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Entry Level Price:$2899 flat per month

Ideanote makes it simple and productive for teams of any size to share, develop and act on ideas, together. Intuitive design, automatic progression and instant ideation tools are at the core of the ideanote platform. We structure and focus your ideas, helping you to go from idea collection to action, helping employee and customer insights to drive your business forward. Curious? Head to our site and try it out for yourself

I love how quick and easy it is to post a question and generate answers in our team. We are quite a small team so everyone is constantly throwing... Read review
Jean-laurent P.
Simple yet powerful idea managment and management solution. Accessible to all kind of employee and managers, even new to idea/innovation management. Read review
(131)4.3 out of 5
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With over 2 million users worldwide, and $15+ Billion in net benefits recorded to date, Brightidea is the #1 Idea Management Platform on the market. Engage your employees at scale, collaborate on novel solutions, and foster a culture of innovation within your company. Wherever you're at in your innovation journey, our platform & people will help you get to the next level.

Javier S.
It allows us to automate the tracking of all ideas submitted in different projects in the facility and across the company without the need to... Read review
How easy it is to get things started. Once anyone (user or admin) understands how things work on the site, it is pretty easy and simple to create... Read review
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Planview Spigit is the leader in crowdsourced innovation management software, with more than 6 million users across 170 countries. From idea to impact, Planview Spigit enables sustained innovation by driving employee engagement, creating a culture of innovation and providing analytics-driven insights. Planview Spigit powers innovation programs across all major industries including financial services, manufacturing, healthcare, consumer products, and energy. To learn more, please visit: https://

What I like about the Spigit tool is the idea of having challenges to compel the competitive and innovative spirit, in addition it helps to foster... Read review
Spigit has a good way of tapping in to your work force and pulling ideas out that may not normally be brought to the light. They have a quick and... Read review
(24)4.6 out of 5
Entry Level Price:$5 per User/Month

Rever is a Frontline Operations platform that empowers companies in the manufacturing and services sectors to activate their frontline in operational excellence programs such as continuous improvement and lean. Rever's smartphone app lets anyone, anywhere capture a situation and go through a guided workflow to fix an issue, implement an improvement, or drive a root-cause analysis. Manager use Rever to align teams around company priorities, track participation, recognize contributors, and track s

Is a digital DMAIC app which application is very easy to launch on the production floor Is flexible Is very friendly Is very efficientto pull... Read review
(9)3.9 out of 5

Real-time online collaborative brainstorming and decision making. Start from over 60 brainstorming templates, or design your own. Templates include SWOT, 6 Thinking Hats, Perceptual Maps, Stakeholder Maps, Risk Maps, Mind Maps, the Lean Business Canvas and many more…

GroupMap is intuitive. It appears you don't need any special skills to use it or to facilitate even the largest group. They seem to have every... Read review
Paul S.
GroupMap is easy to use and invite participants (who don't need a licence to use the tool). There are many ready to use templates that all... Read review
(4)4.3 out of 5
Entry Level Price:Free 3 months

Transform your business, your people know how

Fulya W.
This ideation and engagement platform is able to gather the brilliant ideas and spot the business solutions that organization's have been trying to... Read review
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Innovation Cloud is end-to-end innovation management software, compatible with all of your business processes and fully configurable to meet your organization 's needs. Innovation Cloud consists of a comprehensive set of features and cutting-edge software applications enabling you to accelerate the execution of your innovation management processes. We provide a systemic and structured approach to realize durable organic growth driven by enhanced organizational innovation capabilities.

I didn't think brainstorming could be made any easier, but Innovation Cloud did it. I am very satisfied with it. Work can be done anytime,... Read review
Christina C.
It helps guide you when you are a new company with a small amount of employees/users and is an easy to use interface. Remember, it is FREE unless... Read review
(19)4.7 out of 5
Entry Level Price:$39 per 2 agents, per month

UseResponse is a powerful Customer Service Suite that combines the functionality of omnichannel support ticketing center, feedback community forum, live chat with messengers, and knowledge base. UseResponse helps companies to empower their customer service by introducing better customer self-service with the help of smart automation, chatbots, public communities, and embeddable knowledge base functionality. The system can be used as SaaS & self-hosted solution with open code.

Geo L.
UseResponse has been the selected product for our self serve support forum concept. They have delivered with great quality & service, and not to... Read review
Loveday A.
The UseResponse System interface is highly customisable to Our needs, and it’s easier for Our Team to use Its Self-Service Community integration to... Read review
(1)4.0 out of 5

Multi-level todo list, organize projects even better.

Gaurav R.
DeepR Analytics is based out of Toronto, Canada. We are a developer of algorithmic trading solutions and products that is primarily focused on... Read review
(1)5.0 out of 5

inno360 Enables Disruptive Innovation inno360 is designed to enable leading innovation companies to identify disruptive opportunities for their new products, both within and outside their respective industries. To do this, we provide you with a complete view of the competitive landscape, available and emerging technologies, potential solution partners, and other profound insights that will inspire new directions for your products. The actionable intelligence provided through inno360 will help y

Raj P.
power and versatility of the tooll. Excellent dashboards. Read review
(1)5.0 out of 5

Niice is a canvas for creative discussion: a feedback tool that's easier than email, and a smart, shared visual library for your team.

Convenient to use and I love the inspiration Read review
(1)5.0 out of 5
Entry Level Price:0 50 users

Viima is the best way to collect and develop ideas. What's more, it's free for up to 50 users and can be taken into use within minutes! Viima is designed to make idea management transparent, super easy and effortless for everyone involved. Viima also supports all kinds of different idea management and innovation processes, even at the same time. While you might need a heavy duty stage-gate innovation process for new product development, other teams can still use Viima with a very lightweight p

Rick B.
The Viima interface is really immersive and presents all ideas in the simplest possible way. All the information you need is in one place and you... Read review
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Accept Mission is Innovation platform that organizations use to collect ideas (campaigns, boards), manage ideas, managing portfolio and dashboarding. We are unique becasue of: - Gamification - Engage users with undercover usage, leaderboards, goals, smart notifications - Integrated platform - all innovation tools in one platform and fully integrated. - Dashboards and reports - measure the success of innovation and optimize. - Integrations - integrate with Excel, task and project management s

0 ratings

Brainstorming Room is a free private space to brainstorm online with a team invited. It provides to launch brainstorms, generate ideas and capitalize on innovative thinking.

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Entry Level Price:.25 Per Employee Per Month

Getting suggestions from the employees of your business is something that has been found invaluable. DirectSuggest connects decision-makers directly to employees, making it simple for an employee to make suggestions on any device with the assurance they arrive where needed. Every suggestion can also be collaborated on among everyone in the organization through voting and commenting, enhancing the quality of the idea. DirectSuggest organizes every suggestion by two-dimensions (i.e. category an

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Hunchbuzz is a cloud based Idea Management software that enables the generation, collection and development of feedback, ideas and suggestions as part of the overall organisational development strategy.

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IdeaFox is intuitive, cloud based software, that helps organizations increase employee engagement, improve the realization of ideas, and get better solutions, faster. With IdeaFox, organizations can improve their innovation and ideation, process improvement, and knowledge management in one platform.

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Entry Level Price:$82.50 per month

MeetingSphere Pro is a workshop solution for facilitators and subject matter experts. It provides a meeting center with all features and functionalities for running professional meetings and workshops online, in half the time - with a better result. Tools include Brainstorm, Discussion, Rating, Presentation, and ActionTracker. Anonymous and simultaneous input encourage people to “speak up” and “say” what they think, and be “listened to”. Captured input is discussed, rated, ranked and organized.

0 ratings

Idea Management Software​

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Sem.idea is a software that can be used to efficiently and safely store centrally,evaluate,analyze ideas,innovations,improvements or customer suggestions to generate own idea campaigns for current subjects to always be up-to-date even in case of market changes.

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TheIdeaWall is a customer satisfaction software that helps businesses capture and organize customer feedback on product and service improvement.

Top 10 Free Idea Management Software in 2021

  • Ideanote
  • Brightidea
  • Planview Spigit
  • Rever
  • GroupMap

Learn More About Idea Management Software

What is Idea Management Software?

Idea management software structures the process of gathering product insights from all areas and people in an organization for the explicit purpose of improvement or development. The software facilitates the organization and management of that feedback to be funneled into future products or product releases.

With idea management software, companies can request feedback via email, web-based applications, or online collaboration channels to discuss, capture, and store suggested ideas. Idea management solutions take the idea of the traditional office suggestion box and digitizes it to facilitate the full transparency of a company.

Key Benefits of Idea Management Software

  • Identify new products and services
  • Discover new markets for existing products
  • Reduce costs (find ways to eliminate waste or improve existing processes)
  • Encourage innovation and transparency within the company
  • Validate and reward employee engagement and creativity
  • Promote the application of "wisdom of the crowd" expertise to business operations
  • Enable employees to proactively improve their work processes
  • Act on consumer feedback and achieve competitive advantage
  • Prioritize both internal and external communication
  • Keep ideas from getting lost amongst the clutter and reduce duplication of already-suggested ideas
  • Track progress of implemented ideas into their final form
  • Achieve strategic goals

Why Use Idea Management Software?

Brainstorming and ideation are known for being abstract processes, but that isn’t always helpful in a business environment, which benefits from having documentation and workflows. Idea management software can bridge the gap by offering structure to the otherwise speculative activity.

Empowerment and Recognition — A common complaint among employees across industries is feeling as though their voices aren’t heard. Disenfranchised employees are less productive and can be less invested in a company in the long term. Idea management software provides a dedicated and organized space for employees to voice their concerns or pitch ideas where they can be recognized for their dedication.

Accountability — No one likes having their ideas stolen or coming up with an idea too similar to someone else’s. With idea management software, users can track the source of an idea from creation to implementation. This fosters transparency in the ideation process and ensures recognition is given to the appropriate parties.

Streamline Brainstorming Sessions — The ideation process can be messy for one person, let alone a roomful. Innovation management tools can add some structure to brainstorming sessions or idea campaigns to ensure ideas aren’t lost in the noise. They can also help individuals stay on topic and assist in keeping the big picture in mind when ideating in a group.

Culture of Innovation — Idea management software is a godsend for companies looking to achieve effective change management. Not only can these tools collect ideas from a workforce, it can give them an outlet to recommend improvements to the innovation process or the process of change management.

Who Uses Idea Management Software?

The beauty of innovation management software is that it can be implemented in any type or size of business. Whether it be an externally or internally facing product, rigid or freeform, companies benefit from having a space where insiders can make recommendations. Employees and customers will both have a unique perspective on the products and services they contribute to or purchase, and businesses would be wise to harness their input to improve their offerings.

Idea Management Software Features

Innovation management software can vary widely in how much structure it provides to the idea generation and collection process. Some products provide rigid scaffolding to every step of the innovation process. Others offer more open-ended methods and tools for users to more organically develop ideas.

Below are some examples of features commonly found in idea management software from across the spectrum.

Ranking — Most idea management software solutions will allow users to vote on the ideas they like best, either within a given idea campaign or of those presented from a suggestion box. This will then rank the ideas, letting the strongest or most popular float to the top for consideration.

Commenting — Some solutions offer commenting capability, which allows users to provide feedback on ideas in real time. Comments can lead to more in-depth discussions about ideas, refining and polishing them into viable options.

Idea Campaigns — Idea campaigns are often a staple feature in idea management tools. Users can create a dedicated campaign to rally ideas for a particular goal or challenge, and others can respond with their ideas within a given campaign. This consolidates ideas for a given topic in one centralized space where they can be evaluated and compared against one another.

Suggestion Box — While some idea management tools are essentially dedicated suggestion boxes, some will offer a suggestion box as an additional feature. These suggestion boxes can be internal, external, or both.

Additional Idea Management Features

Gamification — Gamification features are sometimes utilized in idea management software to increase employee engagement and incentivize employees to get involved in the brainstorming process.

Project Planning — Some products will allow users to build out project plans and tasks natively inside the software based on generated ideas. Other software will provide the same functionality by integrating with an outside project management software.

Surveys — Surveys are a great method to take the pulse of an organization, and many innovation management solutions employ a survey feature so users can quickly gauge how their employees feel about recent changes.

Forums — Forum discussions can serve as an excellent space for the discussion and deliberation of ideas. Some idea management tools provide features akin to an online forum where ideas can be discussed more in depth internally.

Mind Mapping — Mind mapping tools enable individuals or groups to diagram their thought process, allowing them to track and visualize their brainstorming sessions from start to finish.