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Dynatrace provides software intelligence to simplify cloud complexity and accelerate digital transformation. With automatic and intelligent observability at scale, our all-in-one platform delivers precise answers about the performance of applications, the underlying infrastructure and the experience of all users to enable organizations to innovate faster, collaborate more efficiently, and deliver more value with dramatically less effort. That’s why many of the world’s largest enterprises trust D

Rebecca  D.
It has been an efficient platform for working in professional ways. It helps us in analyzing the previous production related issues. It has brought... Read review
Christian L.
Great toolkit, quick and solid provisioning. Helped a lot in diagnosis of a complex performance issue with multiple parties involved. Even with... Read review
(46)4.5 out of 5

Nexthink is the leader in digital employee experience management software. The company gives IT leaders unprecedented insight into employees’ daily experiences of technology at the device level – freeing IT to progress from reactive problem solving to proactive optimization. Nexthink enables its more than 1,000 customers to provide better digital experiences to more than 10 million employees. Dual headquartered in Lausanne, Switzerland and Boston, Massachusetts, Nexthink has 9 offices worldwide.

Intuitive, gets to the point, allows visibility at multiple levels Read review
The way it has helped organizations transform traditional IT Helpdesks from having a reactive approach to proactively assisting users; providing... Read review
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Entry Level Price:$19 Month

FusionReactor allows you to quickly find bottlenecks in your code and in your database; making your Java or ColdFusion application run faster and more efficiently. The integrated production safe debugger helps you to quickly find bugs & alleviate technical debt allowing you more time to write better code. FusionReactor continually monitors your app and your database so when an error fires the automatic root cause analysis will trigger and you will be immediately sent details of where the

Nine P.
Great interface, lots of options. We use this to keep track of how things are functioning on days when there is an increase in traffic and to debug... Read review
James E.
FusionReactor is invaluable both for diagnosing problems and optimizing performance. It feels like flying blind without it, it makes it so much... Read review
(29)4.6 out of 5

Catchpoint is revolutionizing digital experience monitoring to help companies deliver amazing customer experiences. Our platform provides complete visibility into your users’ experiences from anywhere – and real-time intelligence into your applications and services to detect, identify, escalate, fix, and validate issues faster. Using Catchpoint’s advanced synthetic monitoring, users monitor everything from development to production that affects any digital experience. Monitor and Measure Websit

Catchpoint has more than 500 testing nodes around the world that making it a good choice for global businesses. It has a comprehensive view which... Read review
Manuel F.
It is really easy to setup and use catchpoint. Read review
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Custom monitoring, analytics and automation platform to boost UX, at a fraction of the time and cost, and our help included at no cost. Traditional APM/BPM/CEM/DEM/RUM/Automation are expensive, lack customization, and have poor issue detection, automation and alert relay. But our software platform, germainAPM, offers teams a fully customizable, cost-effective APM/BPM/DEM/RUM/Automation that is cloud-based or on-premise and performs an automatic root-cause analysis of issues as well as a recorde

Ali N.
1- I liked the whole functionality and session replay feature. 2- Integration was super easy in Drupal and instructions were clear and defined 3-... Read review
Volodymyr V.
The GermainAPM is an interesting solution for the monitoring of work of applications. It has huge functionality and able to monitor a lot of... Read review
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Rigor helps businesses of all sizes enable fast and reliable digital experiences for their end users. With Rigor’s easy-to-use performance monitoring and optimization software, our customers are able to monitor their user’s experience throughout the development lifecycle, communicate trends to stakeholders, and take action to improve performance by leveraging our step-by-step optimization insights.

Nicolaus (Cole) U.
Rigor provides very good technology for delivering actionable information about website optimisation defects against the core requirements of... Read review
(17)4.1 out of 5
Entry Level Price:$42.12 /month

SolarWinds® Pingdom® is a powerful and affordable SaaS-based web app performance monitoring solution. It’s one product providing comprehensive web app performance and user experience monitoring consisting of four major capabilities: 1. Uptime monitoring for webpages and other critical components like APIs, CDNs, DNS, networks, email, and more 2. Page speed performance monitoring and page rankings 3. Synthetic transaction monitoring from the simplest to the most complex transactions 4. Real us

Pingdom makes it very easy to track our own websites performance across various levels. Pingdom allows us to easily see crucial metrics like... Read review
The interface is super clean, the monitors are dead simple to set up and the option to have checks from all over the world really help us to hone... Read review
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Spend more time building great software and less time fighting it. Raygun is a cloud-based platform that provides error, crash, and performance monitoring for your web and mobile applications. With Raygun's powerful suite of tools, teams can achieve complete visibility on issues their users' encounter, with code-level detail into root causes. Raygun's suite of products covers three main areas, all fully integrated with each other to unlock deeply powerful insights, unlike anything your team ha

It indicates full technique name and its related class name in the mistake and is appeared inside a gathering. This gathering encourages me in... Read review
I love being able to trace users experience in our app from their browser performance all the way to problems that occur on the server side. We... Read review
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ThousandEyes is a Digital Experience Monitoring platform that delivers visibility into the end-to-end path a website, app or service takes to get to its intended end-user. A real-time map for the always changing Internet, companies that rely on the Internet to deliver apps to customers or employees rely on ThousandEyes to make sure they can see, understand, and improve the delivery path so end users always have the best digital experience possible. With cloud, enterprises can innovate much fas

Ability to monitor from almost any place on the globe. Ability to setup your own internal monitor which you can use to monitor internal services... Read review
ThousandEyes provided my company with a solution that could report on external health as well as first mile and last mile performance. Read review
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NetMotion was founded in 2001 and has been dedicated to building reliable mobile technologies ever since. NetMotion provides security solutions to over 3000 global enterprises, including 7/10 of the largest airlines, 85% of US public safety agencies and a variety of other major organizations from across the healthcare, logistics and legal sectors. Customers choose the NetMotion platform for its powerful software-defined perimeter (SDP), experience monitoring and enterprise VPN functionality.

Ease of use and administration. the ability to choose reporting and logging details. Install is a breeze and adding two factor authentication is... Read review
We have been using the product for over 8 years now. The reliability of the product is unquestioned and it works as advertised. From the initial... Read review

SysTrack is Lakeside Software's digital experience monitoring solution. SysTrack works by gathering and analyzing data on everything that may impact end-user experience and business productivity. Directly from the workspace, SysTrack captures data such as CPU, disk, memory, and other 10,000+ data points. These are then analyzed by SysTrack and used by IT in countless ways that lower costs and optimize operations including: lowering the amount of help desk tickets, identifying over and under-prov

Easy access to all relevant dashboards Metered view of what config is being utilized upto what extent Ability to generate different types of... Read review
Resolve is an amazing tool to go in past and see what happened Read review

Self-healing and visibility into the end user experience of every cloud, SaaS, thick client, or enterprise mobile app in your portfolio, running on any physical, virtual, or mobile device.

Paul J.
Wide range of data that is available and the flexibility that Tableau brings to creating dashboards Read review
(1)4.5 out of 5

Ensuring end-user satisfaction and adoption of Office 365 is mission impossible if you can’t understand the quality of service delivered to your business lines. GSX Solutions provides the only Office 365 end-user experience monitoring solution that truly measures the quality of the service delivered to all enterprises’ sites, enabling their IT to take power of the Office 365 end-to-end service delivery. Working hand-in-hand with Microsoft for more than 400 large companies in the world, we focu

Comprehensive reports gve is the oportunity to have a complete sight of whar was happening in oir email platform. Great features! Read review
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Netreo is the most comprehensive IT Operations full stack monitoring and AIOps company. We provide a single source of truth for proactive performance and availability monitoring for large enterprise networks, infrastructure, applications and business services. Our solution is used by: - IT Executives to have full visibility from the business service right down into the infrastructure and network that supports it. - IT Engineering departments as a decision support system for capacity planni

Simple to use, great support, easy to integrate with other systems. Read review
Juan D.
It easy to find and locate the source of any issue. Rather than having several alerts all over the place, Netreo's parent system allows us to... Read review
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Goliath Technologies offers end-user experience monitoring and troubleshooting software, with embedded intelligence and automation, that enables IT pros to anticipate, troubleshoot, and document performance issues regardless of where workloads, applications, or users are located. By doing so, Goliath helps IT break out of reactive mode, and into proactive mode. Customers include Universal Health Services, Ascension, Bell Canada, CommonSpirit, Penn National Insurance, American Airlines, Office De

(7)4.6 out of 5
Entry Level Price:$99 100 Max Monitors Month

About Sematext Sematext is a company that builds innovative & unified solutions for infrastructure monitoring, application performance monitoring, log management and real user monitoring. Sematext makes it easy to monitor all the pieces of your infrastructure: from simple JVM apps, Node.js, Docker, or Kafka, search technologies like Elasticsearch and Solr, to Spark and Hadoop, and so on. Furthermore, Sematext also provides log management and analytics. It lets you store, index, and search

Easy setup, S3 archiving, and low cost. Alerts are nice, too! Read review

Top 10 Free Digital Experience Monitoring (DEM) Software in 2021

  • Dynatrace
  • Nexthink
  • FusionReactor APM
  • Catchpoint
  • Germain APM