Best Commodity Trading, Transaction, and Risk Management (CTRM) Software

Commodity trading, transaction, and risk management (CTRM) software manages all activities related to the buying and selling of commodities such as oil, grains, metals, or electricity. CTRM helps companies plan when to buy or sell commodities, track pricing, and the volumes of commodities processed. Since commodities are traded on platforms similar to a stock exchange, their prices fluctuate, and companies need to manage the risk of losing money. This type of software is mostly used for procurement professionals who need to purchase raw materials and other commodities that their company needs to function.

CTRM can be integrated with accounting software and ERP systems to manage the financial aspects of trading. Integration with supply chain suites is also required to track the demand for commodities and inventory availability.

To qualify for inclusion in the Commodity Trading, Transaction, and Risk Management (CTRM) category, a product must:

  • Integrate with commodity trading platforms (ideally in real time)
  • Monitor the prices of various types of commodities in multiple markets
  • Track all transactions related to buying and selling of commodities
  • Analyze the performance of trading activities (such as win/loss analysis)
  • Identify and manage potential risks such as market fluctuations

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    DataGenic is the leading global provider of on-premise and in-cloud Smart Commodity Data Management software, delivering intelligent analytics, real-time data content and proven business value.

    Risk Management tools for commodity trade.

    AspectCTRM is the leading trade and risk management solution for today’s energy and commodity traders, risk managers, operations staff and back-office personnel. It’s the only multi-commodity SaaS CTRM / ETRM software delivered in the cloud.

    An efficient, reliable, scalable and flexible trading solution that matches the complexity of your specific requirements and helps you grow your business.

    Beacon is a financial technology company that delivers a cloud-based, end-to-end development and production platform. With Beacon's open architecture, transparent source code, and automated infrastructure solutions, our clients can build in-house functionality on a platform that has been proven at some of the largest financial institutions in the world.

    BlackLight is the first commodity trading and risk system to be designed by traders for traders. BlackLight offers industry-leading trade capture, exposure management and decision support and has a modern, intuitive, and highly configurable layout.

    Brady is a leading provider of software solutions for global energy and commodity trading. Offers a choice of trading and risk management applications designed to help producers, consumers, financial organisations and trading companies manage all of their commodity transactions in an integrated solution – including pre-deal analysis, trade capture, risk management, foreign exchange, credit risk, logistics, cash management, physical operations, back office financials and treasury settlement.

    The CC1 suite of solutions is designed to be used either as an end-to-end solution or where required as stand-alone units. It provides bespoke solutions using the platform as a starting point and build to specific requirements. Adaptability is a PCR core strength.

    Comcore ETRM system combines the latest cutting edge technology with 17 years of trading and risk management application development to provide customers with the most cost competitive fully functional solution in the market.

    A software solution that establishes transparency and structure with quick assessments, extensive material analyses, and the ability to track any work step from bookkeeping to the truck scale.

    The CoreTRM platform is a new approach to the development, deployment and delivery of commodity trading and risk management systems.

    CTRM4JDE offers functionality to manage the end-to-end commodity trading processes from contract to cash. The CTRM integrated ERP solution gives you the possibility to control the processes and manage the risks. All departments work together in one system from trade to logistics and finance, to enter, plan, analyze, control and report. Because the CTRM solution provides one version of the truth it will help making decisions, save time, provide more effective work flows, efficient processes and m

    CTRM Cloud Next generation risk management solution for immediate trade capture, mark to market and risk across all commodity markets. CTRM Cloud provides analytics supporting traders, risk managers and middle-office with instant position updates and associated risk exposures. Based in San Francisco, CTRM Cloud is built using the latest technology providing an easy to deploy, reliable, high performance, secure SaaS model.

    The CXL suite of solutions from Triple Point Technology is the only commodity trading and risk management system that works across multiple commodities, in real time from the front- through the back-office.

    Engineered for the most demanding commodity data management requirements. Solutions for front, middle and back office departments that make an impact. In-depth knowledge and focus on energy & commodity market participants.

    Entrade handles the little details, which trip up many similar systems. Entrade has all the business rules to convert between volumetric measurement units, price measurement units, differing contractual and reporting currencies, and resulting FX exposures.

    The Fendahl Fusion ETRM/CTRM software is setting a new standard for commodity trading and risk management software solutions. Fusion is leading the CTRM marketplace when it comes to; ease of use, flexible functionality, end user performance, scalability and reliability, while its also providing the lowest total cost of ownership in the industry.

    G10 Commodity Manager is a powerful risk management system that enables you to effectively and proactively manage all types of risk with a single dashboard command and control center. It is designed to monitor, measure and report on risks according to your own specific definitions and requirements.

    Graintrack is a web-based CTRM-system for grain trading companies to manage counterparties, contracts, supply chain, logistics, payments and vessels.

    Smarter Talent Management for Higher Education

    Eka is the global leader in providing Smart Commodity Management solutions. Ekas analytics-driven, end-to-end Commodity Management platform enables companies to efficiently and profitably meet the challenges of complex and volatile markets. The companys best-of-breed solutions manage commodity trading, enterprise risk, compliance, procurement, supply chain, operations, logistics, bulk handling, processing, and decision support.

    InstaNext provides software solutions for commodity management.

    Invensoft-XBS© an Unified Commodity Management Platform to Modern day Global Commodity Business. Invensoft-XBS© is an Enterprise Wide Solution exclusively designed to meet the end-to-end business requirements of Commodity Business right from Up Stream (Origin), Mid-Stream and Down Stream (Consumption).

    iRely offers software solutions specifically designed to address the business needs of organizations in the industries.

    ITAS, Hivedomes flagship product is used by a global customer base that includes some of the world's largest financial organisations and many of the most recognisable names in the commodity trading world who have employed our software to manage their sugar, coffee, cocoa, grains, oils and metals trading operations including the associated compliance, procurement, supply chain, operations, logistics, bulk handling and processing requirements.

    K3 integration software takes data in any format, allows you to transform, filter, and unify through an intuitive UI, and send it to anywhere.

    Minerva is a cloud-based system provides end-to-end CTRM & ERP functionality for the commodity sector.

    Molecule takes trades and position data from exchanges, ISOs, spreadsheets, our screen, your other systems, and our API. It combines this with market data from Morningstar, MarketView, API and many other sources—and instantly calculates position, P&L, and VaR.

    Capital markets platform that integrates treasury, risk management, investment management, and collateral management solutions.

    Openlink provides a consolidated, enterprise-wide view of commodities, treasury and risk on a single, consolidated platform.

    Partner XM surpasses the capabilities of traditional commodity trading and risk management. Designed for the agricultural and metals industries it handles commodity trading, logistics, data analysis, procurement and risk management on a central remotely accessible secure cloud-based platform.

    Rapid development, modular architecture, unparalleled performance, on-demand reporting, seamless integration, unlimited scalability, easy to use web interface, access anytime, advanced analytics, and enterprise services.

    A suite of powerful add-ons which extend Microsoft Dynamics 365 / AX with added functionality and flexibility.

    Techoil ETRM is an intelligent and integrated end-to-end cloud software product for the oil trading industry. Techoil ETRM helps organisations streamline trading, hedging, credit, cash flow, operations and inventory. It assists in managing risk and operating complex integrated supply chains for crude products, distillates, petrochemicals and bunkers.

    Voted "Top 3 ETRM System" by clients and peers, Pioneer Solutions' "TRMTracker" is based on FARRMS advanced architecture and is a complete energy trading and risk management software solution that is changing the energy trading marketplace with its web-based comprehensive energy and commodity trading & risk management (ETRM-CTRM) software features.

    Secure, reliable and easy-to-use trading platform is suitable for beginners and professionals alike, plus it’s available on desktop, iPhone and Android.

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