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Insurance analytics software conducts analysis on insurance-related data. Insurance companies use insurance analytics solutions to drive customer interactions, reduce fraudulent activity (and detect it when it does occur), price their products, and automate product recommendations.

Insurance agencies leverage these solutions to inform strategic decision-making, identify potential opportunities for cost savings, enable the self-service of policies, and price premiums. Insurance analytics software carries out deep data analysis on customer and operational data, enabling organizations to become more efficient and effective.

Insurance analytics solutions connect to various data sources within an insurance agency. These solutions also typically integrate with financial services CRM software.

To qualify for inclusion in the Insurance Analytics category, a product must:

  • Connect to internal data sources
  • Conduct data analysis on data consumed from those sources
  • Be designed for use by the insurance industry
  • Produce data driven reports on client behavior
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    Policies. Premiums. Claims. Payouts. In the insurance world, every transaction is a data point ripe for analysis and action. Tableau makes visual insurance analytics available to anyone in your insurance company. Complex insurance datasets are no problem for Tableau, making it possible to explore in real time and react to change faster.

    Majesco Business Analytics provides a solution that helps insurers uncover new opportunities to achieve competitive advantage.

    MFX’s insurance analytics solution is designed to help users gain relevant and powerful insights that can help them make better decisions and restructure their operations and strategies to achieve optimal results across the board.

    Through an easy-to-understand visual interface, Applied Analytics allows you to obtain powerful graphical business insights from your existing management system data to drive greater employee productivity and increase profitable relationships with clients and insurers.

    APT's insurance analytics software is built to read a signal in the sea of noise. Test & Learn can pinpoint the impact on metrics like premiums or number of new policies with statistical clarity, allowing you to always know what's working and what's not.

    Inedge accelerators and intellectual properties, stemming from our accumulated knowledge over many years, provide quickly the most important analytics to our clients.

    Medical and Rx claims data analytics and benchmarking system. Pinpoint medical and Rx cost drivers and utilization trends for clients with accurate and actionable reporting and analysis. Uncover cost-savings opportunities. Integrates largest, normative data benchmarks in the US.

    Earnix provides an analytics-based end to end pricing and personalization software-as-a-service suite designed for the Financial Services industry. By applying advanced analytics to pricing and product bundling decisions, the Earnix product suite, with its embedded dynamic rating engine, helps Financial Institutions maximize business key performance indicators (KPIs) in real time while offering personally-bundled products at the right price.

    Insured-Mine is a cloud-based insurance dashboard to store all your insurance information (Data & Documents). It helps you organize your insurance details into a simple easy to use dashboard with analytics for understanding of your insurance and risk management

    Octo provide a telematics and data analytics solutions that deliver insoght to auto insurance industry

    Many insurance professionals spend too much time making their data usable. Our machine learning data integration, automation and analytics tool provides clean data and insights in seconds, not months.

    RiskMatch is an insurance intelligence solution that provides agencies and brokerages with the data-driven insights they need to grow their business and stay competitive in an increasingly complex industry. With RiskMatch, agencies and brokerages get access to the most comprehensive data available today about their customers, the market, and the entire insurance distribution channel.

    SpatialKey is a browser-based service that provides data-driven analyses. Geospatial data is used to provide effective business analytics. Users can see interactive analytics and easily create reports.

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