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Check out our list of free E-Merchandising Software. Products featured on this list are the ones that offer a free trial version. As with most free versions, there are limitations, typically time or features.

If you'd like to see more products and to evaluate additional feature options, compare all E-Merchandising Software to ensure you get the right product.

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(65)4.7 out of 5's artificial intelligence automatically analyses and learns your customer's interests. Those are then used to show them exactly what they want throughout their customer journey.

All the data that is anything but difficult to access through a speedy interface. Assists with following and improving transformations to develop... Read review
Torben M.
Very personal service. Persistent in solving the issues Read review
(41)4.7 out of 5

Tagalys is a product merchandising engine that automatically displays products on listing pages, based on what is trending in the store. It gives merchants the ability to instantly control products displayed to increase product discovery at the store Features: Product Listing or Category pages: Data driven product sorting for eCommerce Listing Pages that improves CTR upwards of 25%. Tagalys allows merchants to visually merchandise product with access to product performance insights. Features in

Easy to setup search and landing pages. They're both super useful tools. Use the 15 day trial to understand how well the tool can work for your... Read review
Andrew M.
Apart from the obvious time-saving benefits (thanks to automatic category merchandising), and dramatic improvements to conversion rates (thanks to... Read review
(29)4.5 out of 5

Unbxd is an AI-driven search platform that enables eCommerce businesses to engage their shoppers by building contextual relevancy into what they are searching for. It converts shoppers more often and faster by showing them genuine results. It understands the shopper intent like no one else does across site search, browse (navigation) and recommendation purchase journey. It fixes the relevance problem for the online shoppers with the help of its indigenous AI-models that interpret the shopper af

Jesse H.
There are a few features I like best. One is the auto-updating feeds - so that I don't have to manually add products to be indexed. The image based... Read review
Shashank T.
Unbxd offered excellent search and cost effective solution with good analytics. Integration is flawless with relevancy of the products on each... Read review
(191)4.6 out of 5
Optimized for quick response
Entry Level Price:$1 per unit*/month

Algolia is a hosted search platform with unique differentiators for all important aspects of search. User Experience: Algolia is designed from the ground up to maximize the speed of search and solve the pain of relevance tuning. Accessing the right piece of content on websites and apps has never been faster or more intuitive. Developer Experience: Algolia is an API-centric company with comprehensive documentation and support provided by software engineers. We love to work with developers to pu

the all in one platform for developing and testing especially supporting variant languages Read review
Stacey F.
The best available solution to configure the search. Algolia presents visual search results that are attractive as well as being very fast in terms... Read review

CELEBROS is a Natural Language Processing Site Search with Machine Learning and AI. With over 250 semantic algorithm components, Celebros’ search understands which word in the query is a product, an attribute or an expression that is related to a price or product. Celebros Site Search allows visitors to use natural language search phrases to find the product they are looking for much faster. Here are a few examples of search queries that the Celebros AI Search can process: "black shoes f

The results! They speak for themselves and show that customers are getting where they want to. Read review
It has been a crucial tool for the sales of our website, easy to use for an administrator and complete for a client browsing the website Read review
0 ratings

Loop54s E-commerce site search and personalisation is powered by proprietary AI Loop54 AI personalises your site search and category navigation, so each visitor experiences relevant results. While most personalisation tools require months of data collection, Loop54 uses small sets of data to do the work of thousands of rules. Letting you automatically personalise the user experience, fast. Site-search Turn your search box into a helpful sales associate – without the overbearing hovering. - Pr

0 ratings
Entry Level Price:$499/m Unlimited

PureClarity is one of the leading providers of intelligent ecommerce personalisation and provides the perfect solution for businesses whether B2C or B2B to increase online revenue, average order value, online conversion rate and also build a loyal customer database. PureClarity allows you to provide your customers with a highly personalised and relevant online shopping experience through a wide range of intelligent ecommerce personalisation features, converting your online visitors into loyal c

0 ratings is an end-to-end retail automation platform that is redesigning the future of retail with Artificial Intelligence. Using Image Recognition and Data Science, extracts catalogue data, analyzes it with user behaviour and helps retail marketing, product and cataloguing teams get actionable insights that improve customer experiences, drive conversions and reduce costs. helps retailers digitally map their products' DNA to create one-of-a-kind retail experiences for shoppers and tr

Top 8 Free E-Merchandising Software in 2021

  • Tagalys
  • Unbxd
  • Algolia
  • Celebros

Learn More About E-Merchandising Software

What is E-Merchandising Software?

E-merchandising software provides various optimization tools for e-commerce businesses to maximize profits for their online store. These tools can organize product displays, optimize searches, and provide personalized recommendations. The goal of e-merchandising software is to increase customer conversion and reduce cart abandonment while also encouraging a customer to purchase more during each transaction. Artificial intelligence plays a large role in e-merchandising, providing the tools to leverage past customer data and behavior to predict and influence future behavior.

Much like retail merchandising strategies that package and place items to encourage customers to purchase more or purchase certain items together, e-merchandising tools take those principles and apply them to an e-commerce setting. By also making it easier for customers to find exactly what they are looking for in an online store, customers are more likely to make a purchase.

Key Benefits of E-Merchandising Software

  • Increased customer conversion
  • Reduced cart abandonment
  • Easier site navigation for customers
  • Personalized recommendations to encourage additional purchases

Why Use E-Merchandising Software?

E-merchandising software will make your store’s content both easier to navigate and more attractive to potential customers.

Increased customer conversion — Customers who can easily find what they want are more likely to make a purchase, and so are customers who receive personalized recommendations. With e-merchandising software, your products can be presented in a way that encourages customers to buy more, in an expedited manner.

Reduced cart abandonment — A major problem that e-commerce businesses face is customers who place items in their cart but leave the site before purchasing them. With e-merchandising software, products can be presented in a way that makes them more attractive to customers (using data to determine what increases conversion) to reduce cart abandonment. The tool can also leverage data collected from customers and site visitors to improve the store over time.

Increased loyalty — Customers appreciate simple shopping experiences and personalized suggestions, so e-merchandising software can improve customer loyalty when used well. Some e-merchandising tools may even have built-in loyalty features such as accumulating points for an eventual discount or special gifts for subscribing to a newsletter that can encourage customers to return.

Who Uses E-Merchandising Software?

E-commerce business owners — This is the obvious application: those running an e-commerce business seeking to increase growth and improve sales. E-merchandising tools can certainly help with this when used correctly and expectations are tempered.

Marketers — Marketers can use e-merchandising tools to improve the presentation of their company’s or clients’ products online. By testing different approaches, they can determine which strategies work well with certain demographics and roll those changes out on a larger scale.

E-Merchandising Software Features

Product recommendations — Prominently featuring product recommendations is an effective approach to converting browsers into buyers. This can also be a good way to boost underperforming products or test display or visualization strategies.

Visual merchandising — When shopping online, how the product is represented in pictures and other visual means is all the customer has to go on when making a choice. E-merchandising tools may help adjust and test visual merchandising strategies to find the method that works best for your business and your customers.

Personalization — Every shopper appreciates personalized recommendations, and e-merchandising software provides the tools for online stores to offer product recommendations based on purchasing history and viewing history. This can increase conversion and loyalty, helping customers discover products they might not have found on their own.

Shopping cart recommendations — Much like personalized product recommendations, additional recommendations within a customer’s shopping cart can make for a quick and easy upsell as they are about to check out.

Data collection — Data is any business’ strongest tool, and e-merchandising can help your business collect data on customer shopping behavior as well as which merchandising strategies are beneficial.

Artificial intelligence — Artificial intelligence powers a variety of software, but e-merchandising can particularly benefit because of the technology's ability to create personalized recommendations. Using artificial intelligence, e-merchandising software can recommend products shoppers are likely to buy based on a variety of data collected by the tool. And as it continuously learns, the predictions will improve.