Best Oil and Gas Back Office Software

Oil and gas companies require back office software specifically designed for their industry in order to address needs like oil and gas accounting and land records management. Oil and gas back office software also delivers oil and gas reporting for regulatory purposes. By using this type of software, oil and gas companies can monitor financial asset depreciation; manage costing for complex operations like exploration, extraction and production; and track revenue from multiple locations and mineral deposits.

Customer management features aren’t always included which is why integration with CRM software is important. In order to accurately calculate costs and revenues, oil and gas back office software needs to consolidate information from multiple systems such as oil and gas asset management and oil production, as well as payroll and HR for labor costs.

To qualify for inclusion in the Oil and Gas Back Office category, a product must:

  • Provide templates for lease and land management documents
  • Track costs of operations and capital investments projects
  • Include multiple asset depreciation methods (straight line, annuity, and more)
  • Calculate sales volumes, and automate revenue valuation and distribution
  • Deliver regulatory royalty, tax, and volumetric reports
  • Generate oilfield invoices and process payments
  • Manage contracts with customer, suppliers, or contractors
  • Report and analyze sales, fixed or variable costs, and profitability

Compare Oil and Gas Back Office Software

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    Accounting Manager is an accounting system that allows you to handle your oil and gas revenue distribution and joint interest billing in an integrated system with features and tools to manage your business.

    A solution that provides a graphical delivery system interface for daily estimates and monthly volume allocations, AFE management, morning reports, and wellbore schematics

    P2 BOLO is an accounting, land, and operations on-premise software solution that helps manage accounting, production and operations, land and lease management, compliance and audit, tax and asset management and more.

    Aspen Operations Reconciliation and Accounting software enables timely completion of plant boundary and unit balances. Produces daily reports of plant inventory and overall production numbers.

    Avatar Systems is a oil and gas software solutions provider.

    EasyTrack is a custom software solution built to meet your project management needs in a role-based system that allows you to locate projects and edit data on desktop computers and mobile devices while keeping data synchronized.

    Egistix Oil provides real-time access to your businesses position with contracts, forecasting, inventories, trades and more to help you manage your business by automatically importing trade floor ideas, tracking stream, wellhead and more.

    The Integra Energy Management System is a oil and gas accounting software for managing working and royalty interest ownership, drilling operations, exploration and development of properties and more for the oil and gas enterprise.

    Gain insight with all-in-one reserves management, petroleum economics, budgeting, capital planning, and decline analysis.

    A software platform designed to integrate the energy industry, developed by energy experts.

    OPTAGON is a software tool used in facility design and operation for oil and gas assets production analysis.

    PetroBase Pro is an oilfield management software that allows users for integrating accounting, production, and operational data in a single environment to give producers a tool for powerful analysis that enables efficient solutions.

    We provide CTRM/ETRM (Commodity/Energy Trading and Risk Management) software solutions with the main focus on the refined petroleum products market. Our flagship product PetroMan® is an integrated system primarily for trading refined petroleum and NGL ( Natural Gas Liquids ). It covers bulk pipeline trading, risk management, pricing, scheduling, invoicing, inventory,credit and with an interface to back-end financial/ERP systems. PetroMan® also has a comprehensive Rack Marketing module, which

    Petroware is an oil and gas software solution that provides features and tools like accounting and financial management, production management, land management and more to help you manage your back office.

    Oildex's Spendworks is an electronic invoice processing system designed specifically for energy companies. It streamlines the entire invoice handling process , from receipt all the way to approval so you no longer have to manually enter, route, and code paper invoices eliminating the paper chase.

    Total Asset Manager is a web-based oil and gas software platform that provides information about drilling. land, production, economics, and accounting to the applications in your organization allowing your data to be viewed across your departments.

    ZetaAnalytics software is an elegant and unified solution to tackle all drilling analytics challenges.

    3esi-Enersight is a E&P industry provider of solutions for integrated strategy, planning and reserves.

    AFE Navigator (AFE Nav) is an all-in-one approval for expenditure software solution designed to integrate with your other key systems.

    Resource Energy Solutions AFE (Authorization for Expenditure) Manager and capital tracking software allows for increased efficiency, control and accountability. AFE Manager is very comprehensive software and covers a wide range of operational aspects.

    Agile Land Insights is a new breed of artificial intelligence software that has the capability to read words, sentences, and paragraphs just like a human being does. We have taken that amazing capability and trained it to read, think, and process your E&P documents in the same way that you do. ALI separates, classifies, groups, organizes, and analyzes so that you can do what you do best, your job!

    Collaboration workflow and regulatory compliance. ALTO Drill™ integrates seamlessly with other key systems and tools that producers use ranging from Excel spreadsheets to commercial industry software as WellSite, SiteView, AFE Navigator, Ready-to-Produce, CS Explorer Great Plains and data management systems. ALTO Drill™ was developed to enable each O&G producer to define their own specific processes and effectively marry them with the industry regulatory and licensing processes required. S

    Compliance, transparency and accountability on production work. ALTO Produce™ was developed to enable each O&G producer to define their own specific processes, and effectively marry them with the industry regulatory processes required. ALTO Produce™ captures primary data and reuses it in all downstream applications, e.g. QByte FM, AFE Navigator and PRISM, etc. Software and data management development and designed to identify, integrate, track and manage the cross-functional workflow and da

    Amalto e-Business Cloud is an integration platform designed to help businesses simplify, streamline, automate and accelerate their business processes.

    With APX, E&P companies leverage supplier e-invoicing and industry-leading integration into their ERP or best of breed systems to conquer invoice approval, cashflow management and expense reporting.

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