Best Oil and Gas Project Management Software

Due to the complexity of their operations, oil and gas companies require project management software to optimize resources and track milestones for capital investments, expansion into new markets, or large exploration and production activities. Oil and gas project management software can also be used to manage the risks associated with every type of project, which can lead to cost reduction, increased productivity, and better safety for employees. Project managers and their team use this type of software to plan, implement, monitor, close, and evaluate oil and gas projects.

Oil and gas project management products can be used together with oil and gas asset management software for asset installation and maintenance projects. This type of software also integrates with oil and gas back office and accounting solutions to calculate, allocate, and manage project costs.

To qualify for inclusion in the Oil and Gas Project Management category, a product must:

  • Provide customizable templates for different projects (capital investments, infrastructure, etc.)
  • Allow users to collaborate internally and externally on one or more projects
  • Estimate project risks and track their evolution during deployment
  • Plan and optimize resources in order to increase project profitability
  • Notify users and managers about incidents and recommend corrective actions
  • Ensure compliance with corporate standards and processes, as well as government regulations
  • Deliver report and analytics on project risks, compliance, costs, or profitability

Compare Oil and Gas Project Management Software

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    Earthwork takeoff solution providing built-in phasing, GPS modelling, and graphical reporting for paving, sitework, highway, and pipe.

    ScheduleReader™ is a tool that dynamically presents project data from XER, XML and XLS schedule files, which users can easily filter, organize and share with project stakeholders. Why choose ScheduleReader™? Greater Control - Finish projects on time and on budget with no delays due to miscommunication Save Time & Resources - Eliminates the need to create and share project schedule plans in PDF Up-to-date information - Track project progress with our Baselines and Progress Update features P

    Gain insight with all-in-one reserves management, petroleum economics, budgeting, capital planning, and decline analysis.

    changing the way companies in the oil & gas, and industrial and environmental service industries manage their mobile field operations

    A software platform designed to integrate the energy industry, developed by energy experts.

    Easily record project boundaries, topsoil strip and re-spread areas, contour lines, sloping design lines, spot elevations, borings, trench details and areas with subgrade materials

    Acurx is the only cloud-based quality solution on the market today that has been specifically designed to administrate the requirements of multiple API standards.

    Aspen Assay Management has hundreds of new and updated assays, yielding more accurate plans and even better property prediction.

    With new aspenONE PIMS Platinum, you can bring the refinery plan and schedule into the same environment to increase agility and more closely align planning and operations.

    Aspen PIMS is planning software solution used to optimize operations.

    Production planning solution used by refineries and chemical plants.

    A STO (Shutdown/Turnaround/Outage) management system.

    The Attache software suite includes full-featured energy management applications offering enterprise application flexibility, security and stability.

    Coreworx is an integrated system designed to manage many types of field development, engineering, and construction projects including major capital, turnaround, and operations and maintenance projects.

    Cost-OS covers all 5 classes of estimates, from conception to (FEED) phase, for the Oil and Gas sector. Its powerful parametric engine can be used to value engineer projects and fully support critical decisions, such as scope and engineering parameters - even procurement and fabrication locations of the equipment.

    Discovery Management Software (DMS), is a suite of ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) and mobile applications that improve efficiencies by automating Oilfield transactions and providing management with timely and accurate financial reporting.

    Digitla Oil Field - Online Field Management Workflow Platform

    Drakewell is a software solution for field service needs, that includes asset and inventory management, to job usage and billing.

    Dynamics Software offers an oil and gas distribution solution.

    EasyTrack is a custom software solution built to meet your project management needs in a role-based system that allows you to locate projects and edit data on desktop computers and mobile devices while keeping data synchronized.

    Eikos is a web based project management tool, designed to help companies manage complex project processes effectively. It has an established track record in helping manage oil and gas drilling projects and defining well construction and management processes.

    Enersight is a unified planning system. At its core, it is the most comprehensive and complete field development modelling system available in the industry today.

    ProjecTools online Engineering & Commissioning facilitates the planning, executing, and tracking of complex engineering, procurement, and construction activities associated with Oil & Gas projects.

    esi.manage is 3esi's Integrated Business Planning and Capital Management software designed for upstream oil and gas companies.

    Exaquantum is an incredibly comprehensive Plant Information Management Systems (PIMS) available for process industries.

    FactoryTalk AssetCentre provides you with a centralized tool for securing, managing, versioning, tracking and reporting automation related asset information across your entire facility. It can do this automatically, with limited additional management oversight or work from employees. FactoryTalk AssetCentre can impact uptime, productivity, quality, employee safety or regulatory compliance.

    myQuorum offers oil and gas ERP software and project resource management.

    GasPro is an enterprise solution that includes: trading, controls,compliance, accounting, & connectivity.

    ADEPT (Asset Development Evaluation and Planning Tool) is Genesis' proprietary field development planning software. ADEPT is the result of an ongoing multi-million dollar programme to provide flexible, fully engineered cost estimating solutions, both onshore and offshore, at the field development planning stage.

    GeoX exploration risk, resource, and value assessment software provides easy-to-use and scalable decision support for consistent, unbiased, and accurate assessments of your exploration opportunities in any environment or risk scenario.

    HazardScout is a safety management system designed to ensure the integrity of employees, equipment and processes.

    Archeios cloud-based oil & gas software product, offers operators a solution to well & land information management. Archeio uses agile, metadata driven technology to link scattered sources of unstructured data and documents together.

    The IPM suite of tools: GAP, PROSPER, MBAL, PVTP, REVEAL and RESOLVE can be run together seamlessly, allowing the engineer to design complete field models.

    Project management, asset maintenance management, regulatory compliance, drawing and mapping, integrity management programs, and contract and purchasing.

    End-to-end solutions for production management and hydrocarbon accounting that is designed to help oil and gas companies monitor and improve production operations and results, and for the effective collection, accounting, and reporting of accurate and validated production data.

    PetroVR is a decision assurance software for the petroleum exploration and production (E&P) sector of the oil and gas industry.

    NeoFirma is a full well lifecycle reporting platform and cloud-based software features reports for drilling, completion, workover, and maintenance, plus flexible workflows for managing AFE and other approvals.

    The ProSource E&P data management and delivery system provides a powerful and broad solution for acquisition, management, and delivery of corporate data required by all disciplines across an E&P organization.

    QUE$TOR provides concept screening, optimization and detailed oil and gas CAPEX/OPEX cost estimates.

    Manages data and reports trends and history across all rigs, so that you can immediately spot which workflow processes or maintenance plans need attention.

    RMX delivers a standardized, systematic approach to understanding and communicating project risk.

    SAMLink is a cloud-based platform solution that allows you to manage compliance information from one application and can be accessed, updated, from the point-of-operation.

    tBits Collabwrite is a Web based Project Collaboration and Document Management System for the Engineering and Construction Industry. This system shall help your organization save Time, Money and Resources on projects.

    Through our best-in-class project management consultancy (PMC) services, we help clients achieve their investment objectives by consistently delivering projects with outstanding safety and environmental performance that meet cost, schedule and quality targets.

    Vertical Market Software (VMS) is a leading provider of Petroleum Equipment Industry (PEI) construction, service, and part sales software.

    Wellman is the number one well life-cycle project, cost, data management application in the industry.

    With xpdproject from xpdientinc. you can access project resources, statistics and deliverables in one place.

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