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Best Multi-level Marketing (MLM) Software

Multi-level marketing (MLM) software aids direct sales companies and distributors throughout the sales and marketing process––it provides features that assist with lead generation, marketing, customer management, inventory, and distribution.

Multi-level marketing software is intended for MLM, or network marketing, specific businesses. MLM companies use these systems to deploy a marketing strategy where profit is derived from two sources––direct sales generated by individual salespeople, and commission granted to salespeople based on sales by other individuals they have recruited.

Multi-level marketing platforms often function as an e-commerce tool, providing businesses with payment and sales tax management.

To qualify for inclusion in the Multi-level Marketing (MLM) category, a product must:

Provide features that support MLM strategies
Include commission tracking tools
Support referral processes

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For large organizations, the Rallyware Performance Enablement Platform delivers the right learning or business activity to the right individual at the right time so that every member of the organization always knows what to do next and how to do it in the best possible way. Implementation of the Rallyware Performance Enablement Platform results in the average 24X ROI for our clients. Rallyware has been adopted in 57 countries supporting over 20 languages for millions of users. A data-driven o

(4)2.8 out of 5

Firestor is a software solution for Direct Selling companies of any size

(6)3.4 out of 5

Infinite MLM software is unified solution for all type of MLM business plans like binary, matrix, uni-level or any other compensation plans.

(4)3.1 out of 5

MLM, Party Plan and Direct Sales software.

(3)4.5 out of 5

MLM Software for Multilevel network marketing & Direct selling business.

(3)1.7 out of 5

DataTrax is an enterprise-level software that simplifies how the order and distributor interfaces come together to accurately and quickly calculate payouts.

(2)5.0 out of 5

The Freedom software suite from ByDesign provides everything you need to manage your business, and gives you the flexibility to integrate third-party software or existing company data.

(2)0.0 out of 5

MLM, Network Marketing, Affiliate Tracking, Website Replicator, & Shopping Cart software.

Ventaforce is a direct selling software solution that can be integrated with Inventory, E-wallet, E-Pin, franchisee, E-commerce, smart cards, and loyalty program.

(1)4.0 out of 5

Complete MLM software solution.

(1)5.0 out of 5

Netsoft MLM Software is a MLM software with advanced features.

0 ratings

AdCurve is an online campaign management platform for retailers.

0 ratings

Binary MLM Software is used for MLM networking industry with administrative features and reports.

0 ratings

Pulsehyip provides the best Bitcoin MLM script software. In this digital world, MLM software helps to create MLM business website to make your brand more popular.

0 ratings

0 ratings

ControlPad is an MLM platform that helps you manage your entire Direct Sales business and seamlessly scale from startup to enterprise

0 ratings

Enterprise MLM Software

The Direct Selling Software is one of the most complicated software of the MLM Business.

0 ratings

Elite MLM Software is the best MLM software that can be customized to fit any type of online business, multilevel marketing, and direct selling business.

0 ratings

Integrating the latest technologies and innovative ideas, Epixel stands unique in providing customized solutions for all the MLM requirements. Our Multi Level Marketing Software with unique features supports and favors the MLM industry in all aspects. We offer customizable solutions for MLM business needs with features that enhance our customer's business. The Epixel team is well organized to deliver the software, customized to fit your business requirements, avoiding all the complexities.

0 ratings

Epixel Solutions specializes in offering MLM software with different plans and modules like Binary Plan, Matrix Plan, Unilevel Plan, Board Plan, Generation Plan, Gift Plan, Party Plan, Monoline Plan, Stair Step Plan and some other custom calculative MLM software solutions for different Network Marketing companies.

0 ratings

A software for membership and network marketing sites.

0 ratings

Finix MLM is premier MLM software Development Company serves one stop solution for your network marketing business. It uses an intuitive and simplistic interface that allows to Create users, Manage Referrals, Downline Manager, Replicated websites, Marketing Tools, Database Management, Orders, Shopping Cart, Multiple Payment gateways, Cryptocurrenies, Language Management etc.

0 ratings

Get the best MLM software that is compatible with all MLM plans which are currently popular in the MLM industries. Choose the MLM plan or customize based on your requirements.

0 ratings

Flexondata analyse, design, develop and reinvent our partner's businesses with open, scalable and modular solutions to complex IT problems in MLM industry.

0 ratings

Hybrid MLM is one of the leading global MLM software provider with unbeatable solutions for all complex network marketing challenges. It operates a well optimized and highly efficient downline management scheme that can adequately handle all levels of business marketing operations.

0 ratings is online MLM information portal to promote your MLM business internationally.

0 ratings

MLM Software by Inspetta runs many successful MLM Companies, offering their Customers and Distributors a solid and dependable platform to conduct business.

0 ratings

MLM software is a software tool used by the MLM professionals. To enhance their productivity in MLM business. It helps to manage, control and analyse all the activities in a business without wasting time.

0 ratings

Luci is the sleek front end for your backend MLM software management delivering commerce, marketing and payment solutions for today’s modern Direct Selling and Party Planning Organizations. Our comprehensive, fully customizable MLM software solution helps DSOs simplify operations and distributors become more efficient. By providing innovative commerce and payment solutions, Luci allows your organization to become more aligned with today’s customer expectations. Our MLM software streamlines op

Learn More About Multi-level Marketing (MLM) Software

What You Should Know About Multi-level Marketing (MLM) Software

Multi-level marketing (MLM) software, also known as direct selling software or party plan software, aids direct sales companies and their distributors through the sales and marketing processes. Multi-level marketing is a type of network marketing in which independent distributors are paid to sell a company’s products or services directly to consumers. Products commonly sold through MLMs include cosmetics, health foods, and household goods. In an MLM structure, distributors are encouraged to recruit new distributors from their personal network. This new group of salespeople is referred to as the distributor’s “downline." Distributors are compensated for their own direct sales and also receive commissions for the sales generated by their downline. While multi-level marketing is legal, some MLM companies have been classified as pyramid schemes. Pyramid schemes are illegal in many countries, including the United States, Canada, the United Kingdom, India, and Australia.

MLM software provides features specifically designed to support the MLM business model. Solutions commonly provide tools for lead generation, email marketing, customer management, inventory, and distribution. Since direct sales companies vary in size, structure, and industry, MLM software can often be customized to suit the unique needs of a company’s strategy. It is important to find an MLM software that supports the success of both the individual distributors and the company as a whole.

Key Benefits of Multi-level Marketing (MLM) Software

  • Track all aspects of an MLM structured strategy
  • Onboard, train, and manage distributors
  • Increase distributor engagement
  • Effectively market and prospect potential customers
  • Customize plans based on specific company initiatives
  • Help recruit people that fit the company’s mission

Why Use Multi-level Marketing (MLM) Software?

There are many different types of software solutions that can be used to manage sales performance, build e-commerce websites, and track sales. However, MLM software provides a unique combination of tools necessary for a multi-level marketing business to meet their goals.

Genealogy and commission tracking — The organizational structure of an MLM can quickly become convoluted as distributors recruit new salespeople to their downline, and those new recruits enlist people from their own network, and so on. To keep their teams organized, MLMs use a hierarchical system referred to as a genealogy. MLM software helps distributors, team leads, and company directors understand how each representative is “related" to the rest of the team. This information is then used to compensate representatives, since distributors earn commission from the sales generated by the distributors below them.

E-commerce tools — In a multi-level marketing business, each distributor needs to have their own website which can be used to recruit new representatives and sell product. MLM software helps in this regard by enabling users to create or replicate microsites, ensuring that each distributor’s page is on brand and associated with the MLM platform. Some MLM solutions offer native e-commerce features while others integrate with popular e-commerce platforms.

Analytics — MLM software offers a variety of different reporting tools. Distributors leverage analytics features to track and measure their sales performance as well as the performance of their downline. MLM executives use reports to gain insight into the health of their business, identify trends and top performers, and make data-driven decisions about the company.

Who Uses Multi-level Marketing (MLM) Software?

The decision about which multi-level marketing platform to purchase typically lies with the CEO or another high-level administrator within the organization, depending on the size of the company. While business leaders are often involved in the implementation and administration of the product, it is the individual distributors who use the platform on a daily basis and depend on its functionality to earn their commissions.

Administrators — Corporate administrators at a direct selling company use MLM software to establish key performance indicators (KPIs) for their distributors, manage their sales force, process commissions, track recruitment efforts, and view sales reports. Administrators also control the MLM website’s branding and facilitate the development of e-commerce websites for each distributor.

Distributors — MLM software offers the biggest benefit to individual distributors. It provides each distributor with their own virtual back office, where they can manage their inventory, track orders, and see how their downline is performing. Marketing tools enable distributors to manage and generate leads by integrating with email services and social media. Training features, such as video tutorials and presentations, help them onboard new recruits. Communication tools increase engagement and retention as distributors are recognized for their achievements and newly enrolled recruits are encouraged to learn from more experienced distributors.

Multi-level Marketing (MLM) Software Features

Integrations — Due to the fact that MLM software assists with the entire sales and marketing processes, integrations with content management systems (CMS), e-commerce platforms, and other software types help streamline MLM strategies. These integrations allow executives to connect their websites, product data, and distributor information to create a holistic view of their business performance.

Device compatibility — As independent contractors, distributors may wish to have the flexibility to report sales, check inventory, and manage their business on the go. In addition, consumers spend much of their time on their phones, and mobile commerce sales increase every year. To meet these needs, MLM software provides various mobile features, including mobile apps, SMS marketing, mobile-first websites, and mobile order management.

Internationalization — When growing a network, extending international is a massive opportunity. MLM software provides tools that help with language translation and deal in multiple currencies. Additionally, these solutions allow users to set products, enrollment options, pricing, designs, and content on a country by country basis, all from a central location.

Analytics and reporting — An MLM strategy focuses on a plan where profit is derived from two sources: direct sales generated by individuals, and commission granted to individuals based on sales by others they recruited. As a result, tracking, reporting, and analytics are important when evaluating salespeople and forecasting for the future. Many MLM tools have these features, along with compensation plans and bonus structuring.

Social — Social networks and social marketing play a huge role in MLM strategy, helping build a larger community of customers. More customers means more referrals, ultimately leading to more sales and revenue. As sales reps recruit people, they automatically build their circle of friends. Many MLM tools provide features that help businesses build a network of people through community-building tools, techniques, and strategies. Some of these features include custom news feeds, messaging, and live web chat.