Best Oil and Gas Training Software

Oil and gas companies need training software because safety is one of the major challenges in their industry. This type of software can help with specialized training for oil and gas operations, like drilling, and to ensure optimal use of assets and equipment. By using oil and gas training software, companies not only guarantee the safety of their employees but also increase productivity by avoiding disruptions caused by the improper use of tools. Some more advanced solutions provide virtual reality or augmented reality functionality for immersive training.

This type of software usually integrates with human resources (HR) solutions in order to transfer information on skills, experience, or job requirements between systems. Large oil and gas training products often integrate with learning management systems to provide advanced training.

To qualify for inclusion in the Oil and Gas Training category, a product must:

  • Deliver training on multiple devices like computers, smartphones, or tablets
  • Update training materials to take into account changes in the industry
  • Provide certificates when required and track expiration dates
  • Map personnel job requirements with the appropriate training courses
  • Provide access to technical documentation and simulations for heavy equipment training
  • Include competency tests and evaluation features for oil and gas operations

Compare Oil and Gas Training Software

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    Includes modules for Health, Safety and Environmen control, Insurance and Procurement management, emplyee compliance and training, audit and evaluation tracking, and more.

    Asset management, meeting EH and S compliance, managing risk, and improving production efficiency

    CRS is a web-based simulation engine designed for black-swan incidents that incorporates real-time instructor support tools, tracks, and provides feedback on your player performance and allows you to conduct team training exercises.

    Manage changes, safety-related events and action items, training and more.

    EKT Interactive Oil and Gas Training provides components with structured methodology to help you manage targeted content, instructional design, and more.

    Interactive Training Tools gives your learners support for real-world applications by using interactive simulations, animations, and 3D graphics to create activity-based guides.

    Engage is a solution that provides tools and features to help you manage business performance and legislative and operational risk while building and developing skills.

    GasPro is an enterprise solution that includes: trading, controls,compliance, accounting, & connectivity.

    HazardScout is a safety management system designed to ensure the integrity of employees, equipment and processes.

    ProDyn is a dynamic tool with an interface that provides you the capability to train, learn and test the various dynamic operations of a process model.

    RESITE for Energy is a solution that allows you to capture expertise to create a realistic 3D training simulation with artificial intelligence and behavior modeling that provides you with a configurable toolkit to simulate your processes.

    STOP for Oil and Gas uses a combination of methods to help give you the information, skills and willingness to work safely while managing your learning and applying what you learn to the real world.

    Virtual Oil Platform provides health, safety, environment, and training capabilities to help you gain knowledge and skills on how to deal with the challenges that can occur on a rig or platform.

    Vision4D is a customized, full immersion training simulator that provides emergency drills and SOP Rehearsals, Maintenance training on critical rig and plant systems, and more.

    Weatherford is a 3D visualization tool to serve as a safety tool for international oil rig personnel to help you manage your training safety material.

    Trajectory calculations, target erosion by positional uncertainty, reporting, plotting, and 3D visualization are all included in this package.

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