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Audio translation service providers accurately translate audio files. The most common services provided are audio-to-text, where an audio file from one language is translated to text in a different language, and “voice-over" or audio-to-audio, where audio from one language is translated and recorded into audio in a different language. Providers translate between numerous languages and typically can guarantee a level of confidentiality when necessary. Businesses that work internationally or with clients that speak different languages may benefit from translation services. Companies that frequently require translation may employ an in-house translator but still utilize these providers when working with less common languages or for large projects. Many audio translation providers offer video translation services, which usually involve a similar process.

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    Sajan is a global translation service provider that offer localization solutions and language translation management system technology.

    Ball Media Innovations is a Video Production company.

    Fluent Language Solutions is a service that Provides professional interpreting and translating services in all 50 states and in more than 200 different languages, including American Sign Language and Spanish, through onsite interpreting, telephone interpreting, video interpreting, and document translating.

    GMR Transcription is a leading California based transcription and translation services company. We are proud to provide guaranteed high accuracy services to an ever-increasing list of satisfied clients. Our secret for achieving such high-quality service is our 100% reliance on human typists. GMR Transcription has built a reputation for providing accurate and affordable transcription & translation services in the United States. It is rapidly expanding and has already recorded several millio

    JBI Studios is a full-service audio, video and multimedia production house specializing in +1200 voice talents in +80 languages.

    Language Connect is a platform that delivers fast, accurate language translation services to national and international clients across multiple sectors and time zones.

    Lingosphere Localization Group is a professional translation and localization agency, and leader in Medical, Legal, Environmental, Financial and other industry specific translation services.

    RedLine offers writing, editing, translation, and transcription services to businesses, government entities, and individual clients.

    Rubric is a global Language Service Provide.

    Transcription Panda provides high quality audio and video transcription services to universities, corporations, hospitals, media companies, students, law offices, municipalities, individuals, and more. All transcripts are typed by their 100% human-based transcription team, rendering 99%+ accuracy with turnaround times as fast as 24 hours. Pricing starts at just $0.79 per minute, with additional options such as timestamps, strict verbatim transcription, foreign language transcription, and audio t

    Trusted Translations provides an English to Spanish translation service specialized in complex and high-volume English to Spanish translations.

    Ulatus provides various Language Translation Services and localization solutions to help enterprises across the globe build a strong local presence. We are an ISO 9001:2015 certified organization with a stringent Translation Quality Management System (TQMS) that ensures exceptional quality output for every project. Our solutions include Japanese translation, Chinese translation, all indian languages translation, Software and app solutions and Book translations to name a few. For more informatio

    Voquent is an international online voice over agency and audio production company.

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