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Requirements management software helps project teams manage, document, analyze, prioritize, and set requirements for new products or services. It also connects development teams with relevant stakeholders and other interested parties, creating an avenue of communication about requirements and changes needed for the product or service.

Requirements management tools provide businesses with a complete, top-down understanding of all factors contributing to the scope of a new product or service. Businesses can utilize this software to verify product or service development meets the company’s standards, stays within constraints, and also meets the targeted needs of the consumers. Requirements management software facilitates a more organized approach to creating and implementing new products or services and fits in well alongside other development and application lifecycle management tools.

To qualify for inclusion in the Requirements Management category, a product must:

  • Document all requirements and steps toward a product or service creation
  • Analyze product or service needs, objectives, and constraints
  • Allow requirement flexibility as product or service development matures
  • Facilitate continuous communication between development teams, stakeholders, and interested parties
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    Strategic requirements management and traceability solution focuses on development lifecycle collaboration. (CLM) Available onsite and on cloud. Increase satisfaction Understand customer needs and respond effectively to changes collaboratively as they occur. Manage compliance Capture and manage traceability to tests and other engineering artifacts, including software, throughout the product development lifecycle. Reduce cost Improve performance to help your teams reduce development costs by up to 57 percent, accelerate time to market by up to 20 percent and lower cost of quality by up to 69 percent. Improve engineering efficiency Support common application conventions, such as user experience and design standards, to provide a unified, seamless experience in multi-tool solutions. Accelerate time to value with cloud Use the cloud to get up and running faster. With no hardware, provisioning or installation needed, your team can focus on your business goals and technological innovation instead of maintenance. Support all domains for requirement Drive software and systems engineering with requirements in all forms of engineering domains including systems engineering, agile/lean/SAFe, continuous engineering and DevOps.

    Jama Connect
    (42)3.9 out of 5
    Optimized for quick response
    Optimized for quick response

    With Jama Connect as your single source of truth for definition, verification and validation, you can benchmark and monitor team performance over time to understand the benefits of retooling your product development process. You can strengthen collaboration around critical information and tradeoffs. And you can efficiently reuse IP across products.

    ReqView is a simple to use requirements management tool in which you can capture structured requirements for a software or system product and track traceability to design, tests and risks of the developed product. ReqView is the solution for small and medium size companies from medical, aerospace & defense, automotive, ... industries saving a lot of efforts with documenting compliance with industry standards. Why ReqView? --------------------- * EASE OF USE - Focus on the well-structured requirements and their relationships in a document view combining the best of MS Word & Excel. * PRODUCTIVITY - Boost your productivity and edit even large documents containing thousands of objects with a minimum number of clicks. * FLEXIBILITY - Manage requirements, tests, risks and other project artifacts in one place, no matter which process you use. * TRACEABILITY - Link requirements and other objects, browse requirements traceability and analyze the impact of changes before they happen. * PRIVACY - Comply with the highest IT security standards by storing all confidential project data on your local drive or the intranet. * OFFLINE COLLABORATION - Collaborate offline in your distributed team by storing the project a shared network drive or in your preferred Version Control System. * REASONABLE PRICE - Use the basic ReqView features for FREE or choose an annual plan enabling advanced features and including support for a reasonable price. Main Features: ----------------------- * Easily navigable document structure with table view * Rich formatted requirement description * Discussion * Custom attributes * Custom traceability links * Image, PDF or file attachments * Delete / undelete * History of changes * Searching, filtering and sorting requirements table * Print and export to PDF * Strong encryption with password * Integration with Google Drive * MS Word HTML import * MS Word, Excel and custom HTML export * Document and project templates * Custom end-to-end traceability report

    agileSpecs combines agile specifications with requirements management and issue tracking. For the first time, integrate your specification into your agile process. Use your specification as an agile tool and turn it into your single source of truth.

    Blueprint is a requirements management software that helps organizations to de-risk and accelerate large, complex IT projects and deliver enhanced business value.

    Micro Focus Atlas (formerly Borland Atlas) simplifies requirements capture, management, and tracking so teams can respond with agility to shifting business priorities and customer expectations.

    Modern Requirements is dedicated to offering all of the essential tools to effectively manage projects throughout their life, reduce time to market, and improve project quality. By providing the market's leading Software Requirements Platform, our mission is to successfully optimize both client products and system development lifecycles!

    Accompa is a requirements management software helps to capture and manage requirements for products and projects.

    aligned elements is a requirements management software helps to create, manage and trace the design control items of the design history file.

    CA Agile Requirements Designer is a requirements management software that helps to: reduce requirement ambiguities and reduce software bugs. It also helps to accurately estimate the cost of new software development and changes to existing systems.

    CaseComplete is an agile requirements management tool. Users can capture software requirements and use cases with less effort. Generate requirements documents automatically.

    Cognition Cockpit is an intuitive, web-based application empowering the Product Development Process (PDP). Cockpit enables teams to collaboratively manage customer inputs and voices, features and requirements, risks, costs, and critical parameters. Cockpit uses the best practices from systems engineering and risk and requirements management. Cockpit also helps with the 21 CFR 820.30 Design Control Process. Features include instant traceability, analysis, and reporting.

    3SL Cradle is a requirements management and systems engineering software tool.

    DevSpec is a collaborative requirements management solution for all stakeholders involved in editing and approving product requirements before.

    Enterprise Tester is our quality and test management platform, preferred by some the world's most recognised organisations. Complete coverage and traceability, powerful reporting for management, simplified functions and re-use operations for testers. Built for integration with Atlassian to give full line of sight between DevOps, quality teams, and customer results.

    Gatherspace is a full-featured and easy-to-use requirements management software

    IBM Rational RequisitePro is a requirement management tool that can be used to organize and prioritize requirements, trace relationships between them, and track changes that affect them.

    CaliberRM is a requirements management software that facilitates collaboration, impact analysis and communication.

    A comprehensive requirements management software solution that defines, manages, and tracks software requirements.

    MindPeer is a research management platform that streamlines the production of bespoke intelligence.

    Today requirements engineering is a key discipline in software and system development projects. The objectiF RM helps you to easily describe stakeholders, goals, requirements and test cases in a uniform manner by means of dialogs. Develop the system architecture with Block Definition Diagrams, Internal Block Diagrams, Class Diagrams, and Package Diagrams according to UML/SysML. And generate documents (system and requirements specifications) in MS Word with templates.

    RaQuest is specialized for requirements management and realizes requirements visualization, process management, scope control, and requirements baseline management.

    ReMa is a requirements management software that helps the project managers to track requirements and manage them through the entire software lifecycle.

    ReqSuite is a requirements management software that provides common requirements management features, advanced assistence features for requirements elicitation, requirements specification and requirements validation.

    Reqtify is an easy to use, interactive application for managing requirements.

    ONE We started RequirementONE to help firms free up content that is locked in documents, spreadsheets or binders on the shelf, and transform, them into structured actionable information TWO To allow firms to automate as much as possible so their staff can be freed to pursue more valuable goals for the business THREE To give firms an alternative to having to maintain dozens (if not hundreds) of point systems by providing a platform that be scaled to do it all But that's not the end of the story. We're determined to be the power of innovation in this area. By utilising state of the art artificial intelligence, our goal is to build systems that learn from you and your data - helping you work more efficiently and effectively.

    Requirements Gateway helps you specify which applications, tests, and simulation models correlate with documented requirements to capture traceability information. You can use Requirements Gateway to capture and compare project snapshots to see differences and how requirements and coverage change over time. This application software integrates into LabVIEW, LabWindows CVI, and TestStand, as well as common tools for documenting requirements, such as Telelogic DOORS, IBM Rational RequisitePro, and Microsoft Office.

    RMTrak is a non intrusive program that captures, tracks, and manages the project requirements you keep in your requirements documents without interfering with your document creation process. RMTrak lets you use the tools you're already familiar with to format and edit your documents, including Microsoft Word with its powerful word processing features.

    The Easiest Way To Manage, Trace And Analyze Your Requirements In Office

    ALM with integrated requirements, quality, agile development and project management

    Helpdesk system, issue tracking system, trouble tickets and customers requirements management system

    TraceCloud is a SaaS based requirements management solution.

    Visure is a leading provider of requirements management tools offering a comprehensive collaborative ALM platform including full traceability, tight integration with MS Word/Excel, risk management, test management, bug tracking, requirements testing, requirements quality analysis, Requirement versioning and baseline, powerful reporting and standard compliance templates for ISO 26262, IEC 62304, IEC 61508, CENELEC 50128, DO-178B/C, FMEA, SPICE, CMMI, etc. Visure’s value proposition is nothing less than the total innovative and disruptive technology in key functions, system performance, standard compliance and solution economics for engineering requirements of safety-critical and business-critical systems. Users utilize advanced functionality by leveraging modern best of breed technologies coupled with other ALM tools such as DOORS, JIRA, Enterprise Architect, HP ALM and other testing tools; Unrivaled system economics that guarantees the highest quality and drastically reduces total life-cycle costs.