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Cloud data security software is used to secure information stored using cloud services or within cloud-based applications. These tools can facilitate data security by enforcing policies related to cloud access control and storage. Companies utilize the tools to implement security protocols, monitor access, and protect both information stored within cloud applications and information transferred through cloud applications. Administrators can manage governance, set permissions, and monitor usage of those accessing the applications. Many cloud security products provide encryption and data loss prevention features to further secure documents and data stored within cloud applications.

These tools offer many of the same capabilities as traditional data security software, but provide functionality specifically designed for information stored in or passing through cloud data services.

To qualify for inclusion in the Cloud Data Security category, a product must:

  • Provide confidentiality functionality to encrypt or mask data
  • Monitor network connections for cloud-based threats
  • Enable administrative access control over data stored in the cloud
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    The IBM Security Guardium portfolio empowers organizations to meet critical data protection needs by delivering complete visibility, actionable insights, real-time controls, and automated compliance throughout the data protection journey. With IBM Guardium your organization can achieve smarter data protection by leveraging discovery & classification, vulnerability & risk assessments, real-time monitoring & alerting, encryption, and advanced analytics.

    Aptible is building trust on the internet by empowering organizations to make information security a core competency. Our products provide companies with straightforward, plain English guidance on how to write relevant policies and automate the procedures required to implement those policies as well as pass information-security audits. The Aptible platform also offers companies a hosting platform that provides the security controls companies need so they can stay focused on their development goals. With Aptible, companies can ensure they are always audit-ready and continuously communicate trust to customers, auditors, and regulators. Gridiron For companies who need to ensure information security, Aptible Gridiron is the only Security Management platform enabling them to earn and keep customer trust by helping them design, operate and audit their ISMS, making them audit-ready and secure in a fraction of the time. Enclave For companies that need to protect customer data without sacrificing speed of software development, Aptible Enclave is the most developer-friendly deployment platform for software teams to deploy secure, audit-ready apps.

    WebTitan Web Filter is a powerful DNS based web filtering and security solution providing protection from web based cyber threats including Malware, Ransomware and malicious sites. WebTitan Web Filter allows advanced web and dns filtering control to businesses around the world and can be deployed locally and interacted with through an advanced API set. WebTitan Web Filter monitors, controls and protects businesses and users from online threats. We provides real time automated malicious threat detection & blocking. We block over 300,000 Malware and Ransomware websites every single day and have 3 million malicious sites under control at any one time. Our threat intelligence engine is one of the largest in the world and updated every minute. WebTitan Web Filter can be set up and managed in minutes. We provide advanced threat protection at source driven by both AI and machine learning. Block Phishing Sites: Prevent access to phishing sites, C2 callbacks and command & control attacks Easy & Quick Installation: See immediate results after a very quick and easy set-up. Cloud-based: Protect your business on-the-go with our cloud-based system. No hardware to install or software to manage Virus & Malware Detection: Block viruses, malware and ransomware from affecting your business. Free Tech Support: We offer excellent free technical support from a live support engineer 24/7. With over 25 years web security experience TitanHQ are trusted by over 8,500 businesses across 135 countries. WebTitan Technical Feature List Two primary use cases: 1. A DNS security layer. Blocks Malware, Phishing, Viruses, Ransomware & Malicious Sites at source. 2. Brand protection. Advanced content control. Functions: 1. URL filtering. Filters website URLs into 53 predefined categories in 200 languages. An additional 8 customizable categories are also available. 2. Security Layer. Best-in-class malicious URL detection. SSL supported. HTTP and HTTPS covered. 3. Flexible Policies. Create Policies for an entire organization, from AD groups down to the user level. 4. API Driven. Integrate and control Webtitan using its extensive APIs, roll your own UI, auto provision your customers from your existing systems. Integrate billing and monitoring systems. 5. Reporting: Realtime reporting dashboard to the per DNS request level or high level reports with customizable filters. Schedule customizable reports in multiple formats to be delivered via email. Drill down options with 55 predefined reports to choose from. 6. Deployment options. Gateway/shared cloud/Private Cloud. WebTitan Cloud, a private cloud deployed for you on AWS with failover or hosted by you in your own data centre. We deploy servers globally tailored for you and your operations. The IP for DNS forwarding provided to you are yours and yours only. Your data in your geographic locations. 7. Group Policies. If you use Windows Active Directory, you have already got groups defined, pull them into WebTitan and apply policies to individual groups. 8. Safe Search: One click enforcement of Google and bing SafeSearch and YouTube restricted mode (this can be customised) 9. Whitelist and Blacklist functionality. Per policy white and black list functionality. 10. AD Integration. Allows for user identification, user/group policy application. 11. On the Go roaming agent. WebTitan is perfect for BYOD environments where employees use multiple devices on and off site. Covering windows and MacOS. We also don’t charge extra for our agents. 12. IPv6 coverage. We have full IPv6 support thus are future proofed. 13. Location types Static IP, dynamic IP, Dynamic DNS, Roaming or Virtual Locations (EDNS) all supported. 14. Bypass keys. Each Cloud Key can be created for single or multiple users and are controlled by time or date. This key can over ride the blocked pages; each key activity is also individually reported on. 15. Customisable block pages – Each customer can have their own specific block page to show their messaging and branding. 16. White Labelling: Our GUI can be 100% White Labelled to your branding Features: 1. Market-leading accuracy, coverage and malicious website detection collated through real time advanced analytics and detection from 550 million end users and 5 trillion web queries per month covering 99.9% of the active web. Proprietary Al-based and machine learning categorization engines process millions of URLs daily. 2. Scalable. Solutions can handle any volume of usage with no latency. 3. Real time auto threat and category updating. 4. Support. Renowned for our top-class support team both pre and post sales. This full support comes at no extra cost! 5. Multitenant. Support multiple clients from one centralised platform. Each location has its own log in and policy manager. Each account administrator can control the content accessed for multiple locations 6. User identification: Identify individual users and report on their activity. Integrates with active directory or LDAP to allow you to create per user or per group reporting for your organisation. 7. Full path detection: One of the critical features that Web Titan provides is an ability for deep analysis due to full path detection. Page and path-level reporting provides analytical credibility to what is being marked as malicious. URLs in the Web Titan databases are detailed down to the path level. 8. Zero Latency: Beauty of DNS Filtering is there is no impact on internet speeds to your users. 9. 3 step setup: i) add location identifier ii) Set policy iii) Forward DNS to WebTitan Cloud

    Duo Security's frictionless Trusted Access platform protects users, data and applications from malicious hackers and data breaches. Our mission is to protect your mission. Duo Security makes security painless, so you can focus on what's important. Our scalable, cloud-based Trusted Access platform addresses security threats before they become a problem. We do this by verifying the identity of your users and the health of their devices before they connect to the apps you want them to access.

    AWS PrivateLink increases the security of data shared with cloud-based applications by eliminating the exposure of data to the public Internet. AWS PrivateLink provides private connectivity between VPCs, AWS services, and on-premises applications, securely on the Amazon network.

    OmniShield is the next-generation cybersecurity solution that extends your company's perimeter to all your sites while providing omnipresent, enterprise-grade security.

    Akku is an Identity and Access Management (IAM) solution that is packed with features including single sign-on, password policy enforcement, IP- and device-based restrictions, multi-factor authentication and YouTube filtering. It provides enterprises with complete control over data access and privacy on the cloud while ensuring that they stay compliant to statutory industry standards. Akku also offers a dedicated deployment support service, without the need for a third-party system integrator, along with round-the-clock support for operations, maintenance, and troubleshooting. With this, Akku enables the seamless integration of on-premise legacy applications with that of a company’s cloud environment.

    Control and help secure email, documents, and sensitive data that you share outside your company. From easy classification to embedded labels and permissions, enhance data protection at all times with Azure Information Protection—no matter where it’s stored or who it's shared with.

    Apigee Sense works in conjunction with the Apigee Edge API Management Platform to give API teams a powerful weapon to protect APIs from attacks

    Scalable, high-performance malware detection and prevention for cloud services, NAS devices, AWS S3 buckets, and SharePoint servers

    Worry-Free Services infuses high-fidelity machine learning with other detection techniques for the broadest protection against ransomware and advanced attacks.

    The CloudCheckr Cloud Management Platform (CMP) offers a single pane of glass view to help modern enterprises manage and optimize their public cloud. DevOps, SecOps, and FinOps teams from hundreds of global enterprises and service providers rely on CloudCheckr to manage their Azure, AWS, and Google Cloud investments so they can quickly optimize spend, eliminate waste, and improve security and compliance throughout their cloud journey. CloudCheckr enables users to save money, time, and effort to increase operational efficiencies with automated actions for your cloud. Manage your expenses with cost allocation, spend optimization, invoicing and chargebacks. Use custom reports and alerts ensure governance and accountability as your environments scale. The CloudCheckr CMP provides total visibility across your cloud infrastructure and enables protection for state and activity monitoring, turning insight to action while meeting compliance demands. Manage your assets with cross-account dashboards that provide sophisticated reporting for enterprise-wide inventory based on tags, geography, function and more to proactively optimize workloads. Review summary and detailed usage statistics for resources across AWS, Azure, and Google Cloud, offering actionable intelligence to right-size and scale services efficiently.

    CloudGuard IaaS virtualization security (vSEC) for private and public cloud platforms is designed to protect assets in the cloud against the most sophisticated threats.

    CloudLock helps companies protect their data in the cloud.

    DBHawk is a web-based database management and data analytics tool. DBHawk is compatible with various databases, including on-premises as well as databases hosted in the cloud. DBHawk provides central data security with 2FA, LDAP integration, data logging and auditing, and object access control. DBHawk is supported with Oracle, DB2, SQL Server, MySQL, PostgreSQL, Amazon RDS, Amazon Aurora, Azure SQL, Amazon Redshift, Greenplum, Netezza, Teradata, SAP-Hana, MariaDB, MongoDB, Hadoop, Amazon Athena (S3), and Cassandra.

    Spinbackup for Business: Cloud Cybersecurity & Cloud-to-Cloud Backup for Google Apps. Spinbackup safeguards Google Apps data against leak and loss disasters by identifying business risks and security threats. Visit our page at Google Apps Marketplace -

    Cloud Data Protection & Security is a platform that focused on cloud data security and compliance, it integrates directly with the Symantec Blue Coat ProxySG allowing user to encrypt or tokenize information that do not want exposed in public cloud SaaS applications like ServiceNow, Salesforce, and Oracle

    IBM Tivoli Storage Manager (TSM), which serves as the engine for STORServer Appliances Powered by TSM, gives you centralized, automated data protection for physical, virtual, and cloud environments.

    Vormetric is a data security platform that helps companies move and quickly to protect data wherever it resides any database, and application in any server environment.

    An Innovative SaaS Platform That Delivers Verifiable Cloud Network Security, Advanced IAM Protection And Comprehensive Compliance And Governance

    Complexity is the enemy to effective security operations. To combat the disparate data slog, JupiterOne is a cloud security platform that automatically ingests data from your digital environment to map relationships between users, resources and your infrastructure. With the relationships, JupiterOne is able to intelligently track changes to your digital environment over time, and alert the correct team members when an anomaly or concerning trend emerges. JupiterOne is directly integrated with AWS, GitHub, Bitbucket, Veracode, Okta and G Suite. Users are able to automatically generate and maintain a list of assets with JupiterOne's Asset Inventory. The Smart Search functionality allows users to ask questions and search broadly or specifically for vulnerabilities , changes and compliance evidence across your entire digital environment. The Galaxy View allows security teams to visualize the relationships and the flow of information and access from one source to another. JupiterOne's Policy Builder turns what used to be dozens of man-hours creating and maintaining 500-page security policies into minutes with its customizable templates while the Compliance Dashbord simplifies the collection of evidence for audits and assessments, as well as makes it easy for security teams to know if they are out of compliance. Start your free trial of JupiterOne at

    With Proofpoint Cloud Account Defense (PCAD), you can protect your people and your organization from Microsoft Office 365 account compromise.

    Avanan connects leading security technologies to the most widely used enterprise cloud applications, improving protection of sensitive corporate data and IP. Avanans one-click deployment allows customers to deploy a new security solution in seconds. Because it requires no appliance, agent or gateway proxy, Avanan can begin protecting any cloud application immediately, with no effect on users.

    BlackFog provides GDPR privacy and fileless cyberattack defense for real time protection against online threats. It focuses on non-signature based threat detection using outbound traffic monitoring to protect the device and privacy of the end user. It consists of 11 layers of defense against ransomware, spyware, malware and unauthorized data collection and profiling.

    Cloud-Fish software is optimized for Box, Microsoft OneDrive, Google Drive, and Dropbox for a seamless transfer of data between your systems and the Cloud, as well as, for clients with multiple cloud storage providers.

    Cofactor's KITE is a cloud security software helping enterprises retain control of their data in the cloud.

    Compaas protects your cloud data against employee negligence.

    Monitors your cloud applications for data leaks, cyber-threats and regulatory violations that put your business at risk.

    CYREN WebSecurity is a cloud-based security software that protects devices and data, regardless of type or location

    Dark Web ID combines human and sophisticated Dark Web intelligence with search capabilities to identify, analyze and proactively monitor for your organization's compromised or stolen employee and customer data

    Box provides an intuitive cloud file sharing and collaboration platform with comprehensive file management and governance capabilities. But once sensitive data is obtained by an authorized recipient outside the secure Box container, file protection and accountability are diminished, as are data privacy breach safe harbors.

    Eliminates costly and time-consuming manual data transfers of sensitive data between segmented networks commonly found in highly-regulated industries.

    ForceShield real time proactive defense is a comprehensive security solution for both web and mobile applications, which can secure enterprise business and end users against account takeover and online fraud from automation attacks and data breaches.

    The global management console provides single point-of-control of multi-PoliWall TIG architecture--whether TIG is on premise, on a virtual machine, or in the cloud.

    Whether you are running VMs in a private cloud powered by vSphere or a public clouds like IBM Softlayer, Microsoft Azure, vCloud Air or AWS, HyTrust DataControl provides strong encryption for virtual machines in any cloud, along with easy to deploy key management YOU control.

    When data leaves the corporate network, most organizations lose track of where it goes and who has access. ManagedMethods provides visibility and control of cloud applications, including Google G Suite, Microsoft Office 365, OneDrive, Box, Dropbox, Slack, and many others. ManagedMethods scans Gmail and Office 365 Mail for malware, phishing schemes, and sensitive or objectionable content. ManagedMethods is the only Cloud Access Security Broker (CASB) that can be deployed in minutes, with no special training, and with no impact on users or networks.

    Marshal is a new data loss prevention (DLP) solution that provides you with peace of mind by discovering and classifying any sensitive, confidential, or proprietary data stored in your cloud services. With the aim to significantly reduce data security risks associated with malicious activity, employee neglect, and content proliferation.

    Drive business value from Big Data analytics securely, at the speed of business.

    Nimaya's ActionBridge enables users of SaaS-based applications to proactively alert and prompt sales and support staff to sales leads and risks via the automated creation of tasks, events and leads based on data residing within and external to their hos...

    Proofpoint Targeted Attack Protection SaaS Defense safeguards your organization against hidden threats in cloud-based file-storage apps.

    RedLock platform is a interactive map that let's quickly pinpoint issues and perform impact analysis, cutting time to resolution from weeks or months to seconds.

    R&S Trusted Gate fulfills compliance requirements for data storage and enables safe and data protection-compliant work. With R&STrusted Gate you benefit from highest security standards without compromizing full performance and flexibility of your chosen cloud environments and collaboration tools.

    SAASPASS is your key to the world. By providing a comprehensive and frictionless solution fully-secured with dynamic passcodes and multi-factor authentication, SAASPASS is the only identity and access management tool you need to secure your corporate network or your own personal data. Whether logging into your work emails and company apps, accessing your personal online bank account, making purchases at online retailers, browsing social media, or even unlocking the door of your car, home, or hotel room, SAASPASS allows you to use your mobile or other enabled device to manage all your digital and physical access needs securely and conveniently SAASPASS allows you to do with one product what it currently takes a combination of 4 to 5 other products to do.

    Saviynt is a leader in Cloud & Enterprise Access Governance & Intelligence solutions. Saviynt secures critical data, apps & infrastructure in a single platform for Cloud (AWS, Azure, Office 365, SFDC…) & Enterprise (SAP, Epic, Oracle EBS, Workday...). Saviynt Security Manager combines traditional identity management with preventive security controls, privilege governance & behavior analytics to deliver next generation IGA for internal & external users. In addition, Saviynt has the unique ability to manage entitlements at the fine-grained level, guided by usage and behavior analytics to deliver a robust and intelligent access request and certification solution.

    ShareOptic is a cloud-based cyber security tool that enables user to overcome compliance and data security challenges, it protect users of Google Apps & Microsoft O365 customers by ensuring unauthorised 3rd parties never gain access to data.

    Shieldox is designed to protect organizations from data leakage without interfering with employees' productivity and collaboration while keeping files secure,

    SpyCloud helps businesses of all sizes prevent data breaches and account takeover attacks by alerting when employee or company assets have been compromised.

    From the endpoint, Threat Defense for AD effectively controls the attacker’s perception of the organization’s internal resources—all endpoints, servers, users, applications, and locally stored credentials. This solution autonomously learns the organization’s Active Directory structure in its entirety and uses this data to create an authentic and unlimited obfuscation.

    SysCloud is a machine learning and analytics application providing intelligent online safety and compliance solutions for K12 schools, cloud backup, and anti-phishing solutions. SysCloud is a Google Premium Partner, Microsoft Gold Certified Partner, and Microsoft Education Partner. We offer enterprise-grade and a user-friendly cloud-based suite of products to address the challenges faced by schools and SME’s that run their businesses on G Suite and Office 365. Our product analyzes Cloud content and end-user behavior across apps, documents, emails, and chat in near real time to alert our customers in the event of a threat or a breach of compliance through pre-built intelligent workflows. How SysCloud makes a difference to its customers: 1. Schools rely on SysCloud to proactively monitor school-provided G Suite and Office 365 to identify incidents of cyberbullying, hate speech, self-harm, and other life threats. 2. Schools use SysCloud’s easily configurable policy templates to enforce compliance for several federal and state regulations such as FERPA, CIPA, HIPAA, SOPIPA, COPA etc. 3. SMEs depend on SysCloud’s encrypted and cloud-based backup solutions for G Suite and Office 365 to run their business with confidence and recover data without missing a beat. 4. SysCloud’s anti-phishing solution for G Suite and Office 365 acts as the first line of defense against malicious phishing attacks. SysCloud protects over 400 million documents, 2 billion emails, and 1.5 million users across 32+ countries. SysCloud is SSAE 18 SOC 2 certified and is based out of Red Bank, New Jersey with a delivery center in India.