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CaliberMind is a Customer Data Platform -- built for B2B revenue marketers that use data, analytics, and automation -- to grow revenue faster -- together with sales.

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1-4 of 4 total CaliberMind reviews
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"CaliberMind - ABM and Data Warehousing All in One"

What do you like best?

CaliberMind allows you to apply account-based marketing principles to real-world problems and develop actionable marketing insights that will fuel your marketing and sales funnel and drive revenue growth. The additional benefit of being a multi-sourced data warehouse leaves open the potential for Customer Lifecycle analytics.

What do you dislike?

While not a dislike, CaliberMind is a young product that is growing rapidly, so as with any young product there are current reporting gaps but the team is very responsive, engaging, and willing to entertain ideas from its customer base that is helping to mature the product quickly.

What problems are you solving with the product? What benefits have you realized?

We were on a different solution that forced the usage of campaigns within Salesforce and forced our marketing view to be lead, contact, and campaign based. CaliberMind's Account Based Marketing approach has allowed us to begin to develop both an accurate holistic view of our customers from a marketing perspective and increase the accuracy of our attribution, thus gaining better insights into how our spend is being used and how to increase our yields.

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Director of Demand Generation
Computer Software
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"The best of both worlds, ABM and Marketing attribution meet martech stack and data lakes"

What do you like best?

I have been using Caliber Mind for a few month and I cannot imagine doing my job without it. Caliber Mind is the glue that keeps all data together across a multitude of systems in the stack. I connected SFDC, Marketo, Google Analytics, Google Adwords, Google Analytics and even some Google sheets.

I use Caliber Mind for:

- ABM reporting

- Waterfall (Funnel) reporting

- Attribution reporting

- Automation across otherwise disconnected custom objects in my main platforms (Salesforce and Marketo)

This is what I like about it:

- Ease of integration

- Automated dashboard showing what questions the report answers

- Target account list builder without having to learn code (but you use code if you want to)

- Seamless integration with my SFDC, Marketo, Google Analytics, Adwords and even

- Role ROI based reports

- Historic snapshots of the data for trending and forecasting

- Access to underlying data lake for BI tool

What do you dislike?

Not really a dislike but a word of warning. While this is a younger product, it is for mature marketers that need to tie marketing to revenue. The customer success team is very supportive and they will help you during the set up.

Recommendations to others considering the product:

This is a tool for Marketing Ops and there should be a technical resource assigned to own the platform and that person should be able to use and access the stack (CRM, Marketing Automation, Google Analytics and any other platforms that need to be integrated.

What problems are you solving with the product? What benefits have you realized?

- Building a target account list for ABM

- ABM ROI and attribution

- Martech integration

- Funnel metrics

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Marketing Tech Lead
Computer Software
(501-1000 employees)
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"Attribution, ABM in a fantastic Customer Data Platform (CDP)"

What do you like best?

Calibermind is one of the best customer data platforms I'm aware of. It was very flexible and customizable to our needs. It helped us aggregate data at levels we never we able to before. Calibermind is allowing us to take our marketing data and analytics to new levels that are leading to our industry.

What do you dislike?

I would like if it had just a little bit fore connectors (but it does have everything I not sure if this is fair - haha).

What problems are you solving with the product? What benefits have you realized?

Multi-touch attribution, Machine-learning attribution, large scale data analysis, ABM scoring

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VP Marketing
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(11-50 employees)
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"Quick and easy setup - Configurable enrichment & powerful reporting capabilities"

What do you like best?

I had a great experience with the CaliberMind team and how they onboarded my company. Very thorough and very good turn around times on all my inquiries. I was able to blend multiple data enrichment sources together and map to my CRM as I needed it set for my sales workflows. I loved the custom reporting capability which helped me answer lead and campaign source attribution that I just couldn't get in SalesForce.

What do you dislike?

Product is improving at a rapid pace however there are still some technical skills in order to get the reporting setup. Good news- when I got stuck, they were very responsive to jump in and help.

What problems are you solving with the product? What benefits have you realized?

Contact, Lead and Account enrichment. Lead source and UTM campaign attribution.

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