simplified is agricultural produce software with traceability. custom agricultural produce software - shipping, distribution, brokerage, import, and export.

    WinFDS from Food Decision Software Inc. has been developed to help solve the specific operational challenges facing Food Distributors and Manufacturers.