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Geopointe is a Salesforce AppExchange Partner and a leading geolocation application available on the AppExchange. Geopointe provides numerous ways for end-users, managers, administrators, and developers to tap into the geographical aspects of their data to improve efficiencies and streamline processes. Geopointe was launched in 2010 and is based in the city of Irvine, California with a presence across the United States. Our customers are all over the world. For more information about Geopointe,

Routing and territory management are popular with our team. Before COVID, the sales teams would plan their routes and find nearby leads and... Read review
pingjing z.
1. The powerful mapping ability- visualize any geo information in salesforce. 2. Seamless integration with Salesforce- out of the box functionality... Read review
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SalesRabbit optimizes every aspect of your sales and management process. Track leads, manage areas, collect data, and crush sales records with our field-proven approach. “Sales production has increased by 35%+ per year since we started using the system.” - Marc Cram, DishOne We achieve these results by improving every aspect of your organization: CANVASSERS View demographic data and homeowner details Schedule appointments, share leads and notes Show videos and digital presentations CLOSERS S

Steven R.
How the leads show accurate information regarding customers. Read review

At Map My Customers, we make reps more productive with an improved workflow. Our mobile first design makes it simple to capture sales data — equipping your leaders with the knowledge they need to make revenue - driving decisions. Increase Rep Activity Reps can plan the perfect day with our smart sales workflow purpose-built for mobile. Reps will be more productive with the app that tracks calls, logs visits based on geospatial data, and builds optimized routes in seconds. Visualize Opportuniti

Nick S.
Easy to access from any secure web page. The interface is easy to navigate through. There is a ton of support available. Sometimes it can be too... Read review
The user interface is what keeps me coming back Read review
(188)4.7 out of 5
Entry Level Price:$49 user / month

Veloxy is a revenue growth system that multiplies and accelerates your selling activities while eliminating non-selling activities that cost you time and money. It's one integrated sales platform that gives your essential sales capabilities — sales engagement, sales enablement, sales productivity, and Salesforce adoption — a single touchpoint across all devices to help you close more deals and generate more leads. 1,000's of field sales reps, inside sales reps, and sales managers are transform

Veloxy has been a huge time saver for me on many aspects. So many benefits. Automatically logging calls and emails, quick access to my leads and... Read review
Kaitlin K.
I no longer have to spend hours looking for leads and generating a pipeline outside of Salesforce. Now I can simply walk out of a meeting and be... Read review
(44)4.6 out of 5

Badger Maps is a route planner that automates territory management for outside salespeople. Badger visualizes their sales data on a map, optimizes daily routes and schedules, and generates meeting reports. The app focuses specifically on the type of salesperson who is visiting customers face-to-face - the field or outside salesperson. It helps them solve their daily problems in minutes rather than hours, and shows them the best opportunities and leads along the way. Users spend less time on driv

I love using the lasso tool to select an entire neighborhood and quickly create a route for the day. I have been contacted by the support team... Read review
Nohely R.
This application is excellent to accommodate and make our product organize and reach many different places, tells me where and when I can organize... Read review
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Handshake: B2B customer ordering and sales rep order entry solutions. Handshake is for companies like brands, manufacturers and distributors who are selling to retail stores or other business customers. For customer ordering - Handshake helps you provide a modern B2B eCommerce experience for easy online ordering and a mobile app for shelf-side orders when your customers are out on the floor. For sales rep ordering - Handshake provides a dedicated sales rep app that gives them the customer, pr

It’s a quick and neat way of helping business sell online services to customers to reduce cost and increase revenue Read review
Actually integrates with QuickBooks inventory feature. Lots of other services say that they integrate with QuickBooks, but all they really do is... Read review
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Repsly’s retail execution solution helps field teams achieve peak performance and maximize their impact on sales. Repsly’s mobile app empowers teams to work smarter in the field and collect data about their execution at the point of sale. The manager’s dashboard equips territory managers with the data and tools they need to better identify opportunities at retail and deploy their teams to take the right action in the store. Centralizing brands’ sales, field activity, and in-store data, Repsly co

Easy to setup and use. Can track field sales. Free application available for iOS and Android. Everyone with sales forces in the field should try... Read review
Melvin S.
Ability to make changes in reporting forms and knowing where staff is working. Sometimes a customer has additional information that is needed on... Read review

LeadSquared is a leading sales execution & CRM software, built for high velocity sales. It has been helping 1000+ businesses of all sizes transform their sales processes though intelligent automation, activity tracking, and a simple mobile CRM that manages the complete field sales operations efficiently. With LeadSquared CRM, businesses can: • Eliminate lead leakage by capturing leads from all online and offline channels • Reduce response time by automating lead distribution to relevant sale

Rob A.
Leadsquared comes with marketing automation and lead flow options that are built in, very dynamic and allow you to customize a great deal of a... Read review
Chandan R.
it organises data in a very good manner. it has lot of options to store data and can be filtered data according to our requirement. leads can be... Read review
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ForceManager is the leading CRM with a full-service WebApp created for a range of work styles including home, office or the field. The success of the solution is due to its user-friendly interface, built-in geolocation features, and high user adoption rates.

America C.
Being a CRM platform is very good at the moment of service and attention with my clients. It makes all the work simplify when organizing my clients... Read review
Flavia  G.
very good tool, offers more for less. After trying several CRM, we decided to stay with this versatile tool that makes it easier for us to report... Read review
(2)4.8 out of 5
Entry Level Price:$ 5 /user/month

Delta Sales App is a field sales automation software designed and developed for sales managers and field sales forces. With the use of Delta Sales App, brands, distributors, sales managers can manage field sales employee activities and track their geo-location whereas field sales representatives having Delta Sales App installed in their handsets can automate their routine activities like order taking, payment collections, attendance making, applying for leave, expense management, and more.

I liked all most all the features that it has embedded into it. Single software for the multi-tasking purpose. Read review
abhay c.
It automated user interface which is easy to operate and can be operated through mobile, Provide me ease to track the sales person. Its salesman... Read review
(7)4.6 out of 5
Entry Level Price:$1,200 per year

eSpatial is cloud-based mapping software that is engineered for the enterprise and designed for the user. We believe mapping should be fast, easy and powerful. With our mapping software, you can easily upload, visualize, and analyze multiple layers of data. It’s rapid visual insight that takes the guesswork out of decision making. We are mapping experts and have been delivering geographic solutions for over twenty years. Trusted by our customers and partners from Fortune 500 companies to non-pr

Shane S.
Ease of use, online support team engagement, loading of data to datasets for reuse and features that are useful and valuable rather than lovely... Read review
I love how easy it was to learn how to map on this software. I had never used a mapping software before but it was pretty simple to begin using it.... Read review
(66)4.7 out of 5
Entry Level Price:$8,400/year 20 licenses

GoSpotCheck is a mobile task management platform for teams that connects frontline employees with corporate goals and directives, creates a shared view of the field, and helps leaders make better decisions, faster. Our platform supports business processes previously completed on pen and paper, Excel, Sharepoint, email, and internally-developed applications. We make task completion simple and engaging for distributed teams with a mobile app built for efficiency. As tasks are completed, leaders

The team at GSC make you feel like you are their only customer, their attention and willingness to help and advise should be the standard for every... Read review
Ease of use, and instant data collection. GSC has saved us a ton of time, energy, etc, and has allowed us to be more productive, and quick on our... Read review
(112)4.7 out of 5
Entry Level Price:$395

Maptitude GIS and mapping software gives you the tools, maps, and data you need to analyze and understand how geography affects you and your organization. Maptitude is the most capable, and least expensive, full-featured mapping software available. With Maptitude you can create maps and map images from spreadsheets and you can see external data on the map from a variety of sources including Google Maps KML/KMZ files. Designed for data visualization and geographic analysis, Maptitude comes with

Maptitude is a terrific GIS package. It does everything ARCGIS does but costs less than $700. And for $395 a year you get access to great... Read review
Maptitude is a very flexible mapping platform with a robust demographics package available for purchase. It is an excellent tool to generate custom... Read review
(1)5.0 out of 5

OctopusPro is a job management software for any field service provider or contractor. The OctopusPro app can be used by your field workers anywhere, anytime, even offline. Together the OctopusPro software and app help you reduce administrative and operational costs, increase conversions and customer retention, and improve communication between your office, field workers, and customers. Sign up at to get started. You can choose from three different pricing options: - Star

Carlos P.
Is an excellent app and we can access to it through our favorite internet browser from anywhere, anytime and the best of all, even offline, no many... Read review
(1)5.0 out of 5

Pobuca Sales is a mobile field-sales automation solution for sales representatives and merchandising auditors that enables you to achieve more sales per day, automate merchandising tasks and be more productive. It synchronizes all your orders and sales’ data with your ERP & accounting system, saving you paperwork and ordering costs. In this way, you gain a 360° view of your customers anywhere, anytime and with real time insights. -Increase sales: Place the optimal order in the minimum poss

Dennis M.
I like this software because it is very easy to use, has constant updates with friendly user interface. It also has got an appropriate training and... Read review
0 ratings
Entry Level Price:$15 Per User/Per Month

FieldPie is a cloud-based software solution that helps companies manage their mobile workforce in Field Services, Field Sales, Field Audits and Merchandising Operations. Trusted by industry leader brands as well as innovative start-ups, FieldPie helps companies improve the efficiency of their field resources, and greatly simplifies the collection and analysis of field data. Easily schedule tasks, dispatch your field team to the right tasks, design beautiful mobile forms to collect mobile data an

0 ratings
Entry Level Price:15 per user per month

Manage your mobile workforce, schedule jobs and keep an eye on progress. GeoNext's Field Workforce Management platform helps your operations run faster and smoother. Fast, secure and accurate...GeoNext just works. Great functionality includes: * Offline-Mode- Create/edit jobs without phone coverage. * Real-time Job Scheduling- Create and assign jobs in real time. * Geo Scheduling- Create and assign jobs based on worker’s location. * GPS Tracking- View all today's activities and share your lo

0 ratings
Entry Level Price:$79.99 per month

All-in-one solution designed for wholesale distribution. Whether you have reps in the field placing orders or drivers delivering your products, inSitu Sales gives them seamless and secure access to the data they need like inventory, pricing and information so they can better serve your customers.

0 ratings

Lystloc is a Location Intelligence and Analytics SaaS product company providing complete solutions on location-based challenges to our customers. Lystloc started as an in-house product intended to track our on-field and office users’ attendance by location via mobile app rather than hardware punch cards. It worked out very well for us saving a lot of time and money. It was then a natural progression to develop this as a SaaS product for other companies who go through similar day to day problems

(3)4.7 out of 5

The easiest mapping solution on the planet! In seconds, you can upload your data and see it on a map. Using our powerful analytical tools, you can create customized new ways of visualizing and understanding your data. If you run into issues, our team of experts is ready to show you how to make the most of your data! Call us, chat with us, or send an email ... we really do want to help you become an office superhero!

I love that there is an Excel Add-In so that you can link maps created in Mapline to spreadsheets in your workbook and have your Maps update just... Read review
Taylor A.
We use this product to map our clients with our partner companies across the country. We're able to pull data and copy/paste it into the program to... Read review
(17)4.5 out of 5

Pitcher is a leading provider of sales enablement and content management for field sales and marketing teams. With an intuitive and feature-rich platform, Pitcher’s cloud-based software makes it easier for field sales and marketing professionals in industries such as life sciences, consumer packaged goods, financial services and manufacturing to plan for, execute and analyze their business meetings. The immersive, feature-rich software can be executed on various desktop and mobile devices to bet

Pitcher offered us a great quality of service. We have been impressed by the reactivity of their teams and we appreciate how flexible their... Read review
0 ratings
Entry Level Price:$6 per/user/month

Sales force automation solution helps any retail sales organizations to effectively manage their daily sales activities from time of dispatch of their products till it reaches to the consumers. The management of any retail sales team can get information about dispatches, supply, delivery and order of their different products instantly and all activities of their sales team performing in different territorial store outlets. Sales team can easily evaluate their daily performances and can match wi

(1)0.0 out of 5
Entry Level Price:$29 month

Whether you're recruiting new members, qualifying leads, contacting voters, or optimizing routes to close the deal, The Field simplifies routing and integrates seamlessly with fundraising, survey, and sales tools in your Salesforce. The Field allows users to easily plot and view data from any object on a map. The end user can view the objects on an intuitive, interactive map and access specific statistics and actions. ROUTE & TERRITORY MANAGEMENT ✔ Plan, optimize & manage routes ✔ Ch

Ann P.
The customized buttons make it really easy to integrate any action in the Salesforce platform. Is super easy when you are in the field. Very little... Read review

Top 10 Free Field Sales Software in 2021

  • Geopointe
  • SalesRabbit
  • Map My Customers
  • Veloxy
  • Badger Maps

Learn More About Field Sales Software

What You Should Know About Field Sales Software

Field sales, also known as outside sales, software is designed for employees who meet customers in person at their residences or places of business, engaging in door-to-door sales. It assigns sales personnel logical travel routes that maximize efficiency. These tools can guide team members through sales routes and inform managers of where their employees are at any given time. Field sales software can be used to log successful sales or transactions and monitor the activity of teams on the road.

Key Benefits of Field Sales Software

  • Find efficient routes to reach customers
  • Log time and distance traveled
  • Record transactions
  • Locate personnel

Why Use Field Sales Software?

Field sales software plays into the world of greater sales software. While other sales software assigns employees digital territories to be contacted via telephone, email, or video call, field sales software is different in that it provides physical location territories. Field sales software seamlessly connects salespeople to their leads’ front doors. Certain tools can also integrate with or act as CRM software, harvesting contact information and serving as a hub for updates and field notes. Field sales solutions are useful for cold visits, order taking, and relationship selling.

Who Uses Field Sales Software?

Businesses that rely on in-person meetings to establish and maintain customer relationships, especially those whose transactions occur at the customer’s location, are the chief users of field sales software. Within those organizations, the heaviest use is by the salespeople themselves, who use it with their phones or other mobile devices. (Laptop computers, once the key tool of field sales personnel, have fallen out of favor due to weight and inconvenience but are still used.) Field sales managers use this software as well but do not live and die by it the way their teams do.

Field Sales Software Features

There are features that are only valuable to field sales personnel by virtue of their need to be mobile and sometimes disconnected from business resources. Inside salespeople typically don’t need to use a mobile device as a catalog or POS terminal, after all. Field sales software has the following capabilities:

    Create physical sales routes — Plans routes between clients, considering distance, backtracking, and other factors. Provides alternate routes when needed due to traffic, schedule changes, or special requirements.

    Sales rep oversight — Lets managers know where their salespeople are at any time, and how their sales are progressing.

    CRM integration — Updates the CRM system with transaction details and new/changed customer contact information.

    Reporting — Rolls up sales activity and performance into reports for management.

    Additional Field Sales Software Features

    Client discovery — Provides alerts, map pins, or other indicators when the salesperson is near another customer’s location.

    Mobile catalog — Facilitates sales within the app itself.

    Presentations — Stores or links to marketing and sales content.

    Offline sync — Does not require an active Wi-Fi or phone network connection to operate.

Potential Issues with Field Sales Software

Most of the issues with field sales software stem not from the software itself but from the devices that run it. These include:

Screen space — This has been a concern with field sales software since businesses started switching from laptops to phones and tablets. There are limits to how much can be displayed on a tiny screen and how easily it can be used. As mobile device makers provide larger screens for little added weight, this issue is rapidly disappearing.

Loss — It is much easier to drop, forget, or otherwise misplace a mobile phone than a laptop computer.

Battery life — Phones and tablets run dry on power quickly when they have to power Wi-Fi, video, and software. Chargers and battery packs solve this problem, but it remains an annoyance that must be dealt with.