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    Pharma and biotech software enables medtech (e.g. medical devices and drug development) companies to improve operations, reduce risk, maximize success rates, optimize activities, and comply with industry regulations. The scope of pharma and biotech software can range from quality and regulatory management to trial and discovery management to data processing to providing an ERP or CRM module. In the research and development phases, pharma and biotech solutions may integrate with or supplement pharmaceutical distribution software and various laboratory management solutions. At the tail end of the pharma and biotech supply chain lifecycle, pharma and biotech software vendors enable closed-loop marketing or sales enablement functionality for medical sales representatives to leverage.

    To qualify for inclusion in the Pharma and Biotech category, a product must:

    Adhere to pharmaceutical, biotechnology, and life sciences regulations
    Offers insight into operations and activities of the organization
    Provide a management framework for product (lifecycle) management, compliance and regulations, strategy and operations, processes, customers, documents and records, and assets

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    (20)3.8 out of 5

    Veeva is a cloud-based Business Solutions for the Global Life Sciences Industry.

    (26)4.7 out of 5

    Adaptive Compliance Engine® (ACE™) is a highly configurable, workflow based eQMS/eDMS and more that can adapt to any business process, allowing for real-time tracking, management, and reporting of all compliance, quality, and operational activities. With ACE™, you will minimize the administrative hassles and maximize ROI with productivity gains from day one – all while 21 CFR Part 11 compliant. Empower all levels of your organization with intuitive user interfaces, easily search for all your d

    (15)4.7 out of 5

    Pepper Flow® is cloud-based promotional and medical information review software built exclusively for life sciences. With Pepper Flow, organizations can accelerate the review and approval of regulated content to improve their competitive advantage, market products with efficiency, and maintain rigorous compliance. Key features include: * Parallel and sequential reviews * Comments, annotations, @user mentions * Automated claim linkage * 21 CFR Part 11-compliant eSignature * FDA 2253 submission

    (4)4.6 out of 5

    Inception CRM is a robust and user-friendly CRM app for in-field sales teams that delivers superb performance on the go. Inception CRM’s fully native GDPR-compliant apps for iOS, Android and Windows PCs guide pharma, medical and life science sales reps through even the most complex workflows with ease and efficiency. With a few clicks, sales teams can research territories and account histories, update customer records, set target groups, prepare cycle plans, schedule visits, report calls, pl

    (1)5.0 out of 5
    Entry Level Price:$60 Per user/month

    A CRM Solution Specifically Designed for Healthcare Salesdoor is a Customer Relationship Management Solution specifically designed for specialty pharmacy, pharmaceuticals and healthcare industry. The vendor boasts vast practical experience in specialty pharmacy services, and state that their users need a system that can adopt unique workflows without requiring complex configurations to get started. Salesdoor provides following built in components as all in one solution: > Customer Relationshi

    (1)4.0 out of 5

    Veeva Medical Suite is designed specifically fo medical teams, empowering them to foster meaningful nad personalized scientific dialogues informed by a complete view of each stakeholder.

    (1)4.5 out of 5

    A cloud-based solution that establishes one global authoritative source for managing regulatory activities, product registration data, and the end-to-end submission development process.

    (33)4.2 out of 5

    Vault Platform is a cloud platform built for regulated content management. From an electronic trial master file that study teams like to use, to an enterprise-wide quality system that scales globally, Veeva Vault delivers best practices with unprecedented ease.

    (2)4.0 out of 5

    Veeva Vault QualityOne helps companies improve efficiency, visibility and control in quality management with an easy-to-use, secure cloud solution that unifies processes, documents and data.

    (23)4.8 out of 5
    Optimized for quick response

    ACTO is disrupting how drugs and devices are promoted and brought to market. ACTO uses AI-powered mobile experiences and agency partnerships to educate and engage field reps, physicians and patients, while giving senior commercial and clinical leaders real-time insights. With ACTO’s Omnichannel Education and Engagement Platform for Life Sciences, global pharmaceutical and medical device companies promote on clinical value to increase sales, drive brand impact, and reduce compliance risk.

    0 ratings

    AMMRAS is a cloud based MR reporting software designed for the Pharmaceutical- Health care Industry.

    0 ratings

    BookVision CLM has been designed for a better field engagement with the doctors. Present your content to doctors. Understand what information they need and require. Showcase important things and more. With BookVision CLM you integrate e-Detailing, remote detailing, e-mail interaction, doctor portal and much more. Such universe is called “Project Multichannel

    0 ratings

    Close-Up Analyzer is a web-based platform which enables the generation of strategic reports that allow support for decision-making and the development of action plans in order to reach and exceed the objectives of prescription market share which in turn have an impact on sales

    0 ratings

    Business Analyzer works on Qlik Sense Desktop, the most modern and innovative BI tool, most recognized by the industry; with important advantages and novel features.

    0 ratings

    Close-Up Prescribers is the web tool that allows the analysis of prescribing physicians by market, specialty, region and health coverage.

    0 ratings

    The only web solution that enables integrated access to the Close-Up Retail Market® and Close-Up Territorial Data® sales audits modules.

    0 ratings


    0 ratings

    Life sciences, biopharma, and medical device organizations use Dexur’s technology and data solutions to scale quickly.

    At AKA, we free you to innovate by using the power of the Cloud and other transformative technologies like Microsoft Dynamics to deliver solutions that start returning on your investment right away. Specializing in business consulting, strategic road-mapping, and custom development, we use proven methodologies to help you reach your goals.

    0 ratings

    E-Techs MR Reporting Software is a dedicated cloud-based pharmaceutical CRM solution.

    0 ratings

    EvolveSPM is the company's Sales Performance Management and Compensation solution.

    0 ratings

    Analysis of the Sell ​​Out data with the highest granularity currently available and adaptable to both Administrative, Health, and any Territorial Organizations. Accuracy in monitoring the markets, we collect and process all the information daily

    A web-based sales force automation management compatible with GPRS mobile report. It provides stock info. with stockists, deposits, and is working on an eco-friendly cause with MR reporting and hence one of the best SFA in pharma industry.

    0 ratings

    Inova Software was founded in 2010 by Gilles Toulemonde, David Carteret and Fritz Eisenhart by merging Inova and Vertical*i. The merger combined Vertical*i’s business development and alliance management expertise with Inova’s experience in strategic innovation software. The newly merged company turned its focus to creating a software that would help life sciences companies find external innovations.

    0 ratings

    Kea- empowers Sales and Marketing teams in Pharma companies and Hospitals to work more efficiently. Kea-CRM is truly an end to end solution offering multichannel marketing, all indirect promotional activities, administrative requirements such as Travel and Expense functionalities, dashboards that present “Results” achieved, and much more. Simply put Kea is a one-stop solution for Pharma Industry and Hospitals.

    0 ratings

    Omnipresence is the next generation integrated customer experience platform for healthcare manufacturers that offers both CRM and Omnichannel capabilities through a single, unified platform.

    0 ratings

    MDprospects is a web-based tool designed to enable medical practices to manage leads, maximize conversion rates and increase revenues.

    0 ratings

    Medical representatives can use our tool to report their activitiy in a very short time, to plan their activity, to access the doctors and pharmacies database using several criteria (segmentation, targeting etc.), to self-monitor their activity;

    (1)0.0 out of 5

    Model N provide a Revenue Management Cloud solutions that helps customers maximize their revenues by maximizing sell time, revenues per opportunity and number of opportunities.

    0 ratings

    Complex analytics of distribution channels in the pharmaceutical industry