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Game localization is the process of modifying a video, computer, or mobile game to adapt to the needs and preferences of players in a different geographic region. Translation solutions are often the main feature of game localization but providers frequently take additional measures to adapt to local regulations or cultural differences. Not all features of game localization are in-game, as changes may occur to game packaging or hardware. Clients can utilize localization services when looking to expand their game to other regions, in a well-functioning form that adapts to the local language, culture, and regulations. For example, aside from translating or dubbing, a game localization service may change an in-game soundtrack when expanding to a region with different music preferences or native language. Localization can be considered essential in order for a game to be accessible for users with a different native language. In cases that do not involve a complete translation, some form of localization may still be seen as useful or welcoming to potential customers and possibly result in a larger userbase. Other types of localization, such as app localization services and marketing localization, are offered in similar services by providers.

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    LocalizeDirect is a game localization company providing translation and localization QA services for game developers and gaming companies in more than 40 languages. Its localization CMS, LocDirect, allows translating games during development thus cutting the time-to-market period. Founded by ex-game developers Christoffer Nilson and Mattias Wennerholm in 2009, now, LocalizeDirect incorporates a network of more than 200 native-speaking translators and game testers with a number of sales, LQA and

    ABBYY is a leading provider of document conversion, data capture and linguistic software.

    AD VERBUM is a localization service that specializing in technical, medical, legal translations, multilingual documentation, software localization, DTP and publishing.

    We translate apps and games into 68 languages. We can help you create a localization procedure for your frequently updated, multiplatform projects.

    ROI-based localization company. Our goal is to make your games popular and your players happy.

    Andovar is a game translation and localization platform that work in a wide variety of genres and formats, that translate video game scripts, localize game UI and provide multilingual voice acting services in over 80 languages.

    Aspena provides translations, localization and other language services from and into more than 50 languages.

    Day Translations provides a Human Translation Service that specialized in legal, medical, and certified translations.

    Video game translation and localization services

    Game Localization Network specialize in the localization of video games.

    JBI Studios is a full-service audio, video and multimedia production house specializing in +1200 voice talents in +80 languages.

    Keywords Studios is an international technical services provider to the global video game Industry .

    KiteTeam is a service that provide developers and publishers worldwide with the services to obtain the highest quality in video game localization.

    Expert video game localization and translation services for Console, PC, iOS and Android games into more than 20 language pairs.

    MoGi Group is a video game localization and player support platform that provides localization for all genres of video games across all platforms and a comprehensive range of fully flexible player support services.

    Morningside Translations is a platform that provede services include translation, interpretation, transcription, patent filing services, litigation support, document management, deposition services, website globalization, voiceovers, and subtitling.

    Pangea is a translation, localization and copywriting agency specializing in the Forex, iGaming, online trading and video game industry. Our linguists who specialize in these fields, translate and write in over 40 languages and have the skills to localize and produce all content kinds including articles, blog posts and web and promotional content (landing page, banners, PRs). We also provide localized Graphic Design, SEO & blog management, QA & Testing, Real-Time Translations, ORM and Ma

    PoliLingua is a service that delivers translation, localization and managed language solutions for clients large and small; in the corporate, government and private sectors.

    Straker Translations is an online translation services that provides document translation, video transcription and website translation for business, immigration, legal, technical needs.

    TOMEDES is a leading global translation company that provides services to major Fortune 500 companies and small businesses alike. Tomedes employs professional and specialized human translators adapted to the needs of today's business organizations and is thus able to offer top-notch translations in any field. Over 10,000 expert translators and linguists will carry out your translation, localization, content and SEO needs. Area of expertise: Legal, technical, financial, marketing, medical, hi

    Ulatus provides various Language Translation Services and localization solutions to help enterprises across the globe build a strong local presence. We are an ISO 9001:2015 certified organization with a stringent Translation Quality Management System (TQMS) that ensures exceptional quality output for every project. Our solutions include Japanese translation, Chinese translation, all indian languages translation, Software and app solutions and Book translations to name a few. For more informatio

    Yoshino Trad is a translation agency based in Japan and specialized in translation from/to Japanese.

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