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Top Alternatives to FinishLine

  • Autodesk Construction Cloud
  • Bluebeam Revu
  • Fieldwire
  • Newforma Project Center
  • Bridgit Field

Top 20 Alternatives & Competitors to FinishLine

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  1. Autodesk Construction Cloud

    (1,525)4.2 out of 5
    Optimized for quick response
  2. Autodesk Construction Cloud™ connects workflows, teams and data at every stage of construction to reduce risk, maximize efficiency, and increase profits. Built on a unified platform and common data environment, Autodesk Construction Cloud empowers general contractors, specialty trades, designers and owners to drive better business outcomes. Construction teams will have a comprehensive construction management platform with all data in one central location to simplify collaboration, proactively anticipate project changes and provide data-driven guidance for organizational improvement.

    Categories in common with FinishLine:
    Its ease of use and intuitive interaction using the application. Those two things mean increased adoption across our project teams and improved information flow. Additionally, like the fact that...Read more
  3. Bluebeam Revu

    (298)4.5 out of 5
  4. Bluebeam Revu is a PDF creation and markup tool.

    Categories in common with FinishLine:
    the thing i like most about Bluebeam is the ability to review markups
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  5. Fieldwire

    (102)4.5 out of 5
    Optimized for quick response
  6. It's the easiest way for construction foremen, supers, and engineers to share blueprints, files and RFIs without leaving the jobsite.

    Categories in common with FinishLine:
    Miranda b.
    Fieldwire it a functional software for easy project management, and the workflow management works very perfect also. Scheduling and reporting of financial, easy payment collection, Fieldwire...Read more
  7. Newforma Project Center

    (60)4.0 out of 5
  8. Newforma PIM solution an integrated solution for managing forms of project information, at the office, from the cloud, and on the go letting you manage profitability and risk, capture and connect processes, and review documents without printing.

    Categories in common with FinishLine:
    Searching capability of project files is superb. Also, tracking CA items and file transfers is very good.
  9. Bridgit Field

    (48)4.1 out of 5
    Optimized for quick response
  10. Bridgit Field is a mobile punch list management solution that allows you to receive real-time notifications, with the ability to manage communication and money while maintaining your reputation and make data driven decisions.

    Categories in common with FinishLine:
    Maya K.
    How easy it is to make deficiencies, keep track of them, see what trades have commented on each deficiency, and how simple it is to make lists to give to the subs
  11. Dashpivot

    (25)4.8 out of 5
  12. Dashpivot aggregates all of the data from your forms and activity, so that you can unlock custom analytics and insights with the click of a button or toggle of a filter.

    Categories in common with FinishLine:
    Taner Y.
    Very user friendly, responsive app with great potential for more uses.
  13. UDA ConstructionSuite

    (12)3.2 out of 5
  14. UDA ConstructionSuite is designed for growing construction firms with estimating, job costing, contracts, scheduling, and specifications to help you manage your business.

    Categories in common with FinishLine:
    Courtney T.
    The online access and being able to share files with customers and know when they have accessed them or uploaded files to their project is one of the best features. We utilize the contracts but...Read more
  15. UDA ConstructionOnline

    (6)4.5 out of 5
  16. Build faster, smarter, and better with ConstructionOnline.

    Categories in common with FinishLine:
    Blessy K.
    Tracking and scheduling of my projects as from the estimations to the time of completion has really been made easier. The client portal has really helped in making communications very powerful ...Read more
  17. Fieldlens

    (2)3.3 out of 5
  18. Fieldlens is a mobile communication and project management platform designed to share information assign tasks, post media, and track progress on jobs.

    Categories in common with FinishLine:
    Easy to use, no big learning curve required...interface is very user friendly.
  19. Viewpoint Field Management

    (2)3.0 out of 5
  20. A powerful mobile app that enables the collection of time and production units directly from the field. Speed up your payroll, increase accuracy, and get better connected to the field

    Categories in common with FinishLine:
    Easy to use especially when correcting a mistake or adjusting an already entered value.
  21. SnagTick

    (1)4.5 out of 5
  22. SnagTick is a web and mobile application for snagging and defect management for construction. It connects developers with contractors, field team with head office and snags with their solutions.

    Categories in common with FinishLine:
    This snagging software is really helpful, less time-consuming and easily collaborative with other contractors. This process is entirely paperless which is beneficial in the long term.
  23. WorkStraight

    (1)5.0 out of 5
  24. Use WorkStraight to securely create, receive, and track work requests from your team, customers, or outside contractors.

    Categories in common with FinishLine:
    I love that it is easy to learn and get used to. Everything is in a reasonable layout and easy to remember. I teach others to use this and they seem to catch on pretty quickly. Help menus are...Read more
  25. Fonn

    (1)5.0 out of 5
  26. Fonn is the new way to manage your construction projects. We have moved drawing storage, documents, progress tracking, on site communication and off site monitoring to one platform. With an easy to use field tool and easy to understand office tool in one place, your job site will be more productive and your office will be more informed. Stop using multiple tools to manage your job site. Start using Fonn. And take your job site from chaos to control.

    Categories in common with FinishLine:
    Jan Erik R.
    Easy to collaborate with Project participants and super accesible with phone, pad and computer access. Super user friendly
  27. FTQ360 Quality Management & Inspection Software

    (1)5.0 out of 5
  28. FTQ360 lets you easily reduce quality defects, review activities, analyze trends, improve accountability and save time on management.

    Categories in common with FinishLine:
    User-friendly, good communication between Field and Trades, provides audit trail and identifies opportunity for improvement as well as best practices.
  29. PlanRadar

    (1)3.0 out of 5
  30. PlanRadar is the category leader for construction documentation, task and defect management. Thousands of customers save up to 18% on work-time. Share plans, mark ups, photos, memos, RFIs, tasks & project status in real-time and get documentation for evidence based cases in seconds. You can also control your projects remotely by directly communicating with everyone included in the building process. PlanRadar is available for all iOS, Android and Windows devices and for all browsers.

    Categories in common with FinishLine:
    The platform is easy to use and allows for easy project management
  31. Finalcad

    (1)5.0 out of 5
  32. FINALCAD provides mobile construction software and predictive analytics helping construction stakeholders anticipate and fix issues found during the buildings journey. Our mission: increase quality, reduce its cost and make it accessible to all. Since 2011, FINALCAD has helped more than 8000 projects in 30 countries, and keeps on advancing the digital transition of the construction industry.

    Categories in common with FinishLine:
    Hillary V.
    I like the ease of communication and flow of information between all the actors involved, which allows controlling and improving processes and therefore reducing costs. I also like its customization.
  33. clixifix

  34. clixifix reports defects and repairs are managed from one secure shared app.

    Categories in common with FinishLine:
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  35. Snagmaster

  36. Snagmaster provides an overview of management processes and workflow by presenting real time management information via a web-based portal with an interactive and secure dashboard that provides views for both main and sub-contractor.

    Categories in common with FinishLine:
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  37. Buildup

  38. For teams that manage construction projects, Buildup is a jobsite collaboration platform that streamlines communication and issue resolution between owners/ developers, general contractors and subcontractors. Buildup is actually used by subcontractors and gives you insights you've never had before.

    Categories in common with FinishLine:
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  39. Defex

  40. Defex // Developed to be a simple yet powerful cloud-based defect/task management solution, Defex allows you to annotate and allocate tasks as well as manage these tasks from start to end using our mapping systems with your floor plans.

    Categories in common with FinishLine:
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