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Virtual tour software is used by travel agencies and tour operators to create virtual visualizations of tourist destinations. Tourism companies leverage virtual visualizations to display accurate representations of tourist destinations to customers. This type of software is used by sales and marketing teams for promotional purposes or by web content managers who want to integrate virtual tours in websites or online portals. Virtual tour software helps companies avoid some costs associated with hiring video recording professionals to create virtual tours.

Virtual tour software may also be used in the real estate industry to promote properties that are on the market, but there are dedicated software solutions specifically for creating tours of buildings in real estate virtual tour software. Some capabilities of virtual tour solutions require certain skill sets, such as image or video editing, as well as integration with these types of software. Virtual tours may also include virtual reality and augmented reality technology to create more immersive experiences.

To qualify for inclusion in the Virtual Tour category, a product must:

Include customizable templates for virtual tours
Import images in various formats and manage the display order
Provide video creation and editing functionality
Convert virtual tour files to common video formats
Deliver options to rotate, zoom, or move in any direction
Allow users to personalize videos for branding purposes

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Concept3D is an enterprise virtual tour and interactive map platform with accurate and vivid 3D renderings. Founded in 2007 by former SketchUp employees, Concept3D has 1000s of locations mapped and 360° panoramas hosted to create digital worlds of the real-life places as well as augment the on-site experience. Concept3D's virtual tours and interactive map use wayfinding, accessibility resources, 3rd party integrations, and virtual engagement tools to bring locations to life.

(17)4.8 out of 5
Entry Level Price:$99 Lifetime

RTV's Fusion virtual tour system was created for professional photographers looking to offer only the very best end product to a real estate agent or a local business owner. Fusion generates beautiful virtual tours and property websites. Users are able to upload 1080 HD video, still photos, 360 panoramas, 360 videos, embed matterport and other 3D productions, insert floor plans, create full walkthrough virtual tours, and provide real estate agents with boost marketing tools and services that hav

(20)3.7 out of 5

Matterport is a 3D data platform trusted by thousands of businesses around the world to securely store and manage 3D digital twins of their properties.

(4)5.0 out of 5

GoThru is a platform developed to offer multiple tools to Google Trusted Photographers and implicit to their customers. GoThru Moderator is the only moderator outside of Google that provides the technology to create a constellation out of panoramic images and be published directly on Google Maps and the Street View Application. Besides that, GoThru offers a multitude of tools that have been created at the request of the photographers or to help them to better sell the Google Tour.

(4)4.1 out of 5

Stitcher helps you convert a set of pictures into beautiful panoramas. Stitcher 4 supports all popular cameras and lens types including standard, wide angle, Fisheye and One-shot lenses.

(2)4.5 out of 5
Entry Level Price:149 € 1 user

Pano2VR is a powerful software that converts your panoramic or 360° photos and videos into interactive virtual experiences. Whether you’re working on a single gigapixel panorama or a virtual tour with thousands of scenes, Pano2VR can help you create an immersive experience for any modern browser. Finished projects can be seamlessly integrated with existing websites and viewed on desktops and mobile or VR devices.

(2)4.3 out of 5

ThingLink's editor for 360 and VR Content allows you to bring a fully unique and immersive interactive experience directly to your audience. Browse user testimonials & use cases, product features, and technical specifications below.

(1)5.0 out of 5
Entry Level Price:$0 /user per month

DiveIn Studio is user-friendly software to create, edit, and share 360° virtual tours. To guarantee fully immersive experiences, you can add hotspots such as navigation, image, link, among others. Each tour has a unique link that allows you to share it through social media and send it to your email marketing campaigns. All virtual tours will be hosted in the DiveIn cloud and can be embedded in your website. Additionally, assisted tours can be requested to be created by our team of experts.

(1)5.0 out of 5

Kuula is an easy-to-use and budget friendly solution to create 360 Virtual Tours for real estate, architecture, hospitality, construction and education. Easily upload, edit and share. Build Virtual Tours that will impress your clients, generate leads and boost sales! Ranked #1 in the US. Try it for FREE today!

(1)4.0 out of 5

Paeek is an online service that allow you upload your own 360 images and use them to create fascinating 360 virtual tour.

(1)4.5 out of 5

Professional panorama software. Stitch any type of photos into 360 degree panoramas. Publish multiresolution 360 Panorama VR

(1)5.0 out of 5

Roundme is a 360 VR image publishing and virtual tour authoring platform.

(1)4.5 out of 5

Spinattic is a solution that makes it possible to create quality, robust 360 based virtual tours, with interfaces that can be customized easily by the photographer.

(1)5.0 out of 5

VR2020 is the leading provider of dynamic, media-rich, self-build Virtual Tour software with over 40 different features enabling anyone to manage, create and update their own professional Virtual Tours and best of all there is NO Programming or Coding skills required.

0 ratings

Create delivers the intelligence that professionals need to capitalize on market opportunities and stay ahead of the competition. Create brings together research, analysis, and project management to improve efficiency across project teams and fuel economic development.

0 ratings

With Flashificator you can make individually designed tours from scratch.

0 ratings

Get360VR is a 360° virtual tour software.

0 ratings

iAriv Tours is a 360° virtual tour software.

(1)0.0 out of 5

iOSVR offers iPhone & iPad virtual tour software and virtual tour app development.

0 ratings

iVisit360 is an innovative technology for panoramic and virtual tour presentations.

0 ratings
Entry Level Price:Free

Do you want to show your 360 tours of the world? Create the one with us! We at klapty lets you create/post a 360 tour for free. We aim to deliver the smoothest and the most efficient 360- a platform where you can create with ease. We will help you create tours that keep your audience engage and will give your clients experience. From sending links through email to offering integration to social networking sites, desktops, and mobile platforms, we make it easy for you to reach your audience. With

(1)0.0 out of 5

The krpano Viewer is a small and very flexible high-performance viewer for all kind of panoramic images and interactive virtual tours. The viewer is available as Flash and HTML5 application. The viewer is designed for the usage inside the Browser on Desktop (Windows, Mac, Linux) and on Mobiles/Tablets (iPhone, iPad, Android, ...).

0 ratings

Lapentor is a cloud-based Virtual Tour software that help panoramic photographers to create beautiful & engageing Virtual Tour, with tons of plugins & themes, Lapentor allows you to customize, publish & host your Tour even under your own domain. Showcase your 360° content in fast & easy way

0 ratings

Easy way to create and publish virtual tours. Based on KRpano and free.

0 ratings
Entry Level Price:0€ Up to 3 Virtual Tours

Create your OWN Virtual Tours Quick and Easy with My360! Unlimited tours for 1 simple price. Start your FREE trial today and discover all the features on With the My360 Virtual Tour Software you can now create your OWN virtual tours, quick, easy & cost effective. We have virtual tour software specifically created for: Estate Agents, Photographers, Interior Designers / Architects & Dealerships Features include: Whitelabel, floor plans, pop-ups, hotspots, add video, text

0 ratings

Ocurus cloud based 360° virtual tour creator offers the most advanced VR features in the market.

0 ratings

PanoramaStudio combines simple creation of perfect panoramic images within a few steps with ambitious postprocessing features for advanced users.

0 ratings

Panoroo is a 360° virtual tour software.

0 ratings

Panowalker is Easypano new street view software solution, which can create realistic walkthrough street view and virtual tour from spherical or cylindrical panoramic images. You can really "walk" in the street view created by Panowalker and stop at any point to look around in 360 degree. See walkthrough effect street view created with Panowalker.

0 ratings

Portico offers customized, active virtual and mixed reality solutions.

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Learn More About Virtual Tour Software

What is Virtual Tour Software?

Virtual tour software provides a visual representation of a specific location in a panoramic, 360-degree view. These views can be customized with branding, music, and interactive buttons for added immersion. A 360-degree camera, or even the panoramic photo feature on a mobile device, easily captures an entire room and does not require extensive training to use. Additionally, VR software makes image capturing easier and more intuitive. Once a virtual tour is created, it can be easily shared and uploaded. Virtual tours can be created with omnidirectional cameras or with image stitching.

Why Use Virtual Tour Software?

One of the most useful aspects of virtual tour software is the ability to visit a location without physically having to be there. This is a time-saving feature and allows more people to view a location of interest, due to the increased ease of access. Besides this undeniable perk, virtual tours provide other advantages:

Location Transparency — When viewers have a realistic view of a location, it gives an added sense of transparency. For viewers who don’t have the ability to visit a specific location in person, seeing a location via virtual tour allows the viewer to easily see the location with immense detail instead of relying on images, which can ultimately be misleading. For example, using a fishbowl lens on a camera can make an image of a room look bigger than it actually is.

Brand Hotspots — Within a virtual tour, companies can pinpoint hotspots, or designated buttons, for viewers to interact with. These buttons show the viewer more information about the location or object it’s near. For example, adding hotspot buttons on artifacts in a museum virtual tour can allow the viewer to learn more about an artifact of interest.

Who Uses Virtual Tour Software?

Virtual tours provide extensive benefits to professionals across many industries:

Real Estate Professionals — Virtual tours are common in the real estate industry. Photos and videos give added transparency to the home buying process, and virtual tours are an increasingly more valuable addition to property advertisements. Virtual tours give viewers a detailed look of the inside of a home for sale, helping potential buyers save time by preventing unnecessary in-person visits.

Marketing Professionals — Marketing professionals use virtual tour software for brand promotion. Since virtual tours can be easily shared on a website or social media platform, it can be leveraged for immersive brand awareness purposes.

Tourism Industries — Virtual tour software creates virtual visualizations of travel destinations so tourists have the ability to scope them out or visit a destination, such as a national park, in the comfort of their own home. A virtual tour accurately showcases destinations to tourists with inviting immersion and is an effective travel marketing tool.

Classrooms — Teachers who implement virtual tours into their curriculum present many learning opportunities to students. Students who have access to virtual tours can visit museums, tour cities, and visit other educational locations without needing to spend time and money on a field trip.

Kinds of Virtual Tour Software

360-Degree Tour — A 360-degree tours is the most common type of virtual tour. It uses images curated by 360-degree cameras or stitched images, giving it a spherical effect. Viewers can browse the panorama to get a full view of a designated location, while having the ability to rotate or zoom in on a specific detail.

3D Tour — A 3D tour offers an increased sense of a location’s perspective. These 3D views are ideal for viewers who are interested in the architecture of a location, as it better showcases a location’s size and dimensions.

Virtual Tour Software Features

Hotspots — Interactive hotspots make virtual tours more engaging and informative. When a viewer approaches a hotspot within the virtual tour, they’re able to press it and reap the additional information it provides. Typically, hotspots are useful for explaining a specific area or item in the location. Hotspots can also hold notes, external links, or embedded videos.

File Recovery — For cloud-based solutions, file recovery is a useful feature that prevents users from losing an already-created virtual tour.

Instant Publishing — Once a virtual tour is made, it can quickly be published and shared to media platforms.

Drag and Drop — For non-coders, the drag-and-drop feature allows for quick and easy edits to a virtual tour. While editing, simply drag and place hotspots, audio, and images to an area of interest to curate the best experience for viewers in a short amount of time.

Potential Issues with Virtual Tour Software

Cost — Investing in a high-quality 360-degree camera is a pricey endeavor. Additionally, image quality is heavily reliant on the quality of the camera itself. Luckily, many virtual tour solutions are bundled with a high-quality camera, offsetting some of the cost and saving time for buyers.