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Court management software provides tools for courts to manage cases from initiation to post-disposition. The capabilities of court management software can include data entry and storage for case-by-case details, jury databases and scheduling, financial records, and a master calendar for judges and other court workers. These products are used in courts at every level of the justice system, including traffic, civil, and criminal courts. By using these solutions, courts can process cases in a timely fashion and help centralize important case information. Court management software may integrate with accounting or billing software to help track and process court fees.

To qualify for inclusion in the Court Management category, a product must:

  • Provide one or more tools designed exclusively for use in a court of law, including juror databases, disposition records, and court worker scheduling
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    Tyler’s Odyssey® product suite is the leading courts and justice software system in the U.S., empowering courts serving more than 100 million citizens in 900 counties across 23 states. This comprehensive, end-to-end court case management solution supports the needs of individual county courts, multi-jurisdictional systems, and statewide implementations.

    C-track's user-friendly interface uses your Internet browser and works well with your other systems. You can adapt C-Track for your court's specialized needs to capture, track, process and report on court information. It can also provide interfaces to agency or partner databases.

    The Incode Court system is the nationwide leader in case management software for municipal courts, with court efficiency top-of-mind to reduce lines and improve in-court hearings. This software streamlines workflow, integrates cashiering, automates scheduling, reduces paper-usage, and improves defendant and court personnel communication.

    Benchmark expands access to case file information for court staff, Judges and the public. Your court will have real-time access to all case information, documents, images, and will even have the ability to capture signatures electronically both inside and outside of the courtroom.

    Case Management System can schedule court hearings, diversion conferences, administrative time, and lunch.

    DuProcess Court Case Management system is a fully functional process oriented software application developed specifically for courts.

    JustWare's configurability and security rules are used for court case management for all case types in a single jurisdiction or for all case types in all courts across a state.

    RPM allows courts and probation departments to Justify Resource Requirements, identify inefficiencies and opportunities, and document procedures for employees.

    Court case management system; easy-to-use, intuitive interface Features: Easy to use Highly configurable Listings/Scheduling Electronic Filing/Document Management Public Search Court Fee handling Management Information Cause List publication Scalable Secure

    JACS offers the Judicial Assistant (JA) the ability to set up the initial calendar for the Judge, per the Judges preferences and rules.

    JCS's comprehensive case management allows you to track offenses, dispositions, judge's notes, hearings, warrants, suspensions and payments.

    Selectron Technologies specializes in providing integrated solutions for city, county, and state.

    The CourtRoom Program is an electronic docketing system designed to track every case from start to finish. It allows the Court to immediately update the case with current adjournment information, preventing cases from 'falling through the cracks' and assuring timely adjudication and reporting.

    AMANDA JEMS (Judicial Enforcement Management System) is an integrated case management software designed for advanced functionality.

    Caselle Court Management tracks individual fees for all offenses, sets up individual pay schedules, and adjusts for community service instead of monetary payment.

    COURT is Cardinal Tracking's court management software specifically created for municipal court systems.

    Court Clerk is a docket management system designed to streamline court operations and help manage the many tasks associated with case filings.

    Family of court software solutions which include Criminal, Civil, Traffic, Probate, Juvenile, Family, Jury Management and more.

    Iron Data's Clerk of Courts solutions streamline document management and reduce manual, time consuming tasks.

    The CourtWorks platform organizes the defendant's file in a secure online environment that is accessible to all authorized parties. Judges, Probation Officers and the defendants themselves have anytime controlled access to the information as well as upcoming events. New documents and other information regarding the defendant's progress, which is uploaded by agencies are updated into the defendant's file automatically and displayed in an attractive, easy to understand and intuitive dashboard. Cou

    Courts, attorneys, bail agents, and more use eCourtDate to transform their client services.

    eDepoze is the deposition exhibit software that allows you to electronically prepare exhibits for deposition and then securely introduce them with an iPad or laptop. eDepoze eliminates the paper hassle and overhead costs such as printing, copying, organizing, and possible shipping.

    eFORCE Municipal Court enables you to import and create citations, track fines, fees, and restitution.

    FASTCourt is a web-based municipal court solution that manages all phases of your courts operations.

    Forecourt® is a modular, integrated software suite that coordinates and automates the judicial case management process. Designed specifically for the needs of state-level court systems, Forecourt delivers the reliability, security, and rich functionality that today’s judicial organizations require, without busting your budget.

    InterAct RMS brings the benefits of cloud computing to law enforcement records management, report writing, and investigations.

    JURY + Web Generation processes juror source lists and groups, handles 2-step and 1-step business rules, sends questionnaires and summonses, and forms jury panels.

    A complete technology suite that helps courts go paperless. It supports clerks, judges, prosecutors, law enforcement, etc.

    The Liberty Digital Court Recorder is an audio/video recording program designed to run on a standard PC using the Windows operating system.

    Matterhorn is ODR or Online Dispute Resolution. Courts and agencies with Matterhorn provide more access without the expense and time to build a new building or addition or the expense of hiring and training more staff. Matterhorn ODR Options Courts and agencies use Matterhorn for civil cases (small claims and family court), traffic ticket and minor infraction resolution, warrants and pleas, and to assess ability to pay.

    Mayor's Court manage cases, monies and all details associated with a mayor's court.

    USTIs municipal court and public safety modules are designed to automate the information gathering and reporting needs of municipal court and police departments. Citations are entered into the system once so that the data flows from the police to the integrated municipal court database

    PowerServer Cloud PACS is solutions maintain secure access to remote imaging facilities via three encrypted remote access to remote imaging facilities.

    Tyler's SoftCode™ product suite -- CivilServe™, CivilMobile™, CivilView™, and SalesWeb™ -- is the market leader in civil processing software with 25 years of successful implementations. SoftCode's comprehensive capabilities and flexible configuration help civil defendants nationwide execute civil processing more efficiently and more effectively, from document receipt through service, payment process and final closeout, from business processes to state reporting requirements.

    UniCourt is a nationwide case research, tracking, management, and analytics platform that integrates court data from federal (PACER) and state courts into a single, cloud based application.

    Verdict is designed to handle all court filings: Civil, Criminal, and Probate along with Jury selection. We know each has their own set of processing standards—and issues—to contend with. To provide a technology solution that truly works for the offices that process court filings, it takes a company who knows how those offices live and breathe.

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