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ProcessGold’s Process Mining tool connects all system data in your company’s IT systems to create a digital visualization of processes, show where deviations exist and why they occur. As a result, it is the most automated business process discovery (ABPD) solution available, offering real-time, valuable insights to improve business processes over time. It enables all levels of an organization to understand business processes and identify new solutions to drive business process improvement.

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Following ProcessGold's purchase and incorporation, Uipath has freed consumers and employees from immense dissatisfaction about shortcomings in... Read review
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Tool is easy to set up, it has a lot of installation guides, prerequisites and I do not think that this tool will let down any company which is... Read review
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Engage Process makes it easy for everyone to drive process improvement and adopt agile working. Our platform is aimed at business users, who are tasked to achieve transformation, efficiency gains, compliance, and many more topics. Our platform consists of three main modules: - The Modeler is designed to make process mapping, analysis and improvement as easy as possible. It checks the logic of your process and uses easy to understand icons that allows everyone to participate. Add contextual

Engage Process is so easy and quick to use. It is a great time saver compared with using post-its. The analysis is great because before and after... Read review
The tool is very userfriendly. Making a processmap is very easy. You can use tools to make visible what the waist is in a process en what the... Read review
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Process Bliss eliminates the chaos of running a business, enabling teams to get it right, every time. Process Bliss allows you to create simple yet powerful workflow process, which transforms into checklist execution of business tasks. Business operations are easily viewed to track success and opportunities for process improvement. Now all the information about the way you run your business is in one place, its easy to share, and you have a full audit trail every time a task has been run. Sign

Having an organised brain, I need a process that works alongside this, prioritising work and allowing me to hide tasks until they are needing... Read review
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Signavio is an intuitive solution for professional process and decision modeling. Whether you want to create current-state documentation or target concepts, it is your best choice for establishing transparency within your organization and leveraging the wisdom of the crowd. With support for process, decision, organization, value-chain and journey modeling, this comprehensive tool fully supports the needs of both your business and IT communities.

Very simple, clean UI, easy to work with other collaborators on your business diagrams. Read review
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myInvenio Process Mining facilitates the optimization of complex core business processes by automatically discovering end-to-end processes for fast and intuitive visualization and constantly monitoring compliance and performance from enterprise data. Its unique set of features including business rules miner, advanced analytics, task mining, simulation, and what-if analyses provides businesses with a Digital Twin of an Organization for a holistic approach that drives continuous improvement For

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We were facing much difficulty in procurement, ordering, invoices nothing was cleared because it is very difficult to manage such a big... Read review
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QPR ProcessAnalyzer visualizes and analyzes process flows that take place in organizations. This enterprise-grade process mining software offers seamless data collection and integration through standard connectors that are available for all major operational systems, such as SAP, Oracle, and ServiceNow. QPR ProcessAnalyzer is recognized by top industry analysts like Gartner Research, Forrester, and Everest Group. QPR ProcessAnalyzer combines advanced AI, Machine Learning, and predictions with t

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The interface of the system allow to easily examine data. Read review
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ABBYY Timeline is a patent-pending Process Intelligence platform that allows businesses to use the information contained within their systems to create a visual model of their processes, analyze them to identify opportunities for process improvement, real-time operational monitoring, and the ability to predict future outcomes to facilitate decision-making. All of Timeline's discovery, analysis, and monitoring capabilities are built on top of this core foundation. This includes the most comprehe

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Apromore is a collaborative business process analytics platform supporting the full spectrum of process mining functionality. These features are complemented by an authoring environment for business process models, underpinned by an enterprise process repository. Leading-edge Apromore is the result of a decade of extensive research and innovation in process mining at The University of Melbourne and several labs across the globe, leading to the most advanced process mining algorithms ever develo

The Aptivio Intelligent Market Monitor systematically detects hidden revenue opportunities and leads most likely to convert in new markets ahead of competition. Leveraging the deepest and most untapped alternative data sources used by data-driven Hedge Funds, we are poised to revolutionize the way 10 million B2B Sellers capture their opportunity white space. Aptivio aims to further capture white space through “Net New Strategic Growth Objectives” by establishing net new client logos in small to

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Every company needs a means to improve efficiency. Whether that's by understanding their own processes in a detailed way, gaining complete control of their resources, making use of the data they are or could be collecting, or any other data driven advances. Atlas is here to enable that for everyone. Atlas Play is a cutting edge no-code platform for digital transformation, making use of BPM, workflow automation, advanced API integration, big-data and edge computing to enable next level efficienc

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Corezoid Process Engine - the only tool to build, manage, host and run your processes in the cloud without coding. Our platform dramatically increases time-to-market speed and decreases maintenance costs by shifting the paradigm from hardcoding processes by software engineers to assembling processes by any non-tech people. Managers can set up their own real-time dashboards and escalations in just a few clicks to stay up to date with the processes, products and the whole business. Business ana

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Dexon BPM is an integral tool for the digitalization of business processes, whose purpose is to support organizations to advance their digital transformation. Dexon BPM allows our clients to digitalize any business process, to do this, our software allows four steps: 1. Model the enterprise architecture (strategic goals, data model, organizational structure, information systems, processes, people) 2. Simulate one process running alone, or the entire company running all their processes, allows ou

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Traditional process management software (BPM tools) swing into action after a team has mapped their process. The Engage Process Modeler simplifies that, by offering a workshop ready mapping platform that automatically designs and checks you processes with the team in the room. Our visual approach is easy to understand for anyone, ensuring your process workshop is instantly captured. Add contextual data such as time, costs, applications, risks, roles, document links and more to complete your pr

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Fin’s process instrumentation and analytics software builds a complete picture of your entire team’s work across all applications, so you can drive process, tooling, and coaching improvements, and clearly track the impact of your changes. Our browser plugin automatically logs the full clickstream of every team member's work and enriches your event stream with case records, video, and audio recordings to build a complete and real-time dataset of your operations. Get the missing data set your

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  • Signavio
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