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Best Label Printing Software

Label printing software is used to design and print labels for various business activities such as inventory management or shipping. This type of software allows companies to create personalized labels that comply with customer requirements or laws and regulations. Label printing software is used by warehouse and inventory departments, as well as logistics professionals.

This type of software can be provided by label printing hardware providers or by software vendors. When delivered separately, label printing software needs to be compatible with the most common types of label printers. Since most labels require barcodes, label printing solutions integrate with barcode software.

To qualify for inclusion in the Label Printing category, a product must:

Include templates for various kinds of labels (e.g., shipping, inventory)
Allow non-technical users to design and print labels
Provide features to categorize labels and modify them by batch
Deliver WYSIWYG label designers with options to drag and drop
Support multiple languages and different types of barcodes
Comply with regulations or industry standards such as GS1-128

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(18)3.7 out of 5

Print shipping labels or online postage right from your desk.

(8)3.8 out of 5

ZebraDesigner v2 barcode label design software offers basic design features.

(4)4.3 out of 5

NiceLabel is a leading global developer of label design software and label management system that help companies of all sizes improve the quality, speed and efficiency of their labeling, while reducing costs. With the world’s first public, multi-tenant cloud-based labeling solution, NiceLabel brings the benefits of professional label management to everyone, regardless of company size.

(15)4.0 out of 5

BarTender® software by Seagull Scientific transforms data into the labels, barcodes, documents and RFID that drive business. Hundreds of thousands of companies in supply chain, manufacturing, chemicals, healthcare, food and beverage, aerospace, pharmaceuticals, logistics and other industries trust BarTender with the labeling and marking processes that keep their businesses running. With corporate headquarters and software development in Bellevue, Washington, USA, and branch offices in Madrid,

Loftware's enterprise software integrates SAP, Oracle and other enterprise applications to produce mission-critical barcode labels, documents, and RFID Smart tags across the supply chain.

(3)4.2 out of 5

Create, design, and print your labels.

WaspLabeler & Barcode Maker for Office is a complete solution for designing, generating, and printing barcodes and barcode labels while seamlessly integrating with Microsoft Office applications. An all-in-one solution enables you to have a powerful and robust tool at your fingertips, eliminating the need to purchase additional software.

(2)5.0 out of 5

(1)5.0 out of 5

Esko Software Platform integrates software solutions for design, prepress, workflow automation, color management and supply chain collaboration used for packaging, labels, displays and signs.

(1)5.0 out of 5

MarkMagic® is the barcode labeling and printing software relied on by thousands of retailers and manufacturers worldwide. Developed by CYBRA Corporation, MarkMagic solves your barcode labels and forms design and printing needs. CYBRA's MarkMagic is the print engine inside some of the most popular warehouse management software (WMS) and retail inventory management software in the industry such as Infor, Manhattan Associates' WMS, WMi, and WMOS systems, VAI S2k, Oracle, and many more. Our softwar

0 ratings

Barcode Label Maker is a professional, advanced, easy-to-use barcode labeling software. It provides for a complete bar code and label design and printing solution to desktop, enterprise. It is an application used for printing barcodes, text and graphics on standard laser or inkjet printers, in addition to labels on thermal transfer barcode printers.

0 ratings

Barcode Software is well designed application for label generation of barcodes. Program can create, design, generate, print and save multiple images at a time. Barcode Image Generator can quickly image generator tool for multipurpose, software support more than a 30 fonts for various product and stock management and tracking. Barcode label software is used to reduce item and work management by creating multipurpose traceable barcode label.

(1)5.0 out of 5

Barcode Producer creates perfect barcodes for retail packages, labels, books, packages, and more.

0 ratings

BARCODE X is a barcode software for Mac OSX and PCs that is accurate to 1/10000th of a micron. BARCODE X recognises all barcoding standards and adheres to them.

0 ratings

CQL Pro is an advanced labeling software that allows users to easily design and print custom labels for color and monochrome label printers. Complete with Label Designer and Print Manager, users have the ability to create and edit label designs, design printer profiles, and easily monitor or create print jobs across any label printer model.

0 ratings

DESIGN-R-LABELS is a data-driven sign and label printing application created especially for retailers. Enabling them to take control of their in-store shelf-edge marketing. DRL can be configured to read data from almost any POS system or Back-Office/DSD application and is already compatible with many of the retail industries leaders. Reads from SQL, ASCII, and ODBC compliant data files. Which ensures that DESIGN-R-LABELS will be compatible for years to come. Even if you change POS systems.

0 ratings

EasyLabel is a barcode and RFID label software that incorporates an RFID Wizard and an GS1(EAN/UCC) Barcode Wizard to help meet all of your current and future label design requirements. EasyLabel includes every method of making label design and printing easy, fast and accurate.

0 ratings

Create, design, and print your labels.

0 ratings

iWinSoft Barcode Maker is a professional Barcode Label software for Mac OS X which Create up to 20 types of barcodes. A built-in label database with More then 800 Avery labels, cards, other media type templates are included.

0 ratings

LABELai is a patent-pending tool that enables companies achieve their End-to-End labeling goals. With option of using the system for either Content Management or Label Operations or both, companies can pick the part of the tool that enhances their productivity and compliance.

0 ratings

LabelNow is the new SAP Cloud Platform based solution to create compliant product label Content for digital or physical channels with high level of automation. Fully integrated with your existing SAP-PLM solution, it enables you to design and translate your label content in a few clicks.

0 ratings

LabelRIGHT is a barcoding label software for Windows that allows you to design and print custom labels of any size and style including custom barecode labels, shelf labels, packing labels, shipping labels, compliance labels, and product labels.

0 ratings

LabelTerm is a carton weighing, labelling and production reporting system with a long-life, capacitive touchscreen. LabelTerm featuring high speed label printing.

0 ratings

LabelVision 20/20 makes bar code labeling easier than ever.

0 ratings

Markin Company focused on adhesive labels manufacturing for office use and not a long time passed since the COPIATABU brand became the landmark in stationery and office market.

0 ratings

We are creator and integrator of Auto-ID processes (automatic identification and data capture) in goods logistics. Our customers are mainly located in the DACH region, but we also support our overseas customers with our products and services. We have our headquarter in Switzerland and are represented in the DACH region with 9 sites and 110 employees. OPAL LABELMANAGEMENT is a solution that allows you to create and manage labeling processes in SAP®. Layout templates from supported 3rd party labe

0 ratings

Convert decal film and paper and manufacture specialty adhesive decal paper and film for inkjet and color laser printers.

0 ratings

PRISYM Chemica offers manufacturers and distributors a secure, automated and accurate solution to meet chemical labeling requirements globally. It updates all hazardous substances documentation held in the system with the latest regulatory changes, making sure your organization maintains global labeling compliance.

0 ratings

PRISYM Design is a design software for creating label templates and barcodes, processing label data and managing the printing of those labels in-house. It allows the inclusion of variable data such as product codes and descriptions, barcode pictures, logos, pricing, languages, symbols, and images in the labels.

0 ratings

Smead ColorBar is a software for Printing Color-Coded End Tab and Top Tab Labels. Smead ColorBar gives you the power to produce labels with maximum ease and flexibility. Whether you print one label at a time, need label design capability, or require label printing at multiple locations

Learn More About Label Printing Software

What is Label Printing Software?

Label printing software provides users with an efficient and cost-effective way to design and print labels for a variety of business activities. Users can customize labels to their business needs and print labels that fit under the compliance standards of their respective industries.

Key Benefits of Label Printing Software

  • Customize any label with features such as color, size, shape, and fonts
  • Access hundreds of label templates for address and shipping labels, business cards, name tags, file folder labels, and holiday cards
  • Track products by printing barcode labels for business inventory

Why Use Label Printing Software?

Labels are an invaluable resource used by companies to communicate important messages about their products to their customers. Some of these key communication points include product contents, product instructions, product warnings, pricing, and even company branding. Everything about how businesses communicate their brand to the customer is done through the use of printed labels. As such, it's important that retailers and manufacturers use a streamlined label printing software that can produce labels efficiently and at a low cost.

Save time — One of the major benefits of implementing label printing software into a business process is saving time. By having access to hundreds of templates, and customizable designs, users can print labels at a quicker rate than they have before.

Compliance — Label printing software provides users with the necessary regulatory requirements for their specific industry. Food distributors can take advantage of templates for FDA-regulated labels, while health care providers can take advantage of templates for EPA-regulated labels. No matter the industry, label printing software can provide a label template that meets industry standards.

Reduce printing errors — Printing errors such as mislabeled food allergens, incorrect tracking codes, and incorrect product hazard information can be potentially disastrous for a company. Label printing software provides users with print preview capabilities, as well as easy-to-use printing forms that help users quickly print accurate labels without the risk of making these errors.

Who Uses Label Printing Software?

Retailers — Retailers print countless labels for their products every day. With label printing software, retailers can create product hang tags, packaging labels, shipping labels, RFID labels, barcodes, and many other labels that help retailers stay compliant.

Inventory managers — The most effective way for inventory managers to track their inventory is by printing RFID, barcode, or QR code labels that they can attach to their products. Once this is done, inventory managers can then scan each label, which will automatically account for their product in the warehouse or during transportation.

Label Printing Software Features

Templates — Label printing software provides users with label templates for address and shipping labels, business cards, name tags, file folder labels, holiday cards, and much more. Having access to hundreds of premade templates will streamline both the label creation and label printing process for a business.

Label design — Perhaps the most obvious use case for label printing software is having access to a customizable label design interface. With custom label design, users can choose from different sizes, shapes, colors, and fonts to take full ownership over the label design process. Users can even pick images from their own computer that they’ve downloaded or created and would like to implement into the design process.

Barcode generator — Retailers and warehouse managers both have the responsibility of managing large amounts of inventory on a day-to-day basis. The easiest way to keep track of their inventory is by generating barcodes so they can scan each product and account for them in their inventory. Label printing software provides users with the ability to generate barcodes within the software and print each one onto a label to attach to their inventory.

Additionally, label printing software can provide users with important barcode components such as barcode symbologies, international barcode standards, and full support for GS1 label standards. This allows manufacturers to stay compliant with the necessary formatting and style of certain barcode components.

Printer support — Label printing software supports a variety of different printing hardware that serves different use cases. From standard office computers to industrial printers, label printing software can fit the needs of the end user. Additionally, within the software, users can monitor in-progress print jobs and perform printer maintenance such as printhead cleanings for inkjet printers.