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Best Pricing Software for Medium-Sized Businesses

    Products classified in the overall Pricing category are similar in many regards and help companies of all sizes solve their business problems. However, medium-sized business features, pricing, setup, and installation differ from businesses of other sizes, which is why we match buyers to the right Medium-Sized Business Pricing to fit their needs. Compare product ratings based on reviews from enterprise users or connect with one of G2's buying advisors to find the right solutions within the Medium-Sized Business Pricing category.

    In addition to qualifying for inclusion in the Pricing Software category, to qualify for inclusion in the Medium-Sized Business Pricing Software category, a product must have at least 10 reviews left by a reviewer from a medium-sized business.

    Top 9 Pricing Software for Medium-Sized Businesses

    • PROS
    • Prisync
    • Omnia Dynamic Pricing
    • Price2Spy
    • KBMax
    • Pricefx
    • Verenia
    • Zilliant
    • Vendavo

    Compare Medium-Sized Business Pricing Software

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    (84)4.1 out of 5
    Optimized for quick response

    The market is forever in flux. So we build AI-powered pricing tools that auto-tune to every turn, driving revenue AND margin growth. That's the PROS machine-learning advantage: every interaction fully optimized. QUICKLY DELIVER OPTIMIZED PRICES TO SALES TEAMS AND PARTNERS Winning in today's market hinges on a price optimization strategy that not only quickly delivers the perfect price, but also cultivates a simple, customer-empowered buying experience. We've applied three decades of deep data-

    (55)4.8 out of 5
    Entry Level Price:$59 month

    SMBs to Fortune 500's rely on Prisync's data to derive detailed C-level analysis and execute their A-game to increase sales growth and profit margins for more than 20% on average for less than a week's worth of coffee money. Our 5-star 24/7 online customer support team is always available to answer any requests you might have in minutes and make sure that you get more than what you're paying for. We offer a free onboarding service to plan a long-lasting relationship with all our customers. How

    (27)4.6 out of 5
    Optimized for quick response

    Enterprise retailers and brands — simplify your job with automated pricing insights and Dynamic Pricing. With Omnia, you can set your strategy, choose your products, add price elasticity data, then update your prices in just a few clicks. As the only all-in-one solution that takes care of data collection, price calculations, and price updates, Omnia makes it easier for you to take control of your entire assortment and monitor your products from one easy-to-use portal. Curious? Click Request a

    (53)4.8 out of 5
    Entry Level Price:$99.95 / month

    Price2Spy is a retail pricing software used by all sizes of companies from a variety of industries around the globe. The retail pricing software helps eCommerce professionals to monitor, analyze pricing data and reprice products, depending on their market strategy. Users are offered both pricing acquisition as well as multiple reporting mechanisms for analyzing data. Analysis helps organizations identify pricing opportunities, such as which products are under-priced or if the price can be redu

    (91)4.5 out of 5
    Optimized for quick response
    Entry Level Price:$100 user/month

    KBMax is redefining CPQ & ecommerce for companies globally. Our product configurator is the only one that can handle complex business rules, visualization, real-time pricing, CAD automation & integrations. This end-to-end solution results in an awesome buying experience, a faster sales cycle & a more efficient manufacturing process.

    (58)4.4 out of 5
    Optimized for quick response

    Pricefx is the pioneer of cloud-based pricing software including price management, price optimization, and CPQ solutions. Our solutions are highly configurable to suit any industry and pricing strategy and can be implemented quickly with no upfront investment or risks. Our suite includes: PriceAnalyzer: Gain accurate insights into your pricing, margins, customer, and product segments while analyzing and identifying pricing opportunities. PriceOptimizer: Analyze and generate segment-specific op

    (46)4.4 out of 5
    Entry Level Price:$89/User Minimum 10

    In today’s competitive business environment, manufacturers need a complete, robust front-end sales solution that is specifically designed to help internal and external sales reps quote and sell discrete, configurable products quickly and easily, increasing sales. A modern solution that is specifically built for the unique needs of manufacturers is the only viable, sound option. Verenia is designed and developed for makers of physical products, with a sales optimization and configuration solutio

    (30)4.3 out of 5

    Zilliant is focused on helping B2B companies conquer a vast array of pricing and sales challenges. Using an innovative blend of data science and software, we allow companies to gain more strategic control of their business performance. Our best-in-class cloud-native platform and applications, coupled with an outcome-focused dedication to customer success, give B2B leaders the confidence and know-how to remain competitive now and in the future. Zilliant's solution set includes: Zilliant IQ Plat

    (65)4.4 out of 5
    Optimized for quick response

    Vendavo powers the shift to digital business for the world’s most demanding B2B companies, unlocking value, growing margin and accelerating revenue. With the Vendavo Commercial Excellence platform, companies develop dynamic customer insights and optimal pricing strategies that maximize margin, boost sales effectiveness and improve customer experience. With an annual margin improvement totaling more than $2.5 billion across companies in chemicals, distribution, high-tech and manufacturing, Vendav

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    Learn More About Pricing Software

    What is Pricing Software?

    Pricing solutions are used by companies to define, manage, and analyze the most beneficial pricing strategies for their products and services. While prices for products and services are initially created in ERP or CRM solutions, pricing software provides flexible features that offer sales teams the option to set customer-specific pricing as well as discounts and rebates. Pricing software includes data analysis functionality that tracks the impact of pricing strategies on the profitability of sales, which helps companies increase win rates and margins on their deals.

    Key Benefits of Pricing Software

    • Identify the ideal price for products, taking into account production cost, demand, and other factors
    • Allow salespeople to create custom prices to improve customer acquisition and retention, while remaining aligned with sales goals and corporate objectives
    • Track the impact of pricing changes over time
    • Model new pricing structures based on projected outcomes

    Why Use Pricing Software?

    Pricing solutions can be used to define initial price lists or to provide sales reps with dynamic pricing based on a specific selling scenario. Common integrations include CRM, ERP, e-commerce, and CPQ solutions. Pricing solutions should integrate with ERP or CRM—the principal repositories for pricing data—to allow users to share pricing information with all parties involved in a sales negotiation process, such as customers and sales managers.

    Who Uses Pricing Software?

    Prices and pricing guidelines are typically set at the VP level or above in most organizations, working in concert with analysts to support corporate goals for revenue and market share. Day-to-day use of pricing software is for sales managers and sales representatives, who are authorized to offer deals, create promotions, and customize product offerings.

    Pricing Software Features

    There is more to pricing software than maintaining a list, or the job could be done with a spreadsheet. Pricing software provides updates in a timely manner, supports special cases, and delivers insight on price performance. These are the basic features of pricing software:

    Custom pricing — Pricing software must include functionality for salespeople to create custom pricing for individual customers or categories of customers based on factors such as volume, payment terms, contract terms, the customer value, sales targets, and objectives.

    Flexible pricing — The software should support pricing methods, such as demand-based pricing, which helps estimate how pricing could change based on customer demand and the perceived value of the products and services offered by a company.

    Pricing optimization — A pricing solution provides analytics to assist salespeople in determining the best pricing strategy based on all the criteria mentioned above. It also helps sales estimate the profitability of each sale, product line, customer category, etc.

    Integrations — Pricing software must integrate with solutions like ERP and CRM where basic pricing is created, as well as with e-commerce, CPQ, and retail solutions to deploy new pricing strategies right where the customer shops or quotes are created.

    Additional Pricing Features

    Deep integration — Pricing software works in tandem with CRM and ERP software, but it’s still important to ensure the pricing software you choose effectively integrates with the specific software your business uses. By integrating with your CRM, pricing software can do things like provide a quote and automatically input the information into your CRM as an opportunity. In addition to CRM and ERP integration, the nature of your business may dictate the need for a pricing tool that integrates with shipping and inventory management software, product design software, or a tool that can be integrated and embedded onto your website.

    Strategy — Some pricing tools are geared specifically toward optimizing margins, automating pricing updates to trigger based on market conditions or analyzing data to prevent businesses from wasting time and money on products or services that don’t sell. By quantifying consumer data, pricing software can allow companies to cater their businesses toward their customers. Others—typically businesses involved in manufacturing products—are more focused on cost modeling and providing cost visibility at an early stage. Not all pricing tools will have cost modeling functionality, so a pricing software with this ability can help engineers and designers meet cost targets more effectively. Early cost visibility can help a company predict pricing structure sooner and, in doing so, give sales teams a head start.

    Multi-currency support — Some pricing software will include multi-currency support, which is usable by businesses in any country. Multi-currency functionality enables businesses that do work outside of their country to easily and efficiently process deals outside of their home country.

    Competitor insights — If your business is in a highly competitive market without significant differentiation in product—retail, for instance—it’s critical to keep an eye on your competitor’s prices. Some pricing tools have features that allow you to mine pricing data from competitor websites. By boosting your awareness of your competitors, you can more effectively price your own products.

    Potential Issues with Pricing Software

    Cost — A pricing tool that maximizes your margins is only worth it if that tool doesn’t eat into those margins. Some pricing software will offer standard and premium versions. The premium versions, of course, come with more functionality. It’s important to have a grasp of the breadth of functionality which your business requires to select the software which meets, but doesn’t greatly exceed, your needs.

    Support and services — Any time software needs to integrate with other software, problems may arise. You’ll want to know if the company that sells you the software you’re investing in also provides support for implementation and integration. Since pricing tools are usually at their most effective when used in concert with other software, you’ll want to know if you can integrate the product yourself or if you’ll need a consultant to assist with the process. You’ll also want to research the level of support the pricing software will provide while you’re a user. Support teams can be extremely helpful with troubleshooting and in helping you get the most out of the product.