Top Free Dental Practice Management Software

Check out our list of free Dental Practice Management Software. Products featured on this list are the ones that offer a free trial version. As with most free versions, there are limitations, typically time or features.

If you'd like to see more products and to evaluate additional feature options, compare all Dental Practice Management Software to ensure you get the right product.

(18)4.8 out of 5
Entry Level Price:Free for 3 months

CareStack is a complete cloud-based dental software solution for scheduling, clinical, billing, patient engagement and reporting needs of dental offices of any size - whether it's a single location or a large multi-site DSO. With in-built features for centralization, automation and analytics, CareStack enables dental organizations to achieve the full potential inherent in scale. An experienced team of specialists for data conversion, training, support, customer success and revenue cycle managem

So new, so innovative, in the cloud which just makes life so much easier. I wish that more people were more interested in forward thinking... Read review
I like how every patient within our business is easily on the system as well as how easy it is to navigate the page. The fact that Care Stack comes... Read review
(3)2.3 out of 5

As the industry’s most secure dental practice management software, Dentech provides complete and unparalleled visibility into your office’s performance. The time-tested Dentech program is built around keeping thorough track of your finances and patient information. Dentech also offers voice activated perio and restorative charting, digital document management solution, automated patient check-in and monitoring system, cloud based patient communication, managed services and hardware solutions.

Dentech is an easy to use system that allows for a patients record to be kept electronically. X-rays, charting, and doctors notes can be kept in... Read review
It is very user friendly. I work in an office that most employees are aged 50+. They are able to easily manage this system. It works well with... Read review
(1)5.0 out of 5

ACE Dental is a web-based and on-premise practice management software solution that offers patient and family ledgers, paper and electronic insurance claims, appointment scheduling, appointment pre-locking, and more.

Martina L.
Easy to use software, easy data compilation, sending reminders is amazing feature of this software, excellent customer service Read review
(2)3.0 out of 5
Entry Level Price:$223/mo

Astra Practice Partners DAISY practice management software helps dentists run a more efficient, productive and profitable practice at one low price.

I like how multiple windows can be open, so you can work by switching back and forth, without having to close and reopen windows to complete your... Read review
Once you figure out the icons, its easy to navigate Read review
(1)2.5 out of 5
Entry Level Price:FREE

Dentisoft Office is a web-based dental software system that allows you to manage your practice from anywhere.

Someway easy to use. Takes a while to learn Read review

OmegaPrax Dental is the industries most affordable and efficient way of helping your practice simplify the daily tasks necessary to run a successful business. It will streamline your patient workflow from check-in to check-out. Our Office Manager allows for better office communications and simpler patient processing. You will know when your patients have arrived, when they are in the chair and when they are ready to be checked out. The practice schedule, patient information, insurance and billi

Taryn G.
This software is amazing, it’s an amazing all in one software that does everything you will need it to do in your dental office! From scheduling... Read review
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Dental EMR is a complete Endodontic Dental Practice Management Solution designed specifically to help Endodontists succeed. Cloud-Based. Web accessible. No server. More secure. Multi-location ready. Made by endodontists. Dental EMR's complete suite of tools and solutions are designed to boost efficiency, production & revenue in your Endodontic Practice. Dental EMR provides everything from A to Z: cutting-edge websites, branding, stationary to a revolutionary web-based patient practice man

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DentalTap - cloud-based practice management platform for solo dentists and dental clinics. Helps dentists save time on everyday tasks and gain more customers with patient engagement, office and practice management tools.

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We have been developing this software since 1992. It can be used online, used from every device and it can be used in everywhere you are online. Dr.DENTES is a practice management software for dental offices, works on the cloud. You can use it from your mobile phone, tablet, computer also smart TV. There is no device, user, doctor and also in patients limitation. You can keep your patient records, diagnosis, and treatments. You can make a contract for the treatments agreed by the patient and

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Developed for state-of-the-art dental and medical offices, Venga is the most flexible, feature-rich communication software available today. It streamlines your office, helping you communicate more clearly, more directly and even more discreetly than ever before.

Top 10 Free Dental Practice Management Software in 2021

  • CareStack
  • Dentech
  • ACE Dental
  • Dentisoft Office

Learn More About Dental Practice Management Software

What is Dental Practice Management Software?

Dentists rely on technology on a daily basis. For example, they need to when leveraging hardware to X-ray and analyze the makeup of their patients’ mouths when creating a treatment plan. Dentists, like other health care professionals, are also strapped for time. They’re always looking for ways to optimize processes, reduce wait time, and spend less time on manual administrative work.

This is where dental practice management software comes into play. The software is usually comprehensive, centralizing all the distinct elements of a dentist’s office and providing integration with necessary but usually standalone solutions so that dentists can focus on providing care instead of running an office.

By leveraging effective dental practice management software, dentists can increase the number of patients they see and overall practice revenue. Some dental practice management solutions even offer marketing functionalities, whether that’s facilitating the creation of a practice website, sending e-newsletters, or even optimizing SEO.

Key Benefits of Dental Practice Management Software

  • Simplification and optimization of dentist practices
  • Safe and secure maintenance, storage, and organization of patient dental records
  • Improvement of clinical communication and documentation
  • Improvement of overall patient experience

Who Uses Dental Practice Management Software?

Dentists, office administrators, and patients use dental practice management software. Patients access it when interacting with any booking functionality or method of appointment reminder. Dentists and dental assistants use the clinical aspect of dental practice management software, its database features and any integrations. Office administrators use the administrative aspect of dental practice management software to optimize daily operational processes and workflows.

What are the Common Features of Dental Practice Management Software?

Dental practice management software can satisfy a variety of clinical and administrative needs. Common dental practice management software features include:

Clinical Documentation — Dentists and dental assistants must accurately and efficiently chart and take notes. Digitized and automated charts and other forms of clinical documentation facilitate their secure storage and organization, as well as support integrated clinical workflows. Neither dentists nor office admin need to dig through messy paper files with potentially misplaced documentation.

Appointment Scheduling — With built-in appointment scheduling, dental practice management software encourages office efficiency. Patients benefit from the simplified appointment scheduling functionality that dental practice management software promises. The software can streamline the entire appointment scheduling process for both patients and physicians, thanks to the visibility that either an online appointment scheduling tool or patient portal provides. Appointment scheduling functionality can also simplify the overall patient registration process.

Staff Scheduling — On the flip side of appointment scheduling, dental practice management software optimizes staff scheduling practices. The software can set up color coding or other customizations to easily breakdown the responsibilities of the dentist. The software also promotes and ensures smooth practice processes by making very clear who is working with which patient, what procedures are happening or upcoming, and other important information for each day’s schedule.

Billing — Dental practice management software eases the financial operations of the practice. The software allows practices to automate the calculating and sending of invoices to patients and streamline claim submissions.

Patient Records — In the same way that hospitals use electronic health records, dental practices generate and depend on dental health records. Dental health records must be kept up to date in order to accurately and efficiently deliver care. Dental practice management software facilitates that. Additionally, cloud-based dental practice management software enables remote access of patient records, should the dentist or dental assistant need it.

Additional Dental Practice Management Features

Customer Support — Dentists don’t necessarily expect to run a practice in addition to their daily tasks. Customer support, then, is important so that dentists can continue to provide a high-quality level of service, please customers, and not waste time on fixing errors or finding workarounds for a faulty solution.

Security and Compliance — Dental practices must remain compliant with HIPAA regulations. That means that any and all patient records must remain in compliance and any operational processes must be updated regularly to avoid incurring fees. Encryption and data security measures are crucial to keep sensitive patient data safe. Look for dental practice management software that provide a wide range of security measures to fit any scenario.

Potential Issues with Dental Practice Management Software

Dental practice management software doesn’t solve every single problem within a dental practice. Pain points can arise from poorly implemented practice management software or from any inefficiencies that crop up post-deployment.

Need to Digitize — A chartless practice is different than a paperless office. Both, however, require digital copies of patient and clinical records. That, in turn, requires the dental practice to embark on the digitization journey. This is a huge undertaking, one that will result in great advantage (for example: easing access to and sharing of patient records and compliance with regulation and litigation) but requires a large investment from the dental practice.

Get to the Cloud — Server-based practice management solutions still exist and remain popular. Despite cloud-based software providing physicians with more flexibility when it comes to remote management, integration possibilities, and data storage, on-premise options flourish because of security implications. Issues arise when practices want to switch from a legacy system to a more modern one, and admin must identify and anticipate every potential cost.

Interoperability — Even the most comprehensive dental practice management software may need an integration with a supplemental, third-party solution. Practice management software that refuses or makes it very difficult for users to connect their existing marketing tool, for example, will undeniably cause frustration post-implementation.

Too Many Functions — While buyers may be persuaded to go all-in on a practice management solution from a well-known industry brand, they’re not doing their practice any favors if the solution ends up being too comprehensive for their actual needs. Most dental practice management platforms don’t allow buyers to pick and choose their desired features, and those comprehensive platforms come with a hefty price tag.