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Dental imaging software provides dental practitioners and assistants with a platform for taking and storing dental x-rays and other images. The capabilities of these products can include imaging interfaces, patient browsers, and tools for enhancing image resolution. Dental assistants and dentists themselves will utilize these tools to properly photograph patient’s mouths, identify problem areas, map out procedure plans, and track treatment progress. Dental image software often integrates with a variety of cameras and imaging technology, as well asdental practice management software to help store and organize patient dental records alongside their other information.

To qualify for inclusion in the Dental Imagine category, a product must:

  • Provide one or more tools designed to assist in the capture, analysis, and storage of dental records
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    DEXIS Imaging Suite is designed to serve as a highly effective aid throughout the diagnosis, treatment, and treatment planning process.

    Dolphin Management is a full-featured orthodontic practice management system that enables you to efficiently manage and organize your practice flow, especially if you have high-volume, multiple locations and multiple practitioners.

    Dolphin Imaging lets you capture organize and present image records with tools for conveying treatment plans and communicate ideas.

    Tx STUDIO is an integral part of the fast i-CAT workflow and provides the power of multiple software systems combined into one simple-to-use solution. From implants to orthodontics to airway, this comprehensive software offers a wide array of tools that help you plan simple or advanced cases efficiently.

    3Shape is a developer and manufacturer of 3D scanners and CAD/CAM software solutions for the dental and audio industries.

    Carestream Dental Imaging serves as a control panel for your digital imaging systems with a userface that has been designed for dental radiological diagnosis and can be used as a stand alone or integrated program.

    CDR DICOM is a digital radiography software based on DICOM's open standard.

    Curve Dental’s mission is clear — we partner with dental practices of all sizes to help them work more efficiently. Our 100% cloud-based dental software solution provides a modern method to simplifying and streamlining dental practice tasks such as billing, charting, imaging and scheduling. We have the experience and expertise to migrate you to the cloud easily, all while ensuring your patient data is safe and compliant.

    Invivo5 is a medical imaging software, FDA cleared for clinical applications.

    Imaging Systems is an imaging solution that provides image quality and helps you manage workflow and x-ray efficiency, and more.

    3D Surgery is a comprehensive case planning and presentation tool that animates the patient’s skeletal and facial changes in real time, and outputs to a precise surgical guide.

    EdgeImaging is an imaging software solution that allows you to manage all of your patient image files with an intuitive interface, features and customization.

    With OPERATORY you can document, record chart and image information, write prescriptions, automatically create treatment plans that can be stored in patient files.

    Total Dental Imaging is a module that works with a variety of dental imaging systems that allows you to bring your practice device support for sensors and imaging software.

    The completely newly developed VistaSoft imaging software provides a particularly efficient solution for the recording, display and editing of digital images. Improved workflows and self-explanatory icons allow the dentist even easier, quicker and more intuitive handling and thus optimised surgery processes.

    VixWin Platinum combines tools and features that helps with imaging with features such as user interface, image quality, and workflow.

    Clinically engineered for superior image capture, max compatibility & ease.

    Open architecture digital imaging solution for capturing, enhancing, and displaying dental images.

    360dps is a dental planning software built by doctors.

    ADSTRA Imaging™ has direct connectivity with high-tech devices from leading manufacturers. ADSTRA Imaging™ alows you to capture dental images from: - Intraoral cameras and video microscope - Digital cameras and paper scanners - Intraoral, panoramic and cephalometric radiographic sensor Add additional devices without having to learn to use additional software.

    Apixia is a digital imaging software designed with an optional DataGrabber module made to integrate practice management software.

    Apteryx Imaging is an unmodifiable, secure, imaging format that exports image file formats including TIFF and JPEG for for universal viewing.

    CADI OPTIMUM is a digital x-ray and imaging system.

    CAMREX is a imaging software that creates a patient library where users can view, print, and save images.

    Deep VIew is designed for the acquisition and management of 3D/2D/CEPH digital images.

    Digital Indirect Bonding System-DIBS utilizes advanced bracket-positioning software and the latest in 3D-printing technology to create precision printed indirect bonding trays.

    Digital Dental is a 3D digital dental solution, including the dental model scan to dental restoration design.

    Digital Dentist is a cosmetic imaging solution.

    The Dolphin 3D software is a powerful tool that makes processing 3D data extremely simple, enabling dental specialists from a wide variety of disciplines to diagnose, plan treatment, document and present cases.

    EVAsoft offers a dental imaging software designed to help deliver rapid, effective diagnoses from multiple imaging modalities.

    Ez Dent-i is a clinical imaging and patient consultations solution.

    GuideDesign is a module of the Implant 3D software designed to allow the design of guides for performing implant-prosthetic intervention in guided surgery.

    Image-Pro Premier is a customizable imaging platform.

    Image-Pro Premier 3D is a 3D image analysis software designed for research professionals.

    ImageXL from digital x-ray systems including panoramic, sensor, and phosphor plate systems, stores images from any digital imaging peripheral and integrates them into your patient's charts.

    This is a free, and freely-distributable, stand-alone Dolphin patient viewing program.

    Implant 3D is a dental implant simulation software and in-house surgical guide creation.

    INVIVO is a 3D imaging application for dental applications such as implatology, orthodontics, oral surgery, and restorative, that offers quality rendering and visualization and clinical tools for accurate treatment plans.

    3D dental imagining software that helps capture, view, print, and store images. Integrates with modern healthcare systems.

    ACTEON Imaging Suite is a Practice Management Software and can be installed on the sharing devices on the clinic's computers as well as on a common centralised database which enables your imaging workflow to run more efficiently.

    MediaSuite is a digital imaging software that can integreate with most practice management systems with image manipulation toolsets that assists an accurate condition and patient diagnosis.

    MiPACS Dental Enterprise Viewer is the application necessary for capturing and viewing images. Its open architecture allows you to have the freedom to use any capture devices, while maintaining compatibility with industry standards.

    Neo 3D is a user-friendly Digital Image Management & Processing Software which icon design supports 2D and 3D display diagnosis on the PC.

    OnyxCeph is a powerful client/server Windows application with SQL database for processing of 2D and 3D image records in dental institutions in particular for image-based diagnostics, treatment planning and patient education in general dentistry, orthodontics, prosthodontics, implantology and maxillo-facial surgery.

    PaxeraDental is a comprehensive and easy to use web-based PACS solution for displaying dental images. The solution features extensive hanging protocols, including various predefined and customizable FMX template modes.

    PiCAM Dental CAM Software provides with User-friendly operation, Super fast memorizing, Milling and scanning, process monitoring, Fully automatic generation of NC programs, Unfinished work continued, Group milling, STL file import / export.

    Pixelease Imaging Software is powerful Windows based dental software designed to make using digital images on your practice's computer easy. The system consists of three components:Photo Base, Photo Studio and Photo Printer.

    Planmeca Romexis is a software suite that provides tools to meet the imaging requirements set by any dental facility that supports 2D and 3D imaging modalities.

    QuantorDent Imaging Software provides facilities using 3DISC's FireCR Dental PSP Readers with optimized image acquisition, processing, and management capabilities. Its next-generation user interface allows simple integration into a facility's HIS, RIS, and PACS , providing the full range of capabilities needed for improved productivity and workflow.

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