Best Oil and Gas Asset Management Software

Oil and gas companies need oil and gas asset management software because they use complex assets, and generic EAM or CMMS solutions aren’t robust enough for this industry. Oil and gas asset management software is used by the employees responsible for maintenance (including field service technicians) and by managers to monitor operations and optimize asset usage. This type of software helps oil and gas companies track many types of assets across multiple locations, and increase the productivity of their equipment through maintenance and repairs.

All oil and gas asset management solutions provide reporting and analytics, but some also integrate with advanced data management or business intelligence software to process large volumes of information. Since oil and gas companies generate and manage many documents about their assets, integration with document management systems is also provided by some vendors.

To qualify for inclusion in the Oil and Gas Asset Management category, a product must:

  • Define various types of assets or equipment and track their physical location
  • Schedule human and material resources for maintenance, repairs, or installations
  • Manage inventory, assets, spare parts, and materials needed for maintenance
  • Monitor asset usage, availability, uptime or downtime, and productivity
  • Create and manage asset documents for tax or compliance purposes
  • Include procedures and documents to implement and monitor safety measures
  • Provide mobile apps for field employees to access data and submit reports
  • Plan inspections for preventive maintenance, track results, and recommend corrective actions

Compare Oil and Gas Asset Management Software

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    Data Points End to End is a communication system designed to help manage reliability, costs, power consumption and more to help you manage your remote data collection system.

    Drilling Data Management System (DDMS) is a drilling data management system that allows you to manage, report, and analyze drilling data in order to plan and learn from quality controlled drilling data.

    Intrinsix OM is a solution that helps you manage your material and equipment with inventory management, tracking, logistics, operations and maintenance that utilizes mobile and AIDC technology.

    KeelBuilder helps you manage the technical data concerning assets to help manage cost and reliability by configuring tools and features to help manage efficiency and costs of maintaining assets.

    Manage your oil and natural gas minerals and royalties using a web browser while comparing check stub production volumes to state data.

    Oil Country OS is a pipe inventory management software for distributors, pipe inspection, pipe yards, and oil and gas production that provides features and tools to help you manage your operations and time.

    Replaces paper-based oilfield tickets, enhances workflows, improves accuracy, improves profitability and decreases payment cycles.

    Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition (SCADA) software for water, wastewater, oil, gas and industrial process.

    Oil & gas accounting software for energy related enterprises.

    Web based tracking solution to give construction, mining and oil and gas companies control and visibility over their assets.

    Connect workers, suppliers, and customers on a digital energy network to simplify processes; improve efficiencies; and reach new levels of safety, cost control, and agility to thrive within challenging markets.

    Reserves - Planning - Capital Allocation.

    Allegro Field Data PC is a field data solution that helps manage the productivity and accuracy of your integrity management program with the ability to support surveys including facilities, leak, atmospheric and valve surveys.

    GDS Ware brings companies out of the Stone Age of Oil and Gas Software suites

    Natural Gas & Storage Management System. Streamlines wellhead to burner-tip, through the front, middle, and back office.

    Fast and simple software system for precise UST fuel inventory control; can also handle your fuel dispatching

    A full field data capture solution that runs natively on iOS or Android tablet devices

    Well and reservoir management software with wells visualization, performance analysis, sweep optimization, and well interactions.

    Connexus is a solution that creates dashboards that compiles real-time incoming data and displays it in a uniform way making it ready and accessible for analysis.

    SCADA allows users to remotely access both current and archived data from the site. The foundation of the company's products is in the remote operation of oil and gas platforms

    Coreworx is an integrated system designed to manage many types of field development, engineering, and construction projects including major capital, turnaround, and operations and maintenance projects.

    These tools allow engineers to see what is available in inventory, or what can be ordered new from contract.

    Quantitative visualization solution with reservoir monitoring, microseismic visualization, and analysis tools.

    Decision-support software for evaluation of fracture and fatigue assessment processes in pipelines.

    Credo is a solution that provides inspection reporting, asset management, activity management and more with tools and features to help you manage your operations.

    C-SAM OPS is a proprietary asset management software solution designed provide tools to help manage operational and administration costs by managing visibility and control over all operations.

    DataFrame Data Maintenance provides you the ability to manage and edit enterprise pipeline data with the ability to edit pipeline location, pipeline facilities with offline features and geographical features using a desktop interface.

    Drakewell is an Oil & Gas field service software revolutionizing the way you do business

    Production management, field inventories, resource sharing, invoice and cost checking, compliance tracking, and AFE estimate tools.

    Web-based solution that offers capturing, tracking, analysing, and reporting on all drilling and completions activities.

    EMPOWER suite: management of unmetered fuel, and unmetered flared and vented volumes from routine and non-routine sources.

    EnerCom’s proprietary digital marketing platform helps you target the right audience with engaging content-based campaigns, creative digital ads and social media and then delivers actionable leads for your business development team.

    Enersight is a unified planning system. At its core, it is the most comprehensive and complete field development modelling system available in the industry today.

    Equipment Rental provides a solution that allows you to manage contracts, schedule assets, maintain replacement parts inventory and keep your equipment on a maintenance schedule to help manage your rental business.

    esi.portfolio is an analytic platform for evaluating decisions related to upstream oil and gas strategy development, portfolio management, capital allocation, and M&A.

    Event Velocity is a digital operations software platform that integrates information streams from machine data, video, instruments and sensors to automate the management and improve the safety of critical assets and infrastructure.

    Exploration2Revenue (X2R) Business Suite is a suite of solutions that provides accounting, land and production solutions to help upstream producers deliver efficiencies, productivity gains and cost savings across your operations.

    Field Development Planning Suite is a solution that allows you manage the multiple versions and scenarios of each asset to design and build portfolio plans to help you manage cash, financials, plans and more.

    FieldLogix provides GPS fleet management 2.0! Our system offers advanced GPS fleet tracking, driver behavior management, and mobile workforce features.

    FieldVu is a business software solution that allows you to monitor and manage your business from the initial job and contract set-up, job and unit costing, dispatch, field ticketing, labor, equipment rentals and more to help you manage business growth.

    Fleet Director Global is a mobile resource management system that helps you manage your bottom line and provide operational insight into your driver and fleet resources.

    FORCE Technology's asset integrity management concept consists in combining a scientific approach with practical solutions

    Based in Houston. Built to serve Oil & Gas. Powerful EHS tools to manage process change, employee training, incident tracking and more.

    Powerful controller that includes the ability to connect to car wash systems and tank monitoring systems.

    Interpret, analyse and report with a full range of log formats required throughout the lifecycle of an oil or gas well.

    Global Project Tracker (GPT) is the petroleum service group that allows you to access PetroScope, PetroView, and PetroReports from the client portal alongside your Wood Mackenzie subscription.

    Introducing GreaseBook, the easiest, slickest, most cost-effective oil and gas production software app the industry has ever seen. All with zero ramp-up time, zero upfront costs, no contracts, and a 110% money back guarantee.

    HAWK-X1 is a software solution designed with auto-record and one click PDF job reporting creation to help with digital box channel configuration, real-time graph with zoom, strip chart mode and event markers for job log, auto-record and more.

    HazardScout is a safety management system designed to ensure the integrity of employees, equipment and processes.

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