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Electronic data capture (EDC) software replaces the traditional and very manual process of managing clinical trial data with an electronic system. At its core, EDC software streamlines the collection, review, and processing of clinical trial data. Clinical trial management software is bolstered by EDC software; some even offer EDC functionality within the CTMS. Benefits of using EDC software include improved data quality and study efficiency, as well as an improved ability to meet regulatory compliance. Contract research organizations (CROs), clinical trial sponsors, and study sites all utilize EDC software.

To qualify for inclusion in the EDC category, a product must:

  • Capture and store clinical trial data
  • Simplify the process of sharing and exporting of data
  • Enforce querying of stored clinical trial data
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    REDCap (Research Electronic Data Capture) is a secure web application for building and managing online surveys and databases.

    Castor EDC
    (25)4.6 out of 5
    Optimized for quick response
    Optimized for quick response

    Castor is a user-friendly data platform that enables researchers to easily capture and integrate data from any source in real-time. Thousands of medical device, biotech and academic researchers around the world are using Castor EDC, ePRO and eTMF to efficiently conduct their studies. Features include audit trails, user management, form building, randomization, remote capture (patient surveys) and much more.

    The OpenClinica Enterprise Edition is an enhanced, fully-supported build that is ideal for mission-critical settings.

    MATRIX EDC is a cloud-based clinical data management application. EDC supports electronic, paper-based or hybrid studies.

    Medidata Rave is a cloud–based clinical data management system used to electronically capture, manage, and report clinical research data. It enables the user to record patient information (ie, visit, lab, and adverse event data) using forms that are customized for each study.

    Medrio offers an integrated eClinical Software as a Service (SaaS) platform with a fully hosted Electronic Data Capture (EDC) system that drastically reduces study timelines and costs by putting study managers in control of their studies.

    Clear Clinica is an Electronic Data Capture (EDC) software that allows to store clinical trial data on secure servers, get faster statistical reports and have risks apps monitoring data.

    A Clinical Data Management System (CDMS), Clinical Trial Management System (CTMS) and Electronic Data Capture System (EDC) all in one powerful, integrated solution.

    ClinPlus CTMS was designed specifically to help sponsors and CROs overcome the technical challenges associated with managing clinical trials and was developed on the principle that by improving user accessibility and communications.

    Clireo eTMF is supported by a complete cloud-based document management system to facilitate any eTMF business process. Clireo eTMF includes inspector portal, workflow, version control, document staging areas, FTP connectivity, and a full standards-based API. Easily add Clireo eCTD for global regulatory e-submissions.

    The DATATRAK ONE Unified Experience removes complexities, activating better site compliance, better data, and safer trials.

    Dacima Clinical is an advance electronic data capture (EDC) and clinical data management system (CDMS) for capturing, managing and reporting clinical research data and optimizing data collection by efficiently streamlining clinical data collection process.

    Axiom's technology eliminates the labor intensive manual tasks so often required by smaller companies in managing a clinical study or study platform.

    With a robust electronic data capture (EDC) system at its core, IBM® Clinical Development is an all-in-one, cloud-based data management platform that lets you design and manage clinical trials with more control, convenience and confidence than ever before. IBM Clinical Development offers a host of powerful tools—from randomization, dispensing and reporting to endpoint adjudication and ePRO (electronic patient reported outcomes)—that help you launch and complete studies more efficiently and bring needed products to patients sooner. Used by clinical professionals worldwide, the platform lets you capture, manage, analyze and report study data across therapeutic areas, trial types and time zones. A SaaS solution, IBM Clinical Development requires no special infrastructure or prior programming experience to use. Designed to be intuitive and easy to navigate, you access all study data and platform functions through a centralized, password-protected web interface.

    The Observer XT is the professional and user-friendly software package for the collection, analysis, and presentation of observational data.

    Provides integrated solutions to automate Electronic Data Capture, Data Management, and Project Management needs.

    ALPHADAS is a software solution that works with key drug development decision making and operational savings in the business.

    Bioclinica EDC equips study teams with easy-to-use tools for quick and efficient data collection right at the source on any device or desktop. A built-in survey tool makes it convenient for subjects to enter required data between visits.

    Captivate offers privacy, performance, and power -- the scalability to run studies of different complexities and budgets.

    Catchtrial offers special functionalities and flexible personalization for unprecedented ease of data management.

    Clincase is a leading end-to-end electronic data capture (EDC) and clinical data management (CDM) system. It provides a complete and integrated environment for the implementation, testing and conduct of clinical trials. Versatile and robust, Clincase keeps data managers, monitors and sponsors clearly informed of study performance and progress, while encouraging increased site and investigator participation.

    The mClinical Platform for Patient Enrollment, Engagement & Management

    Clinion™ is a 21 CFR Part 11 validated Intuitive Electronic Data Capture (Intuitive EDC) and Clinical Data Management (Paper Study) platform.Clinion™ is focused on reducing the new product time-to-market for Pharmaceutical, Biotech and Medical Device Organizations by providing a highly configurable and user-friendly Clinical Trials Application. Clinion™ is easy to use and configure and does not require any hardware and software requirements from the client.It is available online and can be securely accessed from anywhere by authorized users.

    DataFax is a mature and stable Clinical Trial System, that is a true hybrid system.

    Digitalis is an innovative data collection tool (Electronic Data Capture). Digitalis provides you with all the tools you need for a pleasant and complete collection and management of quality clinical data. It is a dynamic and ergonomic web application, whose strength lies in its ease of use and ability to adapt to your specific needs.

    DSG’s award-winning eCaseLink software is the most advanced EDC solution in the industry. eCaseLink 8.2 is a truly integrated eClinical solution that seamlessly combines CTMS, EDC, IWRS and Safety into a single system, cutting costs and giving you control over your entire study. Unlike other systems that attempt to force completely unrelated systems to work together, eCaseLink was developed from the ground up as a truly integrated system whose parts work effectively as a whole. eCaseLink helps you to see everything that’s happening with your study in real time, at all times. This unmatched level of control helps you to make mid-study changes, contain costs, improve safety and increase ROI.

    eCaseLink.Me provides a flexible approach to patient-reported data capture. eCaseLink.Me can be used alone or in combination with eCaseLink EDC software for reporting and data analysis. Designed with the patient in mind, eCaseLink.Me allows patients to personalize and change the appearance of the application to better suit preferences. It works on any browser or web-enabled device, so that patients may enter data conveniently from any wifi-enabled location – no need for unfamiliar devices.

    The main benefit of Marvin compared to other EDC products is the fact that it is built on the CDISC standard from the ground up and fully utilizes the advantages this offers throughout the Clinical Data Management process.

    The Ennov Clinical suite is comprised of three main software products: Ennov EDC Easily design and capture multi-centric clinical study data with a single comprehensive software. Capture data with an online eCRF, an offline eCRF through the iPad, or even an paper CRF. In addition, with Ennov ePro, patients can record their own diaries and quality of life assessments. Ennov EDC is CDISC ODM certified. Includes also a very powerful patient randomization module (IWRS). Ennov CTMS Simultaneously supervise multiple clinical trials from beginning to end with Ennov’s comprehensive Clinical Trial Management System. Ennov eTMF Build, share and store your Trial Master File in a unique platform with Ennov Electronic Trial Master File (eTMF).

    A complete system for creating, deploying, and administering custom data entry applications.

    Velos eResearch connects financial, administrative and clinical research activities, you can do away with the patchwork of manual and partially automated systems common in clinical research today.

    Flex Databases is a company providing e-solutions for clinical trials.

    Forte EDC supports leading academic research centers, cancer centers, and health systems in running successful and compliant IITs.

    GoResearc is a fully validated internet platform for electronic data capture (EDC) for research projects such as clinical/observational studies and registries of patients.

    i-CDMS is a cloud based system offering a complete set of features for streamlining trial monitoring and data entry with e-CRF.

    An innovative, next-generation EDC/eClinical solution that allows non-technical research personnel to easily build their own studies.

    KlindatTM is a next-generation electronic Case Report Form (eCRF) for the pharmaceutical, biotech & medical device industries

    MACRO promotes synergy between clinical research and practice, driving a virtuous circle of continual improvement in best practice.

    Integrated, configurable, and reliable solution for impressive data capture results. MainEDC was created by Data Management 365 developers without any third-party acquisitions or integrations.

    mEDC is a web based electronic data capture system that offers faster study setup, flexible configuration, detailed reporting, improved query management, all leading to enhanced user experience.

    Med-Quests unique approach to collecting data means serious time savings for you and your team.

    Medrio eConsent empowers organizations to accelerate all aspects of the consent process, from setting up and modifying consent forms to ensuring patient comprehension, while remaining in full regulatory compliance.

    Prism is a fully integrated clinical trial management and EDC product that provides both standard data management functionality and value-added tools for clinical trial management. Prism combines ease-of-use with innovative features to provide a fresh solution for the collection and management of clinical trial data.

    From handling simple to complex GLP and non-GLP compliant laboratory environments, Xybion's enterprise solution for pre-clinical data management solution, Pristima® enables a significant reduction in time to final report and study close-out through full lifecycle automation. The Pristima® suite offers numerous modules, which allow you to select a targeted combination of functions to meet your specific organizational requirements and workflows.

    Protocol First is the first EDC that specializes in collecting response data and detecting safety signals.

    A web-based solution that can be used for recruiting patients and managing all aspects of data associated with clinical research.

    QureClinical is a flexible validated clinical trial management software suite for electronic data capture used in more than 100 sites worldwide.

    Ripple is a web-based recruitment-focused patient and study management tool for clinical and translational studies.

    secuTrial is a professional, entirely browser-based GCP-compliant EDC system for collecting patient data in clinical or non-interventional studies and patient registries.

    State-of-the-art data collection, storage and productivity tool for organisations that need to generate and manage clinical evidence.

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