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Local governments use public works software to manage public buildings, spaces, and services, as well as public assets and infrastructure. Public works software helps local governments keep local buildings and infrastructure safe for citizens. It can also help improve community development by managing important infrastructure projects. Public works solutions can reduce operational costs by optimizing asset and personnel allocation.

While basic asset management features are usually included, integration with CMMS, EAM, or facility management is also offered for complex needs. To manage communications with citizens, public works software often integrates with CRM, customer service, or call center solutions.

To qualify for inclusion in the Public Works category, a product must:

  • Track assets, buildings, spaces, and infrastructure that the local government is responsible for
  • Provide basic asset and facility management features for maintenance, repairs, or installations
  • Include project management features to optimize resource utilization and track milestones
  • Deliver basic features or integration for back office such as accounting, customer management, or human resources
  • Ensure compliance with local and national regulations on safety, security, privacy, and the protection of the environment
  • Collaborate with vendors, suppliers, and contractors in a transparent and efficient manner
  • Manage data for assets or projects, and deliver dashboards to monitor operations and their efficiency
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    Tyler's EnerGov™ product is a platform designed to handle complex enterprise permitting and licensing processes. EnerGov also manages infrastructure asset and work order management, as well as citizen self-service. EnerGov leverages ePortal technology, robust workflow management, and GIS functionality to provide seamless electronic plan reviews and extended field mobility.

    iWorQ was the first company to offer SaaS management applications to cities, towns, counties, and other entities. iWorQ provides hundreds of government agencies access to robust municipal management software at the most competitive rates on the market today. Easily manage community development and public works departments using our user-friendly software solutions.

    Cityworks provides comprehensive public asset and work management solutions for infrastructure as well as land-based, location-focused activities.

    Environmental health departments are the foundation of a communitys healthy development.

    The Cartegraph Operations Management System is designed to help cities and counties become high-performance governments. Use it to capture operations data, analyze it, and use it to prepare for the future. Available on desktop and via mobile app, teams use Cartegraph to: - Track any infrastructure asset, including location and condition - Create tasks and manage work orders related to maintenance, inspections, storm cleanup, and more - Capture resource usage, including labor hours, equipment, and materials - Manage requests from citizens, colleagues, and crew members - Monitor performance using dashboards and reports - Run scenarios to build data-driven budgets and project plans - Automate workflows and reminders - Integrate with GIS, 311, fuel systems, and more Use Cartegraph to manage any infrastructure asset, including: pavement, signs, signalized Intersections, guardrails, light fixtures, markings, bridges, ADA ramps, sidewalks, trees, parks, playgrounds, facilities, backflows, hydrants, water mains, laterals, valves, meters, pumps, manholes, culverts, storm inlets, outlets, pipes, pumps, fleet, and more. Asset Management. Work Management. Resource Management. Request Management. It's all part of the Cartegraph Operations Management System.

    A GIS-centric web application for infrastructure asset management.

    The Accela Civic Platform is a foundation of powerful, trusted and secure cloud solutions designed to fit government agencies of all sizes.

    Accela Licensing and Case Management helps manage and regulate licensing while streamlining revenue collections, enhancing enforcement actions and improving customer service.

    Accelas dynamic, cloud-based Right of Way Management solution provides visibility into street activities, reduces the impact of infrastructure projects on residents and businesses, and saves time and money.

    Utility Billing works with third party billing companies or as a complete end-to-end billing solution. Built-in service order processes enable maintenance scheduling at the click of a button, and online bill pay helps your residents monitor their usage history and payments online.

    The Eagle product suite helps county agencies become more effective with advanced functionality easily accessible through an intuitive, straightforward software interface, enabling county workers and officials to deliver exceptional service to their constituents.

    Easily process and track applications, permits, inspections and licenses with GeoTMS

    LAMAs Planning, Projects and Development Review module is valued for its ability to organize the submission and review of complex information and processes.

    LucityAM is a comprehensive suite of integrated COTS software solutions for Public Works that enables agencies to meet their demands for management of assets, customer requests and work orders, preventive maintenance, resources and inventory, best practices and regulatory compliance.

    Business Management System's Permitting and Code Enforcement software tracks parcel information by any department and by any type of purpose such as permits, violations, inspections, licenses, etc. MGMS is the central repository for all information on parcels.

    OAS is a citizen access web portal that makes it easy to submit permit and plan review applications via a jurisdictions web site or Avolve hosted SaaS solution

    ProjectDox is efficient for issuing building project approvals, thereby accelerating jobs and revenues all while serving citizens better and assuring building safety.

    We use utility meter data to better communicate with residential customers and help them save water, energy, and money. Water suppliers also receive analytics that reveal insights into customer consumption and program participation trends.

    ABS Utility Billing is a solution to help manage the water, gas or electric utility.

    Accela Asset Management ensures your agency infrastructure assets are managed efficiently and effectively, while providing critical cloud-based tracking data to fulfill all legislative, regulatory, audit and reporting requirements.

    Accela Citizen Relationship Management is a digital communications system for residents and local governments to facilitate service requests and provides access to city services, fostering more connected and engaged communities.

    Accela Finance and Budgeting allows you to manage, report on and share information about your complex financials in the cloud in a way that everyone can understand.

    Accela suite of regulatory solutions helps local and state governments streamline and modernize new regulatory programs and processes.

    Accela Land Management on the Civic Platform moves your planning, permitting, inspection and code enforcement services away from land-locked, manual systems and towards easy-breezy, efficiency-obsessed cloud solutions.

    Accela Payroll and Human Resources allows your staff to perform tasks from anywhere with a secure, cloud-based product designed specifically for local government.

    AccessCity is the most prevalent municipal management solution in Quebec, regardless of the size of your city or your town. It helps you provide better services to your citizens. The more effective the tools you use, the better your service offer will be.

    AccessE11 is an automated Complaints, Issues and Service Request and Citizen Engagement Management System built and priced for smaller municipalities.

    AmCoBi provides comprehensive billing services to multifamily owners, property managers, and water utilities.

    AutoDCR is an innovative building plan scrutiny and approval system. It reads CAD drawings and maps them to the development control regulations for approval by municipal corporations and approving authorities.

    Avitar Utility Billing is a utility billing software that provides water and sewer billing software tailored to Vermont and New Hampshire municipalities.

    Banyon Utility Billing is a software help to bill customers for water, sewer, storm sewer, trash, recycling, gas, electric, or any other service want including on the bill.

    BasicGov is a comprehensive operations management platform that enables state and local governments to automate, streamline and innovate land management, licensing and regulation and community development operations.

    BluePrince provides project management components which allow your municipality to manage planning and development activity while handling fee schedules, mandatory and optional fees and integrates with payment systems.

    Providing Canadian local government organizations with modern work and asset management enterprise software solutions.

    Caselle Utility is a simple, effective software that keeps utility services up to date and customer payments manageable. Find powerful programs and customizable forms and notices to meet your department’s needs.

    CD-Plus is a powerful, customized, community development management system, and flagship of the Perconti Data Systems, Inc. product line. Used by thousands of users for over two decades and multiple upgrades and redesigns, CD-Plus is an ever-evolving, customer driven product. Whether you are a small town or a booming metropolis, CD-Plus can handle the administration of a large network and provide fast access to your data without the overhead of a full-time administrator.

    The AdaptToSolve Chameleon Utility Billing Software combines the convenience of web-based functionality with the security and richness of a traditional Client Server application. The solution provides a web-based interface for the features that customers have grown to expect from utility companies.

    CIS Infinity is a customer information and billing solution. Built fore nhancing customer satisfaction, increasing revenue, making business processes more efficient.

    With CitiTech Systems Management Software (CMS), managing any type of asset while meeting such guidlines as GASB-34, EPA, CMOM, and FEMA is a simple, fast and easy task.

    Every year, local governments and contractors conduct thousands of inspections... for building permits and fire prevention inspections, roads and highways maintenance, safety checkups for public facilities and playgrounds, and now workplace safety mangement. CityReporter is a powerful inspection management tool. Inspections, maintenance, repairs and record-keeping are effectively managed. With an easy-to-use software and mobile app that you can customise to suit your needs, and a work order process to handle maintenance and repairs. CityReporter has been adopted by private contractors, and cities large and small across North America. Request a free demo today!

    An asset management solution for managing community development, which is also GIS-centric.

    Time machine to future where there is less paper.

    Water billing and utility billing is easier with Clarity. It's designed for small to medium utility companies such as mutual water companies, rural water companies, mutual water associations and water districts

    CloudCompli offers a software solution that streamlines your stormwater compliance workflows. To ensure your municipality, construction site, industrial site or inspection team complies with the permitting requirements set forth by National Pollutant Discharge Elimination System use the cloud-based, mobile-enabled, data-driven CloudCompli.

    The CSAS/Pro Work Order System allows municipal and utility district personnel to track work orders from the time that they are created until they are completed

    Eagle helps municipalities to handle the high number of permit requests from civilians and focuses on temporary permits related to construction zones, events ensuring that your administration can guarantee the safety of the public domain with automatic conflict detection, traffic signage, and more.

    Utilibill provides billing, provisioning and payments systems to Utilitiy and Telco providers in the cloud.

    Elements XS3 is GIS-Based Asset & Work Management Software for Government & Utilities

    The enQuesta core CIS solution has been built on the expertise gained from helping municipal and investor-owned utilities in streamlining their strategic goals, fulfilling customer commitment and driving operational excellence.