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Managed workplace services (MWS) provides businesses with service professionals who can deliver a broad range of end-user and digital transformation services in addition to securing and stabilizing mission-critical systems.

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    Cognizant Digital Systems & Technology helps evolve applications, platforms and infrastructure to meet the needs of a modern, efficient digital enterprise

    Boost workforce productivity through the use of advanced technologies, and applications are fundamental to this.

    Deliver and manage your Workplace Transformation to provide your employees with the agility and flexibility to work from anywhere, anytime.

    The omni-channel Help & Interaction Center is the comprehensive and central hub for all support needs.

    Allows enrolling, controlling and securing equipment, applications and data, and our experience in managing change will ensure success.

    Bell Techlogix innovatively engineered an automated service desk offering that offers solutions for every IT Service Management and Support need.

    The cutting-edge ServiceNow IT platform is fast becoming the industry leading standard for an enterprise-wide system of action that enhances IT service visibility.

    Intelligent Service Center leverages data and analytics to build business intelligence and drive continuous improvement

    Intelligent Workplace presents you with the opportunity to put your end users at the heart of a comprehensive, end-to-end managed service. Read the brochure to find out more about how your organization can benefit from this solution to drive end user productivity, increase business agility and address environmental objectives, all while addressing the ever-present imperative to cut costs.

    Cognizant Digital Business helps you engage customers by envisioning and building innovative products and experiences, developing go-to-market approaches and inventing disruptive new business models.

    Redefining how to be digital at scale reimagining processes, redesigning ways of working and reengineering process infrastructure, to activate operational agility, efficiency and business growth.

    Drive safety, lower the cost of your device management, and improve end-user experience.

    CompuCom Service Desk solution focuses on the end user, providing tailored IT support across all devices. Our mobile app and portal are designed to give end users a single point of contact with multiple choices for service requests

    Provides not only a faster response to users but also a smarter response.

    Computacenter's Workplace and Mobile services enable organisations to establish a secure and scalable workplace infrastructure that is cost-effective to support and more responsive to organisational change. This will help to enable modern workstyles; to drive mobility; and to achieve a more social enterprise.

    DXC Support Services makes this a reality in hundreds of Fortune 500 companies around the world. Your employees can choose from a suite of support options and get the help they need from whichever channel they like, because choice means empowerment.

    DXC VDA Services provide virtualized Windows / Linux applications and desktops from the security of a data center or from the cloud. Virtualized applications and desktops are accessible from a company's secure network or from the public internet, allowing users flexible and secure work location and device options, including the ability to bring your own device (BYOD).

    Workplace Device Services enable clients in all industries to deploy and manage Windows-based devices and print services that optimize business performance.

    Connected working around the globe with collaboration from the cloud

    It uses analytics to predict potential problems and through automation resolves them before they become issues, ensuring your business always remains up and running.

    Accelerate digital transformation through a customer-centric lens

    Engage relentlessly with you to accelerate process automation, reinvent business models, and disrupt your industry.

    HCL has a robust partner ecosystem, spread over the world and providing multi-lingual support. This allows us to leverage global sourcing to provide remote and onsite support along with improving the ratio of remote vs. onsite through consistent high-touch services. Enterprises will, therefore, enjoy end-to-end Desktop Network Life Cycle Management services, enjoy 65% of the desktop support remotely, and drive down desk-side visits by 20-30%. We also believe that desktop operating systems, desktop applications, desktop security, and deployment will be key focus areas in the near future. Thus, we have set up Desktop Management Factories for desktop-centric services.

    HCL's KaleidoscopeTM services enable organizations to segregate user profiles with the use of real-time Data Analytics, enhance visibility with regards to user work styles, productivity, mobility, security, experience, device workload trends, etc., to help identify and create a modern workplace for all profiles. HCL's KaleidoscopeTM will furnish companies with better workplace assessment reports that include resource inventory and utilization alongside workplace sustainability health and diagnostics reports.

    HCL's WorkBlazeTM addresses these workplace environment problems by providing real-time monitoring, big data analytics, and useful insight into user requirements. Eventually, workplace management solution aids organizations to better align data with relevant information.

    Transform your office into an environment that is collaborative, productive and security-rich

    Streamline your deployments and minimize end-user and business disruptions while saving money with Insight's wide range of technical capabilities. Management and governance are provided through the Insight command center 24/7 to ensure you're seeing year-over-year improvements

    Offers self-service, automation, chat, knowledge management and other tools to help you improve the end-user experience.

    LiVE Workspace to unbox an intelligent, future-ready workplace where apps and data can be accessed from anywhere, anytime and on any device.

    Proactive detection of issues to prevent impact to operations. Monitoring to detect immediate issues that impact operations. Tracking of incidents and maintenance of issue logs. Resolution of issues that threaten operations. Service Desk accessible by phone or emai

    Long View's efficient system administration and support means customers typically save 10-20% in Managed Services expenses.

    Full operational support on subscribed devices, IT management in reactive, proactive, preventative, and planning areas, Network Operations Center (NOC) for monitoring: Incident management, Problem managemen

    My Workspace provides a single, secure portal through which users can interact with their entire work environment using virtually any device, at any time, from anywhere.

    Designed to enhance the end-user experience and to maintain high availability and performance while optimizing end-user device lifecycle management costs.

    NTT DATA Services uses and enables next-generation capabilities, such as multichannel, social media and persona-based support, that are supported by automated self-service and self-heal technologies.

    End-to-end business platforms that are smart, secure and adaptable, ready to respond to changing needs and new capabilities.

    Social Command Center Is powered by Artificial Intelligence, a virtual assistant and cognitive learning. It delivers a 24/7 personalized support service, through a single point of contact, to empower users to self-serve.

    Focuses on the interaction between end users and IT services, listening to the customer's voice at all touch points.

    End-User Computing Services are designed to target and address the most critical aspects of your business and we customize our solutions to your specific requirements.

    Geared toward change, helping your company maintain daily operations while implementing new digital technologies that will improve productivity and efficiency.

    SupraNet provides fast, direct, and reliable Internet to businesses across South Central Wisconsin.

    Symmetrix provides complete Office 365, business computer and networking support.

    TCS Business Operations Technology Solutions, an integral part of our ValueBPS approach, accelerate an enterprises ability to exceed business objectives by re-imagining operations, and help achieve sustained and profitable growth.

    TCS Communication Business Operations, led by our ValueBPS approach, span the value chain of communication service providers, consumers, and enterprises based on managed services and outcome-based operating and commercial models.

    The hybrid cloud platform is powered by OpenStack software, integrated with SDx capability, enabling automation at all levels. It is enriched with a strong layer of platform as a service (PaaS) and robust container services from Docker, Kubernetes, and Cloud Foundry. With an open architecture-based backbone, the offering enables cloud portability, eliminating vendor lock-in and boosting cloud ROI.

    The InteliServe platform provides an integrated suite of best-in-class technologies that provide omnichannel support, advanced analytics, automation, artificial intelligence (AI), machine learning and identity authentication.

    Unisys Endpoint Management Services provision, track, image, secure, deploy, and manage all endpoints and applications in an environment, whether traditional PC, virtual, or mobile. This enables your organization to take advantage of emerging technologies while minimizing management time, while also giving digital workers a fast, reliable, and secure experience.

    WPaaS gives your digital workers the secure, always-on access they need while fully protecting your data with enterprise-class identity and access management.

    VirtuaDesk takes advantage of cloud architecture principles and the latest generation of hardware components to create a high-performance, cost-effective way of delivering virtual desktops and applications.